Compare Web Hosting: TOP Web Hosting Companies, Features [2020]

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In a digital-oriented world where internet users are looking for the best of all web hosting, an intention to compare web hosting truly comes in the mind. Yes, different sorts of web hosting service providers are available right now and you can easily get the most out of each of them.

On top of that, every hosting service provider delivers their very own features and with different pricing, you are free to choose your wishful ones. However, among such options of the different hosting service provider, choosing a good one is definitely a steep task.

Thankfully, I have done all the series of research, and right in this article, we will compare the web hosting of different companies.

We will deeply look into the features and then determine which of those web hosting is the best of all.

Compare Web Hosting: Top Web Hosting Service Providers

I have done an extensive series of research on different hosting companies. On an accurate basis, I compared 30 web hosting companies and after the comparison, I have got names of top-class web hosting companies.

Plus, I compared each of the features of web hosting and have got some top class hosting service providers.

Let’s go ahead and compare each of the web hosting service providers, one by one.

1. Bluehost

compare web hosting

Speaking about Bluehost basics, the company has been around since the year 2007, and currently, they are hosting more than 3,000,000 websites. This is quite a staggering number where they offer different hosting to new and older internet users.

Plus, the company has done its best in uptime along with the speed section. Yes, after my testing, I got a constant 99.99% uptime which is an amazing thing. Every single time, the website loaded at a quicker pace and I faced absolutely no sort of downtime issues.

Additionally, even in the speed section, Bluehost delivered 405 ms which is another great achievement. I tested the speed of Bluehost multiple times and got similar results, every single time.

Coming down towards the package section, the package from Bluehost has been on the affordable side. Right from the shared hosting package to dedicated ones, the company delivers plans that are suitable for every single user.

Hence, if whether you are a beginner or an experienced blogger, Bluehost as a company has got plans that cater to every single user.

Also, speaking about the storage and bandwidth section, Bluehost offers good storage and unlimited bandwidth.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth and the storage is above par with Bluehost.

More features of Bluehost

compare web hosting

Going ahead to compare web hosting of different service providers, Bluehost offers free email accounts. With this, you don’t have to pay anything to avail the company’s web hosting services.

Additionally, they also offer effective customer service support that runs for 24×7. Yes, it’s fully functional and you can easily contact their support and resolve issues, the best way.

In this case, the company offers live chat support, email, and phone support, you don’t need more things.

All you need is to contact their support and the support team is skillful enough to resolve issues, the better way.

What’s more? Each plan from Bluehost comes with 30-Days money-back guarantee. With this, you don’t have to do much. You can get their services and if you feel like it’s not the one for you, easily you can go ahead and ask them for a refund.

However, you must note that the refund must be asked within a period of 30 days.

Altogether, Bluehost is one of the most reputable hosting service providers that offers speed, performance, and reliable customer support, you don’t have to ask for anything more.

Check BlueHost Plans

2. Hostgator 

compare web hosting

Well, moving forward to compare web hosting, Hostgator is another company that offers affordable web services. The company was founded back in the year 2002 and currently, they are hosting more than 2,000,000 websites.

Also, as per the 24-month data, Hostgator has delivered hosting at an uptime of 99.99% and with an average speed of 399 ms, they are one of the strongest web hosting contenders.

Going ahead in the features of Hostgator, their set of features has also been flexible. The company delivers unlimited email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and plenty more cache plans.

Also, each of the hosting plans from Hostgator comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

On top of that, with the help of WordPress one-click installation, you don’t have to look anywhere else. With this, you can easily install WordPress with just one click.

What’s more? Hostgator even offers a free domain name if you will sign up for 12, 24, or even 36 months.

More features of Hostgator

Going ahead to compare web hosting, Hostgator as a company delivers custom website builders. This is one of the handiest tools for all those people who don’t have any coding knowledge.

With the help of a website builder, you can easily create your own websites from scratch.

Yes, there is no need of coding and you can also make use of the pre-made templates from Hostgator.

In terms of Hostgator plans, every single plan of the company has been on the affordable side. The plan starts $2.74 per month where you got to take the 12 months or above months plan.

On the other hand, the company even offers some more web hosting options such as the VPS hosting, dedicated, and another similar type of hosting plan.

Plus, for customer satisfaction, every single plan of Hostgator comes with a 45 days money-back guarantee. With this, you can get their plans and if you don’t like their services, you can simply go ahead and ask for a refund.

Overall, in the midst to compare web hosting, Hostgator as a company excels in almost every single scenario. Yes, right from performance to good server support and a money-back guarantee, they simply deliver good features in their package.

Check Hostgator Plans

3. Hostinger

compare web hosting

For all those people who are looking to compare web hosting and want one of the cheapest web hosting service provider, Hostinger is the true one. This is one of those few companies that deliver good performance at rates you cannot imagine. Personally, I am using Hostinger services on some of my websites and I am pleased with the overall performance of this hosting.

