Email Marketing Checklist: TOP 5 Working Marketing Checklist [2021]

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In today’s world, email marketing is still popular where there are plenty of email marketers using email marketing to their core extents. Logically speaking, email marketing is something that’s easy and it can be done without plenty of issues. Hence, right in this article, we have got you a complete Email marketing checklist, which you can follow step by step.

Overall, with the best email marketing process, it can help you:

  • Launch well and better performing email marketing campaigns
  • Stay focused and don’t miss any detail
  • Maximize the email opening rates and conversions

Additionally, if you are searching to boost up your email marketing results and score more conversions, this article can help you too.

Come along as we unwrap the complete email marketing checklist, one by one:

Complete Email Marketing Checklist

Going ahead, given below are some of the best email marketing checklist that you can follow, right in the article:

  1. Set up a complete strategy and Goals

Email Marketing Checklist

First of all, having a clear objective is an important step for any of the marketing strategies. Additionally, if you can use bulk email campaigns, it’s no sort of an exception:

Your email marketing campaign objective can be as follows:

  • Customer cross-sell or upsell
  • Lead Nurturing
  • User onboarding
  • Increase free to paid conversion
  • Improve overall customer experience
  • Build sales pitch

Decide on email KPIs

Define the overall email campaign KPIs is a thing you got to do when designing the email campaigns.

Given below are the seven email marketing KPIs which you can track as follows:

  • Value and the cost of leads per drip campaign
  • Conversion rate over the period
  • End to end conversion rate over the time
  • Time to different customer conversion
  • Contact generation over time
  • Contact’s engagement level
  • Unsubscription rate over the time

Segment your Audience

Effective email marketing is about proper segmentation which each email marketer knows.

The better you segment each of your audiences, the greater will be the ROI will be more than that.

Segmentation is the overall practice of applying filters so that you can easily find different subscribers that have got some of the things in common.

Overall, contact filtering can be on the basis of:

  • Age
  • Specific ebook downloaders
  • Contact’s position
  • Paying customers
  • Gender
  • Geo-location
  • Contact’s engagement
  • Each of the other information contacts’s shared

Now, suppose you have got an email database that includes more than a hundred CEOs. Additionally, you don’t have to create a separate email list for every single segment. With the help of email list management software, you can create different contact filters. Here, with each of those filters, you can target contacts on the basis of positions.

Further, not only that, you can find people in your database in an easier way without many issues.

Additionally, segmenting different contacts on the basis of position is another better thing. Overall, creating different filters for segmenting contacts is one of the better email database management practices.

Instead of having multiple types of email listings, you can easily have one email list and use filters for segmenting the contacts.

  1. Setting Email Setting & Subject Line

Email Marketing Checklist

Set up email setting

Yes, among the better email marketing checklist, you got to set up your email setting, on the first basis.

Campaign Name

You will have to give a name to your email campaign which can be effectively saved inside email marketing software.

Also, the campaign name will only be visible to you as it helps you for keeping email campaigns organized and easier to find.

Sender Name

It is the name that you would like to display in your contact inbox or other mobile notifications whenever you send email notifications.

Now, you got to keep this thing clearly visible so that your contacts recognize you.

Sender Email

It’s the email address you want to send emails from.

Reply Email

It refers to the email address that each of your contacts replies to

Write the Best Email Subject Line

Yes, any of your email content wouldn’t matter if you are not getting subscribers to open emails on the first and foremost place.

Here, you can spend enough time for creating an attention-grabbing subject line for email campaigns

Also, writing different subject lines should not be based upon gut feeling.

Make use of the Email subject Line generator

Writing different subject lines shouldn’t be on the basis of a gut feeling. This thing requires a lot of practice and if you can do things correctly, then the whole thing can become easier for you.

Perform AB Test for Subject Line

Performing different AB testing will help you get maximum results for the existing contacts. Here, you can make use of A/B testing for identifying best-performing email drip campaigns. This will give you a significant effect on each of your campaign’s ROI.

Additionally, a better tip for increasing the email open rates is to perform A/B testing on email subject lines.

Here, you can send 20% of your contact 2 different subject lines for a similar email during the defined period of testing.

Out of which, each of the better subject lines will be sent to the rest of 80% of contacts for guaranteeing the highest email open rate.

  1. Create your very own Email Content

Email Marketing Checklist

Now, before you can create your email content, choosing an email content template is the first thing. This is a crucial email marketing checklist that you got to follow if you are eager to create email content that can attract audiences.

Additionally, there are different types of templates that you can use at your convenience. Yes, if you can choose the best template, then work will be much easier for you.

There are ample of email marketing platforms that will offer you templates of different ranges. With this, you can simply look at the templates and pick the ones which are a good fit for you.

Then, you can choose those templates and easily create your email marketing campaign, without issues.

Write down the Content relevant to audience interest

Yes, in the midst of writing email content you will have to pay special attention and heed to two questions:

  1. What’s in it for me?
  2. So what?

After finishing every sentence, you got to ask yourself So what can offer you a much better understanding.

Plus, you can understand things from a reader’s point of view and include the things they will love reading.

Indeed, such type of things does take time and with that, you can easily think and create value email marketing content.

Decide on Call to Action

Now, moving ahead in the email marketing checklist, you got to decide on your call to action.

Here, you can refer your contacts to:

  • Download a PDF
  • Read an article
  • Buy a Product
  • Refer a friend

With that, you can easily reflect on your goal and write down the CTA accordingly.

