DigitalOcean Review: Get a Detailed Review, Features [2021 Updated]

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For online people who are looking for an affordable cloud service, DigitalOcean is one of the best options. Indeed, in the current date scenario, cloud infrastructure is something people are trying to use to host their websites. Thankfully, I have got for you a detailed and complete DigitalOcean review.

Speaking about DigitalOcean, it’s known as the develop cloud which is a network of virtual machines that are specifically designed to allow scaling as and when the website grows.

Right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap some more things about the DigitalOcean review.

DigitalOcean Review

Unlike the other hosting companies of the world, DigitalOcean delivers specialization in cloud computing. Yes, the company doesn’t offer VPS or even Shared hosting, and if you are looking for these hosting, services, you got to choose other hosting service providers.

The moment you will land on their website, you will see that the company actually focuses on attracting developers.

So, is DigitalOcean hosting the perfect one for you? Well, that is what I will be covering for you in this article.

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After an immense series of research, I have got you a good series of features. Let’s go ahead and unwrap every single feature, one by one.

Heavy Duty Tools available

digitalocean review

As the company gives a strong focus on the developers, you will not find the standard level features. In this case, the standard level features include free domain names, SSL certificates, free backups, or even customer support.

On the other hand, if you have got the technical knowledge, you can easily create and maintain your very own cloud server with DigitalOcean. Here, even the IP address will be a floating one and private networking will be a part of DigitalOcean.

Product Ecosystem

digitalocean review

Going ahead in the DigitalOcean review, the product ecosystem is another better part of this hosting company.

The company offers no shortage of options and you can choose from a variety of cloud server options.

Plus, it offers different platforms for different purposes from it’s scalable droplets to different space level solutions.

Also, the company even offers the worry-free database hosting which you can choose without an issue.

Further, you can choose between different products and you only pay for what you use.

Top-Level Security

Coming down straight towards the top-level security feature, DigitalOcean offers brilliant security. Yes, with DigitalOcean, the company protects data with the help of end-to-end encryption techniques.

With this, you can be sure that your data is kept secure from any sort of viruses and attacks. Plus, you can enhance your security by additional layers offered by the DigitalOcean company.

As long as you know a little amount of coding, DigitalOcean as a company is an absolute boon to you in such situations.

Choice of Different Server Locations

digitalocean review

With DigitalOcean Company, you are eligible to choose your server locations. Here, you can choose where you want your primary servers to be located at. Right from Germany to India, Singapore, and other regions, you can choose your type of server locations.

Further, the company even allows you to run different speed tests on each of the locations. With the help of those speed tests, you will know which of the following server locations the right ones for you are.

In this case, you can always run a test using an external tool and then see which server location works the best for you.

The moment you find one server location that works the best for you, then you can easily use it and deploy your data there itself.

Tools & Integrations

Right on top of the company web-driven control panels and command lines, DigitalOcean delivers a bunch of one-click installers. Although some people might have issues with such installers, the technical ones can install them, with no problems.

Plus, it also offers collaboration tools for the full teams along with integrations for different common dev tools. It even extends the take to integrate with stack if you can get the integration to work perfectly fine.

Ease of Use

Going ahead in the DigitalOcean review, yet another useful feature of this hosting is the ease of use. Honestly, the core audience of DigitalOcean are developers, and that’s the reason the company is offering value added features and scalability.

Plus, the company makes it easy for the developers to look around the interface and find different sorts of things.

Create an Account

digitalocean review

Now, creating an account with DigitalOcean is one of the easiest processes. Without a doubt, it’s a refreshing experience and you won’t feel bored to create an account on DigitalOcean.

The problem starts to kick in when you are trying to contact with customer support. It isn’t available throughout the setup process and as a developer, you got to do it on your own.

Connect a Domain & Install WordPress

Well, again connecting a domain and installing WordPress can be too tricky for the beginners. But, if you are a developer, you will know the process to connect the domain and install WordPress.

Comprehensive Documentation

Even if it’s the developer’s hosting, the company does offer an extensive range of comprehensive documentation. Yes, this includes a public knowledge base from where you can find answers to your questions.

All you need is to tap on the documentation and the entire thing will be opened up for you.

Choose the Resources you need

Yes, one of the best things with DigitalOcean is that you only pay for what you use. It’s super easy to choose any plan and the resources you are eager to use. While there are other hosting companies that offer tons of things at a fixed price, DigitalOcean does an absolute opposite.

Also, the company has strived hard to keep its pricing as low as possible. With this, you don’t have to pay much for the entire hosting.

This can give you the privilege to use your money on other essential stuff as well.