Starting with the uptime of Hostinger, I have been testing the same and I got around 99.95% uptime. Yes, this is pretty fast compared with the pricing each plan of Hostinger comes.

Plus, in terms of the web hosting service provider speed, the website loaded in 350 ms. This is definitely faster and with Hostinger, you don’t have to think about the uptime and speed.

On the other hand, coming to the most important part, Hostinger as a company offers affordable plans to almost every single user.

Yes, without compromising much on the quality, you can access almost every single plan of Hostinger. With this, you will get the top class performance and with good hosting support, Hostinger as a company excels in every scenario.

Coming down to the customer support of Hostinger, their support has always been on the top class end. Here, you can either call them, email and with email support, things can’t get better.

From my end, I tried the email support of Hostinger and the same was bang on point. Yes, as soon as I sent my query, I got a response within one hour.

This is absolutely stupendous from Hostinger as you will find no issue to resolve your web hosting issues.

Further, for all those people who are looking for a reliable website builder, Hostinger offers the same. Yes, here, you will get the best of all website builder that comes with templates you can use free of cost.

Compared with Bluehost and even Hostgator, Hostinger as a web hosting service provider excels In every single scenario.

Additionally, they even offer a free SSL Certificate to make the site secure. Yes, with an SSL, you can make sure that your website is kept secured and you don’t have to face security issues.

More Features of Hostinger


Going ahead to compare web hosting, Hostinger’s cheapest plan is good for every single new blogger. Here, you don’t have to pay much money and can start your blogging journey at a minimal cost.

Speaking about the other services offered by Hostinger, it includes, Cloud, VPS, Windows, VPS, and email.

Plus, as we compare Hostinger with other hosting companies, they also offer a 30-days money back guarantee.

This gives people the assurance that even if they don’t like Hostinger services, they can always ask for a refund.

Altogether, Hostinger as a company has always focused to deliver quality hosting at affordable pricing.

Hence, if you are searching for one of the cheapest hosting service providers that comes with almost every hosting feature, Hostinger is the number one choice.

Check Hostinger Plans

4. GreenGeeks


Well, GreenGeeks have been the company that is in the hosting business for more than 12 years. This is an achievement from a web hosting service provider and currently, they are hosting more than 500,000 websites.

Additionally, the company even offers 99.98% uptime which is another better thing. With this, your website will load almost every single time and you will not face downtime issues.

Further, I even tested the speed of GreenGeeks and the same was truly amazing. Yes, with a speed of 445ms, the website loaded at a much faster scale.

Going ahead, GreenGeeks has also been on the top-notch end. In this scenario, they almost deliver every sort of customer support needed for the people to contact.

Right from phone support to email and live chat support, each of the support systems has been on the top-notch end.

Additionally, I tested the customer support of GreenGeeks and was amazed by the results. I tried the live chat support and every single time, an agent was present to listen to my queries.

Speaking about the plans of GreenGeeks, each plan comes with a one-year free domain. This is a good thing from the company as you can save some good money on the domain.

Plus, they even offer CPanel, free Wildcard SSL, PowerCacher, unlimited SSD Storage, and with unlimited Data Transfer, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Additionally, GreenGeeks even offers unlimited email account and with night backups, you can be sure that your data is kept secure.

More Features of GreenGeeks

For the start, you can opt for GreenGeeks starter plans. Also, if your website is growing bigger, you can then go ahead and choose GreenGeeks’ higher-priced plans.

With this, you can upgrade to another flexible hosting from GreenGeeks and get much higher performance.

Right in the end, the company even offers a massive 30-days money-back guarantee. With such assurance, you can easily choose any of the plans of GreenGeeks.

After which, even if you don’t like the plans, you can simply ask for a refund, without an issue.

Check GreenGeeks Plans

5. Dreamhost


 Speaking about one of the oldest hosting companies will bring Dreamhost into the spotlight. Yes, the company is pretty old and currently, they are hosting more than 1.5 million websites and different blogs.

This is of course, a staggering number where they are hosting websites of people in over 100 countries.

According to the last 24 months data, I got an average uptime of 99.94% from Dreamhost. Yes, this is one of the best uptime from a web hosting service provider where I faced absolutely no sort of downtime issues.

Additionally, coming down towards the speed section of Dreamhost, I got a speed of around 640 ms. Although this sort of speed is low than above competitors, still it gets the job done pretty perfectly.

Going ahead to compare web hosting, Dreamhost as a hosting provider even delivers monthly payment options. Yes, instead of yearly plans, you can choose the monthly plan and pay in the best possible way.

Further, you can also sign up for the starter plan of Dreamhost if you are a beginner. On the other hand, you can also opt for the 3-year plan where the pricing of web hosting will be reduced to some good limits.

