Dropshipping: Top Techniques You Must Know Before You Start


Earning from online drop shipping business is one the best way to become a business entrepreneur with minimum investment.

Let me first share some idea on drop shipping in simple term.

For suppose, you want to sell a product to a buyer. You just buy the product from a wholesale dealer or a supplier and instruct them to ship the product to your customer(buyer). 

In this process you are not touching the product, you just enjoying the profit margin or earn a commission from each sale.

You don’t even need to have a storage facility, because you are not touching the product.

This is one of the best way to generate passive income by investing in your strategy.

1. What is DropShipping?

It is a type of business where Dropshipper just selling the product online without maintaining a stock or inventory but earning a side income.

A Drop shipper, not even stores the product in the storage, because the product is shipped directly from supplier to the customer.

Once the order is successfully completed, the seller earns a commission from the sale without investing money.

You can do a partnership with a supplier and display their product in your dropshipping store.

Learn Start a Successful Dropshipping eCommerce Business

2. Start Dropshipping Store.

To create a dropshipping store, you first need a website with a perfect web hosting(SiteGround).

There are two best platforms to start your Dropshipping store.

i. WooCommerce with WordPress.

WoocommerceIt is one of the cheapest way to start your dropshipping store. You just need to web hosting and domain and Install a WooCommerce plugin. Done!

A good web hosting handles the traffic smoothly. For faster web hosting, you can choose SiteGround.

You will get many automated services from WooCommerce to make your online business easier to handle.

It gives you an easy excess to AliExpress products and displays their product into your product catalog including in detailed pricing information with images and description.

WordPress has many plugins that help to run a Dropshipping store.

Below are the plugins that you must have.

  • WooDropship – It’s a free plugin that enables you to import product to your Dropshipping website in few seconds.
  • Dropified – It helps you to import product from AliExpress. It works on Shopify as well as WooCommerce.
  • Ezusy – Install Ezusy to automate the entire dropshipping process in few clicks. Linking your online dropshipping store with AliExpress will become easier with this plugin.

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ii. Shopify

ShopifyShopify is the drop shipper’s favorite platform, as it provides all features that required to run a dropshipping store.

My advice for you to buy a domain from Namecheap and then start a signup process with Shopify.

Having your own domain, make your store look professional. You can get a free domain but it’s not recommendable.

You can buy a domain from anywhere. Godaddy is the one who provides the domain with low cost.

Yes, it’s little costly than a WordPress eCommerce website, but it provides all in one feature to the Dropshippers.

Shopify gives you an option to start with some exciting plans as per your budget so that you won’t find a budget issue to start a Shopify store.

Click Here to Get Shopify 14 Days FREE Trial

3. Start With Top Trending Products

Before you start your Dropshipping business, you must check which are the products that people are searching regularly.

To grow your business, you need to sell top trending products. Of course, you find competition, but you have a huge number of customers searching for such products. It’s up to you, how you will grab the customers.

There is no reason to display less demanding products because you will hardly find a customer searching for such a product. You never know whether that customer will visit your website store or not.

Get the list of Top trending products.

  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Watches
  • Phone Cases
  • Beauty products
  • Books
  • Smart Phones
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Earphones
  • Fashion – Women handbags
  • Women Purses
  • Perfumes

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4. Top Dropshipping Suppliers

To start a Dropshipping store you need to have Suppliers/wholesalers/manufacturers who can provide you a product at a cheap price.

Dropshipping advantages

There is an end number of suppliers who facilitates you to do Dropshipping business online. I will bring you the most popular suppliers who have verities of the product listed on their websites.

Working with top Dropshipping suppliers will make your work easier because you won’t be wasting time in finding the products on the internet.

Good suppliers always keep themselves available anytime you require to do business with them.

You can offer them a business partnership or something that helps their business after associating with you. This will help you to get the product at a much lower price.

Below are the well know Websites where you will find the end number of a quality supplier that will make you work easier and faster. Just registered with them, explore the websites with the supplier, find the opportunity and get started.