Proofread & Check Grammar, Spelling, etc

Making mistakes is something that we are good at and that’s the human tendency. Yes, on the first and foremost basis, you got to make sure that you proofread the content before sending the same.

Check on the grammar, spelling, and tons of things with an intention to make the email content, a lot better.

In any case, if you missed a mistake and found that it’s too late, then you can fix the same by sending an apology email.

Each of the times, it depends on the severity of the mistake. Yes, the mistake can be a spelling mistake, broken CTA link, or any of such mistakes.

Include Address and Contact Details

Yes, in the midst of exploring the email marketing checklist, you got to include your contact details along with the address of customers and subscribers.

It truly gives the feeling that there is a legit and a real business behind the online purchase in every case.

Add Unsubscription link for keeping the emails GDPR compliant

Include different unsubscription links in the email where it will be for the contacts who don’t want to receive any sort of email from you.

Yes, it has even done to respect the GDPR law and the consent of the users.

You must even ensure a proper way for the contacts to unsubscribe and be compliant with the EU GDPR law. Additionally, the unsubscribe process under the law needs to be clear and straightforward.

Given below is the GDPR email checklist that you can follow:

  • Unsubscribe to a specific email campaign
  • Unsubscribe to each of the email lists
  • Contact a return email address
  • Edit each user contact data

Additionally, keep emails GDPR compliant which can guarantee customer satisfaction in every stance.

  1. Review Links and Design

Complete Email Marketing Checklist

As a part of the entire process, you got to review the links and design in a detailed manner, every single time.

Plus, you can take into account different things, create an email marketing audit checklist and even dig into different details.

  • Test out the CTA and Links

Before sending out email campaigns, you must always double-check on the CTA link along with landing pages.

Yes, sending different emails for driving massive traffic can be a massive failure to each of your campaigns.

  • Preview Responsive email

Additionally, there is nothing worse than finding out that your written email looks awful on different devices.

Here, you can preview the bulk emails on mobile, desktop, tablet and do things accordingly. Plus, you got to know that email preview is practical for proofreading different email content and make sure that everything looks good and clean.

  • Send a Test Email to your team

Now, besides the email preview just to see how the same looks on screen, you can even send a test email to yourself and see how things go.

Here, you can simply insert the emails you like to send and then tap on “Send Test”.

Overall, sending a test email to the team helps collect feedback before sending the email campaign.

Additionally, you can even segment your target audience with different contact filters. Also, sending test emails to your team helps in collecting feedbacks before sending the same to your email campaign.

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  1. Send your Email Campaign

First of all, you got to select your target list and apply different contact filters. Here, you can select your target audience in the best possible way.

Plus, in this step of the email marketing checklist, you got to select the contacts you are sending emails to.

Then, by segmenting your target audience using contact filters, you can find a targeted email campaign which actually converts.

Additionally, you can apply different level marketing strategies right in small business email marketing. This can gradually result in conversions without an issue.

  • Send or Schedule the Email

 Sending an email blast campaign at right time can increase different email open rates. Here, you can try to send in a timezone that matches those of contacts.

The moment you have reviewed your email contents and you know that you are ready, then you can tap on the “Send Now” or even the “Later” button.

  • Automate email resend to non-openers

Overall, increasing email rates is the very first step for boosting up your email marketing ROI and generating more sales.

With the same, this has got a lot to do with the email subject line as it’s one of the most crucial things.

For every email marketer, the subject line is the first of those things that appear in the subscriber inbox. Here, you got to make sure that the subject line is an attention-grabbing one.

If that’s attention-grabbing, then chances are high that you can attract some of the best conversions, within a shorter duration of time.

On the other hand, if your email rates are low, then the entire blame goes straight to the email subject line.

For the same, resending different emails to the non-openers is a good way of having a second chance for increasing the email opening rates.

Make sure that each of your subject lines are:

  • Personalized
  • Generate an amount of curiosity
  • Communicate on an urgent basis
  • Highlight the recent topics
  • Create Personal connection

Now, your email contents will not matter if you are not able to get your subscribers to open emails in the first place.

  • Monitor each of your Email Bounces

In simpler terms, bounced email is the one that is rejected by the recipient’s mail server and gets back to you.

Also, in other words, whenever an email is bounced and couldn’t read the recipient, it gets returned to the sender as a notification with the bounce reason.

Further, the moment an email gets rejected by the email server, it’s known as bounce.

The lower is your bounce rate, the better will be the email deliverability.

Here, you can monitor the email bounce percentage and even verify your email list for making sure that the emails are reaching to certain contacts.

Monitor each of email campaign KPIs

Now, that you have created a perfect email sent, work is not over for you.

I recommend you to take some time to study whether you have achieved your campaign goal and you are planning on KPIs.

Each of the emails you send is a little step towards a greater and wide business.

Here, you can see the analytics that can help you build a successful email campaign:

  • Email performance metrics
  • Automation Analytics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Form analytics

Additionally, if you can spend time with email analytics it can help you get rid of the guesswork you are performing.

Lastly, if you are seeing that the campaign goals are achieving, then you have got the reason for cracking the email marketing concept.

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Wrapping Things Up

Summing up the entire article, the best email marketing checklist is right in front of you. With that, you can easily follow up with each of the checklists, at a deeper level.

Yes, there can be times when you will fail and after that, you got to rise up and perform email marketing.

Things does take time and email marketing will take time on a similar basis. Therefore, if you can do things perfectly, then you can create one of the best email marketing campaigns, within a much short period of time.

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