Flywheel Review: Is this the Best Managed WordPress Hosting [2021]

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You must have heard about tons of hosting companies but when it comes to quality ones, Flywheel has done some good wonders. Yes, this as a company has offered some of the best hosting services to most of the users. Further, to ease off the steps, I have got you an amazing Flywheel review.

Additionally, the company delivers one of the fastest speeds, good performance, and excellent support to keep everything going.

Further, the company makes it super easy to build websites and even delivers a one-click staging feature.

Moving ahead, each of the plans offered by Flywheel are good where you will get those automatic backups, WordPress Updates, and many more things.

Lastly, with the 30-Days money-back guarantee, the company makes sure that you test their services before any decision.

Right now, I have got you a detailed Flywheel review. Hence, without wasting even a single second, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete review, right in this article.

Flywheel review: About Flywheel

Starting off with the basics, Flywheel was founded by Dusty Davidson, Rick Knudston, and Tony Noecker right in the year 2012. The company is based in Omaha, Nebraska right in the United States.

The company’s mission is simple where they are willing to improve the life of website designers, web developers. Plus, they are helping people build their website on WordPress and other platforms.

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Flywheel Features

Going ahead in this Flywheel review, I have jotted down some of the best Flywheel features. Well, the company is mainly known for its WordPress hosting where they deliver world-class in this segment.

Also, their wide range of features has contributed to the company’s success. This hosting is designed to perform every sort of website-related work. Such things range from building a website to launching and even managing your website.

Take a look at some of the best Flywheel Features:

  • Staging feature available in every plan
  • Free website migrations
  • Free CDN
  • Auto healing technology
  • Night Backups
  • Blueprint to use plugins and themes
  • Speed Sites
  • Free malware cleaning
  • Collaboration tools

On top of that, Flywheel as a hosting company is built on a much robust infrastructure. This infrastructure goes under regular maintenance and runs on good software.

 Being said that, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the features of Flywheel, one by one.

Free Demo Websites Available

flywheel Review

Unlike other web hosting companies, Flywheel offers free demo websites to each of the users. Yes, if you are one of those individuals who is looking to test the speed and features of Flywheel, they offer free demo websites.

With this, you are able to create different demo websites and even try different features that can make your website better.

On top of that, with free website testing, there is no sort of billing information required. With this, there is no need for you to pay where you can sign up for premium stuff, later on.

Also, the demo feature is a boon for developers along with designers who can create and test websites as and when they want.

Plus, each of the demo websites are not billed until the website goes live. With this, you don’t have to worry about the money and all you can do is to focus on website designing and testing.

Custom Configurations available

flywheel Review

Additional to the 3 comprehensive plans of hosting, each of the plans comes with disk space, bandwidth, CDN< SSL, multi-support, and tons of more value-added features.

Along with that, the company delivers different sorts of custom configurations that can help you to adjust features as per your needs.

With the availability of custom tools, you can do almost everything from customizing the cache configurations to add your very own content delivery network.

Also, you can even add your own SSL certificate which can allow you to make the website much secure.

Therefore, with Flywheel, you can customize the things as and when you want. With this, there will be the utmost room for customizations that can boost your website performance.

Managed hosting Available

Now, if you are not an experienced website owner and willing that the host can handle most things, Flywheel offers managed WordPress hosting.

In this scenario, Flywheel delivers one of the best-Managed WordPress hosting services.

With this, you will not have to face with plenty of complications where the company brings professionals to your help.

In this case, the company has got a team of WordPress experts who upgrade the client’s website to perfection.

Built-in Website Caching

flywheel Review

One of the best reasons to opt for Flywheel is for its built-in caching services. Yes, the company delivers one of the best caching services which can help boost website speed. Here, the company features a built-in caching system that is solely designed for enhancing website performance.

In this scenario, the caching mechanism increases the server performance and even reduces the downtime for massive extents.

Further, the website will run much smoother and the load times will be much better. As per some reviews, users have said that the caching mechanism increased their website speed to good extents.

With this, you will have a higher chance to retain the customers and this can enhance your revenue to a pretty good extent.

A take on Dashboard

Going ahead in this Flywheel review, the dashboard of this hosting provider is on the simpler side. The dashboard offered by the company is pretty simple where you can easily access everything.

  • Using the dashboard, you can easily perform the following things:
  • Manage different admin privileges without sharing username and passwords
  • Upload files to your website
  • Make small changes to one or more of the websites you are controlling

Plus, the company has designed its dashboard with the help of extremely capable website designers and developers. This gives you the freedom to easily make use of the dashboard and perform different sorts of things.

