TOP 14 Email Marketing Strategies to Build 10X Revenue [2021 Updated]

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Even though we are living in a technology-based 2021 era, email marketing is still a thing that can help you generate leads/ business and tons of revenues. Right now, almost every working professional along with an individual makes use of email marketing. Therefore, if they can use some of the better and working email marketing strategies, then benefits can come their way.

On the business end, plenty of businesses make use of email marketing to connect with customers on a daily basis.

Despite the steep rise of social media platforms, email marketing has been proven to be 40 times effective than high-tech methods.

Even it has gone par Facebook marketing that truly shows the overall potential of email marketing.

Plus, Email delivers the highest ROI for different marketers. In such a scenario, 72% of the people prefer to get promotional content through email. Other than this 17% prefer to get promotional content via social media.

With this, you must have known that you got to perform email marketing, in the best of all ways.

In this article, I will share with you some of the proven and best working email marketing strategies.

So, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the email marketing strategies, one by one.

Best and Working Email Marketing Strategies

To offer you some of the best and working email marketing strategies, this article has got you real good and proven ones.

  1. Give Something Valuable to your readers

Email Marketing Strategies

Starting up with the first and best email marketing strategies, giving something valuable has to be at the top point. There are plenty of popular bloggers who brag about the number of emails they have collected.

It’s not because these bloggers like the numbers. In fact, the overall value of websites is calculated by the subscribers they have.

The higher is the subscriber count; the greater will be the value of those websites.

Also, another truth is that people don’t like to give their emails to everyone. If you can come up with a stronger reason, then chances are high that they will sign up and give you the email address.

Here, you can offer readers some sort of true value. This value could be worth anything but it has to be driven by trust and knowledge.

For example, you can offer visitors an e-book for free once they will sign up for your newsletter.

With smaller changes, you can easily compel them to subscribe for your email list, without any issues.

  1. Optimize email messages for mobile level experiences

Email Marketing Strategies

All of us know that mobile phones are the future of almost everything. In the modern age, people are opening emails on their smartphones that truly opens up the reach to millions of people. Still, there are people who open up emails on desktop but the rate is declining, every single day.

Now, people aren’t replacing their own PCs but are buying new smartphones along with tablets.

As per reports, 54% of emails are opened on mobile. On the other hand, desktop represents 19% of all the emails open.

Here, if your email messages aren’t optimized for mobile, you may be missing on chunk list of subscribers.

This can gradually reduce your chances of converting each of those subscribers into the customer base.

Hence, optimizing your email address for mobile phones and even tablets is something, you got to take into consideration.

  1. Re-engage different inactive subscribers

Moving ahead in email marketing strategies, it’s less expensive to target different existing customers than the newer ones.

The very exact thing is implied in email marketing that can help you reap huge benefits.

In such a scenario, it’s much easier to engage to current subscribers than it is to win all the new subscribers. Indeed, the present subscribers know much more about your brand than the older ones.

Additionally, nearly all of the email lists will have some sort of inactive subscriber base. It’s absolutely normal when some percentage of the subscribers are not engaging with messages.

However, those inactive subscribers can become your customers if you perform email marketing, the right way.

In this scenario, you got to first define your inactivity. For different marketers, the subscriber is inactive if they haven’t opened up the email address in past six months.

Also, there are some marketers who will tell you that their subscriber inactive period is three months.

On top of that, you can even re-engage different inactive subscribers by doing polls along with surveys.

Here, you can promise subscribers something in advance and make sure to send them gifts as a reward.

This sort of thing will increase conversions where the gift will help them to act in the form of motivation.

Additionally, different polls and surveys will help you learn more about inactive subscribers.

Therefore, if you can give them gifts without asking for anything, this thing can help you re-engage with your existing subscribers, the best ever way.

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  1. Perform segmentation of subscribers

Email Marketing Strategies

Segmentation is among the best email marketing strategies that you can opt for to get better opening and click-through rates.

Why do different segmentation techniques work?

If you are someone who has got 1,000 people in your email lists, most of them have got different interests and needs.

Also, let us assume that you have a marketing blog and you are collecting different emails.

In this scenario, some subscribers would be more interested in learning content marketing rather than search engine optimization.

