Constant Contact Review: Detailed Features, Pricing [2021 Updated]

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For every single online person who is willing or doing online work, the need for an email marketing tool is the basic necessity. Currently, there are tons of email marketing tools available. Therefore, right in this article, I will give a comprehensive Constant contact review.

Speaking a bit about the Constant contact tool, it starts at a much cost-effective price of $20 for each month. Yes, it offers solutions to every single small scale businesses. Plus, the tool boast of a pretty good interface that can help you perform email marketing in the simplest way.

Despite Campaigner and Mailchimp being among the top pics, Constant Contact tool isn’t far behind. Plenty of people are using this email marketing tool and are reaping tons of some fantastic benefits.

Now, if you are someone who runs a larger online business or website, you can easily go ahead and choose the company’s higher pricing plans.

Day by day, the company is improving its feature list and have added tons of more value-driven features.

Such features include the 160 plus template library followed by a new template builder. Using the builder, you can make your very own email that can effectively match your company’s needs.

Constant Contact Review

Going ahead in this useful article, the company is adding newer features, every other month. Well, they have got different integrations with Facebook, WordPress, Salesforce, Eventbrite, and even Shopify.

Right in the year 2019 Constant contact announced more features that included an in-app Facebook along with Instagram ad creation, social media, and many more.

Also, they added Google My Business copy, SEO tool, and even a unique and brilliant Landing page feature.

Using the landing page tool, you can create pages of your choice without an issue.

A Take on Pricing & Features

Constant Contact Review

Moving ahead in this Constant contact review, pricing is one of the most essential things. If a company is keeping good pricing, people will buy their services which will result in a far better conversion rate.

Coming down at the pricing of Constant Contact, the lowest plan starts from just $20 per month. This plan delivers 500 subscribers which is another good thing. Plus, with this plan, you will get almost every single feature that will help perform email marketing to perfection.

Speaking about the higher-order plan, it starts from $45 per month. With this plan, you will get access for up to 500 subscribers.

Further, you can even order a custom plan where you can customize the features as per your needs. In this scenario, you must note that the custom plan will price a lot higher than the basic and high class plans.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Going forward in the Constant contact review, the company even offers a massive 30 days money back guarantee. With such a guarantee, you can effectively test the constant contact tool.

After testing, once you find that the tool is worthy, you can opt for the same. Or else, you can simply ask for a refund and the company will deliver it to you, with no questions asked.

Free trial available

Other than the 30 days money-back guarantee, the company also offers a free trial. With the help of a free trial, you can test the Constant contact tool for a period of 60 days. These include unlimited campaigns but you are restricted to send emails to just 100 contacts.

Indeed, the trial is a good thing to follow the platform and discover every single feature.

Thereafter, if you like this email marketing tool, then you can upgrade to a price-oriented structure.

After this, you can perform email marketing and send emails to your potential subscribers.

Constant Contact Free Trial

A Take on Subscriber List Creation

Now, there are different ways you can opt to create a subscriber list. Here, you can copy-paste the contactor can even upload files that are supported within the platform.

In this case, you can upload the files from Gmail or can even use Microsoft Outlook to do the same.

Also, the company does its best to merge duplicate contacts and even gives the option to add a custom field.

It also allows Mailinator along with other disposable web addresses.

What’s more? The platform even offers tags for different contacts that can help you track different things. Also, if the customers are loyal, you can make use of the Shopify option like lapsed customers. You can even create segments on the basis of user location and other contact data.

Constant contact helps create forms

Constant Contact Review

Indeed, another brilliant thing from this tool is that it helps users create forms of their choice. In this case, you can create forms of your choice where you can add elements that can make your form stand out from the rest.

Further, the tool offers to make different landing pages along with integrations such as Facebook Lead Ads, OptinMonster, and Facebook Join My List App. In this scenario, you have the power to segment users as per your preferences.

Also, like other competitors, Constant contact offers you to verify that the list of your own. Further, you cannot make use of email protected addresses which is a thing you must further keep into consideration.

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Setting a Campaign

Now, coming down to creating a campaign on Constant contact, it’s on the simpler side. It’s as easy as choosing an email and you will not face any issues. In this case, you can choose from email, email automation, survey along with the events.

On the other hand, if you want to revise any email campaign, you can search for campaign keywords, date and revise those, without an issue.

Further, the company even delivers a calendar where you can schedule the emails as per your likings. Based on a daily work schedule or even holidays, you are free to schedule the campaigns, without any issues.

Additionally, for an email campaign, you can make use of a template for getting started. Plus, the company even offers a unique drag and drop builder to do different things.

Here, you get a chance to choose from different layouts and select the ones you find most comfortable. Plus, with the help of an editing tool,  you can tweak different text as per your liking. You can even have access to Google Fonts along with the images and customize your campaign, as per need.

Further, the company offers an all-new template builder using which you can easily build templates of your choice.

What’s more? Users can have good access to the paid and free stock photos. This can be done directly through Constant Contact which is another good thing.

The moment any newsletter is ready, you can easily send it away or can schedule a time for the same. Yes, in such a scenario, you can set dates and times you find the most convenient.

Integration Options Available

Moving forward in Constant contact review, the tool also offers different types of integration options. Yes, such options include Eventbrite along with Shopify and other customization options.

