DoorDash Review: One of the Best Ways to Earn Extra Income [2020]

Well, currently there are tons of people who are eager to some extra cash from part-time work. In a world of technology, tons of platforms have come where DoorDash is one of them.

Yes, it’s one of the most brilliant platforms that can boost your earnings and help achieve financial goals. On top of that, if you are eager to know about this platform, I have got a complete DoorDash review.

Now, with, there is no sort of daily schedule where you got to maintain the time you are eager to earn money with this app.

If you are someone who is interested in driving and want to earn some extra income, DoorDash is an app that can help you in the same.

Well, right in the below article, you will get to know complete detailing about DoorDash review. So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive DoorDash review, right in this article.

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DoorDash Review: What is DoorDash?

Doordash review

To be precise, DoorDash is a food delivery app where the customers can order food through the app from different restaurants. Yes, the platform covers a good variety of restaurants where you will be the delivery partner for the company.

Yes, each driver within the DoorDash company is known as a Dasher where their responsibility will be to deliver food at every possible home or office.

Now, the way DoorDash works is pretty simple where the customer places an order right within the DoorDash app. After this, the platform confirms the order and then the app sends their dashers to deliver those foods to the people’s homes.

Further, as a dasher, if you accept the order, you got to take the order from the restaurant and then deliver the same to the customer.

Plus DoorDash as a company has laid out different guidelines for the drivers which they got to follow.

Also, there are plenty of people who like DoorDash because the company doesn’t treat the drivers as their employees. Yes, the company is well-known to treat their Dashers with whole respect, every single time.

Instead, as a Dasher, you can call yourself as a freelancer where there is no boss on top of you. There is no sort of weekly schedule present where you don’t have to work for certain hours in a week.

Hence, with DoorDash, everything is based on a flexible schedule where if you are available, you can simply go ahead and deliver food to the customers.

Moving ahead in this DoorDash review, there is no sort of dress code too. Yes, this is another set of a good thing where you can wear almost anything that you want. There is no sort of restrictions in dresses where you can deliver foods, in the best possible way.

DoorDash Pay: How you can make money

At this point, you must have known the meaning of DoorDash and the exact working. Yes, it’s one of the best food delivery platforms available in the market where you can make a good amount of money with DoorDash.

In this case, you must be wondering about the amount of money you can make with DoorDash. Well, the actual amount will differ on the work you do and the number of hours you are eager to put in.

Explaining in simpler terms, if you are someone who is working in the peak hours, you will earn tons of money with DoorDash app.

A Take on Base Pay

Doordash review

Well, coming down at the base pay section in this DoorDash review, base pay varies too. In this scenario, you can earn anything between 2$ to 10$ as the base pay. Now, this amount is indeed a good one where if you will deliver more food, you can earn some more amount of money from the same.

Now, from the company end, they claim that the pay for ay dasher is determined by time, desirability, and distance of the order.

The harder any order is, the higher will be the pay, it’s that simple.

For instance, if you have accepted the order and you will drive long distances, you will get higher pay for your work.

On the other hand, dashers who like to travel short distances, their pay will be lower than longer distances.


Well, coming down at the promotions section of DoorDash app, the app offers different sort of promotions and challenges that allows drivers to get and earn more amount of money.

Plus, here is an overview of the things where you can make some more amount of money with Promotions.

Peak pay

Well, when it comes to peak pay, you can earn more amount of money, especially on busy nights. Yes, when it comes to peak hours, opportunities are endless where you can simply deliver food to the customers and earn a good amount of money.

On top of that, you can easily tap on the menu and learn what the company wants from you. Thereafter, you can simply deliver food to the customers and earn massive money, in the long run.

Well, for peak pay, you will first have to see which are the peak hours where you can work at and earn a good amount of money.


Well, the company has brought another name for incentives in the form of challenges. Yes, this is another one of the best features from the DoorDash company where you can take on challenges and earn good incentives in the long run.

For instance, you can complete the task of 15 deliveries and earn a brilliant amount of incentive for the same.

Here, if any challenge is available for your area, you will see the same right in the DoorDash app. After this, if you are eligible for the work, then you can easily enroll in challenges and complete those tasks, a better way.


Coming down at the drive of this DoorDash review, this feature is another good one. Here, you can opt for the Drive feature and earn extra money for the larger catering orders.

Still, the larger orders are reserved for experienced Dashers who have got the skills to deliver every single order with perfection.