Spocket is the leading dropshipping marketplace for US and EU products offering carefully vetted suppliers so customers can receive their order fast. 

In addition, they have a 24/7 world-class support team, branded invoicing, consistent suppliers and quality products.

No one can avoid AliExpress who is the backbone of Dropshipping business around the world. AliExpress has millions of products available to their customers.

They offer a product at a very low price. Low price helps you to make a good profit margin. It also enables you to offer your customer a good discount to fight the competition.

This is one of the best and most popular suppliers to start with.

  • Doba

Doba is a combination of suppliers and manufacturer that give more opportunity to their customers with various products.

It gives you an opportunity to find all sort of product that you want to sell. Just type the product name & find the supplier and start doing business with them.

  • SaleHoo

SaleHoo connects Dropshippers and suppliers, especially in the US, UK, and Australia. There are many suppliers who are connected with SaleHoo.

It facilitates you with the number of suppliers where you can make direct contact with the manufacturer.

There are more than 8,000 suppliers listed with SaleHoo. But, you need to do some research to find the best wholesaler who provides you a quality product with minimum cost.

DX is a supplier who is giving dropshipping services to the drop shippers for many years. It offers a great price with many high-quality products.

There are over 300,000 products listed in DX with extremely low prices. The best part is they timely to replace and refunds. They ship all over the world so, you can sell their product where ever you want.

  • Dino Direct (Free sign up)

Dino Direct is well known for electronic products. The supplier who is listed in Dino Direct are professionals into electronics. You will get many electronic items in this website.

The sign up will not cost you a penny. So, why don’t you visit the website and explore the items?

Try to find the best suppliers who keep verity of products at a minimum price. You will not go to other suppliers if one supplier is already offering a verity of products.

  • Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is the one-stop platform where you can easily find 8,000 certified suppliers with 16 million products. They also charge a membership fee to join.

If you have a good business set up, then you can join them and get access to get good suppliers and their product.

  • Dropship Direct (Free sign up)

Dropship Direct is well known for electronics, beauty, sports, and many more products. It has over 100,000 products that give you a variety of options to list the product in your store. It’s a free platform.

  • FragranceNet (Free sign up)

If you are planning to list perfumes in your online store, then you should check this supplier. It’s one of the best source to find the many branded perfumes.

  • Wholesale Central (Free sign up)

Wholesale Central is again a free platform which connects retailers and suppliers. It offers products like footwear, electronics, jewelry, food, health & Beauty, eyewear and many more options.

The supplier who is registered with Whosale Central usually offers a product at a cheap price, hence you will find a good profit margin working with them.

  • Milanoo (Free sign up)

Milanoo is especially known for supplying wedding dresses. If your Dropshipping store contains clothing, then you must check this supplier, So that you can offer all types of dresses.

TIP: At the initial stage of your business, I would advise you to choose a free sign up and spend money on marketing your business to generate sales and make passive income.

The more sales you generate, the more you become stronger in this business. So, think of becoming stronger and not weaker by spending money where it doesn’t require.

You will find hundreds of options for doing things in Dropshipping for free. So, grab the opportunity and earn money like a smart person.

I have given you the names of many suppliers who offer free signup. Just signup & explore the supplier websites and find good products for your online store which offers you a good profit margin.

Be aware of scam suppliers who can cheat you. So, before joining any suppliers, you must do due diligence. You have a google, just search for the company you want to work with and find the peoples review on that company.

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5. Advantages of Dropshipping.

a. Convenient to handle from anywhere

  • Dropshipping business can be done from anywhere. It can be done from your house or gone out for a vacation. You just need a smartphone, laptop or desktop.

b. Low cost

  • It’s a low-cost business to start. You do not need to spend money on products to buy and store goods.
  • It can be handled by you alone. No need to hire anyone. If you are earning like crazy and want to make more money, then you can hire someone, so that you can spend more time to get more business deals with suppliers.

c. Great scope for growth

  • You just need to spend time in the growth of your dropshipping business. Find the supplier, list the product on your dropshipping website and make a sale.
  • The more time you spend to list your product, the more you make money online with dropshipping.

d. Make money quickly with Dropshipping

  • It can help you to earn faster than many other online businesses. You can make money from day 1 of your website launch.
  • As soon as the buyer purchase, you make a profit. You do not have to wait for months to get the profit in your hand.

e. Less Risky

  • Dropshipping is less risky because it didn’t cost you much when you start. You do not have inventory sitting on your head.
  • For any reason, your idea got failed, you can improve your strategies and techniques and come back with the fresh start.

