Content Studio Review: Best Social Media Automation Tool [2021 Updated]

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If you will browse the world of modern-day internet, you will see that social media automation tools are rising at a faster pace. Each year, newer social media automation tools are coming and are making the work of users, a lot easier. Therefore, in this article, I will be giving you an in-depth Content Studio review

Now, there are tons of social media automation tools available in the name of Buffer, Hootsuite, and even CoSchedule that have helped people to the core. With the help of tools like Content Studio, you can spend less time on social media and have your focus on other essential things.

Hence, right now, let’s go ahead in Content Studio review and unwrap the features and much more of this platform.

Content Studio Review

Well, before we can go ahead in an in-depth Content Studio review, you must understand why you must opt for a social media automation tool.

Why go for Social Media Automation Tool?

Well, there are tons of social media automation tools available in the market. The main reason to choose these tools is to save your time and invest that into other useful stuff.

Yes, with social media automation, you can save the tone of your time, and then you can automate everything, without an issue.

Plus, if you are starting out your very own social media agency, you can buy the Content Studio automation tool and automate every single thing online.

How you can use Social Media Marketing Tool?

Moving ahead in Content Studio review, you must note that none of the users like to get bombarded with the same content, over and over again.

Indeed, the spam breathes on social media just like on other email addresses. Also, getting noticeable on social media is a tough game and you will have to do tons of things if you want to make your social game big.

In scheduling and automation, everything depends upon testing, evaluating, and then adjusting as per the norms.

Plus, you don’t need to post on Facebook every 2 minutes. This is the thing which annoys people to the deepest extents.

Now, all you can do is to use the scheduling ability of an intelligent social media marketing automation tool to the deepest extents. Here, you can make use of those capabilities and post on social media most smartly.

Also, you can vary the contents, style, and post in a way that can compel the users to like and share your content.

Content Studio Review: A Take on Content Studio

Well, right from the first go, I would like to say that I am a fan of the Content Studio tool. I have been using the competition tools of Content Studio and have found this tool to be an absolute gem.

Yes, the tool beats almost every other social media automation tools, and here are the reasons:

First of all, the pricing and different plans offered by Content Studio is on the least extents. Yes, it’s lower when we compare the same with its competitors which is another great thing.

The free account of Content Studio offers up to 500 posts for each month. Also, each of the paid plans allows posting of unlimited social posts for each month.

The content curation & automation tool works in an effective way and is a feature that Content Studio misses.

Content Studio tool effectively schedules and repeats posts with different sorts of posts for social media platforms.

The tool gives you the chance to set and even forget posting schedule for content you are willing to post in specific intervals

Plus, the content delivery feature is a much easier one to use and is great for finding the content, post, and even sync with different automation tools.

Integration with other sorts of tools such as content Spinners, Pocket, link shorteners, Replug, and even Feedly will put your marketing efforts into overdrive.

Now, moving forward in Content Studio review, take a look at different things on how the platform works:

App & Social Account Setup

Well, the app and social account part has been one of the simplest things in the Content Studio tool. Here, you can easily create your account on Content Studio and then add different social media profiles.

Within a few clicks, you can easily complete the entire setup. Also, if you are running an agency, you can easily add team members within the Content Studio network, the best ever way.

All you can do is to go into the Settings, Team, Members section and you are good to go for adding those members.

Altogether, the setup process of Content Studio is a breeze one where you will not face any of the issues, in the entire setup process.

Connecting different Social Media Accounts

Content Studio Review

Now, connecting different social media accounts on Content Studio has been a no-brainer too. Yes, the platform makes it pretty simple for users to connect to different social media platforms, without an issue.

Here, you can choose almost any of the social media platforms and connect each one of those, in the best ever way.

However, the app offers different platforms which it supports that are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

With this, you can choose any or even all of the social media accounts and connect each of them, the better way.


Going ahead in Content Studio review, once you have added your wishful social media account, you can club them into different groups, connect and make scheduling a lot simpler.

Here, if you work with different clients or have multiple businesses, it truly makes sense to add different accounts from each of the businesses or groups.

To access this setting, you can go into the Settings tab, then Groups and you are good to go.

Adding Different Content Sources

Now, you can even add different keywords or even domain names that will appear on the content delivery section.

Also, you can even go a step ahead and add RSS feeds right to each of your content sources. Plus, if you like contents that are being produced by Facebook pages, you can even add them as a source.

This will offer you the freedom to choose contents that are valuable for you. With this, you can eliminate the contents that are not worthy enough that can save you tons of your time and efforts.


