DealDash Review: Is is a Genuine Money Saving Platform? [2021]

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Speaking about different ways through which the internet world can save you some good amount of money, there are some good ones available. Indeed, every single individual is eager to save money and even get special discounts on their products. In this scenario, there are different discount bid websites that can help you in saving money. With this, I have got you a complete DealDash review right in this article.

With DealDash, you can stand a chance to get a money-back guarantee on your very first purchase. Also, there is no sort of shipping cost associated with DealDash that is another good thing.

Hence, at this stage, I have got you an entire detailing article about DealDash. So, without wasting any time, let’s go into the topic and discover some useful insights about the DealDash platform.

DealDash  Review: Background

Starting off with the Background of DealDash, it’s among the most popular bidding websites online. Yes, it has been getting a lot of play on commercials and even in publications by a greater margin.

In this review, you will understand the actual working of DealDash and even know the pros and cons of DealDash.

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Knowing DealDash

Dealdash review

Beginning with DealDash review, DealDash is a type of auction website which is known as the penny auction site. It began right in the year 2009 with the sole objective to bring fair online auction in people’s lives.

Further, the company came up with two massive changes to the penny auction. Firstly, they created systems that let you get different bids back if you fail to win the auction and purchased auction.

Secondly, they even offer a money-back guarantee for the very first bid pack you purchase on DealDash. With this, even if you don’t like DealDash bids, you can easily ask for a refund without any sorts of issues.

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How DealDash  Works?

First of all, DealDash is an auction site as the company hosts a huge auction on different sorts of items.

Such items include different things such as gift cards, retail goods, bedding clothing, and other sort of consumer items.

Now, the working of a penny function is a simpler one. You can simply place a bid on an item and determine it’s price.

Another thing which occurs is that when you will place a bid, you got to choose a timer for the auction. With this, people will get a chance to complete the bid. It also means that you will not be able to outbid at the last very last second by someone who is bidding for the same thing.

Additionally, you can even go ahead and buy bids in packs. In this scenario, the bid pack comes in fixed amounts such as 50,100, 150, and so on.

You can eventually buy packs by paying the price per bid for the entire pack. With this, you can purchase bids from the DealDash which you can use on different items.

Now, coming down towards the price of bids, it can vary depending on the cost of different items.

Sometimes, the price can be $0.05 where 100 bids will cost you just $5.00. However, the pricing of the bid isn’t stable and it can run higher too.

Each of the things depends upon market value and the bids pricing is set depending on the same.

For example, if your bids are going to be $0.70, then you have to pay $70 for a pack of $100 bids.

DealDash review: Working of Bidding in DealDash

Now, the moment you have got some bids, then you can use them on some of the items being auctioned on DealDash.

Here, you can then go for the items listing and tap on the button labelled as “Bid Now”. This will gradually increase the auction price by just $0.01 and eventually add 10 seconds to the auction.

If you win the item, then you will get adequate time to place off the bids. Further, any of the bids you will place comes straight out of your bid pack.

In this scenario, there is one thing you must keep in mind is that you got to calculate the price of bids right into the total cost of the item you are bidding on. Also, you must make sure that even while bidding, you are saving money that can help you bid in a lot better way.

Further, if you win the auction, then you got to pay the final price for the item you are bidding on. Also, the final price goes according to the bids, not on the basis of value for those bids.

With this, each bid will add only one penny to the item’s actual price.

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A take on other Auction

In this DealDash review, another option to performing bidding with DealDash is quite an interesting one.

In this case, you got to buy the item you were bidding on if you lose the auction.

For example, if you purchase bids at $0.10 a piece and if you lose the auction right after placing 10 bids, then you will receive $1 back.

DealDash review: Benefits of DealDash

Dealdash review

In this DealDash review, DealDash comes with tons of benefits. Here, one of the biggest benefits of DealDash is that there is no sort of shipping cost associated with it. Yes, with this, the price you pay for an item equals the price of its auction.

With this, you can get some great items at one of the best prices.

Further, the very fact that you get value for your bids back is one of the best features you find on DealDash.

In terms of other penny auction sites, it allows you to apply the value of bid in proportional to the item.

Good DealDash  Features

There are different sort of things which set DealDash apart from other auction platforms. I have done immense research in the feature section and after that, I have come up with each of those features.

  • Free Bids

In terms of one of the best DealDash features, free bids is one of the most prominent ones. Yes, not many platforms offer the free bid feature and with DealDash, this feature from them is simply good.

Whenever you will fill the time meter on account, you will get rewarded with the free bids. Further, you will also get the reward by advancing different levels on the website.

  • Badges

Yet another good feature from DealDash, Badges are other prominent ones. Yes, you can get badges by executing specific tasks or you can get badges for winning a certain amount of auctions.

