How To Create A Group Email In Gmail? (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Every smart working person always finds the ideas to do the task smartly. This eventually saves time and money. 

There are features in Gmail that you can use to lower your time consumption in terms of sending emails to multiple contacts. 

If you deal with multiple contacts over an email and want to work smartly then you must know how to create a group email in Gmail so that you can send one email to the group of people in a few seconds. 

Gmail has made things so easy that actually saved user’s time. Before people used to remember multiple emails to put it in the “TO” section but now you do not need to type multiple ids.

Simply type the group name and all the contact in the Gmail group will automatically copy under “TO” or “CC” or “BCC”, wherever you want. 

In this tutorial, I will get you through the step-by-step process of creating a mailing list in Gmail and how to send the email to the group. 

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How To Create A Group Email In Gmail?

To make a group email in Gmail, you need to login into your Gmail account in which you wanted to create a group. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Log in to the Gmail account.
  • Go to the top right and click on the nine-mini square icon (Google Apps).Google apps navigation
  • Click on “Contacts” or “Frequently Contacted”. A new page will open and all your contacts associated with your Gmail account start showing up.
  • To create a group, click on “Create label”.

Create label

  • Name the label and save. (a label is actually a group in Gmail).

name label

  • Now, go to your contacts (on the same page of the left-hand side).
  • Select the contacts that you want to mention in the group(label) that you have created. 

Add contact to group or label

  • Click on manage labels (see on the top – looks like in the picture – right arrow box)Manage label (Gmail)
  • Select the group and click on apply.

You have created the group and it will automatically feature on your Gmail account. 

Note: Refresh your Gmail account page to see the created group.

  • Go To the Gmail account.
  • Click on “Compose”.
  • Under “To”, “CC” or “Bcc”, type group name. Once you select the group, all the contact will be added automatically.

compose email add group

This is how you can create a group email in Gmail. No more steps required.

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How To Create A Mailing List In Gmail?

The process is simple and similar to some steps that I have shown in how to create a group email in Gmail. I will cover this in a few simple steps. 

  • Open Gmail and click on the Google apps (looks like a nine square icon).
  • Select Contact.
  • On the contact page click on “create label”.
  • Name the label(group) and save it. 
  • Go to contacts and select the people with the email id that you want to add in the mailing list.
  • Click on “manage labels or “more actions” and select the group.
  • Click on apply.

Now your mailing list in Gmail has been created. You can go to your Gmail account and send the email to the group at one go. 

Where Is The Group Button In Gmail?

There is nothing called a group button in Gmail. It’s actually a “Label” button. 

If you are looking to create a group of contacts then you need to go to the “label” option under “Contacts”

Pathway to go to Contact option:

Log in to your Gmail account, click on “Google apps” on the upper right side and then click on contact. 

On the contact page, you will find the Label option on the left-hand side. You can also create a new label (group) from there itself. 

How To Create a Group In Gmail App?

Many people operate their business over the phone and there are smartphones in the market that allows people to use the Gmail app and manage their emails from a phone. 

Here, I am going to show you how you can create a group in the Gmail app so that you can send one email to multiple contacts. 

  • Install the Gmail app and log in.
  • Tap on the “three horizontal lines” icon – On the top left corner. 
  • Scroll down, you will find “Contacts” under Google apps section. (You will be asked to install the “Google Contacts” app. If you already have the contact app then the app will automatically open. 
  • Tap on “three horizontal lines” icon – top left corner.
  • Tap on “Create label”
  • Name the label “group name” and tap on OK

You can now be able to see a new group in your contact app.

Note: You can directly open the contact app from a phone if you don’t want to open Gmail app. 

This process is to make sure that you download the correct Gmail contact app. 

How To Share Contact Group In Gmail?

Before you go ahead make sure you are not sharing for any kind of unethical practice. The contact on your list is your responsibility and you should not use it for any kind of spam activity.

Let’s see how to share Google contacts.

  • Go to contacts through your Gmail account by clicking on the “Google apps” icon on the right side.
  • Click on the Group name (label name)
  • Select all the contact.
  • Go to “More actions”.
  • Click on Export
  • You will get three options Export as “Google CSV”, “Outlook CSV”, and “vCard(for ios contact)”.
  • Select any one of them and click on export. 
  • The group contact file will automatically be downloaded in your system. 
  • Now you can share that file. Anyone who opens the file can access the group contacts. 

This is how you can export the group contact from Google contact apps. As I have informed you that, you should not use any contact for unethical practice.

How To Create A Group Or Distribution List In Outlook?

If you are using outlook and deals with emailing then you must know how to create a group or distribution list in Outlook. See the steps below. 

  • Open the Outlook and log in.
  • Click on People (bottom left of the outlook). 
  • Click on the “New Contact Group” On the top under the “Home” button. 
  • Give a Name to the Group.
  • Now, click on “Add Members” (top ribbon). 
  • You will get three options to Add members to the group “From Outlook Contacts”, “From Address Book” Or “New Email Contact”.
  • If you already using Outlook for a long time then I would advise you to click on “Outlook Contacts”. If you want to add new contact then select “New Email Contact”.
  • All the contacts in your outlook will show up. 
  • Select the members, click on “members” button and click on “Ok”

This is how you can create a group or distribution list in outlook in a few simple steps. 

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Important Views On Creating A Group Email In Gmail

It’s very important to create a group email in Gmail so that you can save time and spend time in doing progressive things. 

Whenever you create a group make sure you start with underscore “_” sign so whenever you type _, the group that you have created, will appear. 

People tend to forget the group name. It’s better to give the name to the group by mentioning _ first and then group name. This will help you to identify the groups among the contact list. 

If you are using Gmail then you need to create a group through the “Google Contact” app which you will find within the Gmail account on the right-hand side icon “Google Apps”. This is for the one who is using the web browser. 

For the mobile app, there is a separate Google contact app where you can create a group. You can do multiple progressive things especially if you are running a business or working in an organization where email handling is a must. 

With the help of the “group” option, you do not need to remember the Gmail contact name when you are sending emails to multiple people. Just creating a group is enough. The email in the Group list will automatically be added. You do not need to do anything except typing the group name.

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