The Content Studio platform offers integration options that can help you to expand the tool functionality. Here, you can make use of the tools such as URL Shortener or other tracking abilities that can help you to use the tool in a lot better way.

On the other hand, you can even add a content spinner like where you can easily add your login details and you are good to go.

Plus, Pocket is another useful app that helps you save the content for later reading. This feature is a lot handier for people who have a busy schedule but still are eager to read posts and contents.

The Content Studio platform directly integrates with Content Studio where you can automatically schedule articles and save some for posting later.

Moving ahead, Replug is an app for people who are looking to add a call to action on the links they like to share.

Well, a Call to action helps readers with the content and even offers them the chance to connect with your business.

Here, you can offer a call to action in the form of email or even phone call, whichever you find convenient. With this, you can gradually enhance your reach, business and more people will be connected to your business.

Additionally, Replug even offers a retargeting pixel feature that helps people create custom audiences.

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More with Integrations

Every time, people will tap on your post, you will get a chance to create custom audiences as per your likings.

Also, if you are someone who is into Facebook and Google Ads, you can use replug as your savior. Here, you can save custom audiences and then retarget those audiences with the help of Facebook and Google Ads.

With retargeting, you can regain your audience and at the same time, pitch them for much better conversions.

On top of that, you can even integrate Replug with scheduled posts too. This gives you an extra layer of marketing that can help you reach out to a greater and more number of users.

Last but not least, Content Studio even offers a connection with the Feedly platform. For any content curator, you can connect Feedly with Content Studio and you are good to go.

After which, you can easily add newer Feedly contents to your content marketing plan and attract tons of views and traffic.

In the end, browsing at each of the above integrations, I can say that Content Studio is one of the most useful social media automation tools.

It offers tons of integration options that you can easily use to your advantage and make integrations, a lot simpler.

Content Discovery

Content Studio Review

This is probably one of the best areas where Content Studio shines like a star. Yes, the Content discovery section is good for finding different trending topics from all across the platforms.

Right now, the best searchable platforms on the internet are as follows:

  • Web Articles

Indeed, speaking about the most used platforms, web articles are the one that is getting a good number of traffic. Here, you can target your article around specific keywords or even trending topics.

With this, you can choose certain topics, write content, and then promote or even schedule the same with the Content Studio automation tool.

  • YouTube

Here, you can easily find some of the most popular YouTube videos with likes, comments, viewer count, and tons of more things. With this, you can find some of the very best YouTube videos that fall right within your niche.

Then, you can include those videos in automation and get better results.

  • Dailymotion

Just like YouTube, Dailymotion is yet another search engine for getting the best of all videos.

  • Facebook

Here, you can easily go ahead and find some of the very best and trendy topics that can help you gain a good amount of traffic, likes, and shares.

You can find topics from all over the world and see which are those topics that are worthy enough for you.

  • Twitter

On Twitter, you can discover some of the best and trending topics, share, and even retweet to get a greater number of engagements.

Plus, the details offered by Content Studio has been on the good side. Here, you not only can easily search platforms but you can choose different timeframe, geographical location, language, most shared, topics, length, and tons of more things.

Creation of Content for Sharing

Content Studio Review

Going ahead in Content Studio review, viewing at the top right side, you will see the Compose button. You can click here to open up a new page with two options. Here you can choose among the Blog Post or even the Social Media Post which you want to compose.

Personally, I am not a big fan of sharing a blog post because I prefer using a WordPress native interface.

However, it can save you a good amount of time if you are someone who has to maintain multiple numbers of blogs.

The Compose feature is a good one that offers full control of formatting options and even delivers the ability to drag content along with links right from topics you search for.

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SEO Score

Indeed, the SEO score for any website is one of the most essential things. The greater you have an SEO score, the better will be the overall ranking of your website.

Therefore, the Content Studio offers an SEO checking tool. All you need is to input your website URL and the tool will help you check your SEO score, the best ever way.

In this case, if your SEO Score is not good, you can simply work towards the same, make things work out, and enhance your overall SEO Score.

Post Preview

Post Preview

Creating a unique social media post works the same way as a blog post. But, with social media posts, you get access to more number of options and tools.

Here, you can search for content and then drag it to the editor for posting or even scheduling. Also, you can write your very own social media post and then go ahead and add designs, videos, and images.

Plus, you can write your very own social media post which is supported by almost all of the social media platforms.

Here, you get four options for posting which are as follows:

  • Post Now

With the help of the Post now option, you can post on an immediate basis. Here, you can instantly tap on the Post button and that post will be shared instantly to different online users.

Also, you have the option to schedule the post on an hourly, weekly, daily, or even monthly basis.