In order to qualify for the Drive feature, you will have to deliver 100 delivers in total. On top of that, you must have a minimum rating of 4.8 ratings right on the app.

Thereafter, as and when you are eligible for the Drive feature, the company will send you the invitation for the same.

After this, you can easily go ahead and complete the Drive orders, one by one.


Coming right at the ending section of DoorDash review, the customers have the option to leave a tip for the riders. This is one of the most fantastic ways with which the riders can earn some extra money.

Well, in most cases, Dashers earn full tip where the tips don’t affect the base pay. You will get the pay as and when you are getting which is another fantastic thing.

How you can start with DoorDash?

Doordash review

Well, starting off with DoorDash, one of the best benefits you can ever have is that it’s much easier to start off.

In this scenario, online registration as Dasher will take only a few minutes. Here, the process of the sign process is simpler where you can complete the same within a few minutes.

Further, moving ahead in this DoorDash review, once you are done with the signup process, it will take a few minutes for the process to complete.

Thereafter, once your application gets approved, then you can easily go ahead and start delivering with the DoorDash app.

Now, coming down at the requirements of DoorDash, it’s a simpler one. Yes, you got to be 18 years old where you need a car, driving license, and insurance for the vehicle.

Further, it also depends on where you live where you can also be allowed to use a bike or a scooter for delivery.

More with Starting off with DoorDash?

Scrolling the app, you can find out what is permitted in your locality, and based on that, you can do different operations.

If you are someone who likes to register via a website, the process is a simpler one. Here you can go into the “Dashers” Tab and tap on the Become a Dasher icon.

After this, you can begin by entering the email address, name, phone no, and the zip code.

Right from there, you can easily enter your details and create a password for your account.

Plus, you got to give the company your very own Social Security number and a background check will occur.

The moment company has every single information about you, then you can go ahead and attend an orientation session. Thereafter, the company will mail you an Activation Kit. As and when you have activated the Red Card, you are known as the Dasher for DoorDash Company.

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What it actually Costs to become a Dasher?

Doordash review

Well, speaking about any of the jobs or even side hustle, each of the things comes with some sort of cost.

For instance, you will be responsible to pay your gas along with phone bills every single week. This is a thing that the company will not handle and you as a person got to handle such things.

Plus, you will have to make sure that you are keeping up with your car insurance payments. With this, you can easily meet up with DoorDash requirements without an issue.

Also, if you are someone who is spending tons of money on extra driving, it will reduce the efficiency of your vehicle.

Therefore, it’s important in tracking your mileage every single week. This will help you in looking after the overall health of your vehicle.

With this, you can reduce overall tax payment along with tax session, without an issue.

Also, you can even hire some other person who can keep track of your expenses. This you can do for the first month. After this, you can do the same and save a good amount of money.

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Pros of DoorDash

Well, coming down at the Pros section in this DoorDash review, there are tons of Pros that you can look for in DoorDash.

Given below are some of the top Pros you will have to take into consideration for DoorDash.

  • Minimum requirements

Starting off with the first set of Pros, minimum requirements are the very first one. Yes, once you will go for the Signup process, you don’t have to fill tons of information.

In this case, you can easily enter your personal details where you must have a bike or a car for delivery.

Another requirement is that you must be 18 years old at least where having a smartphone along with insurance are other necessities.

  • Easy to get started

Well, if you are someone who is eager to earn some money desperately, DoorDash as an app delivers the same. Yes, you got to earn some quick money with DoorDash where the signup process is one of the simplest ones.

DoorDash as a company can be your savior where the requirements are simpler ones. Once you have fulfilled the company’s requirements, you can instantly start off with DoorDash and earn a good amount of money.

Also, with DoorDash, there is no need to spend a large amount of money where you need to fulfill the basic requirements.

  • Choosing of Hours

Yes, in this DoorDash review, the platform offers Dashers the flexibility to earn money. Here, there is no sort of fixed hours where the drivers can choose their hours as per their own convenience.

Plus, you can choose on the days you wish to work for where this gives the dashers privilege to do work on their own time.

Thereafter, you can make deliveries as per your liking and make some good amount of money, thereafter.

  • Fast Growth

With DoorDash, one thing you will be sure of is with fast growth. Yes, the company has been growing on a rapid scale where they are offering good incentives and work to their drivers.

At a faster pace, they are expanding to newer countries and restaurants where their services have come in major demand.

With this, the dashers are also getting endless opportunities and are earning a good amount of money with DoorDash.

