23 Best Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards for Free

Amazon Gift Cards for Free

If you are a person who is eager to earn online, 2020 can be the true year for you. Yes, for people who want to find the best ways to earn Amazon Gift cards for free, I have got plenty of options for you. 

Altogether, with Amazon Gift Cards, you can simply purchase different stuff or even gift those to your loved ones. Plus, with Amazon gift cards, you are free to buy good things without you can spend anything from your paycheck. 

For getting Paychecks, you can avail gift cards after completing the different tasks on an online basis. 

Therefore, if you are eager to earn those free gift cards for free, I have got some of the best and proven ways for you. 

Without spending any time, let’s go ahead and uncover the free and best ways to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 


Top Ways to earn Amazon gift cards for free

Right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap some really good ways for earning Amazon Gift cards for free.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Amazon Gift card

If you are searching for a good survey completion website, Survey Junkie is a platform that can help you earn good Amazon gift cards. 

With Survey Junkie, you are free to earn some of the best and daily survey invites where you can then earn survey gift cards. 

For each of the surveys, you can earn different points where the minimum payout balance is said to be $10. 

After that, you can go ahead and get those Amazon Gift cards, Starbucks gift card and many more. If you are looking for some cash transfer directly into your account, Survey Junkie offers the same too. 

Here, you can ask for cash out into your PayPal account where the funds will be transferred into your bank account. 

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Gift Card

Speaking about yet another platform to earn Amazon gift cards for free will bring Swagbucks into the spotlight. 

With Swagbucks, you can easily get Amazon gift cards for completing the given below surveys:

  • Playing games
  • Shopping
  • Surveys
  • Web searches
  • Testing different products
  • Shopping

Besides the above task, you are also paid for watching different videos and you can even completely different sorts of tasks. 

Plus, you can even make some more money with Swagbucks by completing almost all of the daily activities. 

Altogether, If you have $3 as balance, you are eligible to earn Amazon gift cards for free. This is truly one of the biggest opportunities for people who want to use Swagbucks and get good gift cards out of the same. 

3. Ipsos I-Say

A platform like Ipos I-Say pays the user for answering questions along with testing of different products. 

Yes, as a type of loyalty bonus, you are eligible for earning the year-end bonus in each of the surveys you possibly take. 

Along with the bonus, you can earn around 600 points extra and can even exchange those points for the amazing $5 Amazon gift card. 

Other than those paid surveys and product testing, you can even enter into Ipos free contest. 

Additionally, you can potentially earn different points where you also stand a chance to earn extra cashback for the different tasks you complete. 

4. PrizeRebel

Prizerebel free amazon gift cards

PrizeRebel allows you to start earning money in 10 seconds. you’ll even earn points for watching ads and that they pay points for online surveys and merchandise trials.

In regards to redeeming gift cards, you’ll get a $2 gift card with PrizeRebel, which is that the cheapest reward possible on PrizeRebel.

5. PlanelPlace

Another leading site that will pay you for your opinion is PanelPlace

Not only will they pay you to require surveys, but they’ll pay you to watch videos, play games, and shop online for cash too. 

And, you’ll even earn extra bonus which makes it one of the best platforms to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

Plus, you earn a bonus whenever your referred friends earn money and, you get a bonus from their friends too!

6. Survey Spot

Ok, so Survey Spot allows you to redeem your rewards points for these gift cards:

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • PayPal
  • Airline frequent flyer miles

Of course, Amazon is going to be your go-to choice where you can opt for the same and earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

Finally, there’s a quarterly $10,000 prize drawing you’ll join too!

7. YouGov

YouGov asks your opinion about people, movies, brands, and current events and you earn 2,000 bonus points ($20) as a welcome bonus! 

With this bonus, you’ll get gift cards or cash. In most cases, surveys pay 250 points and you’ll redeem your balance when it reaches 5,000 points ($50).

Along with the above benefits, YouGov becomes one of the best platforms to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

8. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is one of the world’s oldest research companies. 

They’re going to ask your opinion on a spread of topics concerning consumer habits and current event surveys.

Besides earning points with each survey, Harris Poll hosts cash prize drawings. With each survey, you gain one entry into the biweekly cash draw. 

Plus, there also are quarterly and annual cash sweepstakes too making it a good platform to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

Finally, Harris is additionally one of the few online survey sites for teens. If you don’t know, you want to usually be 18 years old to require surveys.