  • Schedule

With the help of the Schedule function, you have the power to add posts right to the future slot. Here, you can easily repeat the entire schedule solely as per your liking and needs. ‘

  • Queue

With the help of the Queue, you can post an update right towards the next slot as determined. Here, the Queue timings are given under settings, social accounts, Change Queue schedule.

Right from there, you have the true option to change the Queue settings, solely as per your convenience.

  • Evergreen Queue

You can even add your post to the evergreen campaigns. Such campaigns are a group of social media posts that repeat themselves at specific intervals. They are also great for pillar content as it can help bring quality traffic to your blog or website.

Now, if you are eager to change the content for every platform, you can switch off the same content for all sliders and then edit each social media account from one place.

Also, it’s a great option for adding different sorts of hashtags as per your convenience. Plus, you can even find a preview section where you can preview each of the contents right from a single place.

Content Studio Review: Blog & Social Media Automation

Content Studio Review

Click the Automation link within the sidebar to urge to the Automation Recipes section. this is often one of the foremost powerful areas of ContentStudio. There are six sorts of automation options. one among these, Evergreen, is in Beta, but it works pretty much already.

Article Links to Social Media

For curating content and social media posting on autopilot, nothing beats this feature. It works like this:

  • Create a campaign and add social media accounts to post to.
  • Load keywords from topics you’ve got already created within the Content Discovery section. Otherwise, you can add phrases or words to the “Include Keywords” section.
  • Include domains if you would like to narrow the main target
  • Exclude keywords that will not work for the campaign.
  • Exclude domains if you would like to avoid content from these sources.
  • Choose from some very granular selection options like post length, post region, language, age, and social engagement. These options can help create a laser-focused campaign.
  • Add a Replug Call-to-action for your retargeting pixel (optional)

Add hashtags

As you add or remove these filtering options, a preview window exposes to the proper showing you ways your posts might look. The ContentStudio guys thought of everything here. This is often an excellent useful feature and takes the guesswork out of your campaigns.

The next step allows you to schedule posts on a Recurring, Queue, or Custom base. Schedule on hourly, daily, or weekly intervals.

You can even review posts before they are going out, adding that extra little bit of security. this might be a task for a VA or someone on your team to form sure nothing untoward gets posted.

Videos to Social Media

A simple feature but a strong one. Social is becoming more video-focused and marketers not using video are missing out on opportunities.

Add YouTube or DailyMotion videos to a schedule supported keywords. the sole filtering option available may be a keyword filter.

Articles to Blog

Post articles on your WordPress, Tumblr, or Medium blog. Tick the ‘enable social sharing’ to auto-post to social media for every blog post that goes out.

The options for filtering and posting are equivalent to the Article Links to Social Media automation so I won’t enter it here.

It’s enough to mention that if you would like to post regular content to your blog this is often an excellent thanks to roll in the hay.

It’s hard to ascertain a true need for this because it won’t create that much value for your customers and adds duplicate-type content to your website

Bulk Uploader

Many marketers keep their social media posts during a Google spreadsheet for reuse. If you are not already doing this, it is easy enough to line up and may make adding content an absolute breeze. It also takes the pain out of moving social media automation platforms.

Once you have a couple of posts within the correct format in your CSV file, upload the file to ContentStudio and let the magic begin.


This feature remains in Beta but I already like it. Create a campaign and add your social accounts like with the opposite automation recipes.

Select your schedule and interval settings.

Add images, links, videos, text, or anything you wish to a ‘content slot’ and click on the ‘Add’ button. You will need a minimum of two posts for an Evergreen campaign. you’ll also add Replug CTAs too.

After you’ve saved the campaign, it’ll run on your schedule for as long as you wish. A true set-and-forget system almost like Meet Edgar, but at a fraction of the worth.

Final Word of Mouth

Coming at the concluding phase of the article, the entire Content Studio review is right here. Yes, for each of those people who are searching for one of the best automation tools, this is one of the best platforms.

As I said above, the tool offers a really good set of features that can help you to schedule, automate, and post to different social platforms all at once.

Additionally, coming down to the pricing of Content Studio, it has been on the lowest end as well. In this scenario, you can start off with the free plan of this tool and you will get a better idea of this tool

As and when you have the experience, then you can go ahead and choose among different plans of Content Studio tool.

In this scenario, it all depends upon your level of experience of using the Content Studio tool. Yes, at the start, it will take you a good amount of time to explore all of the features of Content Studio.

This you can do with the free plan and then shift to the paid plans. At this stage, all you can do is to read the entire article and explore almost all of the features of this platform.

Then, you can use each of those features and perform social media automation, to the best possible extents.

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