Dreamhost Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and More [2020 Updated]

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  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Great UpTime
  • Award Winning Customer Support
  • Effective Security
  • Unlimited Traffic


  • Extra charges for additional features
  • No cPanel

For every single person who is eager to get the best of all hosting, plenty of options are present online. Right from choosing shared hosting to WordPress hosting, you can choose the best of all hosting, without an issue.

Thankfully, I have got for you an exclusive Dreamhost review where I will explain features along with Pros and Cons.

Speaking about the Dreamhost Company, the company has got around 400,000 customers and is hosting around 1.5 million user sites. This is a much staggering number where the company has been offering some of the best web hosting features for the websites.

Additionally, the company offers some of the best hostings for business, bloggers where you can go ahead and choose any of the plans.

I have done a series of intense research where let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive Dreamhost review.

Dreamhost Review

Dreamhost Review

Starting off with Dreamhost, first, you got to visit the website and first create your account. Here, you will have to fill in all of your details and create your account. Such details will include usernames, passwords, and other details.

Once you have created your account, then you can go ahead and purchase your chosen hosting plans.

Still, before you can go ahead and choose a hosting plan, you got to know different hosting plans and features from Dreamhost.

Hence, right now in this Dreamhost review, let’s go ahead and uncover different Dreamhost hosting plans, one by one.

Dreamhost Hosting Plans

web hosting plans

Well, when it comes to Dreamhost hosting plans, the company offers different sets of plans. Such plans include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and much more hosting from the company.

Well, when it comes to VPS, Managed WordPress, and dedicated server hosting, the pricing varies depending on the RAM and the amount of storage. Plus, it offers CPU provided where your site can utilize CPU power which helps in hosting of the website.

Additionally, when it comes to the pricing of the website, it also varies depending on different hosting.

Given below are different Dreamhost hosting plans that you can witness right in the below section.

Shared Hosting Plans & Pricing



Speaking about one of the most affordable hostings from Dreamhost will bring Shared hosting into the spotlight.

Yes, getting started with Shared Hosting, you can begin by first creating your shared hosting account and choose a hosting plan.

This sort of plan is the best one for people who want to deploy their blogging websites onto the server.

Well, a shared hosting plan is capable of handling high traffic and comes with reliable performance.

Plus, Dreamhost shared hosting plan offers unlimited disk space, databases, bandwidth, domains, and much more.

With this, you are free to host as many websites as you want but the sites must not be too large in size.

Additionally, a Shared hosting plan is an effective one where even people who have just started their blogging journey can go for this hosting.

Further, Dreamhost Shared hosting plan comes at the price of $4.95 per month where you can go for the yearly plan at 3.95 per month.

With this, if you are someone who has just started their blogging journey, Dreamhost shared hosting plan is probably one of the best ones for you.

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Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting

DreamHost Review

For the people who are looking for an exclusive WordPress hosting, Managed WordPress hosting is one better one. This is a good web hosting plan that makes use of a threefold catching solution right under the dual structure.

Plus, managed WordPress hosting offers free TLS along with an SSL certificate where you will get five times speed optimization. Also, you will get pre-configuration for WordPress that is yet another better thing.

On top of that, the Dreamhost plan offers a massive 30 GB of SSD storage. Also, it runs at PHP 7.0 which makes the server much faster.

Going ahead in this Dreamhost review, the company makes use of two VPS Server. Here, once the server manages the website while another server is used right for the database.

Plus, this plan comes with Git for each of the versions and WP-CLI for managing WordPress.

What’s more? Dreamhost makes use of auto-scaling of server memory that ensures that this platform runs flawlessly.

Therefore, from your end, you can analyze Dreamhost plans and choose any one of them to host your website.

Cloud Computing Plans

DreamHost Review

With the help of the Dreamhost Cloud computing plan, you can run windows server, Linux, and even BSD ones.

Plus, you can even use MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and even MySQL databases for the development of applications.

What’s more? This sort of plan helps users to make use of programming languages such as Java, Python.

Also, with this sort of hosting plan, you are free to make use of any single programming language or even database.

Coming down at the plans, this plan is available at the cost of $4.50 per month to around $96 per month. The price will depend based on RAM and CPU allocation as per your needs.

Cloud Computing Semisonic plan

Talking about the first plan, it a low-end VPS plan that comes with 1 vCPU, 80GB SSD along with 100GB Block Storage.

Plus, you will get unlimited bandwidth and with a 512 MB ram, this plan is suitable for small scale businesses.

Cloud Computing Subsonic plans

Moving forward in this Dreamhost review, the Subsonic plan allows users to use the server for different web hosting purposes. Here also, you will get 80 GB SSD along with 100 GB Block Storage.