Collaboration Function

Well, unless you are an expert of Website designing, you got to use the Collaboration function to enhance your website functionality.

With the help of the collaboration function, you can share your website with other people. Here, there is no need to send your username along with passwords in any case.

Also, there is no need to create multiple logins as most people do with other hosting providers.

Simply, you can add your teammates with the help of the collaboration function. With this, you are good to go where your privacy isn’t compromised in any case.

The people that you added will have the access to add files, manage the website, and carry out different managed related tasks.

They will do their work and once their work is done, then you can revoke their access. This will help you in keeping data confidential where you can perform management related tasks, in every single scenario.

Flywheel review: Performance & Uptime

flywheel Review

Well, for any website user, performance and uptime are two of the most useful things. Indeed, every user want’s their website to load pretty quickly and deliver a good performance.

Coming down to Flywheel, the company doesn’t really offer any sorts of uptime guarantee like other hosting companies.

But, according to my and another user testing, we found the uptime of Flywheel to be around 99.99%. This is pretty much good where you will not face downtime, every single time.

On top of that, even the performance of Flywheel hosting has been on the far better end.

In this scenario, there is no need for you to do much. All you require is a stable speed internet connection.

Once you have that, then you are free to use Flywheel hosting and host your website.

Altogether, the performance and the uptime of Flywheel is pretty much above par. If you are thinking to choose to host based on performance and uptime, Flywheel is a brilliant choice.

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Disk Space

Coming down to the next set of features offered by Flywheel, the company offers disk space to the absolute limits. In this case, the company offers different disk space options. In this case, you can be in charge and choose your type of disk space plan.

Well, if you are a beginner, you can start off with the starter plan. On the other hand, if your website receives a good amount of traffic, then you can go ahead with higher price plans.

With higher price plans, you will receive better disk space which can allow you to store more data, a lot comfortably.

Security and Backups

flywheel Review

Moving ahead in Flywheel review, security and backups are two other sorts of good features of Flywheel. Indeed, every single person wants a website that is secured and has got adequate backups.

Now, coming down to SSL related to Flywheel, the company offers SSL on their professional plan. For every other plan, you will have to purchase the SSL on a separate basis.

Going ahead, you can even buy the company SSL certificate for a price of $10 each month.

On top of that, the Flywheel hosting service provider even delivers malware monitoring along with free malware removal.

With this, you can keep your website secured and protected from any sorts of viruses.

Plus, the backup from Flywheel has always been on the safer side. In this scenario, you will get automated backups on a daily basis.

This will make sure that even if your website crashes, you will still have backups. In this case, you can restore your backups and your website will be up and running, every single time.

Flywheel review: Customer Support

flywheel Review

Coming down to one of the most important points, customer support is a thing that is a necessity in today’s world.

In this case, every single user want’s brilliant customer support that can help you to resolve queries, at a faster pace.

Here, the company delivers 24×7 customer service support. You will get those stunning emails, phone call along with live chat support in every case.

This is good as the company is offering every sort of customer service support.

Further, you can even deliver a tweet to the company and they will look after the issue, as early as possible.

I tested the customer support of Flywheel and was pretty much amazed by the results. In this scenario, I talked with the live chat support where the conversation was professional. The support staff was trained enough and he did everything to listen to my queries and resolved those, every single time.

Additionally, the company even offers plenty of resources from where you can learn everything. If you are facing any sort of issue, you can easily watch helpful videos, read, and resolve issues.

Overall, the customer support of Flywheel has always been on the far better end. In this case, you will not face many issues and everything will work perfectly fine.

The company’s staff members are skilful enough and you don’t have to do anything when it comes to resolving the issues.

Flywheel review: Free Website Migrations

Indeed, every website owner will want their web hosting provider to offer free website migrations. In this case, Flywheel offers free website migrations, every single time without consuming a single penny.

In this case, even if you are using other hosting provider and you want to switch to Flywheel, you can use their website migration feature.

With this, you can contact them and give them the basic necessary details. Once the company will get details, then they will initiate the migration process.

Also, once the migration is done, then the company will inform you via email.

Here, you don’t have to pay for anything and the website migration will be completed, within a few days.

