Drop App Review: Complete Guide Plus My Own Experience

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Drop App


User Experience




Potential to save money



  • Free sign up
  • Save money of buying things using Drop app
  • Referral Bonus
  • User-friendly app


  • Rewards are not the same for all
  • Low reward points on some of the products

For every single person who wants an easy to use the app and make money in the form of gift cards, Drop App is a wonderful choice.

Yes, in this fast track world, almost every other person is eager to earn money where most of them are choosing the online option. Further, to let you earn money online, I have got an exclusive Drop App review. 

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Now, speaking about Drop App, it’s a graphical and easy to use app that helps people earn gift cards. More to it, the app delivers best offers to every single person who is eager to earn some money online. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap a stunning Drop App review right from this article. 

Drop App Review 2020

Drop app earn points

Well, before we can actually go ahead with the review, let us first have a look at some data first. 

You must remember those days when you had that brunch of cards stuffed right in your wallet?

Well, those days are eventually gone where everything is being shifted on an electronic scale. Yes, as per the studies conducted by the International Council of Shopping Center, they revealed that around 74% of millennials will choose another retailer for the same. 

Each of the people wants to earn money and Drop App is one good service that delivers the same to their customers. 

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A take on the Drop App

First of all, Drop App is for every other person who is willing to earn gift-cards for the money you are already spending. This eventually forms a win-win condition. 

Currently, let us go ahead and see the step by step process of Drop App. 

1. Download the Drop App

First of all, you got to download the Drop App. In this scenario, the app is available on iTunes or from the Google Play Store. Hence, all you need here is an internet connection that will help you in downloading the Drop App. 

After you have downloaded the Drop App, you can visit their website. Thereafter, you can enter your phone number where you will then receive a download link. That link you will directly receive on your phone. 

2. Sign up and then link your card

Now, the moment you have downloaded the Drop App, we will go ahead in this Drop App review. Here, you got to open the app and create your own profile. 

Here, you will need to enter some of your basic information such as your name, gender, and similar things. 

Make sure that you enter the correct information where you will then be prompted straight to your debit or credit card. 

Now, in terms of the Drop App working, it simply works by lining up the purchases you have made from your card. The card is eventually connected with the Drop App where you don’t have to go anywhere else for collecting the rewards similar to Groupon app

All you need is to link your card and Drop App will earn you some points right in the background. 

Well, it’s one of the best things for any person who is willing to earn some gift cards for the money they spend on any stuff. They also have terms of service for the users to comply with the app. 

3. Pick up your best-loved brands

Yes, once you have connected your card, you will then be prompted for choosing your favorite brands. Moving ahead in this Drop App review, you can choose from the top brands such as Wal-Mart, Trader Joes, Walmart, Uber, Target, and many more. 

Gradually, you will have to choose the places where you shop most often. That is where you will get a chance to win the most number of gift cards. 

Now, one of the most essential things you got to note here is that once you select the brands, you cannot change them.  Yes, you will have to choose each of the brands wisely where picking companies you shop the most from could be beneficial. 

Further, one thing you must keep in mind is that you will get new offers every single time. I would recommend you to choose popular brands and they are already offering some good discounts. 

Drop App will eventually earn rewards in the background where you can earn some good rewards. 

4. Select Bonus Offers

Yes, once you have linked your card and chosen the top five brands, you will be prompted right towards the signup page. 

In this case, you will see different bonus offers. Here you can sign up for your type bonus offers and it can be anything ranging from one time offer to earing sum of points. 

Also, you can shop with a single merchant and earn a good amount of points. Quite easily, you can share your link with the friends and let them sign up for the Drop app

Further, you will get such types of offers regularly where you don’t have to worry about the same. 

Additionally, Drop App has got a different section that is known as ‘Bonuses’ where you can complete the tasks and earn extra points. 

These are different things such as a second card, getting your friends to sign up by using your referral code, and completing the different types of purchases. 

Further, you can call it as a type of badge system that can keep you engaged with the help of the Drop App. 

5. Get Ready to Earn Points

mobile app screenshot

Right now, you must have got some initial points by registering, linking card, and selecting a few brands the moment you have signed up. 

Now, all need to do is to shop with the help of your linked card at different brands you choose during your sign up process. 

Further, the moment you will purchase different items, points will start gathering in your account. 

Everything will depend on the offer where you can simply start earning one-time bonuses per dollar spent. After this, the points will show up as pending until they are fully deposited in your account. 