However, when it comes to ram, this plan offers 1 GB of ram that is one of the best things.

Well, other than this, you can also go ahead and choose other Dreamhost Cloud computing plans.

VPS Hosting Plans

Well, speaking about the VPS Hosting plans, they are deployed right on the Linux server. Also, you will get CPU along with RAM which will help in improving the performance and safety.

Additionally, VPS plans run on Ubuntu Linux 12.04version which is a faster one. Also, you can even make use of Nginx for site hosting other than the Apache server.

Also, you can even enable the XCache feature that can eventually help improve the performance and server optimization.

Going ahead in Dreamhost review, the plan offers an unlimited set of domains and even offers unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, email, and FTP for every single account.

A take on VPS Plans

DreamHost Review

VPS Starter Plan

This is one of the best plans for people who have got less than 2.5 million users for each month. Plus, for people who don’t have to deal with plenty of databases, the VPS Starter plan can be on the perfect one for you.

Additionally, this plan offers users with Ubuntu setup where you can host unlimited websites.

Also, you even get 30GB SSD, 1GB Ram along with FTP accounts which is a good thing.

Even more, the VPS Starter plan offers free TLS along with SSL certificates where you can use these domains on each of your domains.

VPS Hosting Popular

Same as the name suggests, Dreamhost VPS hosting plan is suitable for CMS sites that need hosting updates. Plus, this type of hosting offers more than six times of hosting power on each of their plans.

This is good for people who want to get hosting that is optimized for PHP, Nginx, and many more useful things.

What’s more? This plan delivers around 60GB of SSD Storage, 2GB RAM, FTP, MySQL Databases, and unlimited domains.

VPS Hosting GO Big

Well, with the help of Go Big plan, you are bound to get 12 times more ram offered by plenty of Shared hosting plans. This will definitely increase computing power and your site will load at blazing fast speeds.

Additionally, it also supports 250 users through every single hosted site and then can scale the same support to more than 10 million page loads.

Speaking about more value-added features, this plan delivers 4GB RAM, Unlimited Domains, Ubuntu, 120GB SSD Storage, and other value-added things.

VPS Hosting Maximum

Right after the VPS Go Big Plan, the Maximum plan from VPS hosting is one of the best ones. Here, you will get some of the best-ranked features with which, you can rank each of your websites in the best ever way.

Also, this type of hosting offers 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD, MySQL Databases, FTP Bandwidth, email accounts, and unlimited domains.

It even offers Free SSL Certificates that will make your websites secure and free of any malware or attacks.

Further, you must note that each of the above plans makes use of Linux-VServer where you will be given a set of Linux tools.

Hence, if you are someone who is familiar with Linux, you can easily go for the Dreamhost VPS hosting and opt for their plans.

Dedicated Server Plans

DreamHost Review

Going ahead in the Dreamhost review, the company makes use of the latest processors and memory in Dedicated server hosting.

Given below are dedicated servers hosting plans you must take into consideration, one by one.

Dedicated Server Hosting Quad-Core

This package offers 1TB HDD, MySQL databases, Unlimited Domains, bandwidth, FTP, and different email accounts.

Also, you must note that this type of plan doesn’t offer any sort of server manufacturing details and CPU speeds.

However, it’s one of the most proven plans out there in the market where you can choose the plans and host your website, the best way.

Dedicated Server hosting Quad-Core (8GB RAM)

Well, for websites that are large and which cant be hosted on Shared hosting, Dedicated server hosting is the best option for those sites.

Here, with a massive 8GB RAM option, you will get the best of all speed and loading time will be blazing fast.

Plus, this plan offers Ubuntu along with unlimited Domains, 1TB HDD, FTP, MySQL Database, and multiple email accounts.

Dedicated Server Hosting Quad-Core (16GB RAM)

This package from Dreamhost offers massive 1TB HDD which is super-fast. Also, you will get SQL Databases, Bandwidth, FTP, email accounts, Ubuntu along with unlimited domains.

Speaking about the pricing of this package, it ranges from $229 to $249 each month which is applicable for only bigger websites.

More to it, other than the above plans offered by Dreamhost, the company even offers more set plans. Here, you can also get 64GB and 32GB where speed will be superfast.

Also, here; you will get more set of value-added features where you can use dedicated server hosting to host bigger websites and drive traffic in millions.

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A Take on Dreamhost Features

Going forward in this Dreamhost review, hope you have got a glance at every single hosting plan offered by Dreamhost.

Right now, I have jotted down some best features of Dreamhost hosting. Without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap some really cool features of Dreamhost.

