Easy Jobs from Home Part Time: TOP 15 Best Home Jobs [2020 Updated]

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Well, in a society where the need for money is on an increasing curve, people are searching for the best and easy jobs from home part time. Indeed, there are tons of job options available online and all it will need is some patience and skills to crack that job.

Still, not every single job is a good one and some jobs can scam you buy taking money prior to the job. Not to worry as I have got you the best of all and easy jobs from home part time.

From your end, you don’t have to do much and you can easily go ahead and unlock every single easy job from home part time, from your home itself.

TOP Rated Easy Jobs from Home Part Time

I have written tons of articles on different job options available. But, coming down to this article, a whole new set of jobs are awaiting your presence.

Let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the job options, one by one.

1. Part-Time Blogging

Easy jobs from home part time

Without a doubt, if there is one industry that has made people earn a filthy amount of money, blogging is the true one. In blogging, all you need is true blogging skills where you will have to purchase the domain, hosting, and then set up your blog.

Now, in hosting, I would recommend you Siteground as this hosting service provider has hosted the best of all websites. Plus, they have offered tons of features to every website whereas the pricing has always been on the top class end.

Additionally, there are thousands of housewives and job seekers that are looking to make money online.

With this, you can also start your blogging journey where you got to purchase good hosting along with the domain.

Coming down to blogging, you can start off by creating your very own website. Plus, in terms of themes, you can start off with the free theme and then go ahead and choose the paid ones.

Now, while making money from Blogging, there are different ways that you can use to make money from blogging.

Out of which, one way to make money from blogging is by using ads on your website. This can be your primary income where if any person clicks on that ad, you will be paid for the same.

On the other hand, you can also perform affiliate marketing where you can promote products of other companies. As soon as the product is sold, you will commission for the same and that will be your commission.

2. Online Surveys

Easy jobs from home part time

Yet other Easy jobs from home part-time and completing online surveys will come into the spotlight.

Yes, there are plenty of people that are indulged in completing online surveys and earning good part-time money. Additionally, even in your free time, you can complete different surveys and earn a good amount of money.

Now, while completing different surveys, there is no need for any sort of skill. Completing surveys has always been a straightforward process and you can do the same, without an issue.

Plus, if you are searching for the best of all survey websites, there are some quality ones in the online market. With this, you can test, try different survey websites, and see which are those ones that can work the best for you.

On the other hand, you must know that there can be some survey websites that can scam you. With this, you got to be careful and choose survey websites that are quality ones.

SurveyJunkie and Swagbucks are highly known for online survey earning sources. You can work on both the platform and generate side earning options. 

The moment you have found out the survey websites, the road becomes much clearer for you.

Thereafter, you can complete those surveys and earn good money in the part-time option.

3. Perform Affiliate Marketing

Easy jobs from home part time

Well, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest jobs from a home part time where all you need is to promote the products of other companies.

Yes, there is no need to store your own inventory or even make products and manage all those shipping.

With such a business model, plenty of people are involved in affiliate marketing and are making good money from it.

Also, if you are just starting with affiliate marketing, there are thousands of websites that offer a commission if you can promote their products.

With this, you can easily join the best of all programs, promote products along with services, and make commissions from that.

Further, if you are willing to make massive money from affiliate marketing, you can start off by promoting web hosting services.

Yes, this can be done with the help of your blog where you can review different web hosting and attach links in those blogs.

As and any of your readers will purchase those hosting, you will earn commissions on the same.

On the other hand, you can also make use of ads to promote affiliate programs. Yes, with this method, you can make a good amount of money in the long run.

More to it, if you can promote bigger products, you can even make 50 to 60% of the affiliate commissions.

Starting as an affiliate marketer

Well, for each of those people who is starting off as an affiliate marketer, they can begin with the Amazon associates. In this scenario, you are free to promote the products of Amazon and on that basis, you will receive commissions.

Even in this case, you will have to set up your blog and then you can start reviewing different Amazon products.

At the start, you will face struggles but as and when you will gain experience in Amazon affiliate marketing, then you can easily earn good money in the long run.

Or else, as I said above, if you need results in a short time, you can easily make use of different ad platforms to promote the products. Yes, with this method, you will get faster results and make money at a quicker note.

In the end, everyone does affiliate marketing in their own way but this is probably one of the best and Easy jobs from home part time, without a doubt.

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4. Complete different Gigs on Fiverr

Easy jobs from home part time

Yes, for every single person searching for Easy jobs from home part time, completing gigs is a better one.

However, one thing you must note here is that you must have some sort of skills that you can showcase on Fiverr.

In this scenario, you can start off by delivering your skills at the price rate of $5 each gig. Although this seems pretty small, you can start off with this and then gradually go-ahead to increase gig pricing over the course of time.

Hence, with this, you can simply go ahead and make your account on Fiverr. This will take a few minutes after which, you can make gigs as you want and start selling your skills on Fiverr.