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6. Begin Spending Points

Now, the moment you have earned 5000 points, then you can go ahead and start exchanging them for the gift cards with different sellers. One thing you must note is that the exchange rate is kept consistent across the entire board. 

For instance, 5000 points will get you a gift worth $5.00. Further, you can easily exchange the points in multiples of 5,000. 

use drop app

Further, if you will spend around 40,000 points, you will get an Amazon gift card worth $40. This is truly amazing where you can then use those gift cards and buy some of the best stuff online. 

Also, if you will browse Drop App after this Drop App review, you will find some of the best deals and discounts. Some deals potentially give you a good number of points where you can then go ahead and buy stuff online. 

One thing you must note is that the goal isn’t to spend more money. But, it should be to earn as much money as you can. Further, your other goal should be to link your card and then reap some of the best rewards while you are spending points on stuff. 

My experience of using Drop App

Earlier than writing this article, I idea it would be an awesome concept to download the app and check it for myself. 

At the time of scripting this, I’ve been a drop member for about 3 weeks. 

I will surely say I love the app. After I registered, I selected the following 5 manufacturers (and the corresponding offers they gave me):

  • Wal-Mart (2 points per $1 spent)
  • Trader Joe’s (12 points per $1 spent)
  • Dunkin Donuts (14 points per $1 spent)
  • Target (8 points per $1 spent)
  • Starbucks (12 points per $1 spent)

This likely offers you a feel of the sort of person I’m. Meals and coffee are critical to me. 

After that, I was asked to connect with Facebook and the percentage of the app with a few friends.

 I politely declined. I did this all whilst in line at a Starbucks, if you may consider that. 

So I used to be excited to see what could show up after I used my card for the primary time. 

I pulled as much as the window, surpassed the first-rate girl my credit card, were given my coffee, and took my card returned. 

Right away after leaving the line, I unfolded my drop app and…nothing. I don’t know why I was anticipating some explosion of fireworks on my telephone.

But I used to be. In a more anti-climactic way, a notification popped up on my phone the following day telling me points were earned. 

Hurray. After this, I ended considering the app for a week and simply did my ordinary shopping. 

Going ahead in this Drop App review, it seems I hit up target and Starbucks greater than I have to because the points kept coming in. 

Looking forward to the primary 5000 points is amusing—it does hold you engaged with the use of the app.

My Massive Reward

Then my large moment got here. A 20,000 point, one-time purchase provide from the web bulk superstore boxed. 

This is where the whole brand-loyalty element comes into play. Never had I taken into consideration the usage of boxed. 

Moving ahead in the Drop App review, I knew it existed. 

However I saw that 20,000 bonus staring proper at me, so I decided to buy all of these things via boxed.

They now had a brand new client, and I used to be (or so I notion) well on my way to $20 in gift cards. That is where I’ve been experiencing a problem. 

Just over three weeks have surpassed due to the fact I located my order at boxed. Com and drop have finally deposited the factors into my account. 

When I stopped disturbing about it, I forgot that I used to be even ready, so it turned into a nice surprise to get 20,000 factors (aka $20 in gift cards) deposited.

I assume the lesson right here is for huge bonuses, expect to wait some weeks, while you can anticipate ordinary provide points to reveal up within a day. 

After doing a little digging online, I finally discovered the cause at the back of this. 

Drop loves to maintain these huge bonuses pending for a few weeks (undetermined), so you because the purchaser has time to make returns or exchanges. 

Translation—they don’t want to shell out factors in case you’re going to get your money lower back from the merchant.

 This isn’t a deal-breaker for me. However, it’s a little frustrating to attend upwards of a month to get my points in a few cases.

Summing Up: Is Drop App Worth it?

Well, completing the entire Drop App review, I must say that the answer is ‘Yes’. When the Drop App was initially launched in the year 2017, the company had some major issues with customer support. Yes, customer support has been on the downside for the company. 

But, if we look at the present date scenario, the company’s customer support has improved to some good extent. You can contact [email protected] for your queries with regards to the app. 

Currently, the app is a lot easier to use where you can swiftly install the app and browse each of its features. 

Hence, for the people who wanted to buy discounted stuff online, this Drop App review must have given you that opportunity. 

Further, one thing you will have to do is to link down your card with the app. This is one crucial step after which you can easily start collecting different rewards. 

Indeed, you got to explore the app if you are eager to earn some reward points and purchase gift cards from it. 

Eventually, the Drop App review must have proven useful to you. Hence, right now, you can simply go ahead and explore the Drop App

After this, you can use the same, and earn some of the best reward points as and when you use the app. 

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