9. Amazon Trade-In

For your unwanted items, try the Amazon Trade-In Store and that they even accept items you don’t buy from Amazon!

Amazon can purchase back these items:

  • Gaming platforms and video games
  • Kindle E-readers
  • Books
  • Wireless devices
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • DVDs
  • Music

For a private example, Amazon offered to shop for a DVD I own for $15. a couple of years ago, I paid $18 for the DVD! However, on other buyback sites, I’d only earn a couple of bucks for an equivalent movie.

Another good trade-in option is selling your old Amazon Kindle. With this trade, you upgrade to a replacement version and Amazon gives you an Amazon gift card plus a $20 bonus!

Not all trade-ins are going to be that lucrative on Amazon. Sometimes, they only offer a couple of dollars. Or, they could not want your item if it’s low demand.

Maybe, you would possibly be happier selling your used books on BookScouter On this site, you see the buyback price from over 42 vendors, and don’t forget to urge a second quote to sell your used electronics. 

After all, other tech-centric might offer more for your non-Amazon devices making it a good platform to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

10. Amazon Coupons

Most Amazon Coupon discounts are immediate but they often offer Amazon gift codes once you buy select items.

For example, let’s say you purchase a selected computer game. 

Once you do, you get a free Amazon gift card. First, confirm you check the Grocery, Health, and wonder categories. In these three categories, you’ve got the simplest chance of finding gift codes.

To maximize your earning options, make certain to see out Amazon Prime, and then go ahead to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

11. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mturk may be creative thanks to making extra cash through online tasks. It’s liberal to join, and most tasks only take a couple of minutes. 

For instance, some tasks include surveys, data entry, and web research.

For a change, most of the surveys are college studies. These college studies ask different questions than most online surveys. 

Generally, they appear to be more personal and you won’t answer as many questions on personal brands.

You can get paid with cash or a present card from Amazon. So, this could be your new favorite thanks to getting Amazon gift cards for free of charge.

12. Reload Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

You can get a cash bonus once you reload your Amazon balance. you’ll redeem gift cards you earn elsewhere otherwise you can rebuild your own Amazon balance with present card purchase.

Sometimes, online surveys aren’t enough to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

During this case, you’ll also make money by watching videos, shopping, or maybe surfing online. Plus, most times you’ll earn gift cards from your smartphone!

13. Opinion Outpost

For surveys, you would possibly also consider Opinion Outpost. In most cases, each survey takes 10 minutes or less and you’ll begin cashing out your rewards with a $5 balance.

Additionally, the platform offers some really good surveys that you can complete surveys in a much shorter span of time. 

Finally, you’ll also enter the $10,000 quarterly prize drawing. With each survey you complete, you get free entry and a chance to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

14. TopCashback 

Topcashback gift cards

Billed because the “most generous cashback site,” TopCashback earns up to 40% cashback and this is often at quite 3,500 stores. 

Also, TopCashback features a fun rewards program. With gift cards, your rewards are worth more so you get the third bonus on Amazon gift cards. for instance, $10 in cash rewards is worth $10.30 in Amazon cash. 

Compared to other cashback sites, this bonus is special. There’s no minimum redemption threshold so it’s possible to urge a $1 Amazon gift card here. 

15. Ibotta 

For grocery shopping, check out Ibotta where you can get a chance to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

For instance, you earn cash at these stores: Grocery stores Convenience stores Restaurants Pharmacies Shop online via your mobile at major retailers 

Besides saving money on groceries, you furthermore may get cash or gift card rewards. Before you attend the shop, activate the Ibotta app offers. 

Afterward, snap an image of your receipt. Within 24 hours, the cash rewards enter your account. Ibotta also offers bonus cash for online shopping. Monthly, you’ll get a bonus for purchasing certain products.

 To earn this bonus, check the monthly bonus page. It’s easier to earn these bonuses than you think that.

 Also, Ibotta is one of the few apps that help you with in-store purchases. In most cases, shopping apps only make money for online shopping. 

Popular Stores work with Ibotta: Walmart Target Walgreens Best Buy Gap Finally, you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus with Ibotta. To earn the bonus, activate and redeem your first offer. 