While some of them would be interested in social media marketing.

Also, even if you have got a social media marketing blog, there will be subscribers who would be interested in learning about Facebook rather than Twitter.

In these scenarios, you won’t be able to please each of your subscribers. With a single piece of content, chances are rare that you cannot please every single subscriber.

Now, with the help of email segmentation, you can at least keep 80% of your subscriber base happy.


If will help you send content that each of the subscribers is interested in reading.

With this, you can please almost all of the subscribers with content curated as per their interests and needs.

  1. Make use of Automation

According to a report by Forrester, different B2B marketers who make use of marketing automation increased their sales pipeline by an average of around 10%.

Now, you must know that email automation is a subset of marketing automation.

With the help of Email automation, you not only can convert the leads into prospects. But, it will delight each of the existing customers and even encourage them to use your product.

This sort of thing will definitely boost up the sales and enhance your revenue, to some good extent.

Plus, if you will search over the internet, you will find different automation platforms such as EngageBay, Act-On, HubSpot, and Pardot that you can try, as per your convenience.

  1. Personalize your Emails

Indeed, among the top class email marketing strategies, personalizing your email is a quality one. With personalized emails for every subscriber, you can increase your engagement levels, to some good extent.

With this, your emails will become much more relevant and useful to each of the users.

In any case, if you are not personalizing your emails, you are missing on the top class sales opportunities.

Now, you must also note that personalization isn’t about using people’s names in messages. It’s a much better thing that can require copywriting skills.

With this, you can personalize emails based upon your subscribers. In such a scenario, you can get better email opening rates and your revenue can also increase to some good extents.

  1. Send out Exclusive content Occasionally

Exclusive content is the type of content that can help bring potential leads and sales for your business. Yes, it’s a powerful way of marketing that plenty of brands have been doing for many years.

For example, Apple makes use of this strategy and it’s one of the better reasons it’s one of the most valuable companies of the world.

With exclusive content, you can get plenty of more email subscribers and even generate sales, without issues.

Now, going ahead in email marketing strategies, the idea is creating the exclusive type of content available only for your email subscribers.

It can even mean creating a product that is solely open to each of your email lists.

Further, you can even use exclusive content to make to a much deeper connection with your email subscribers.

Yes, this technique works like a charm where you can send exclusive content and hope of building valuable relations with your subscriber base.

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  1. Perform A/B Testing of Everything

Among the good email marketing strategies, performing A/B testing is another essential one. In such a scenario, digital marketers make use of A/B website tests for designing Facebook Ads, Google Adword Ads, landing pages, and many more.

Well, the same thing implies to email marketing too. In each of your email marketing messages, you must continue A/B testing.

Given below are some of the good things you can do in the A/B test:

  • Call to action (For example: “Buy Now” vs. “Give us a Try”
  • Subject Lines
  • Either use Testimonials or no Testimonials
  • The overall layout of the Message (Single Column or Two Column or other placements)
  • Body Test
  • Personalization
  • Images
  • Closing Text
  • Test different offers
  • Headline

Now, one thing you must note here is that you don’t have to test the entire listing at once.

At the start, you can pick one to two elements and see how those things improve conversions before the actual testing of elements.

It’s more than important to know the reason why you are testing different elements.

You can begin by testing the headline for open rates. Then, you can test the image for conversion rates. And then, you can even test the call-to-action text for different click-through rates.

With different testing, you will get the true idea of a better email message that can help improve conversions.

  1. Add Urgency to Emails

If your emails can put the subscribers to act, then chances are high you can convert subscribers into customers.

For a very long time, tons of digital marketers have been using the terms such as” Act Now”, “ Hurry” and “ Only a few left” with a means to convert web users.

Urgency is the true key if you are willing to convert your subscribers into potential customers. With a message of urgency, chances are high that subscribers will react to a message and buy your product or even the services.

One of the best ways to create urgency calls in email is to make a deadline for the offer.

With a deadline, the users will be compelled to buy a product or any service before the deadline period get’s over.

Additionally, you can even make use of different time-related words such as now, instant, or event fast to generate urgency among the messages.