Plus, each of such badges gives a certain set of recognition and even help you earn those free bids.

Altogether, with free bids, you don’t have to look elsewhere and you can use those bids and save some good amount of money.

  • Bid Buddy

Moving ahead in DealDash review, Bid Buddy is another popular and innovative system. It eventually helps you designate the number of bids you are eager to put on an item during the auction.

With this, you can eventually set up your bid buddy and go ahead in your day.

Here, there is no need to sit around and stare at the listing of the bids. You can make sure which item you want and with Bid Buddy, you can easily bid for those items.

  • Promotions

Coming down towards the promotion section, DealDash offers some of the best promotion offers with their auctions. One of the most amazing things with DealDash is that they offer 50% off on deals.

With this, you only have to pay half the final bid price if you win the item you are bidding on.

As a result, you can eventually grab more savings to an ongoing deal. In this case, if you can play each of your cards correctly, you can eventually grab some of the best savings with DealDash.

  • Payment Methods

Going straight into the Payment methods, DealDash as a company offers different types of payment options. In this scenario, the platform accepts different payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and plenty more payment options.

Also, you can even go ahead and pay via PayPal which is yet another better thing.

  • Customer Service

Speaking about the customer support section, DealDash offers one of the best customer support. Yes, I found the customer support of DealDash to be pretty much responsive.

In this case, you can get in touch with the support staff of DealDash in different ways. Here, you can contact them via email, chat, and even ticketing support.

Now, if you are someone who is having issues with their order, you can easily contact the customer support of DealDash.

On the customer support end, the staff is good enough to resolve each of the issues in the best possible way. Yes, the staff is trained enough and they know to resolve each of the issues to perfection.

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FAQ: First Asked Questions

Is Deal Dash legit?

Yes, Deal Dash is legit. Deal Dash may be a company that works as an auction bidding website where users can buy bids so as to bid on a spread of things from television sets, computers, cars, or home items.

What is DealDash .com?

DealDash .com is one of the longest-running bidding auction sites online today. Customers use DealDash .com to bid on popular items and albeit they lose an auction, they need the choice to use those bids so as to get an identical item at retail cost

Is DealDash .com a scam?

No. DealDash .com may be a website that has been operational since 2009. While it does cost money to utilize, users are ready to use any bids they need used on a losing auction to bid on other auctions or to use to get other items.

If you’re concerned about being scammed then you’ll want to require a glance at some paid or free fraud protection options. We recently covered what proportion Lifelock cost which is simply one service you’ll use.

Where does Deal Dash get their merchandise?

Deal Dash currently has partnerships with various supply partners like Best Buy, Sears, and Walmart. Once an auction has been won, an order is placed directly from Deal Dash itself and shipped to the winner of the auction directly. So it is often seen a minimum of partly as a dropshipping business.

How to use a Deal Dash promo code?

In order to use a promo code on Deal Dash, you’ll need to purchase a bid pack and apply the promo code during regular checkout. confine mind that just one promo code are often used per every customer.

Where is Deal Dash located?

Deal Dash currently has two headquarters locations within us and in Finland. However, it currently operates for its customers online instead of having customers visit a retail location.

Does Deal Dash really work?

Yes, Deal Dash really does work. However, you would like to know that the probabilities of winning an auction are low and it takes tons of your time spent on the location to find out the way to win the auctions to urge the simplest deals.

Some people consider investing in the stock exchange to be even as risky. Read more: How do I invest in stocks?

How do websites like Deal Dash work?

Websites like Deal Dash are considered penny auction sites. all of them work similarly by requiring the customer to get “bids” which will home in price from 50 cents to $1 per bid. Customers use these bids to bid on products they’re curious about.

How safe is Deal Dash?

Deal Dash is incredibly safe to use. Any payments made on the location as covered under encryption, so you don’t need to worry about your financial information being stolen. On top of that, Deal Dash offers a 100% refund guarantee on any purchases made.

How does Deal Dash work on Wish?

Deal Dash works on Wish by Wish having a couple of select items from the Deal Dash inventory listed on their website.

It works as an intermediary between the manufacturer and therefore the customer. A customer can buy a Deal Dash product from Wish or sell any items they need to be won from Deal Dash on the location.

Is Deal Dash a secure site?

Yes. Deal Dash may be a safe site and has been ever since its inception. it’s covered under a refund guarantee and state-of-the-art encryption technology to stay all financial information safe.

Does Deal Dash use bots?

According to the location, no they don’t use bots. However, there has been increasing scepticism that Deal Dash uses bots so as to extend the worth on select auctions. Those claims haven’t been confirmed.

How easy is it to win on Deal Dash?

