Ebates Review (Rakuten): My Honest Review

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Do you know that you can save & make money from your shopping? I have seen many apps online who gives discounts, but Ebates is the app that provides real cashback of up to 40%. 

Ebates is the company that does all these for their members. This app will help you to lower down your monthly expenses and help you to save money every day.

Now it’s easy to get up to 40% cashback on your shopping through Ebates. You also cannot ignore Mypoints if you really like cash back and discount on shopping. 

Ebates has become one of the largest Free-Membership loyalty programs in the U.S. 

Better Business Bureau has given A+ Rating to Ebates.

I have made this Ebates review post to make people aware of how to use Ebates and make most out of it.

Ebates reviews

How to Use Ebates?

I personally created the account before writing this post and checked all the corners of Ebates.

I did not find any kind of challenge while using it. My favorite stores or retailers were already available there.

It will take less than 2 minutes to sign up for Ebates. I took almost one minute to complete the sign-up process.

You just need to have an email ID or a Facebook account. That’s it.

If you want to buy anything, just click on the store (for example; Amazon) and start shopping. Once you finish shopping, you will save money by receiving cashback.

They send cashback money through big fat check or money to your PayPal account.

It’s important to enable cookies so that you will be known to the store/retailer that you reach through Ebates. Disabling cookies will not get you cashback.

Over 1 Million Ebates members have earned more than $1 Billion through cashback.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is basically a company that provides cashback to their members to save money up to 40%. There are big brands that connected with Ebates such as Macy’s, Amazon, Walmart, Banana Republic, Groupon, Hotel Indigo and many more.

Ebates provides up to 40% cashback. In this Ebates review, I will be going to share with you how does Ebates works and the proper techniques to get the highest cashback on your shopping.

They send cashback on a quarterly basis. The amount should be a minimum of $5.01.

Posting PeriodPayment Date
Jan 1 – Mar 31May 15
Apr 1 – Jun 30Aug 15
Jul 1 – Sep 30Nov 15
Oc 1 – Dec 31Feb 15

You may be thinking of why Ebates is giving such good cashback to their members. This is because Ebates gets the commission when you buy through them. They share almost 50% of the commission with the member.

In addition, Ebates also help their users with discounts, promo codes, coupons, special deals.

How To Get $10 Cash Back Bonus?

If you join Ebates through my referral link, you will receive a $10 cashback bonus on your first shopping. There will be no extra charge, actually, it’s a welcome bonus.

This is what I like about Ebates. They don’t charge extra money and give away money for free if you follow their procedure.

Refer Friends and Earn $25

Ebates referralThe way I am making money from a referral, you can also make money in the same way.

You just need to click on Refer & Earn $25+ on your Ebates account page. There you will receive a unique referral link to share with your friends.

You can also make use of referrals through Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

As soon as they do shopping for at least $25 within 3 months, you will receive $25 and your friend will earn $10.

Try referring to as many friends as you can to earn more money.

Before sharing Ebates with your friends, I would recommend you to first try it and then share, so that you will be able to answer any question if you were asked.

Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Card

If you do the shopping and want to earn more cashback, then you can simply apply for Ebates cash back visa credit card.

You will get an additional 3% cashback on the qualified purchase and 1% on a non-qualified purchase or who accepts the visa card. You will be getting cashback in both scenarios.

In-Store Cash Back

Ebates also offers their member to earn cashback when they visit the on-site store. Make sure that the store you visit must have Ebates’ offer.

Ebates In-Store Cash Back

You will be required to add your debit or credit card on Ebates. Then go to your Ebates account and click on In-Store Cash Back Option on the top.

You will see all the stores who have Ebates cash back option. Do not forget to click on the link offer before you visit a store.

Ebates Cash Back Button

With the help of Ebates Button, you can directly visit the shopping website and if there is any cash back available, you will get the notification.

Ebates Button

This button automatically applies cashback and coupons. You do not need to visit Ebates. The Ebates button will make your work easier.

You will also be notified of how many websites has the same product that you are looking for and which one has the lowest price.

You can select the company that offers the lowest price.

Ad Blocker may stop Ebates browser extension to send you the notification for Cash Back. Ad Blocker is a good thing to use, but try to avoid it only when you have Ebates related tasks.

How Ebates Make Money?

Have you heard about affiliate marketing? When someone clicks on the link or buy something, the link owner gets the commission.

