Decluttr Review: How Much Money is Your Tech Worth? [2021 Updated]

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Do you have something in your house that you can sell and make extra money? Well, everyone has something in their house that they can sell and make good money out of them. Further, to take these things ahead, Decluttr is a website that can eventually help you to make a good amount of money. Also, I have got a Decluttr review to make things understand better for you.

Well, with the help of Decluttr, you can sell your hot brand t-shirts, music CDs, Laptops, Cameras, cell phones, books and many more.

Throwing things can seem like a waste for you where if you can sell them to Decluttr, you can make a good amount of money.

Almost every other people who cluttered their home and they don’t know what to do with their spare.

Hence, let’s go ahead and uncover an exclusive Decluttr review, right in this article.

Decluttr Review: What is Decluttr?

Decluttr is a company that buys and even resells old CDs, DVDs, books, games, Legos along with technology.

On a precise note, Decluttr acts as a middleman, and with this, you don’t have to manage your listing, payment, shipping, or any of this stuff.

All these things will be done by Decluttr which is a brilliant thing. As per the platform, they have paid more than $300 million to massive 6 million customers all over the world. Plus, they have an A rating and are eventually accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Also, I have checked different reviews of Decluttr and I have got 4.5 stars out of 5. This shows the success of this platform where you can use it to make some extra money from your cluttered stuff.

As per users who use Decluttr, they say that the platform is a much easier one to use. Here, right from payments to shipments, everything is done in a simple way.

The Working of Decluttr

Decluttr review

Going ahead in the Decluttr review, you must know the actual working of Decluttr. Well, Decluttr helps you to sell your old media along with technology where they buy the following stuff:

  • CDs, DVDs, and Games
  • Cell Phones
  • Books
  • Apple Products
  • Kindles
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Video Game consoles
  • LEGO

Yes, from the above items, you can sell each of them without many issues.

Also, the website offers free instant valuation on each of the devices. In case you are selling tech devices and cell phones, you got to provide model no and the condition to get a quote for the same.

Now, coming down at the options, you will get three options that are given as follows:

  • Good

Device working properly and does not have any sorts of major damage only contains slight wear and tear

  • Poor

The device is working properly but comes up with dents, scuffs, and another sort of scratching

  • Faulty Condition

The device may or may not be working properly or can have software issues. Also, the device may have physical damage, water damage, cracked screens, and many more.

Additionally, in the case of CDs, DVDs, games, and other types of items, you got to enter the barcode.

With the help of Decluttr free app, you can easily scan them rather than entering each of them manually.

For the Lego products, you got to make sure that the products are genuine and the weight is less than 1.1 pounds.

If the Decluttr platform is accepting your product, you will receive an immediate offer for the same. On the other hand, if you are unable to find your item on their list, it means that they are not accepting that item.

In addition to previous items such as iPhone 4s, there are tons of items that the platform doesn’t accept.

These items include cassette, vinyl, VHS tapes, pirated copies, promotional items, and many more.

Ship your Electronic items for Free

Whenever you sell your items with the help of eBay or even Amazon, they will charge shipment fees from you. This will definitely incur an additional cost that can make it difficult for you to deliver the products.

On the other hand, with Decluttr the case is not the same here. Once you accept the offer from Decluttr, the company will welcome you with an email kit along with a shipping label.

With this, you can pack your products and ship them through UPS. Indeed, with Decluttr the entire process is a simple one and you will not face any issues with this platform.

Higher prices compared to competitors

When we compare the prices offered by Decluttr with its competitors, the platform offers higher prices in tech devices and the smartphone industry.

Every single site comes with a different method to evaluate the phone’s condition. Thankfully, Decluttr has made the process much streamlined.

In this scenario, they have given different ratings and you got to choose your product falls under which category.

In most of the cases, you will get a far better offer where you can sell your phone and hope for much better pay.

Decluttr Review: Faster Payments

In this Decluttr review, faster payments is the thing that is crucial for every single person. Hence, with Decluttr, the company has made payments much faster than the usual. In this scenario, you don’t have to wait for weeks when it comes to receiving payments.

The moment company will receive your item, they will check each and everything, remove personal data, and pay you the day after the shipment arrives.

In terms of the payment options, they include direct bank deposit, PayPal, check, or even donations and charity as per your convenience.


Like any of the companies present online, the goal of Decluttr is the same. They want to make a profit on the item they buy from different users. If they will not make a profit, they will fail to stay in business, as clear as that.

That means you will not get the desired amount of money from the company.

