Fatcow Review: Detailed Review of Fatcow Hosting, Features [2021]

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For every single person who is searching for an inexpensive hosting company, Fatcow is the ultimate choice. Yes, the company does its best to ensure that the pricing is kept to the least possible extent. Therefore, right in this article, you will get a complete Fatcow review.

Time after time, the company is trying its best to offer good hosting at cheaper prices. Whether we are speaking about the shared hosting or any other type of hosting from Fatcow, each hosting has been amazing.

Hence, right now, without wasting any time, let’s go into the topic and uncover a complete and detailed Fatcow review.

Fatcow Review

After a series of research and hard work, I have come up with this Fatcow review. Hence, all you need is to sit back, relax, and read the entire Fatcow review, right within this article.

Fatcow is a BBB Accredited Business

Indeed, before you are going to opt for any of the hosting companies, it’s essential to see whether the hosting is BBB Accredited or not.

In this scenario, it’s good news as Fatcow hosting is BBB accredited. The company gets the A+ rating which is another commendable thing.

Also, whenever we speak about a super cheap and a hosting that offers all the essential features, Fatcow hosting is the true choice.

Not only the hosting is robust, but it also impressed the users with its responsiveness along with uptime.

Therefore, right now, all we can do is to go ahead and unwrap every single feature of Fatcow hosting, one by one.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

fatcow Review

The very first thing you must have from hosting is the uptime guarantee. Yes, Uptime plays quite a vital role in hosting where Fatcow as a hosting company offers a massive 99.99% uptime guarantee.

This is something that is amazing where your site will be kept up and running, for most of the time.

However, this doesn’t really mean that you cannot keep up with the records. Also, the company even boasts of offering 100% uptime but we all know, maintaining that sort of uptime has been next to impossible.

There will be times when the company servers will go down and people will look in vain. Therefore, from Fatcow, the 99.99% uptime is a far better choice in every case.

Speaking about my experience, it loaded much quicker and I didn’t face any sort of lagging issues.

The company has put some work in optimizing its servers which is making websites load at a much faster pace.

Also, the company offers a clustered architecture where even if one server goes down, the company still offers another server.

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Data Center

Data Storage

Going ahead in this Fatcow review, the data center is located in Boston, the USA which has been a place for servers.

Further, this place is kept under security for 24 hours that can sure that your data is kept secured, every single time.

Also, besides the physical protection, they also offer a Firewall that helps keep the server safe in every possible case.

The Usual features included

With Fatcow, you get all the basic level features that you need for hosting of your website. In this scenario, the company offers unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, add-on users, email accounts, and many more.

Despite giving all of the above features, still the company keeps pricing to the least extent. Yes, this is something you must take into consideration because other hosting prices are pretty much on the top class end.

A Take on Control Panel

Moving towards the control panel section, it has been made simple to some good extents.

In this scenario, there are tons of features and the company has clubbed things into categories which are as follows:

  1. Website

This one includes all of the features that can enable you to edit, create, and even maintain your website.

Further, even other things such as FTP, File manager, and simple scripts can be found in this case.

  1. Email

In this scenario, you can access each of the emails, change settings, and set up email lists along with different autoresponders.

  1. Domain

Under this category, you can take care of the existing domain, register a new domain, and even transfer the domain into old ones.

  1. Marketing Services

Here, you will get different Ad Credits, toll-free numbers, and other sorts of email marketing tools.

  1. Set of Additional Tools

Additionally, you can also accept credit cards, visualize the server stats, and even edit your .htaccess with no issue.

Fatcow Domain Central

Going ahead in the Fatcow review, domain central from Fatcow comes with some more best features.

Scrolling in the pointer tab, you can easily tell to which domain of the directory, the domain name will point.

With this, you can easily point domain names and drive some of the best traffic, without any sorts of issues.

Simple File Manager

fatcow Review

Now, it has been always possible to connect the website with the help of FTP. For example, if you are working on a computer that doesn’t have a pre-loaded FTP client, the built-in file manager of Fatcow comes handy in this case.

Yes, the file manager isn’t fancy but it does the job by a pretty good margin.

In this case, you can easily delete, rename, upload and refresh the files with no sorts of issues. Also, the file manager gives you access to change permissions that is another better thing.

Fatcow Review: A Perfect Blend between Budget and Power

This is the section where you will get the true value for your money as the company offers some more set of useful features.

Since every other host has offered some of the best and value-added features, Fatcow even delivers some value-driven features.

Htaaccess Editor

The Htaaccess is a good tool for security and even delivers some of the best-advanced functionality.

In this case, you can add and even remove some of the most common hta.access features. Also, you can add the features that you like where the company has offered true flexibility in this case.

Hotlink protection

With the Hotlink protection feature, you can easily prevent each of the other websites from loading your files and make their own.

This feature will save you a good amount of bandwidth and your website will load faster with that.

Password Protection

With the Password protection feature, you can easily protect your directories with a good username and password.

Block IP Addresses

Indeed, every single IP is not good for your website, and with the Block IP Address feature, you can block each of the visitors you don’t find trustworthy.

MIME Types

In this section, you can easily add and edit the system MIME types with no sorts of issues.

Custom Error Message

With the help of Custom error message, you have the power to change the current message to something you like.

These features come handy and are the most useful when a page goes missing and you need to display an error message in that place.