The same way Ebates makes money. You go to Ebates and click on the store/retailers like Amazon, Walmart etc. and reach to their website. Now whatever you buy, Ebates will receive a commission. There will be no extra cost to you.

This is the reason why Ebatas gives cash back and discounts for free. They actually share a commission with you.


You must be at least 18 years old with the valid Email Id to become a member of Ebates.

Ebates is only available in 5 countries – U.S, Canada, Singapore, South Korea and China.

Can I Really Make Money From Ebates?

Yes, this is one of my main purposes to write Ebates review. You can surely make money from Ebates, but it’s not the right platform if you are thinking to make a full time earning. You can have good side earnings. Read Ebates news on DMN.

The earning will depend on how much you shop online and how many of your friends will join you.

The good thing about Ebates is they give you a real cashback money.  You will receive the cashback amount to your PayPal account or Big fat check.

Why Ebates Block its Members?

If you attempt to do scam activities, then you may get blocked. Ebates never allows you to create multiple accounts.

You may lose your earned cashback and referral income if they find you doing such things. Read their terms & condition so that you would not find any challenge.

Who Should Not Join Ebates?

If you don’t do much shopping, then Ebates probably not be the right platform for you. You will not be going to make much cashback income from Ebates.

You can join Ebates to make some referral income. Though referral income will not make you rich but will add some good money to your pocket.

Doing shopping purposely only to earn cashback points is not recommendable. Don’t hurt your monthly budget.

Sign Up for Ebates and save up to 40% on your shopping.

Members Reviews on Ebates

As per TrustPilot & Ebates’ reviews, Ebates members has given a positive response due to the number of facilities that they are getting. On average, Ebates received a rating of 4 out of 5.

Members have experienced good customer service when they had any issues especially with cashback.

One of the members has lost the Ebates check. In that situation, Ebates has canceled the check and made a PayPal money transfer. The customer service representative’s name was “Tonya”.

Jean Baizel has earned over $500 in rebates. He uses to buy glasses from Coastal and fortunately this company is connected with Ebates.

There are some negative responses from Ebates members such as ID blocking(this was resolved later) due to a system fault, check bounced, cashback not received, etc.

I have seen Ebates contacting the unsatisfied customer and trying to resolve the issues in a quick time.

So, overall I believe 4 out of 5  is the correct rating from Ebates members. (Rating Source: Trustpilot)

Pros and Cons

It’s very important to check the pros and cons before making any decision. You should be aware of whether it’s a good fit for you or not.


  • They provide a real cashback that is transferable to your bank account. You may have noticed many companies provide cashback but they do not allow to transfer. With Ebates, you will not find this issue.
  • It free to join. There is no hidden charges or false commitment.
  • You will be paid on time, but on a quarterly basis to your PayPal account or Big fat check.
  • They do provide discounts, coupons, hot deals, bonuses, etc on any products or services you buy. It will be going to be a bigger saving when you get cashback and such discounts at the same time.
  • Strong customer support especially when you face any challenge for your cashback.
  • Ebates provides cashback options from over 2000 stores. There are big brands that have already connected with this company.


  • You will be paid quarterly, which means 4 times a year. It’s a little long time but anyways your money is saved in Ebates. The more money you earn, the more it gets collected in your Ebates account.
  • Ebates Members do find cashback transfer issues. Sometimes they don’t receive cash back on purchase or delays in receiving the money to their account. But Ebates had handled such a situation professionally and resolved in less time.
  • Cashback is not available for all the products that you buy. This happens in some cases where you may not get cashback, this may be due to high competition.
  • Ebates is only available for the U.S, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, and China. I will update if I see Ebates reaching other countries.
  • Ebates says cashback up to 40% which doesn’t mean that you will be going to receive this cashback on all the products. It may be 5% or 40% or maybe no cashback.

Is Ebates Legit or Scam?

Ebates is a 100% legit company. I have not seen any kind of scam activity by them. They have distributed over $1 billion to their members.

Ebates is one of the largest loyalty programs in the United States with an A+ rating from BBB.

They simply share the commission from their affiliate earnings. Their business model is very clear to understand. If you would ask me whether to trust Ebates? I would say yes, Of course!

I have mentioned in-depth information in this Ebates review post, now decide whether you want to save money or not. 

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