However, with Decluttr, you don’t need to do much of the hassle work. The company is giving you money and are taking care of every other thing.

All you need is to get a quote from them. Once you get a quote, then you can decide whether you like to sell your items to Decluttr or not.

If the answer is yes, then the platform will carry all of the shipment procedures and you can then complete the same, with no sorts of issue.

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A take on Offer by Decluttr

Decluttr review

The moment you will enter the information for tech devices, Decluttr will lock the offer for a period of 28 days.

Once the company will receive your order, they will review the item and if it matches your description, you will get the complete offer.

On the other hand, if the device is damaged or doesn’t match the description, Decluttr has the right to revise your offer.

In that scenario, Decluttr tech promise will allow you to request it back without any charges.

Once Decluttr sends you the revised offer, then you have a period of 14 days to respond to the same.

Also, different media such as DVDs, CDs, books, and games operate on a different level. The company will check these items for quality just to make sure that these things match the description.

However, if these items fail the quality test, you will not get the items back. Therefore, if you are unsure about the items that they will pass the quality test or not, you got to rethink before sending it.

This ensures that you send them the right items with the correct information.

How much money can you make with Decluttr?

Well, coming down at the amount you can make by selling your products to Decluttr depends on overall quality and the type of item you are willing to sell.

Yes, the company makes use of different quality metrics and you will have to see your item falls in which quality mark.

From my end, I cleaned the CD and DVD collections years ago. Then, I decided to sell them on Decluttr where I also scanned some books that are present in the boxes since my recent move.

However, Decluttr as a company evaluates things differently and the pricing can vary every single time.

On the other hand, if you are having newer technology or something you received as a gift, you can even earn more.

Overall, everything depends on the product’s quality and its date. If the item is the latest one, you can expect to get much better returns from the company.

Decluttr Review: Referral Program

In addition to offering top dollars for tech devices, CDs, books, and other items, Decluttr has got a program that allows you to earn an extra $5 by referring it to your friends.

All you need here is to claim your unique code and share the same via text, email, or other social platforms.

Whenever your referred friend will complete the trade, they will receive $5 credit.

Also, you must know that there is absolutely no sorts of limit when it comes to referring friends. In this scenario, you can refer to as many people as possible and can earn good money from the same.

How to have good success with Decluttr?

Well, to have success with Decluttr, there are a few things you will have to keep in consideration. Further, you got to follow some of the best practices that can ensure that you make the most out of Decluttr.

Given below are some of those best practices:

  • Every single item must come up with a barcode
  • Covers, Sleeve notes, disc artwork should always be in good condition
  • Every single game must contain original instruction, artwork, and booklet
  • Tech drivers and electronics must match the condition given by the user

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One Final Tip

On an honest note, Decluttr as a platform reviews every single item on a keen basis before finalizing them. Therefore, from your end, you will have to be careful and make sure whichever product you are choosing to sell, enter their information correctly.

Further, if you are unable to describe the item correctly, you can face some issues with the Decluttr platform. Or else, the company will lower the cost and you will not get the desired amount of money from them.

For instance, if you are saying that your smartphone is in good condition and still it has got scratches and dents, then you are the culprit. In this case, the company will make the call and you can get a lower offer for the same.

While in other cases, they have the power to reject your offer and you will have to look for other alternatives.

Altogether, Decluttr looks at everything on a serious note where you got to keep information in the best possible way.

In the end, the decision finalized will be of Decluttr where if you will keep everything transparent, things will get much better for you.

Wrapping Up: Decluttr Review

Summing up the entire article, Decluttr review is all in front of you. Yes, there are tons of people who are eager to sell their home products, and with Decluttr, the job is all simplified for you.

Whether you have the will to sell smartphones, CD’s or other stuff, Decluttr as a company is the perfect one for you.

On top of that, Decluttr also offers some of the very best features for every single person. Here, convenience and higher rates than competitors are two of the biggest advantages. Plus, the payment options with Decluttr are plenty too where you are free to choose your wishful payment option.

However, even while giving stuff to Decluttr, you will have to be as transparent as possible. Despite the platform offering good offers, they take the inspection process a lot seriously.

From their end, they will offer you options and you got to decide where your product fits in. yes, they carry all the shipments themselves but they also want honesty from users.

If you are someone who is giving the wrong information, things can get difficult for you. There can also be times when you may not get your product back.

Therefore, if you can maintain transparency from your end, you can simply choose Decluttr, sell products and make decent money from the same.  

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