How to Create a Website from Scratch in 2020

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We have moved ahead in the year 2020 where building a website has become as easy as you like.

Yes, right now, there are tons of tools that have come whereas some of the best hosting companies are ready to serve your website with their services. Right in this article, you will know the best steps to create a website from scratch

Further, in 2020, there is no need to do any sorts of coding for creating your website. Currently, no programming knowledge is needed where you can create a website within a few hours.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s simply go ahead and unwrap the best guide to create a website from scratch. You can also follow the same process to start a blog.

Best Steps to create a website from scratch

Now, before you can actually build a website, given below are the things you will need for creating a website. 

  • Domain Name

Yes, firstly, you will need your own custom name that must be unique and easy to remember for people. (Ex:

  • Website Hosting

Another thing is that you need is website hosting where all of your files will be hosted. 

  • WordPress

Lastly, for doing different activities on your website,  you will need a WordPress platform where you can do different sorts of things. 

Here, you can install different themes along with plugins and make your website much better. 

Further, in order to create a fully functional website, you will need to have a good domain name along with a website hosting account. 

If you have the above two into place then you can easily go ahead and set up your website. Even if you don’t have any one of them, you will simply fail to set up your own website

The moment you have got your domain name and hosting, then you can proceed ahead and start creating your WordPress website. 

Setting up your WordPress website is simple and it’s a one-click process if you follow the below steps. 

So, let’s go ahead and unwrap the steps to create a website from scratch with best web hosting for WordPress

I offer a free help in creating a website so, if you need any assistance, use my contact page.  

Step 1: Choosing a Domain Name

Choose domain name

Yes, for creating your website from scratch, choosing a domain name is the first and most essential thing. Essentially, a domain name is the website address which is used by the visitors that finds your website with the help of the web. 

In terms of the domain name cost, the costing varies anywhere around $10. Hence, you can go ahead and choose a domain name that is easy to remember. 

Given below are the tips to effectively choose a good Domain Name:

Firstly, if you want to create a website, the domain name must match your company or niche. 

Secondly, if you are eager to set up your personal website, the domain name must show your personal name.

Lastly, if you are targeting the entire world, it’s recommended that you use a domain name such as .com so that the entire world can know about your domain. 

With this, .com is a globally recognized domain name where you can use the same and grow your website. 

Further, even if your liked domain name is taken away, you don’t need to worry even for a second. Still, you can try different combinations, and eventually, you can set up your chosen domain name. 

Step 2: Choose Website hosting and register your domain name

Now, aside from owning your domain name, there is still another aspect that is needed for a website. Yes, I am talking about a good hosting service provider where all your website files will be hosted. 

Eventually, Web hosting is a type of service that helps store each of your website files and contents. 

The servers where your files are stores, each of those ones are secure ones. With this, you can be sure that your files are safe where you can eventually start producing content. 

Further, no matter which website hosting you are using, make sure that it has got the given below features:

  • FREE Domain Name
  • One-Click WordPress install
  • Custom Email accounts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Good Customer Support 24/7

Additionally, if you are looking for one of the best website hosting companies, SiteGround hosting is the best of all. 

Yes, SiteGround is one of the best websites that is offering website hosting at $3.95 per month. Indeed, it’s pretty cheap at the moment where you can easily go ahead and opt for SiteGround hosting. 

With SiteGround, you can be sure about the hosting of your website where speed has always been commendable. Indeed, to create a website from scratch, you will need better hosting. 

From my end, I have tried different sorts of Hosting such as Godaddy. But, the moment I switched to SiteGround, things changed drastically for me. 

I got more speed, greater uptime, and never faced any sorts of server related issues. 

Further, SiteGround also has got a One-Click WordPress installation. 

Which plan of SiteGround Should I Choose?

Now, if you are new to the website industry, I would recommend you to go for the StartUp plan. With the starter plan, you don’t need to pay much where it’s cheap and you can go ahead with that plan. 

More to it, if you are someone who is an experienced website creator, you can eventually choose other SiteGround plans. Each of the plans from SiteGround company is good where you can easily go ahead and choose any of the plans. 

How to Sign up for SiteGround Website Hosting?

