Dosh App Review: Is Dosh App Legitimate to Earn Cash backs? [2020]

dosh app review

While there are people in today’s scenario that are eager to reduce their credit card bills by any means. If we speak about the modern date humans, their spending limit has increased to some major extent.

All of us love shopping but in most cases, we tend to spend a lot more than usual. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to save some good amount of money, the Dosh app can help you tons. For this, I have done the research and have got a good Dosh app review.

Yes, the app offers a good amount of cashback whenever you go out shopping online. Whenever the word Cashback comes, most of the people may become excited about saving money.

And, quite clearly, almost every other person wants to save money and for this, the Dosh app review will help you tons.

I have done an immense amount of research and after all those researches, I have got a complete Dosh app review for you.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the topic and unwrap an exclusive review of the Dosh app.


Dosh app review: What is a Dosh App?

dosh app review

Well, explaining in the simplest terms, the Dosh app is an app that is dominating among the cashback offer apps.

Yes, unlike other cashback apps, people only have to connect their credit card with the Dosh app.

After this, as and when they will buy items, they will automatically receive cashback in their account.

 As and when you will make a purchase, you will receive cashback with the help of the Dosh app.

Plus, this app is a smartphone app and every single smartphone user can make use of this app and gather some best rewards.

Even more, if you are traveling and still you purchase something, you are eligible for a cashback from the Dosh app.

In terms of the Dosh app foundation, it was founded by Ryan Wuerch who is a businessman from Solavei. The app got released a year back and since then, it has given cashback to tons of users.

For the users who have an interest in using the app, they can simply download the app from the app store and use it, as per their convenience.

Plus, the app even requires that every single US citizen must have a non-VoIP mobile number.

However, seeing such things, you must note that the app is still in beta version and there may be some sort of minor bugs.

Who are those people that can use Dosh?

Going ahead in this Dosh app review, any person who is a resident of the United States can use the Dosh app. Yes, the app is simpler to use and you will not any issue in using the app.

With this, either you are going out for shopping or dining and you pay with your credit card, the app will give you some sort of cashback.

Moving ahead, the Dosh app offers a positive impact on the positive lives of people.

With the help of the Dosh app, you can earn a good amount of cash and use it for tons of different things.

Plus, users have the option to add cashback right into their savings account. This gives them the flexibility to do tons of things with their cashback money.

Now, keeping aside the debit and credit card users, the app is used for different restaurants, merchants, hotels, and at tons of places.

Yes, you can get different cashback deals and offers in restaurants too. This enables you the option to get more money in the form of cashback.

This is one of the best opportunities for every businessman who can make people buy their products to deliver cashback in returns.

Also, the clients will receive a small set of percentages as and when people will buy with the help of the Dosh app.

What’s the working of the Dosh app?

dosh app review

Right in the below sections, I have tried my best to explain the working of the Dosh app in the simplest terms. With the help of the Dosh app, people are free to make money with the help of their credit cards.

Here, all you need is to link your credit card to the app and the app will automatically do what is needed.

Well, speaking about the cashback, the app offers you cashback in the form of cash. This is one of the best things for any person who needs actual cash.

Now, for the people who are interested, all they need is to download the app right from Google and iOS store. Thereafter, they can link their credit card with the app and they are good to go.

Right on your very first sign up, the app will pay you $5 as a bonus for every single credit card linked.

Speaking about the first way you can link the credit card, you will earn cashback as and when you will do the qualified purchase.

Plus, going ahead in this Dosh app review, the app has also partnered with different companies that help you to deliver purchases from in-stores too.

Altogether, seeing the above working, I guess, you will not face any sort of issues. Yes, the working is a simpler one and all you need is to simply connect your credit card with their app.

Dosh app review: Features

Given below are some of the best features of the Dosh app. Browse through each of the features and see whether this app is the best fit for you or not.

  1. Location

Starting off with the very first feature of the Dosh app, location is something in which the app excels.

Yes, the app clearly scans different offers from stores nearby you. Or else, you can set the location of your choice and the app will bring different offers for you.

Now, offers can be from a fashion store, supermarket, hotel, gas station, or such kind of stores.

On the other hand, users will have a massive chance to earn a good amount of cashback on each of the offers.

Plus, if you are someone who lives in bigger cities, you will earn massive cashback from the same. All you need is to purchase from a source that is offering cashback.