Of course, at the start of Fiverr, hardships will come your way as you may not get orders. But, as and when you will experiment, customize your gigs to perfection, and as per keywords, you will start getting orders.

After this, you can complete each of the gigs in the best possible way and earn massive money, in the long run.

5. Online Tutoring

Easy jobs from home part time

The days are slowly going of all those tutors that are willing to teach on an offline scale. Well, online is the new trend, and tons of tutors have taken the online route to teach people and make good money out of the same.

Well, if you are someone who has mastered some of the skills, you can turn those skills into a program and make good money from the same.

In the current date scenario where people are willing to be at their home and learn, online tutoring is something that is in high demand.

Almost every other person is eager to learn from their home comfort and if you can deliver them this luxury, they will spend good money on your courses.

Now, the other way through which you can offer online tutoring is with the help of video calls. In this case, you can make charges for sessions and charge people if they are willing to opt for your online tutoring.

Speaking about another way, you can simply put your courses into online platforms. Among such platforms, Udemy is a good one that offers people the chance to enrol in their courses and they sell the same.

In this scenario, you can begin by offering your courses on a free scale. By doing this, you will gain good traffic and as soon as you realise that the demand of your courses has gone up, then you can convert that into a paid course.

Frankly speaking, Online tutoring is one of the best and Easy jobs from home part time. Here, you don’t need any sort of special equipment. All you need is a laptop, internet connection and then your skills will come into play to make money.

6. Content Writing

Content Writing

Over the past few years as and when the number of websites has gone up, the demand for content writers is increasing too. Indeed, every single website needs daily content and in this scenario, you as a content writer can perform writing for most of the blogs and websites.

Well, if you are new to this industry and have the will to be a content writer, you can begin with reading blog posts available over the internet.

As and when you will start reading and understanding grammar, then you can begin with working for free.

On the other hand, if you have the skill of content writing, you can begin by applying on freelance websites and other blogging sites.

If you are someone who has got an excellent flair of writing, you will get plenty of job offers. Plus, Upwork and other freelance platforms offer writing jobs on a daily scale. With this, you are free to opt for each of those jobs, perform writing for them, and earn good money.

Currently, there are tons of successful writers who are making some huge chunk of money. With this, each of the things depends on your experience and if you have got the true writing skills, you can effortlessly make good money, from writing itself.

7. Data Entry jobs

Data Entry jobs

Speaking about one of the oldest and Easy jobs from home part time will bring the data entry jobs into the spotlight. Yes, data entry jobs have been in the online industry for a long time and this industry gives employment to millions of people.

To be quite clear, this job is for people who are looking for Easy jobs from home part time and the ones that can make them some decent money.

Additionally, data entry jobs require a minimum set of skills and you don’t have to do much in this scenario.

All you need is to have a basic word, excel skills, and you are good to apply for different data entry jobs online.

In this scenario, you can look for companies online who are offering jobs for data entry staff.

Yes, as soon as you will get the job, you will find it much easier to make money from your job profile.

However, on the other hand, different fake data entry job companies can make money from you.

In this scenario, you will have to look at different data entry companies. If the company is asking for money to join, you can neglect that company, straight away.

On the other hand, if a company is offering job offers without asking for anything, you can give a try on that company.

8. Become Part-Time seller

Become Part-Time seller

Yet another Easy job from home part time and becoming part time seller is a better one. In this scenario, you don’t need any sort of skills to expect selling skills. Yes, if you can master selling skills along with such techniques, you can go much far in this scenario.

Now, to begin with, part time selling, you can choose different online selling platforms where you can sell your online products.

Out of which Amazon, Flipkart, or even Walmart are the ones that you can choose and start selling products online.

In this scenario, you can outsource products at a bulk scale and sell each of the products to such stores.

Plus, you can even visit the local market and look for the things you can buy and sell on the online space. With this, you can keep a much higher margin and sell products in the best possible way.

Of course, selling is an art and there can be times when you will not be able to make profits at the start.

But, as and when you will give time, you will understand the basics and the principles of selling.

Thereafter, you can perform selling and make good profits out of the same.

Plus, if you want to go on to the next level of selling, you can take dealerships of products. Here, the profit margins will be much higher, and with this, you can make a substantial amount of money with selling.

9. Online Consultant

Online Consultant

The online consultant is yet another Easy jobs from home part time which you can opt for. As and when we are moving ahead in the world, the need for online consulting is definitely increasing.

People are in search of online consultants that can help them solve their issues in the best possible way.

Now, to become an online consultant, you will first have to become a master in some set of skills. It can be anything that you love doing ranging from diet consulting to other ones.

Once you have become a master in consulting, then you can easily go ahead and impart your skills to the needy.

In this scenario, when it comes to delivering your skills, you can do the same by making use of online video platforms.

Here, either using Skype or other similar platforms, you can use each of them and offer your consulting to different users.