Further, you can reduce down the resources to cut down the costing, in tons of different ways.

Advanced Server Management

Advanced Server Management

The DigitalOcean as a hosting service provider even offers advanced level server management. Also, it delivers different server-level management tools along with the SSH access along with the management level tools.

Therefore, if you are someone who is eager to use cPanel, you will have to install and pay for it separately.

Yes, you will not get the cPanel pre-installed and once you pay for the same, things will get easier for you.


Moving ahead towards the performance section in this DigitalOcean review, the overall speed of servers has been decent. Yes, the company delivers good loading speed and they also offer speed test tools on the website.

With the help of the tool, you can check the performance of the twelve servers at any point in time.

From my end, I also ran the speed test of DigitalOcean servers and got good speeds, every single time.

Yes, the servers were responsive and the pages loaded at a quicker note.

However, aside from the brilliant speed of DigitalOcean, the company had issues with the downtime.

In such a scenario, you won’t have an access to customer support. With this, you will have to figure out on your own and make strategies that can help you improve the uptime.

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Compared to other hosting companies available in the market, DigitalOcean makes use of a different set of pricing. Yes, their pricing is a little different because the company focuses solely on cloud hosting.

Instead of charging for a fixed fee for each month or a year, the company offers a specific package for different sorts of developers.

Plus, it even allows you to build your custom plan and use the resources as per your liking.

On the other hand, the company even makes use of the Capping model where you are billed hourly or even up to a monthly cap of 672 hours.

After this, you will be charged a flat monthly cost which is truly not a bad thing.

Further, there’s good news whenever we speak about the payment with DigitalOcean. Yes, the company has worked hard to offer tons of payment options that you can choose without an issue.

In this scenario, you can choose Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, and other sorts of credit cards.

Plus, you can even go ahead and opt for the Wire transfers with just some simple steps.

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A Take on Cancellations and refunds

Going ahead in this DigitalOcean review, you must note that they don’t offer any sort of cancellation or refund policy. With this, before you can go ahead and buy different plans, you will have to rethink on it.

As the company doesn’t have any sort of cancellation policy, you got to think on this thing before opting for their plans.

Once you have fully tested or even reviewed the DigitalOcean hosting, then you can go ahead and visualize different plans.

Then, you can simply go ahead and choose the plans you like the most.

FAQ: First Asked Questions

Q1. How much does DigitalOcean Cost?

The pricing of the DigitalOcean plan depends on the number of resources you are using. Still, for a glance, the pricing can range anywhere between $5 to $480 depending on your requirements.

For pricing, you can visit the company’s page and see different plans. From there, you can easily choose the plan, look for the resources, and choose the best plans.

Q2. Which type of DigitalOcean plan should I get?

As per the basic recommendations, you can start off with the cheaper priced plans. Here, you can update the plans at any point in time. Further, the company even helps people with website migration if you choose higher-priced plans.

Many times, website traffic takes time to come and in this case, you can begin with a cheaper plan.

Of course, as and when you will feel that the traffic is increasing, then you can go ahead and choose higher-priced plans.

Q3. How is the Customer Support of DigitalOcean?

Going ahead the customer support of DigitalOcean has been a true downgrade. As the company focuses on offering its services to developers, their customer support has been on the low end.

In this scenario, you will have to figure out the things your way and in case of issues, you can read a helpful guide offered by DigitalOcean.

Indeed, their customer support isn’t the best and they are trying their best to enhance customer support.

Maybe in the future, we can see extended support from DigitalOcean that can help developers.

Also, the company is planning to bring the live chat feature within its setup. This will help people to ask questions and get replies that can help in hosting.

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Final Word of Mouth: DigitalOcean Review

Wrapping up the entire article, you must have got a complete DigitalOcean review. Yes, this company has done wonders when it comes to offering quality services to the developers.

On top of that, their performance has always been on the better end. In this case, all you can do is to test the services and see if it suits your needs.

Additionally, you will have to note that the hosting is cloud and is suitable solely for developers.

Therefore, if you are a layman, it’s better to skip DigitalOcean. In this case, you can go for Siteground hosting. Siteground is another better hosting company that delivers different types of plans at affordable pricing.

Quite keenly, you can choose their web hosting and you will get access to tons of features.

Coming back to DigitalOcean, this company offers tons of features for any person who has got a technical background.

Also, with DigitalOcean you will have to manage different servers on your own. There will be little or no guidance from the company end and you got to do things on your own.

To ease off the things, you can easily CLICK HERE. With this, you will be taken to the home page from where you can choose among different plans.

Then, you can go ahead, choose the plan, and host your website, the never known way.

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