  1. Notifications

On the other hand, the Dosh app also offers notifications that notify the user of different deals. Also, users will know about the amount they are eager to save on a much clearer basis.

A Take on Different Ways you can earn through Dosh App

Well, going ahead in this Dosh app review, there are tons of ways you can use to earn cash back with the help of the Dosh app.

Out of which, I have done the research and have got you the best of all ways you can use to earn cashback.

  1. Linking of Debit and Credit Card

Yes, the very first and fastest way you can use to earn cashback is by linking your credit along with the debit card.

Simply, you can link your credit card with the app and you are much more sorted. Also, once you will link your credit card, you will get $5 as a reward.

This sort of gesture is brilliant from a company like Dosh that will allow users to use the app and earn cashback.

  1. Shopping

Speaking about the amount of cashback every single user will receive, it truly varies. Yes, the cashback ranges from 5% to 10% and people can earn some of the best cashback from shopping too.

Whenever the word Shopping comes, people are crazy to buy different sorts of stuff. But, if you will extend a bit more, you can lose some good amount of money.

In such a scenario, the Dosh app comes to a lot of handy for you and in this case, you can earn some of the best cashback rewards.

Plus, the app comes with an online and offline store shopping option. With this, you will get flexibility as a user and you can easily go ahead and choose any of the two shopping options.

Additionally, if you are using Dosh in an online way, you can take a look at almost every single nearby store. This will give you the chance to see the best offers and then avail the same.

  1. Travel

Well, in the traveling section, you can book hotels directly right with the help of the Dosh app. With this, you will receive the cashback on every single hotel you are booking hotel rooms.

As of now, the app is offering a massive $25 cashback to every single user who is booking their first hotel room with the help of the Dosh app.

From the append, it will gather the highest amount of cashback for the user and you will get good cash backs on the same.

In short, if the hotel is a lot more expensive, you will receive a good amount of cashback on the same.

On the other hand, users can also earn cashback on a per room basis. With this, you can live in a world-class hotel room and can earn some good cash backs from the same.

Plus, in this Dosh app review, the app has also partnered with tons of hotels in the United States. Not only the app covers major cities but also covers different sort of small towns.

For small-town hotels, you can get cash backs as low as $10 but speaking about the city hotels, you can earn nearly $50 as cashback.

Indeed, there are different parameters for various hotels and in such chaos, you got to decide, for which hotel rooms you are eager to go for.

  1. Restaurants

Well, for every single food lover who is eager to earn massive cash backs from eating, Dosh as an app offers great deals at restaurants. Yes, the app has got tons of restaurants under their belt and with this, you will face no issue to eat and receive cash backs.

Right in the app, you can browse different locations all over you. Indeed, you will see restaurants that are decent while some can be high priced.

Hence, at this stage, all you can do is to browse locations based upon your own interest. Also, see whether the app is offering cashback based on that location or not.

If everything is going pretty well, then you can simply choose any of the best restaurants, have food there, and enjoy to the fullest.

How you will receive money from Dosh?

How you will receive money from Dosh

Well, when it comes to receiving payment, the minimum cashing payout is $15. From the company end, you will receive payout via PayPal or even direct deposit. The moment users are able to reach the minimum threshold, they can effectively take the payout from PayPal, without even a single issue.

Now, once you will request the payout from Dosh, it will take 2 to 3 days for the payment to come to your bank.

Also, another thing you must remember is that you won’t be able to cash out more than $600 per month.

Well, $600 is a massive number and once you reach that threshold, you can then go ahead and achieve cashback from the same.

A Take on Dosh app referral program

Speaking about the company’s referral program, with the same, you can earn a good amount of money by referring people into this program.

As and when you are able to convince your friends to try Dosh app, you can easily go ahead and earn a good income just by referral.

Refer your friends to use the Dosh app

Right in the Dosh app, you will see a thing named in the menu as ‘Refer’. In this case, the company offers you the link to refer different sign-ups and get able to let people use the Dosh app.

Plus, members can easily copy the link and share the same on each of their social media handles. This will definitely give you more exposure and from there you can grab some good amount of referrals.

Once people they invite will click on the link, they can easily download the Dosh app right from the link.

On top of that, after each referral, you can earn $5 as a bonus for every single referral. This is one of the best-proven ways to earn money through such a thing.

Plus, the company even offers promos where your bonus can reach some good extents.

Speaking about the potential from earning side income from a referral, it’s pretty much on the high side.