16. Shopkick 

Shopkick is an app available for iOS and Andriod devices that allows you to earn rewards points in three different manners: Walk into a store and scan bar-codes View online stores and record prices Watch videos 

Plus, you earn points for creating a sale where you can then earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

 With Confine mind, a sale isn’t required. This is often what makes Shopkick different than other shopping apps to urge free Amazon gift cards. 

To join the fun, download the Shopkick app then enable location services. Finally, open the app and visit a store. 

Inside the shop, start scanning barcodes. In no time, you’ll earn rewards points. If you’ve got the time, visit multiple stores in one trip. 

17. Listia

To be honest, this app is different from the remainder. 

In short, you sell items rather than buy items. Once you sell on Listia, you receive rewards points and successively, these points buy gift cards. 

Plus, you earn bonus points for linking your social media accounts and you earn points interacting with others on the Listia website. 

Finally, you’ll refer friends for points too. As you’ll see, Listia may be a unique app. Now, you’ve got a fun alternative to Craigslist.

18. Mobee

 If you would like to mystery shop, Mobee may be a fun app. Now, you’ll accept missions for stores in your town and every mission is straightforward to finish. 

During a jiffy, you answer ten questions on your visit and get a privilege to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

Remember, be honest together with your answers otherwise, you won’t get invites for brand spanking new missions. You can live your rewards points for PayPal cash, gift cards, and merchandise. 

19. Receipt Hog 

At Receipt Hog, you earn coins for in-store purchases. Yes, you get credit for nearly any purchase. As you would possibly guess, coins earn you Amazon gift cards. 

If you select, you’ll earn bonus points by taking paid surveys and you’ll also enter contests to win more coins. 

20. Drop

With this app, getting Amazon gift cards is straightforward. First, you put in the Drop app then link your credit or open-end credit. 

Then, you earn cash rewards once you use your card at a Drop store and even earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

One of the reward options is Amazon gift cards. Drop is liberal to join and you’ll link multiple cards so you never miss a shopping session. 

21. Recyclebank 

Recyclebank partners with local towns to supply recycling rewards. You’ll earn points by reading online Earth-friendly articles. 

Sometimes, you’ll redeem your points for Amazon gift cards. If not, there are other gift card options along with a chance to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

22. GetUpside 

GetUpside may be a cash back app that saves you money on every gallon of gas you purchase. How does it work

Just find a participating gasoline station near you within the app, and once you arrive to refill gas, just sign up via the app. 

When you’re done just get a receipt future that shows an itemized bill and last 4 digits of the MasterCard, and you’ll get cash back on the gas you bought once you submit the receipt. 

The gas stations near me typically give $0.25-30 per gallon cash back, and you’ll earn even additional cash back per gallon if you refer your friends and other users to the app. 

GetUpside also gives your cash back for participating restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores. 

For instance, we’ve a Wendy’s and Burger King near us that give us 25% cashback on every purchase. Just sign up before you buy and submit your receipt within 4 hours and get a chance to earn Amazon gift cards for free. 

23. Wiki Buy

Similar to Honey, Wikibuy may be a browser extension that you simply increase Chrome or Firefox and it helps you to seek out a coupon code, a far better price, and alerts when items you viewed continue sale. 

In addition, you’ll shop online through their portal and earn credit which will then be redeemed for gift cards. The extension also will prompt you to enable it when extra credit is out there on certain websites. 

You can also earn credit by referring other users. When someone you referred signs up and makes a sale, you’ll get $5 in credits! 

Once you’ve earned enough in credit by referring other users or shopping, just attend their site and click on the “redeem” tab. 

There you’ll redeem your credits for any number of obtainable gift cards. 

The last feature i actually like when using the extension is once you’re shopping on Amazon it’ll tell you when you can find an equivalent item for fewer on another website. 

It’ll insert a button that you simply can click on and it’ll take you to a page where you’ll view lower prices thereon item, and where it’s located. 

A final word of mouth: Ways to earn Amazon Gift cards for free

Wrapping up the entire article, each of the best ways to earn Amazon Gift cards for free is right in front of you. Yes, with the help of the above platforms, you can complete the surveys, watch videos, play games and earn some really good Amazon gift cards. 

Further, from your end, you can also investigate and choose the best of all from the above platform. 

Thereafter, you can simply go ahead test the above platforms, choose a good one, and earn Amazon gift cards for free, the best way.

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