TOP 7 Convertkit Alternatives Packed with Features [2021 Updated]

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Convertkit is among the top class email marketing tools but if you are searching for the very best Convertkit alternatives, this article can be the best one for you. Depending on your business niche, using a good email marketing campaign tool can help you get a greater amount of reach, customers, main the existing customers, and generate more revenue.

Also, year by year email marketing has become simpler for businesses with the inclusion of automated software. Yes, Convertkit is among the top-quality email marketing tool out of the lot. It’s a platform that can help you perform marketing automation, email management, and other types of personalization.

Plus, with the Convertkit platform, you can easily create professional emails, landing pages, and sign-up forms. Even more, Convertkit helps users to understand the audiences by providing reports and metrics.

However, there are some really good alternatives to the Convertkit tool.

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap some good Convertkit alternatives, one by one.

Best Convertkit alternatives

  1. Sendinblue

convertkit alternatives

The Sendinblue tool for email marketing was launched back in the year 2007 and right now, it comes with massive 80,000 users.

Additionally, it even allows growing business by engaging the existing customers with the help of chat, SMS and social media.

Additionally, the platform even automated other engagement functions like customer relationship management to keep a track of different things.


  • Marketing

Yes, going ahead with the first Sendinblue features, it offers marketing to the core extents. It comes with a drag and drop builder to design professional emails. Also, it comes with a template library that can help you design emails to perfection.

Plus, each of the SMS and emails can be customized using different unique attributes. It supports bulk email sending where you can chat with the customers in real-time.

  • Marketing Automation

Going ahead towards another list of features, marketing automation is something that’s beneficial. Here, it can be used for creating emails that can be sent automatically. Plus, you can send automated message replies which is another good thing.

  • CRM

With the help of CRM from Sendinblue, you can manage the customer’s data. It is a central platform where you can edit, store and even update customer’s data with the categories and lists.

  • Landing Pages

The Sendinblue platform comes with different types of landing pages templates. This helps to create landing pages of your choice and preferences. Also, you can even create landing pages mixed with designs and other types of things.

  • Ads

Going ahead in Convertkit alternatives, Sendinblue even offers a good Facebook ads builder. This can be used for creating social media adverts on social media platforms. Plus, you can even set budgets, limits and even track ads by using the ad builder.

  • Integrations & API

Sendinblue delivers custom integration with the help of RESTful API. Further, it delivers integration with different platforms such as Magento, WordPress, SalesForce, WooCommerce, and more.

  1. Drip

convertkit alternatives

Moving forward towards another one of the best Convertkit alternatives, Drip is a platform that can be helpful for you. It’s an eCommerce platform that helps build businesses and even maintain a better relationships with each customer.

Plus, the platform delivers different tools for managing and even optimizing users’ data to the core.

The platform was founded by Rob Walling but it’s owned by LeadPages at the current stage.


  • Behaviour-driven Automation

The Drip platform can be used for automated messages based on different triggers. These triggers can be site visits, opens, clicks & much more.

  • Data Sourcing and Segmentation

Whenever the customers visit the website, Drop sources each of the dates for offering a better customer understanding. Yes, the data is sourced in the form of data fields and tags in such a case.

With the help of each tag and custom field, you can segment the audience, as per your liking.

  • Email Personalization

Now, each of the emails sent via Drip can be easily customized for a better customer experience. It offers an ecstatic visual builder that can be used for creating professional emails in a better way. Plus, you can even personalize the emails with the help of content blocks.

  • Personalize Advertising

The Drip email marketing tool helps track different activities of customers on the internet and makes use of information for personalized advertising. With this, they help in serving the personalized ads on different social media platforms.

  • Revenue reports and Split Testing

In such a case, you will get accurate reports of business revenue so that you know the strategies in use. Plus, you can even get a better understanding for different email campaigns with the help of Split testing.

  • Integrations

Drip helps integrate with third-party platforms such as WooCommerce, Instagram, Magento, ThriveCart, and many more.

  1. Constant Contact

convertkit alternatives

Constant Contact is that kind of a great and oldest platform that offers one of the best email marketing. The company has around the year for quite a long time and they have offered email marketing to plenty of businesses.


  • Email Marketing

Constant Contact effectively makes use of email marketing in the best possible way. It comes with a professional and good list of email templates that can you perform the right type of email marketing.

Plus, it even offers the marvelous drag and drop builder for easy template creations. The editor of Constant contact’s email marketing tool can be used for designing things right from scratch.

  • Automation

You can easily automate each of the email marketing strategies with the help of Constant Contact. Here, it comes with sending of automatic email messages, setting a series of emails for sending triggers along with email resending.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is that type of a good feature that can help you in managing the contacts with minimum or less effort. Plus, it works automatically and even updates the records in real-time. Plus, you can even build better customer connections with the help of list building tools

  • Reports and Tracking

Constant Contact offers real-time monitoring along with the reports of email opens, shares, and clicks.

  • Sign Up forms and Landing Pages

Its highest pricing plan comes with the creation of dynamic landing pages along with the signup forms.

  • eCommerce Marketing and Integrations

Constant Contact comes with plenty of handy tools that can assist in growing an online store. Here, it helps to seamlessly integrate with Shopify along with other types of email marketing platforms.

  1. MailChimp


Going ahead in Convertkit alternatives, MailChimp is among the most popular email marketing tools available right now. Launched back in the year 2001, it’s a tool that is constantly helping businesses get started with email marketing.