Suppose, if 10 people are signing up, you will receive $50 for those sign-ups. This is without a doubt, one of the best things you can do as a Dosh app user.

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A Take on the PROS and CONS of Dosh app

Going ahead in this Dosh app review, it certainly comes with a good set of Pros and Cons.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the Pros along with the Cons of Dosh app.

  • Dosh App is Easier to Use

Starting off with the basics, one of the best things for the app is that it’s much easier to use. Yes, the app is one quality one where you will not face any sorts of issues while using the Dosh app.

  • App rewards in the form of cash

Another best thing about the Dosh app is that it rewards people in the form of cash. In this scenario, whatever money you will earn, you will get the same in the form of cashback.

Here, you will receive the real money where you can then achieve payouts right with the help of your PayPal account.

  • Minimum payout is not much high

Speaking about the minimum payout from the Dosh app, it’s definitely on the lesser end. With this, you don’t have to do tons of money whenever you are eager to receive minimum payouts from the same.

In this case, $15 is the minimum payout money that is pretty much on the lesser end. This is possibly one of the better ways to earn additional income, every single time for each month.

  • Partnered with different shops, restaurants, and firms

Going ahead in this Dosh app review, the app offers tons of online offers for every single user. Such brand names include Nike, Walmart, Target, and many more.

Therefore, if you are someone who loves shopping online, you can cut down on your costs with the help of the Dosh app.

On top of that, the app has even partnered with different stores, restaurants along with hotels. Plus, users will have tons of options especially if you are living in the city area.

  • Reserving Hotels right from the app

Yet another possible reason to choose the Dosh app, reserving hotels within the app is a better one.

From within the app, you can effectively book hotel reservations without any sorts of issues. Speaking about first-time users, you will receive a massive $25 bonus for the app.

Every single user who is staying at the hotel will receive cashback from the same.

Hence, once you have reserved the hotel room, then you will earn a massive amount of money periodic with time from the Dosh app.


Of course, alike every other app available in the market, the Dosh app isn’t a perfect one. They have got roams to become better and given below is the set of Cons for the Dosh app.

  • Dosh app is available only for United States people

Going ahead in this Dosh app review, the app is available only for the people of the United States. Yes, this limits the people of other countries from using the app and only people of the United States can use the app.

  • Linking Credit cards can be a bit of concern

Linking credit along with debit cards with the app can be a bit of concern for some people. Yes, the security concerns will arise and people will stay extra careful to link cards with the same.

In this scenario, people will read the entire terms and policy of cards and once they are satisfied, then they will link their cards and earn good money from the same.

  • Dosh app doesn’t work with every single card

As per different user complaints, they have said that the app doesn’t work with every single card. Yes, the Dosh app has got their limitations and they accept only supported prepaid cards.

With this, if you are lucky enough, your card may be supported by the Dosh app. On the other hand, if that’s not the case, then you might have to change your card to use with the Dosh app.

Is the Dosh app Leggit?

Well, from my overall experience of the Dosh app, I can say that the app is Legitimate. The app offers no sort of doubt or even red flags that can compel you to neglect the app.

Plus, the app is a lot safer to use and I saw no sort of security concerns with the app.

Also, as per different real consumer reviews, I saw no sort of money loss in any case. The developers of the Dosh app work their hardest to ensure that security is kept right at the topmost position.

However, from the user end, it’s always good to be a little cautious whenever it comes to linking their cards with any app.

In this scenario, you can take your time, do the research, and then opt for the Dosh app.

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Final Word of Mouth: Dosh app review

Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, the entire Dosh app review is in front of you. Yes, the app is a good one. Plus, the app is the best of all for every single person who wants to earn good cash back from shopping, traveling or even dining.

Yes, the app covers almost all of the areas where you will face no sorts of issues when it comes to making money with the Dosh app.

Plus, the app offers a good set of minimum payouts and the threshold for the same is $15. This is definitely on the lower side and with this; you can easily get your Payout with the help of Paypal.

Hence, at this stage and for the people who want to receive cashouts, the decision is all on to you.

From your end, you can analyze the app and see whether the app is the one for you or not.

Additionally, if you are eager to JOIN the app, I have made the process much simpler. Here, you can simply CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the app’s home page for sign up.

Now, the decision is on to you. Go ahead, use the app to earn massive cashback, and save a good amount of money, in the present and future.

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