  • Referring Bonus

Well, if you have got friends who are eager to join DoorDash and earn some money, you can earn money for the same.

Every single time you will refer a friend and they will join, you will get an instant bonus for the same. Yes, the bonus will be in the form of cash where you can make your friends sign up as drivers and earn better money thereafter.

However, the platform does come up with some restrictions on the program. You got to have a look at DoorDash terms and conditions to ensure that you are qualifying for the bonus.

Once you have done that, then you can easily go ahead refer your friends into this system.


  • Not a secure source of income

Yes, whenever we talk about earning money from delivery jobs, the same hasn’t been on the secure end. The longer you are working for the company, you will make money. However, if you are sick for a couple of days, those you will miss and will fail to earn money.

On top of that, the amount you will earn with DoorDash truly fluctuates. In this case, if you are someone who is eager to work at peak hours, then you can earn a good amount of money.

On the other hand, if you are working at your very own flexible times, you won’t be able to earn good money.

  • Not a long time career

Speaking about different long time careers, DoorDash’s job doesn’t fit in that. Indeed, every single delivery guy is replaceable where no sort of skills are needed in this job.

However, if you are someone who needs to earn some sort of extra cash, the DoorDash career can be a better option for you.

But, if you are someone who needs to indulge themselves in a long term career and make massive money, DoorDash platform isn’t the right one for you.

For this, you will have to look for other long term careers that you can choose and make some sustainable amount of money.

  • Bonuses differ by cities

Yes, coming down at the bonuses in this DoorDash review, it differs from various cities. In this case, your perks or bonuses will differ based on the regions you live in.

Yes, for instance, if you live in a place where people order food to many extents, then you will get good bonuses.

However, if you are someone who comes from isolated regions, then you might not get better bonuses and perks.

  • Income is dependent on the effort

Going straight to the final point, with DoorDash, the income is proportional to the number of efforts you put in. yes, it’s that simple where if you are someone who is working all day and night, then you can easily earn better income with DoorDash.

However, on the other hand, if you are not able to commit to the work and you are willing to take it casually, then you can easily switch to other jobs.

How you can maximize your earnings with DoorDash?

Well, speaking about the income report you read from the platform’s dashboard varies significantly.

As per some Dashers, they claim that they earn a good amount of money. While some will tell you that they earn significantly lesser amounts.

Therefore, knowing the top ways through which you can maximize your earnings is the basic key. In this scenario, you got to be a lot strategic on your earnings where all depends on the orders you accept.

On top of that, each dasher is allowed to choose their chosen order where the entire benefit lies in accepting larger orders.

With large orders, you will get better pays that will effectively increase your earnings to another level.

Plus, if you live in an area where there is not much traffic, you are bound to earn more. In this case, you can deliver orders at a faster pace, accept orders and your payroll will continuously run.

Eventually, if you are someone who is offering faster services, the customers will be happier too. This will return in better feedback that can help increase your earnings.

What’s more with higher earnings?

Moving ahead in this DoorDash review, you must focus on delivering a greater level of customer service. The greater amount of customer satisfaction you offer to the customers, the bigger will be your revenue in the long run.

Also, if you are someone who is eager to earn good on tips, you will then have to opt for a high driver rating.

Here, you don’t have to deliver every single item in a hurry where customer service must be your top class priority.

If you qualify for the best orders, the number of tips you will earn on those orders will be much greater.

Also, if any specific order is taking some amount of time, you can contact the customer in advance. This you can do by customer support message where they will know that their order will arrive soon.

Further, the moment you drop the order, you can just say a friendly hello to the customer from where you can grow your reputation.

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Final Word of Mouth: DoorDash Review

Wrapping up the entire article, the entire DoorDash review is right in front of you. Yes, from my end, I have tried my level best to bring the DoorDash complete review right in front of my readers

Indeed, I know there are tons of people who are searching for a part-time job. Almost every other person wants to earn some money and if you are one of them, DoorDash is an app that is for you.

Yes, with the help of DoorDash app, all you can do is to sign up with them. The process of sign up is a simpler one where all you need is to fulfill their requirements. Once you have managed to do that, then you can enroll in that job and start making some good money.

Other than this, you must know that food delivery jobs are not stable ones. Therefore, if you are someone who needs some extra cash, then DoorDash as a company is good for you.

Plus, the company even offers some of the best perks and incentives to its dashers.

In the end, it all depends on your very own effort to do the job, deliver food, and get money for the same.


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