  • Email Marketing & Landing Pages

With MailChimp, Email marketing along with creating landing pages is an easier thing. Yes, the platform offers hassle-free email marketing that you can do, without plenty of the issues.

Plus, the platform even comes with over 100 templates for the creation of advanced-level email campaigns. It even offers a good drag and drop builder that can be used for customization. Also, it even delivers the option for importing HTML templates.

  • Automation

You can easily automate email sends at different times upon the use of automated triggers. With the help of social media automation, it enables to auto-publish posts on Instagram and Facebook. Plus, it comes with Ad targeting for each of the platforms.

  • CRM

With the help of the Mailchimp CRM platform, you can build a much better relationship with customers. Here, you can easily store and organize customer data to the best possible extent.

  • Segmentation

With the help of the segmentation feature, you can group contacts in a synced way. Plus, it even offers different type of filters that can allow you to target the right audience with every message you are willing to send.

  • Personalization

Customers can easily relate to the sent messages when you effectively personalize the messages with Mailchimp.

  • Reports and Analytics

Going ahead in Convertkit alternatives, Mailchimp delivers one of the better reports along with analytics. Here, you can make use of a mobile app that can allow you to use each of the analytics easily.

  • Integrations

The Mailchimp tool comes with over 300 third-party integrations. Out of which some real good integrations include WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and WooCommerce.

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  1. ActiveCampaign

convertkit alternatives

Among the better Convertkit alternatives, ActiveCampaign is yet another oldest email marketing company.

Yes, the company was started back in the year 2003 and since then they have grown to some good extent.

It’s a platform that is used for different email marketing along with sales and marketing automation.


  • Email Marketing

Going through the feature list of ActiveCampaign, it helps to perform email marketing in the best possible way. Here, it allows to collect the email subscribers list, helps create better emails along with dynamic templates, automated replies, segment contacts, and many more.

  • Messaging & Sign Up Forms

On the other hand, you can talk with your customers with the help of on-site messaging along with SMS too. Each of the messaging methods are good and they can be automated, easily.

Plus, the platform easily enables to the creation of different signup forms for collecting new user data, an effortless way.

  • Tracking

ActiveCampaign easily tracks website visitors so that you can follow up on activities and delivers, as per expectations. You can also track different clicks, views, visits with the help of this platform.

  • Lead Sourcing

With the ActiveCampaign company, you have the chance to uncover the contacts and visitors that are valuable for business. With this, you can identify the list of visitors you are willing to target on an easier basis.

  • Split Testing

Going ahead, with Split testing, you can uncover the high-performing emails and segregate them from non-performing ones.

  • Integrations

Well, more than 280 third-party integrations are supported by the ActiveCampaign company. This sort of integration includes Salesforce, WordPress, WooCommerce, and many more.

  1. Pabbly


Going ahead in Convertkit alternatives, Pabby is yet another brilliant email marketing tool. This platform has been running for plenty of years and it has offered effortless services, every single time. It’s a perfect Convertkit alternative for running email marketing campaigns.


Pabbly comes with SMTP and Email marketing for receiving the emails. Plus, it comes with different features such as a built-in server and even connects with more than 50 external servers.

It even offers a quick drag and drop builder for creating different types of emails, your choice.

  • Email Automation

With Pabbly, you can create emails and put them into complete automation, every single time. Also, you have the power to schedule different follow-ups for non-open and improve your rates too.

  • Lead Capture Tool & Subscription Forms

Pabbly even comes with built-in lead capture functionality which allows acquiring better leads for the email list.

Further, Pabbly even offers to add subscription forms on the website for collecting the newer leads.

  • Tracking

With the platform’s extraordinary email tracking feature, you can easily track campaigns, opens, clicks, and many more.

  • MX Cleaner

Additionally, the Pabbly tool comes with MX Cleaner which is a tool used to remove wrong email addresses from the email lists. This can help you in minimizing the email bouncing rates to a considerable extent.

  1. Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor platform is the one that is helping out small marketers focus on their work apart from Campaign Monitor.

Currently, there are more than 250,000 email marketers that are utilizing Campaign monitor. They are getting some of the better benefits from the same too.


  • Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor delivers a massive library of hundreds of professional email templates. You can make use of any of the templates to your advantage.

Also, you even have the power to customize the templates and make use of its drag and drop builder. Plus, it even supports transactional emails which is another great thing.

  • Marketing Automation

Among the better Convertkit alternatives, Campaign Monitor even offers a good marketing automation feature. With the help of this feature, you can effectively engage with the audience by sending each of the emails to them quickly.

Plus, you even have the power to activate the campaigns via different triggers.

  • Segmentation and Personalization

Additionally, In this scenario, the data is collected from contacts for personalizing emails sending to them. This is made pretty easier using the smart segments.

  • Sign Up Forms

With Campaign Monitor, Sign up forms can be added to the pages on the website. This eventually helps in building the email list and can help to get more clients.

  • Integrations

Campaign Monitor helps integrate different websites, CRM, eCommerce platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Facebook, Magento, etc.

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A final word of Mouth

The best Convertkit alternatives are all here and most of them does come up with free trials. In such a case, you can initially choose the free plans of each email marketing platform and see whether they fit you or not.

On the other hand, you will have to look at the pricing of every single email marketing platform. With the pricing, you will get an idea on the features for each platform.

After every single thing, then you will get an idea on the platforms that are actually good for you.

Thereafter, you can choose a better email marketing platform, make emails, perform automation and grow your business to the next level extents.

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