With the help of Eventbrite integration, subscribers can become eligible to RSVP, download coupons, respond to polls, make donations, and perform more things.

Also, you can even add products along with buy buttons to make the entire user experience much better.

Further, you have the power to create Abandoned Shopping Card emails and then follow up with potential customers.

All in all, in the process, to set up a campaign, you will enjoy every sort of thing with this option.

Campaign Tracking

Constant Contact Review

Now, moving ahead in the campaign tracking section, Constant Contact as a company does it’s best. The moment you have sent a newsletter to your subscribers, then you can track every single thing about the campaign.

Here, you can make use of the reporting tab and track different things as per your convenience.

Speaking about the dashboard, it displays opens, clicks through, bounces along with unsubscribing requests. You can even see the most engaged line and use the same on other email newsletters.

Plus, Constant Contact offers tons of Video tutorials that you can use to your advantage. Using the video tutorial, you can walk through different reports and analyze every report as per your convenience.

Also, you can even track the open rates and opt for different strategies to enhance those open rates.

On the other hand, the mobile application of Constant Contact is handy that enables you to track the campaign performance.

More with Campaign Tracking

Now, going ahead in Constant Contact review, it’s also possible to resend the campaigns as per your liking. Here, you can even change the subject line and see the report page as well.

Right in the reports page, you can see the different results of subjects A/B test. Here, tap on any email, see the heat map, and look at subscriber interaction from this case.

Here, you can analyze the emails that are performing better and then create a replica of those emails.

After this, you can use the tracking system, track those emails, and perform campaign tracking to perfection.

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Email Automation

Email Automation

Speaking about Email automation, Constant Contact as a platform works wonders. In this scenario, you can create an automated series of emails and send them at equal intervals. Also, with the help of Constant Contact email automation, you can send emails automatically.

Here, in order to create an email automation series, you can begin by selecting an email trigger, open the email and contacts.

Thereafter, you can create a new email or even make use of your existing campaigns. After this, you can select for how long you need to send specific emails. Or else, even if you like to send emails immediately, you can do the same, with no issues.

Plus, you can even send email series to a specific set of contacts. In this scenario, you can form a sequence of emails and send them to your potential subscriber list.

Additionally, the email automation tool delivers tons of email customization options. In this case, you can easily choose different things as per your preferences and perform email marketing.

All in all, in the email automation section, everything depends on your level of preference. You are in charge of whether you want to do in every possible scenario.

Customer Support

For any consumer, having good customer support is one of the most essential things. If any email service is not offering good customer support, their reputation is bound to fall

Coming down to Constant Contact customer support, it has been on the easier end. In this case, the company delivers a different sort of customer support option that you can use to your advantage.

Beginning with the basics, they have got a pool of video tutorials and a text-based helping guide. Therefore, if you are finding difficulty in any case, you can make use of the tutorials and perform email automation.

In this case, you get access to different articles, coaches, and other sorts of help.

On the other hand, the phone support isn’t available for 24×7 but the hours mentioned are adequate. If you want to contact Constant Contact via phone support, you got to first look at the hours.

Thereafter, you can call them and they will be happier to resolve your issues.

All in all, I found the customer support of Constant Contact to be pretty much decent. Yes, their support staff is quick and I faced absolutely no sort of issues in this scenario.

On the other hand, if you don’t like phone support, the platform even delivers chat support. Yes, this takes the chat system to the next level where you can ask your queries to the support staff.

Also, you can even chat with the support staff via Twitter and get your issues resolved within minutes.

Good Marketing tool for SMBs

Constant Contact is one of the best marketing tools that is helping small businesses achieve their business goals. Yes, the platform offers companies enable email marketing and reach customers in the best possible way.

In short, if you are someone who has got a lot of work and have no time to spend on email marketing, Constant Contact is the best tool for you.

Here, Constant Contact as an app offers a wide range of templates where you can satisfy every sort of customer needs to perfection.

Plus, the platform even offers other set of valuable features like email automation, reporting tools along with integrations. Also, the company has been working hard on updates and with the recent updates, Constant Contact as a platform has become much more better.

Slowly, the company is moving towards editor choice and the time is not far when this tool will be among the top ones.

From the company end, they are working hard and are ready to bring more updates in the future.

Constant Contact Free Trial

Final Word Mouth: Constant Contact review

Coming at the concluding phase of the article, the entire Constant Contact review, features, and pricing is in front of you.

From my personal experience, I have found the app to be extremely useful as it offers tons of email automation features. Additionally, even the pricing of this app isn’t much and you will not find it difficult to use the app.

Plus, in terms of customer support, it has been on the good end as well. Right from the email support, to phone and live chat support, each support from Constant Contact is above par.

Additionally, for the people who love doing customizations, the platform delivers tons of customizations from their end. In this case, you can design email templates as per your choice along with likings.

Also, they offer 30 to 60 days of money back guarantee. With this, you can effectively test Constant Contact in and out. If you like their services, you can proceed with the paid plan.

Or else, you can ask for a refund and there will be no questions asked.

Eventually, Constant Contact is an email marketing tool is a good choice. Read the above article, choose the best plan for you, perform email marketing, and attract leads to an absolute level of perfection.

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