On the other hand, if you are willing to do consulting in a professional way,  you can begin by creating your website. Yes, if you can create your own website, you are ready to showcase yourself and your skills in a professional way.

This can help you attract better clients and with this, you can make some brilliant amount of money with the online consultation.

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10. Photography


If you are a photographer and looking for Easy jobs from home part time in photography, there are tons of jobs available. Yes, photography is a true skill and if you can master photography, you can make some substantial amount of money.

Coming down to different jobs that are in photography, the internet is filled with tons of jobs. There are tons of people who are converting photography into a money-making machine. Therefore, from your end, you can do this too and all you need here is immense photography skills.

Plus, if you are someone who likes clicking photos and if the photos are quality ones, you can easily submit your photos on different online websites.

Out of those websites, the top names include IStock Photo, Shutterstock and even Fotolia will pay you for the same.

In the end, it’s a skill and if you are really passionate about photography, you can simply go ahead, submit photos, or take photography as a job and make good money.

11. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The online world is incomplete without digital marketing services and that is where the true money lies. In this segment, digital marketing as a field is massive and if you can learn one or even two digital marketing skills to perfection, you can make a substantial amount of money.

In this scenario, the internet is an open world and every other industry is in need of digital marketing skills.

On the other hand, you can even start off by creating your very own digital marketing agency. Here, you can list different digital marketing services and then hire freelancers for each of the services.

Of course, in this case, it will take time to attract clients as tons of different digital marketing agencies are already established.

Hence, once you will create your agency, then you can run different ads for your agency. Altogether, with ads, you can attract different potential clients at a faster rate.

On the other hand, you can also work as a freelancer and impart your digital marketing services to different clients.

12. Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager is a part of digital marketing and one of the Easy jobs from home part-time. Yes, currently, there are tons of social media managers who work from home, part-time, and are making good money from this skill.

Now, if you are someone who is willing to become a social media manager, you got to learn different social media skills. For this, you can browse the internet and you will find different sorts of courses.

From this end, you are free to either choose the free courses or even the paid ones. Once you have mastered social media skills, then you can go ahead and apply for different jobs online.

Indeed, if you have got the skills and if that thing is fulfilling the company requirements, then you will get that job, without an issue.

13. Become Virtual assistant

Become Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are an unending one like almost every other company is in need of a VA. Yes, VA demand has risen as the companies have got busy doing other sorts of work that can bring them benefits.

Plus, from the other end, Virtual assistants help companies manage things, take up calls, and do almost every other thing that can make companies work easier.

In short Virtual assistants are the secretary of the company and the sole purpose of any VA is to make work easier for the companies.

Such things can also include handling social media accounts, making appointments, and doing another such sort of things.

Coming down at the skills VA needs, all you need is management skills in the first place. Later, based on the company requirements, you can easily learn new skills and work hand to hand with the company.

14. Video Editor

Yet another Easy job from home part time and video editor is a job that is an unending one. The modern date world has been converted into a digital one and videos along with multimedia usage are increasing. With this, the demand for a video editor is high and if you are someone who is interested in video editing, you can make substantial money from Video editing.

In this scenario, before you can actually apply for different video editing jobs, you got to learn different video editing skills.

Well, YouTube is an open space and it offers almost every sort of skill learning, the freeway. Therefore, if you are willing to learn video editing, you can watch different videos on YouTube.

Of course, shooting videos is not a much timely process but editing those videos take tons of time. Hence, if you have mastered video editing, opportunities are endless for you.

Plus, there are different video editing tools available online. You can start off by mastering each of the tools that can help you edit videos, without any issues.

Here, there will be free along with paid tools. In this scenario, you can begin with free tools and as and when you gain experience, you can go ahead and buy the paid video editing tools.

As and when you become a master in video editing, you can then apply for different part time jobs available over the internet.

15. App Tester

For people who are eager to perform app testing and make a good amount of money, the same is possible.

Currently, there are different sorts of app tester who are making a good amount of money on a part-time basis. Therefore, to master this skill, you will first have to learn the same.

This can be done by browsing over the internet where you will find tons of courses and videos on the same.

Slowly and steadily, as and when you will learn app testing, then you can go ahead and apply for such jobs.

At the start, you may not be able to make good money but as and when you will gain experience, moving will come after you, the best ever way.

Conclusion: Best Easy Jobs from Home Part Time

Coming at the concluding phase of the article, entire Easy jobs from the home part time are right in front of you. Yes, each of the above jobs is good enough to make you a brilliant amount of money.

But, as I have said above, each work will require some sort of skills. It’s that one thing which separates winners from losers and if you can work on your skills, the perfect way, things will become easier for you.

All you need is to focus on that one skill or even a set of skills that can make you a good amount of money.

Additionally, once you mastered one skill, then you can confidently apply for that type of job. After this, get the job, work to your fullest potential and earn good money over the course of time.

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