Moving towards the next steps to create a website from scratch, signing up for SiteGround hosting is an important one. 

  • Choose Hosting plan

Siteground shared hosting page

Yes, the very first step that you will have to perform is to choose a hosting plan. In this case, you can go ahead and choose the starter plan if you are new to the website industry. 

Eventually, the hosting company offers you the privilege to upgrade your plan and get started thereafter. 

  • Choose Domain Name

Now, when it comes to choosing a domain name, you must make sure that your domain name is easy to remember and relatable. 

Eventually, you can get your chosen domain name from GoDaddy at a much-discounted price. I would recommend you to get the domain and hosting from Siteground. It makes process simple. 

Simply, visit the SiteGround domain name box, type the domain name, and tap on Proceed. 

choose a domain name

Step 3 Connecting Domain and Hosting

Right now, I hope that you have bought your domain name, hosting and ready to connect both of them. (Note: If you buy domain name & hosting both from Siteground, then you skip this step.)

Eventually, it will take around 2 to 3 minutes to connect the domain name along with the hosting. 

Here, you can follow the below steps to connect the domain name along with the hosting. 

First of all, you will have to Log In to SiteGround, go to your accounts and tap on the ‘GO to CPanel.

There, you will find two name servers where you must copy both of those name servers. 

Next, go straight to your GoDaddy account and tap on My Products. Here, you will find your domain name where you can click on the DNS. 

Further, find the nameservers, click on Change, and paste the hosting name servers into your domain one. That’s it you are done. 

Simply, you just need to copy your website hosting name servers and paste those right into the section from where you brought domain. 

Step 4 Choosing Website Platform

Eventually, once you have connected the domain name with hosting one, then you can go ahead and choose a website platform

To be frank, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and I would recommend you to choose WordPress.

Currently, almost every single website is using WordPress that simply shows the popularity of this platform. 

Yes, it’s simpler to use and offers a great set of plugins that do make your website better. 

Plus, the best part of WordPress is that you can set up each and everything on your own end. You don’t need any sort of Web Developer to design websites whereas the interface offers tons of different themes. 

Additionally, the WordPress website also makes the overall website experience much easier. For designing your website, all you need is the drag and drop functionality. 

Even people who are into the website industry for years do make use of WordPress. Well, this shows the popularity of this platform where you can easily choose WordPress and start creating your dream website. 

How you can set up your WordPress?

First of all, you will have to log in to your Siteground account and tap on the C-Panel. 

Thereafter, you can click right on the WordPress for installation. 

cpanel Siteground

The moment you have completed installing WordPress, then you can go ahead and start to create a website from scratch. 

Step 5: Select a Website Theme

Indeed, once you are done with each of the above steps, you will need a proper WordPress theme. 

For the people who don’t know what actually a website theme means, let me explain to you in simpler terms. 

Generally, the website theme depicts the design of your website that makes users navigate your website. 

Hence, once you are done setting up your WordPress website, then you can easily go ahead and choose the best of all WordPress themes.

To choose a website theme, simply login to your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance –> Themes –> Add New.

website theme Still, if you are at the starting phases of your website journey, you can go for any responsive theme. 

Therefore, if you want a free WordPress theme, you can simply go into the Appearance section, tap on the theme, and choose from the given themes. 

Indeed, each of the themes are great where you can start off with the free theme. 

Eventually, as and when you find that you are in a comfortable position, then you can go ahead and go for the Premium theme. 

Plus, you are free to change the WordPress theme at any stage of life. This makes it to create a website from scratch as simpler as it can get. 

Further, you can use a similar idea when it comes to choosing the plugins. In case of plugins, you can browse different plugins and see which plugin fits the best for you 

Generally, plugins are small software that helps in making your WordPress website a lot better.

Once you have started to make some good money from website, then you can easily go ahead and choose the Paid WordPress theme. 

Again, for installing a WordPress theme, you don’t need to do much. All you can do is to go into the Appearance section, themes and tap on the add new icon. 

Thereafter, you can install whichever theme you like and then tap on the Activate icon. 

The first thing that the majority of users want to do is to upload their logo and have it displayed within the top left corner of the location. 