Not very easy. In fact, it’s much easier to win on low-priced auctions than it’s the upper-priced auctions like on products like Apple or DSLR cameras. Winning on Deal Dash would require consistently checking the auctions and bidding before the clock running out on the auction.

What is Deal Dash BBB Rating?

The current rating of Deal Dash on the higher Business Bureau is an A+ rating. This rating is predicated on the small complaints that are made against the corporate and their consistent attention to offering top quality customer service.

Does Deal Dash have gaming computers?

Yes. While Deal Dash’s auction change regularly, they are doing offer auctions on gaming computers. Currently, there are auctions on Dell Inspiron gaming laptops and desktops which will be one by bidding.

Is Deal Dash fair and honest?

This answer is going to be different counting on who you ask. Most of the people would consider Deal Dash to be fair with their auction while others question the security and honesty of the over the counter stock concept.

Sometimes you’ll find some really great deals in other places too though like Amazon deals of the day for instance.

What are people saying about DealDash .com?

Most people are saying that DealDash .com may be a legitimate auction site that they recommend. Many of us have had the prospect to win popular items off of the location and thus are satisfied with it.

Is flipping items from Deal Dash legal?

Yes. As long as a customer purchases an item or wins an auction from Deal Dash, the things are taken into account to be theirs. As such, they need every right to sell things if they want.

What are the principles for Deal Dash?

The main rules for Deal Dash are:

  • Every bid is non-transferable and features a one-year deadline to put a bid on an auction.
  • Bids don’t have a price and can’t be exchanged for money.

Where is DealDash .com located?

DealDash .com headquarters are currently located in two locations: Helsinki, Finland, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Deal Dash has been located at these two locations since the year 2013 with no current plans to feature more locations.

Who wins on Deal Dash?

Both the customer and therefore the company win on Deal Dash. For those that win auctions, they obviously win the merchandise in question and therefore the company wins whenever a customer successfully purchases a product off of the website.

What is the catch with DealDash .com?

There is no catch with DealDash .com. Customers purchase bids to use on auctions on the location. Upon winning an auction, the thing in question is shipped on to the winner of the auction.

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Deal Dash Cost FAQ

In this section, you’ll find questions regarding the value related to using DealDash in this DealDash review. 

How much do bids cost on Deal Dash?

The cost of bids on Deal Dash range as follows:

  • 300 bids-$39 or 13 cents per bid.
  • 600 bids-$78 or 13 cents per bid.
  • 1,000 bids-$130 or 13 cents per bid.
  • 2,000 bids-$260 or 13 cents per bid.
  • 4,000 bids-$520 or 13 cents per bid.

How much do 100 bids cost on Deal Dash?

There is currently no choice to purchase only 100 bids on Deal Dash. Rock bottom bid option available is 300 bids with a price of $39, at a price of 13 cents per bid.

How much does one really spend on Deal Dash?

The real price of paying money on Deal Dash is far less than most of the people expect. Since each bid is merely 13 cents per bid, most items that will be purchased on Deal Dash are often as low as $75 or less.     

Does Deal Dash cost a monthly fee to use?

No. Deal Dash doesn’t require a monthly charge or monthly subscription fee so as to bid on an auction. However, so as to bid on an auction, bids must be purchased beforehand.

How long does a Deal Dash auction last?

An auction for a product will last counting on what percentage people are bidding thereon. As a rule, the timer of an auction restarts every 10 seconds that an individual places a bid.

How to win auctions on Deal Dash?

The best thanks to winning auctions on Deal Dash is to stay consistently on the location and keep an eye fixed out for each product you bid on. Place a bid before the timer runs bent increase your chances of winning the auction.

How long do auctions last on Deal Dash?

An auction can typically last from a couple of seconds to a couple of hours. It all depends on the number of individuals bidding on the item and the way often the timer for the auction is reset with every new bid.

How to bid on Deal Dash?

In order to put a bid on Deal Dash, you merely find the merchandise you would like to bid on and place your bid. So as to put a bid, you want to first purchase a pack of bids beforehand.

Final Word of Mouth: DealDash  review

Wrapping up the complete article, you must have got a complete and detailed DealDash review.

Indeed, DealDash as a bidding platform is doing wonders that are allowing people to save some good amount of their money.

However, the working of the platform is a steep one and you will have to take different things into consideration.

In this scenario, you got to understand the actual working of DealDash. See which are those proven ways that you can follow and save good money from the same.

Additionally, the platform even delivers some other best features that can help you bid in a more proficient way.

Therefore, right now, you can simply go ahead and start understanding the platform. See the pros along with the cons of DealDash and understand things in a deeper way.

Once you have understood everything, then you can eventually go ahead, bid, and save good money, right from the platform.

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