Flywheel review: PROS

  • Handles entire website migration with no issues for free
  • Regardless of the number of your websites, the company offers you to access them from a single dashboard
  • All the websites under Flywheel get’s their very own dedicated IP Address
  • Unlike another WordPress hosting, Flywheel offers a different set of email accounts
  • Flywheel backups the account automatically every night and keeps data right in their secure servers.
  • With the help of the One-Click Staging feature, you can test out different changes along with new designs and then install the best metrics
  • Makes website access easy with their good collaboration feature to keep access secure
  • No sort of overages charges
  • Makes website easily scalable as and when the website grows
  • Good Performance and the uptime was above par, every single time
  • The speed and Loading time of the website was above par, in every single scenario


  • The flywheel isn’t one of the most versatile companies where it delivers few plugins for security reasons
  • Specially designed for WordPress and not a good option if you are not a WordPress user

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which type of Web hosting, Flywheel offers?

Currently, the company is offering managed WordPress hosting. Each of their servers is specially designed for WordPress. In this case, you will not face any sort of issues with Flywheel Managed WordPress hosting, in any case.

On top of that, the company has launched cloud hosting which is created in partnership with Google Cloud Platform.

This gives you more options with Flywheel and in this case, you can choose your specific plans for hosting website.

Q2. Will Flywheel offer my Money back on cancelling the account?

Indeed, Flywheel is a reputable hosting company and they offer a money-back. They also have their money refund policy on the official website to eradicate any sort of confusion.

Speaking about the monthly consumers, they are eligible for a refund within 72 hours of buying the plan.

On the other hand, if you have purchased the 1-year plan of Flywheel, then you are eligible for 30 days refund period.

Within those 30 days, you can test and try Flywheel services. Within that trial period, if you don’t like their hosting, then you can ask for a refund.

In this scenario, there will be no questions asked and you will get your refund, with no issue.

Q3. Can I host more than one website on the same Flywheel plan?

Well, the answer is yes only if you have chosen the plans having multi-functional hosting. This feature is available right on the Freelance, Agency, and other types of custom plans.

With the help of the multisite feature, you can easily share the same WordPress installation on different websites.

Q4. Does Flywheel deliver Website Migration Services?

Yes, Flywheel as a hosting service provider offers free website migrations. With Flywheel, moving a website from an old service provider to Flywheel is one of the most simpler processes. All you need here is to fill out the secure migration form.

Thereafter, the experts of Flywheel will perform the entire migration process for you. Then, you can review the website and if everything is as per the plans, then you can launch the website onto the new server.

Here, the website migration process will take anywhere between 24 hours to 48 hours. Once that is done, you will be notified via an email about the website migration.

Q5. Which type of control panel does Flywheel use?

Unlike other hosting service providers, Flywheel offers Plesk for Windows servers and a cPanel for Linux plans.

Plus, the company makes use of their very own cPanel where their set of cPanel comes with a customized set of features.

The cPanel is designed specifically for designers and developers who are into creating WordPress websites.

Additionally, it also comes up with a site tagging feature along with two-factor authentication.

On their CPanel, you will not find any sorts of issues in finding different things and managing websites.

Altogether, they offer a sleek cPanel that comes with almost all of the mandatory features.

Q6. Where are the Flywheel data centres?

One thing you must note is that the company has just launched it’s custom hosting solutions. This stuff is partnered with Google Cloud Platform which gives the company access to more datacentres.

Additionally, each of the company plans comes with CDN that will increase the speed of the website, to some good extents.

Speaking about their data centre, it is placed right in New York City. Also, the company has its other data centres in London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Amsterdam, and even Singapore.

Q7. How can I Pay for Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting?

Flywheel as a hosting company offers you to add your credit card or even PayPal account for payments. They even accept payments by cheque but only from the customers who accept the annual plans.  

Indeed, the company has expanded its payment structure where they support almost every type of credit card.

On the other hand, even if you don’t want to use credit cards, you can use their PayPal option.

Plus, each of the payment options are secure ones and you can complete payments without an issue.

The company has regularly updated its security protocols and in this thing, payment forms one of the most essential things of Flywheel.

Final Word of Mouth: Flywheel Review

Well, the entire Flywheel review is right in front of you where everything has been explained in the simplest way.

Indeed, if are someone who is interested to opt for WordPress hosting, Flywheel as a company can do wonders for you.

This company is specifically made to offer managed WordPress hosting to each of the users. With Managed WordPress hosting, you don’t have to think much in any case.

All you need is to take the Flywheel hosting and everything will fall into place.

Further, the company has also come up with its cloud-based plans. Therefore, if you are interested in cloud-based hosting, then you can choose their cloud-based plans.

Eventually, all will depend on your will to choose any of the plans. Still, to make your work easier, I have done something for you.

To avail the plans, you can either tap on the above buttons. Or else, you can CLICK HERE. With this, you will be taken straight to the website page from where you can browse different plans.

Then, as and when you get the plans you can purchase Flywheel hosting, host website, and bring quality traffic, in the future.

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