Yes, to create a website from scratch, applying a logo must be one of your most basic things. 

Let’s do this now.

Once you’ve got a logo ready, you’ll add it to your site. Go to Dashboard → “Appearance → “Customize Options” and click on on the link labeled “Upload Logo.”

This interface is named the WordPress Customizer, and it allows you to edit various aspects of your website’s appearance. 

For starters, you’ll upload your logo. to try to that, click on the “Select Logo” button that’s near the highest left corner.

WordPress will offer you a choice to crop the brand, but you’ll skip that.

You should see your logo within the corner of the page shortly.

Additionally, you’ll choose if you would like to display the location name and tagline alongside the brand, and set the max-width of the brand. Experiment with these settings and pick what works best for you.

Click on the “Publish” button when done (the top left corner), then click on the “X” button to exit the Customizer.

Step 7: Adding Content Pages to your Website

Pages are the essence of your website. It’s hard to imagine an internet site with no pages thereafter, right?

From a technical point of view, an internet page is simply a document on online. It’s not very different from your traditional Word document aside from it having your website’s branding elements like the header and footer.

Web pages are easy to make in WordPress. But before we get into the how-to, let’s discuss what pages you ought to create within the first place.

Most websites will find the subsequent pages essential:

  • Homepage – it’s the primary page that your visitors see once they attend your website
  • About page – a page explaining what your website is about
  • Contact page – a page letting visitors contact you
  • Website page – an inventory of your most up-to-date website posts; if you’re not planning on website, you’ll use the site page as an area for your company news and announcements
  • Services page – if the web site you’re building is for a business, use this page to showcase your services
  • Shop page – for companies that want to launch an eCommerce store

Many of the pages above are going to be very similar in structure – the sole difference being the content on the particular page.

Step 8: Addition of Online/ Ecommerce Store

Create e-commerce Website

The last item I will add in this guide is to create ourselves a web store.

This is obviously not something that each one website need, so be happy to skip this step if eCommerce isn’t something you would like to urge yourself into.

With WordPress being such a flexible website platform, it’s no surprise that it can allow you to build a totally functional eCommerce online store. 

By fully functional, we mean that you simply can list any number of products, make them available purchasable. 

Then also collect orders from customers and even handle all tax- and shipping-related elements of the entire process.

This is all through with a plugin called WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is that the hottest, most functional, and admittedly the simplest eCommerce solution for WordPress.

Okay, so with WooCommerce installed on your site and products added in your catalog, you’ll notice that, within the process, new pages are created by WooCommerce automatically. Those pages are:

  • “Cart” – your store’s handcart 
  • “Checkout” – the checkout page where customers can complete their purchases
  • “My account” – each customer’s profile; holds past orders, current details, and other personal information; the customer can always edit their info
  • “Shop” / “Products” – the most shop page – the one where your products are listed

More about Ecommerce Store

Each of those pages serves a selected purpose for your store and its functionality. 

 If you visit any of those new pages, you’ll see that the presentation is obvious and everything is straightforward to understand. Here’s an example of the handcart page:

Apart from that, these pages work like all other pages on your WordPress website. 

This suggests that you simply can edit them, add your own elements, or change things like colors, layouts, etc. 

But when you’re doing this, take care to not erase the WooCommerce shortcodes that are already there.

You’ll also notice a replacement cart icon on the most menu of your site where you can use the same and create a website from scratch. 

At this stage, your eCommerce store is fully operational. this suggests that your customers can are available and do their shopping. 

You’ll see their orders within the WordPress admin area under “WooCommerce → Orders.”

Final Word of Mouth

Well, by now, you must have known the best of all steps to create a website from scratch. Indeed, almost every other person has got the ambition to be a website owner. But, not each of them has got a greater blueprint to achieve the same. 

Hence, from the above steps, you must have got a bit of clarity when it comes to create a website from scratch. 

Right from buying your own domain, hosting, or even themes, every single aspect has been explained in the best ever way. 

Hence, from your end, all you can do is to simply follow up with each of the above steps. See how you can buy a good domain name where choosing SiteGround hosting can be one of the best things. 

Thereafter, you can start creating your website and then go ahead to earn some good money in the future. 

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