  1. Make use of Social Proof to sell on different emails


The true concept of social proof has been there since the beginning of human beings. Even our ancestors learned about the essential survival skills by emulating and even irritating each other.

For example, you can see why one restaurant is having zero reviews while the other one is having thousands of reviews.

Indeed, you will go for the restaurant that offers good reviews and that is where social proof comes to help.

Social proof in today’s world has got a major influence on what people buy and from whom they buy.

Additionally, different digital marketers make use of social proof on every single marketing channel. Here, email isn’t an exception and people are using social proof with emails as well.

Without a doubt, email marketing messages are a better channel for using social proofs, every single time.

For example, Amazon does make use of email messages as another brilliant opportunity for collecting more reviews along with ratings.

They know the importance of ratings along with reviews on each of those platforms.

Plus, you can even make use of social proof for collecting more emails for your blog.

The moment you build your email list to a good number, you can start using the same as your social proof.

With this, your website will earn direct credibility and you can make your true reputation in the online world.

Yet another way to make use of social proof is to share your customer success stories with subscribers on email.

It will tell the subscribers who are still on the fence that people are getting results from your services. Yes, this sort of thing can reap you huge results and will even increase your confidence.

  1. Make use of Cliff Hangers


Going ahead in email marketing strategies, cliffhangers are mostly used in fiction books and movies.

However, there are different modern date smart digital marketers that are using cliffhangers for their true advantage.

In email marketing, if you want a subscriber to open a sequence of emails, in such a case, you will need cliffhangers.

Yes, even if the subscribers are not feeling excited for opening emails, it will be much difficult for them to remain your active subscribers.

Therefore, in cliffhangers, you must include something that can help your subscribers open a series of messages. The more they are active, the greater are your chances to convert them and make revenue from the same.

  1. Write Compelling inviting emails

Among the best and working email marketing strategies, writing compelling inviting emails is the best of all.

Here, you got to write compelling emails if you are willing to build your subscriber base to some good extent.

Also, whenever any subscriber does subscribe to your email list, you must welcome them with an inviting message.

In this scenario, the Welcome message is the first impression of how you will treat those using emails.

If you are not treating your subscribers nicely, the risks are high that your messages will be left ignored.

Plus, you will have to make your welcome message have a long-lasting impression on newer subscribers.

Also, you can think on something valuable you can use for welcoming subscribers in your list.

  1. Make use of One Call-to-Action in every Email


A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or even a link inside email that effectively asks your subscribers to buy or even start a free trial.

CTA can be anything such as “ Buy Now”, “Click Here” or even “ Get this Now” depending on the situation.

Additionally, each of the conversions, revenue, and profits depends upon the effectiveness of CTA.

In such a scenario, CTA must be appealing to each of your email subscribers.

Here, you can even repeat the CTA two to three times because people’s attention spans are pretty short.

But, when you have got different CTA that are asking for different things, it becomes a lot difficult to convert prospects. Also, you won’t be helping different subscribers buy products whenever you do that.

Hence, including only one CTA but a better one is more than enough to offer good open-through rates and better conversion for the subscribers.

  1. Make use of the Word “YOU”

Among the better email marketing strategies, making use of the word “YOU” is among the most essential things.

Yes, the word “YOU” is a powerful word and it makes a lot of sense if you can add it correctly to your emails.

Almost every subscriber wants to feel the connection with email and “YOU” is a word that can do wonders in such a scenario.

If you are someone who is willing to get a better click-through rates, you can easily make use of the word “YOU”.

Here, you can make use of that kind of word, perform email marketing and reap good benefits for you, in the present and future.

Final Word of Mouth: Best email marketing strategies

We are at the concluding phase of the article and the best email marketing strategies are all given above. Without a doubt, each of the above email marketing strategies are working one and once you have understood each of them, you can possibly go ahead and implement each of them.

On top of that, there can be instances when you might not be able to implement any strategy. In these scenarios, the internet can be your true friend where you can learn almost all of the things from the web.

Additionally, as and when you get the true experience and you will learn new things, the road will become clearer for you.

Right now, you can learn and implement each of the above email marketing strategies.

Once you have done your best, then you can implement each of those good strategies and reap some of the better results, without an issue.

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