6. Best Strategies to Start Dropshipping

You will find end number of suppliers/manufacturer/wholesalers on the internet. Have you ever thought of doing business with local suppliers? Yes, local suppliers.

Dropshipping strategy

To start with the local supplier can be the best idea to start your online business. The advantage is, you can visit supplier storage and check the product.

You can make a repo by having face to face business talk.

Explain how you are going to do business with them because the supplier might not know what dropshipping is.

Show how it will going to be the best business opportunity for them in working with you, get the deal done, start selling the product and earn money.

Best Business Idea: At the start, let them earn more and less you. This is just to win the business game. Once you started getting a huge order, they have a bargain with them. Nobody will like to see a decrease in their monthly sale forecast. They will surely offer you the best price for each product.

7. How to promote the Dropshipping store?

You have built an online Dropshipping store, connected with a supplier, listed the product. Now you need to promote your store to make money faster.

Before you start promoting, make sure which platform you will be going to use to advertise your online store.

Think, how much you will be able to spend and what return you will get, because if you are advertising a product which is giving you a low-profit margin, then there is no need to advertise that product.

The profit will not manage the marketing cost. Hence, advertise the product which is giving you a good profit margin that can afford the marketing cost.

There are 2 platforms that you must use for your product advertisement.

i. Facebook Ads

Dropshipping from Facebook ads is one of the most powerful platform to boost your sales. You can do a Facebook advertisement to generate sales. People will see your product on Facebook and click. As soon as they click, they land to your website.

You can spend as per your budget and set the price you can pay for each click. There are a variety of option that Facebook provides like page visit ads, increase pages like ads and many more.

ii. Google Ads

Google has its own Google AdWords platform that enables drop shipper to make an advertisement on the Google search engine.

Google will not charge you unless user clicks on your advertisement. You will be charged as per click.

AdWords works on keywords. You need to use keyword while advertising, to reach more customers.

Think of what a normal user will type on google so that you will use the same keyword and appear on his search.

Start from a small budget and gain experience, once you came to know the ideas for advertising in Google AdWords, you can increase the budget.

Make sure you are generating a sale from your advertisement and earning money. If you are not making sales, then try to find where you are doing a mistake, because many Dropshippers are making money by advertising on AdWords then why not you?

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8. Important Notes on Dropshipping

Basically, you are selling a product directly from supplier, wholesaler or manufacturer to a customer. You do not need storage to keep the product because you are instructed by the supplier to deliver the product directly to the customer.

Dropshipping can give you a side income, but it requires a little effort to start.

If you are new in this Dropshipping business, make sure you are not spending much. If you want to spend money then spend in the marketing of your business. It will help you a lot to generate sales.

There are many suppliers who do scams by offering a service for a certain amount of money. There are also suppliers who offer you an excellent service. Hence, you need to do strong due diligence before you join them.

It’s always better to join a supplier who gives free sign up facilities. Anyways it’s a small investment business, there is no need to make it expensive.

Sell a trending product to boost your sales and earn money fast and easily. It’s a profitable business if you do it in the right way.

Let me make it simpler.

Suppose, you want to sell something online.

You just need to create a shopping eCommerce website and list the product. To list the product, you need to contact suppliers and make a partnership with them. Make sure the supplier has the product in their stores.

Now, you see a supplier offering you a product which is trending in the market for let’s say $100. You will list that product for $130(it’s up to you) and make $30 from each sale.

Have you invested any money in this process? No Right.

This is how people are making passive income without making an investment in product and storage.

“Do not waste time and start your own business.”

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