  1. Security

When it comes to security, Dreamhost hosting offers world-class security to all of their websites. Yes, they make use of the latest security protocols that help to secure websites from every possible angle.

In this scenario, the company makes use of SSL Certificates, IP oriented restrictions, control panel, SSH key fingerprints, and many more security features.

With the combination of such features, you will get the best of all security from Dreamhost.

Well, whether you are choosing the company’s shared hosting plan or any other dedicated ones, you will get quality security from Dreamhost.

Therefore, at this stage, all you can do is to simply go ahead, browse the plans and you will see proper security in each of the plans.

  1. Customer Supportcustomer service support

For any customer, hosting provider’s customer support is one of the essential things. Yes, every user wants better customer support where they can fire their query and get answers on the same.

Either its email support, live chat, or phone call, customers want faster answers from any hosting company.

When it comes to Dreamhost, customer support has always been on the top-notch end. Yes, in case of any issue, users can contact Dreamhost customer support and the company will help each of the users.

Plus, customers can get assistance from different guides where you will learn different things.

Another way with which you can resolve your query is by contacting the customer service support of Dreamhost. Yes, it’s available for 24/7/365 where you can contact them at any point in time.

Whether it’s day or late night, Dreamhost customer support is active 24 hours where you can get your issues resolved.

Their experts are well-trained and you will be guided to solve the problem of your hosting.

What’s more? Dreamhost even offers live chat support where you can talk to their expert for 20 minutes. This is extremely beneficial where you can resolve your website hosting issues on a one to one basis.

Also, the company offers customer support through calling where you can talk to their expert and resolve hosting issues.

  1. UpTimeuptime dreamhost

Indeed, in this Dreamhost review, users might be wondering about the uptime of Dreamhost. Well, the company excels in this case where they claim to offer 100% uptime. This is rare from any hosting company and Dreamhost fulfills this requirement.

There are tons of hosting companies that claim to offer 100% uptime but fail in the same. However, when it comes to Dreamhost, their UpTime is brilliant and you will not face any issues.

Also, the company even offers good uptime where you can eventually improve your conversions and website ranking.

Further, the company even offers great speed with their servers. With this, your websites will load at blazing fast speeds.

Plus, users will be able to access your website in a better way that will reflect in overall site ranking.

Pros of Dreamhost

  • 100% Guaranteed Uptime

Yes, as you have read above, the company offers 100% uptime. This is extremely beneficial for websites that want traffic and are eager to enhance their conversions. With this, users will get a seamless experience and with this, they will visit your website, again and again.

  • Good list of Hosting options

Indeed, with Dreamhost, you are free to choose almost any hosting option. In this case, they offer shared, VPS, Shared, Cloud, and tons of other hosting to choose from.

Additionally, Dreamhost each plan comes with a set of some brilliant features. With this, you are free to choose any of the company plans and you will get excellent features, every single time.

  • Effective Security

Moving ahead in Dreamhost review, Dreamhost offers an extensive array of security to each of their websites. With this, you will get free SSL Certificates which will protect your website from attacks.

On top of that, you will also get SSH Key fingerprints, improved security, and other security procedures.

Altogether, with such sort of security, Dreamhost is probably one of the best hostings for WordPress in terms of security.

  • Range of Features

Yes, Dreamhost as a company offers people a wide range of features. This company suits the needs of big-scale along with smaller website owners who want to host their website with Dreamhost.

Therefore, you can easily access their plans and you will be amazed to see the list of features, Dreamhost as a company offers.


  • Server Administration tools offered are all coded by DreamHost Labs. This can make it hard for people who don’t have any technical knowledge.
  • The company comes with a custom control panel which can be confusing for people who are not familiar with this type of CPanel.
  • With Managed WordPress hosting, you can only host a single domain right onto each account.

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Conclusion: Dreamhost Review

Summing up the entire article, you must have got a complete Dreamhost review right in this article.

Right from features, pricing to their hosting plans, the company has excelled in almost every single criteria. Yes,  the company has paid heed to each of their features and have tried their best to enhance those ones, day by day

More to it, if you are eager to go for any of the plans, you can CLICK HERE and get direct access to each of the plans.

Plus, for people who have just started their blogging journey, you can easily go-ahead for the company’s Shared hosting plan. This plan comes with tons of features where security is of top-notch with Shared hosting.

Other than this, for websites that are larger and even for corporate websites, you can go for higher-priced plans.

Eventually, each of the plans is the best of all where you can choose any plan as per your liking requirements.

Therefore, at this stage, all you can do is one good thing. Read the entire article thoroughly, know about Dreamhost, and then CLICK HERE to access the plans and host your website in possibly the best ever way.

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