Default Pages

With the default pages, you can change the filename of the web page or even the homepage as and when you like

URL Redirect

Here, you can easily redirect different directories along with the pages and URL, you choose

Open Directory Browsing

Now, if you are someone who likes to enable to open directory browsing, you can do that too. With the help of this tool, you can browse different content of your directories, with no sorts of issue.

Direct Editor

Moving ahead, if you are a coder, you can easily edit the .htaaccess files directly with no sorts of issue in any case.

Adding FTP Accounts

fatcow Review

Moving forward in the Fatcow review, FTP stands for File Transfer protocol where with the help of this protocol, you can upload and even download the files, with no sort of issue.

Compared to the online file manager, it’s a lot more sophisticated platform where you can use it to schedule and even monitor the downloading in different ways.

Now, the process of adding an FTP account is one of the most simples ones. Here, all you need is to add a username, password, and the default directory for the account.

Once you have done that, then you will see that the FTP account has been added successfully.

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MySQL for Database Websites

MySQL for Database Websites

If you are the person who makes use of Simple Scripts installer, you can make use of WordPress blogs with no issue.

Also, if you are a power-oriented user and you are eager to set up something that isn’t available in any of the SimpleScripts, then you can deal with MySQL.

Yes, with the help of MySQL, you can edit the things as and when you want, with no sorts of issues.

In this case, you get an overview page for each of your databases. With this, you can easily select it and go to the MySQL interface.

Website Creating Tools

Website Creating Tools

In the Fatcow review, website creating tools are another one of the most essential features.

Yes, the company offers the easy drag/drop builder along with editors that you can use and create your website from scratch.

These drag/drop builders are available from the control panel where if you can pay for them, you will get much better upgrades for each of them.

Right in this section, you will see WordPress too from where you can tap and install WordPress with just one click.

CM4ALL site Builder

Now, among the different website builders offered by Fatcow, CM4ALL is a far better one.

It’s a third party service that comes integrated right in the control panel. Plus, it offers a free along with the paid version where you can choose any of them, with no issue.

At the start, if you don’t have any money, you can start off with the free version. As and when you gain experience in the blogging industry, then you can proceed with the paid version of this builder.

Now, why you must make use of the CM4ALL website builder?

Well, there are plenty of reasons and the best ones are as follows:

  • Modern code to do everything you want
  • Good looking responsive design and pages
  • Drag & Drop Builder for creating contents and widgets
  • Easy Facebook Page
  • Simple E-Commerce features available
  • Widgets with an open API
  • Easily Scalable right from a single server to clusters

On the other hand, if you want to make the website building a step ahead, you can also go for the Weebly Drag & Drop builder.

It offers a similar set of features and is one of the easiest website builders to use.

Now, from your end, you can compare them and see which builder works the best for you.

Once you have figured out the same, then you can easily go ahead and choose the website builder of your choice.

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Availability of 1-Click Setup

1-Click Setup

Going ahead, the 1-Click Setup from Fatcow is another one of the best things from the company. In this scenario, whether you are eager to install WordPress or any other platform, the company makes it pretty simple to install it, with no sorts of issues.

Here, all it will take is a few minutes and your preferred software will be installed, in no time. Well, this is good for every other person who doesn’t want to waste much of their time in installation.

With this, you can easily set up your blog at a faster pace having no sorts of issues, in any case.

On the other hand, if you are a technical person, you can either install things from the database or can even make use of the One-click Installation.

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Customer Support

Customer Support

In this Fatcow review, if there is one thing that users need top-notch, it has to be customer support.

Indeed, every single company wants brilliant customer support that can help users with everyday queries.

Now, speaking about the customer support of Fatcow, the company has started to offers one of the best customer support you will find in a few hosting companies.

First of all, the company understands that most of its users will be business people and with this, they have optimized customer support based on this structure.

With this, whenever you face any sort of issue, the company’s customer support team will be there for your rescue in every scenario.

In this case, you will get faster responses, every single time.

Plus, the company claims that their support staff are vastly skilled and are able to resolve almost every sort of website-related issues.

Even for people who are struggling with every day hosting issues, Fatcow customer support can ease off the work for you.

Fast response time

Indeed, if any hosting company is offering faster customer support response time, you will choose their services.

From my end, I tested the customer support of Fatcow and was amazed by the results. Indeed, I was connected with the support staff within minutes and the issue got resolved, as quickly as possible.

The guy to which I talked was professional, polite, and seemed he had good knowledge about the web hosting solutions.

I was pretty much amazed by Fatcow customer support service where the chat support was next to perfection.

Additionally, even the email and phone call support from Fatcow is above par and you won’t face issues in this case too.

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Final Word of Mouth: Fatcow Review

The entire Fatcow review is right in front of you and I hope you have got each of the features. Indeed, if you are someone who is searching for a hosting that’s affordable and still offers a good set of features, Fatcow does a pretty job in this case.

Yes, with the help of Fatcow hosting, you are getting tons of features that you will get in most top-level hosting.

Right from the Htaaccess to one-click installation, every feature from Fatcow has been top class.

Additionally, even customer support has been a major highlight of Fatcow hosting With such a set of amazing features, you don’t have to do much in this scenario.

If you are a newbie blogger and looking for one of the best hosting services, Fatcow is the one for you.

Yes, with Fatcow, you will get good hosting at a much lesser price.

Hence, at this stage, you can simply read the above Fatcow review. Plus, to make things easier, you can simply CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the pricing section.

After this, you can browse different plans, choose a better one host website to drive traffic and revenue, altogether.

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