Additionally, Dreamhost as a company even offers the drag and drop builder. With this, you don’t need any sort of coding skills and you can easily design your website in the best possible way.

More Features of Dreamhost


On the other hand, Dreamhost as a company offers brilliant security features where they offer free SSL certificates. With a free SSL certificate, you can be sure that your site will be kept secure.

Further, speaking about some more features of Dreamhost, they also offer unlimited data transfer, one-click WordPress installations, and many more things.

On top of that, with the help of WordPress one-click installation, you don’t have to do much. In this case, you can easily perform the One-Click installation and simply install WordPress, the fastest way.

Additionally, the company doesn’t use traditional CPanel. In this scenario, they make use of their very own custom CPanel.

Going ahead, the company also offers amazing 24×7 Customer service support. With this, there is no need to do much where you can easily make use of 24×7 customer support.

Moving ahead, the company even offers a 97-Day refund policy. With this, you can easily purchase their hosting and try every single feature. After which, you can test their hosting and if you don’t like the same, you can go ahead and ask for a refund.

Even in the refund, no questions will be asked and you can easily take your refund, in the best possible way.

Check DreamHost Plans

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6. Siteground

Moving ahead to compare web hosting from different service providers, Siteground is yet another most powerful service.

Yes, this is one of the oldest web hosting services that was founded back in the year 2004. Here, the company is from Bulgaria, and currently, they are hosting more than 2 million domains and websites.

This number is quite staggering and is officially recommended by Also, as per the 24 months data, the company offers massive 99.99% uptime.

Further, in terms of the speed, the adequate speed of Siteground is 673 ms making it a top-class web hosting service.

Going ahead, the company has been known for its amazing and brilliant customer service support. Here, whether you are thinking to opt for the phone call support, live chat, and email support, each support from a company like Siteground has been above par.

Moving ahead, I tested the customer support from Siteground, and it has been above par. Here, I contacted them via phone call and the company support staff picked the call, instantly.

In terms of the pricing, Siteground pricing has been on the top class end too. In this scenario, you can either purchase the low-cost plans along with higher ones, you can choose any plan and easily host your website, without an issue.

More Features of Siteground

Speaking about different web hosting offered by Siteground, they deliver WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and many more.

Plus, instead of using their very own servers, the company rents the servers from Google cloud. With this, you will get quality web hosting and the speed will be above par.

Last but not the least, to compare web hosting of Siteground with other ones, it also offers 30 days money-back guarantee. With such a money-back guarantee, you can easily opt for their services and test the same.

After testing, if you don’t like the same, you can easily ask for a refund and no questions will be asked.

Check SiteGround Plans

7. A2 hosting

a2 hosting

Speaking about yet another hosting company, A2 hosting is the one that has grown from scratch. Yes, it’s one of the fastest web hosting companies available that have delivered exceptional performance, every single time.

Speaking about the speed performance of A2 hosting, I tested it and got an amazing speed of 317 ms. With this, you will get better loading time which I tested for a period of 24 months.

Going ahead with the servers of A2 hosting, they offer whopping fast servers that are reliable. Each of the servers is optimized for WordPress and with the use of LiteSpeed Cache, you don’t have to look anywhere.

Since I have reviewed plenty of hosting services, I can say that A2 hosting has done wonders. In terms of the uptime offered by A2 hosting, it has been around 99.93%. With such uptime, you don’t have to worry about the website going down in any of the cases.

Plus, A2 hosting as a company is known to work with almost every single content management platform. Here, you can easily work with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many more.

On top of that, the company even delivers different hosting plans where they even offer a free SSL Certificate. Yes, with free SSL, you don’t have to worry about anything in terms of security.

Your website will be kept secure from any sorts of attacks, in every possible scenario.

More Features of A2 Hosting

Uptime and Speed

Taking a look at more features of A2 hosting, they offer unlimited SSD storage where the servers are extremely fast.

Plus, if you are thinking to move your website from another hosting provider to A2 hosting, the company does it free of cost for you.

Yes, all you need is to contact their customer support and let them know about the websites you got to migrate. Once you have sent your request, the company will take a few days and until the migration is done, then you can go ahead and use your website with A2 hosting.

Speaking about the customer care from A2 hosting, it has been on the top class end. Here, you will get 24x7x365 customer support from every single perspective.

With this, regardless of your queries, you can easily contact their customer support and get your issues resolved in the perfect way.

Moving ahead to compare web hosting of A2 hosting with other ones, they offer almost every type of hosting.

Right from dedicated hosting to shared and even the VPS ones, A2 hosting as a web hosting company offers each of those, in an affordable way.

Last but not least, A2 hosting even offers 30-Days money-back guarantee. With this, there is no need to panic even after purchasing the packages of the A2 hosting.

Hence, you can easily ask for a refund, get the same, and host your website with other servers.

Still, on an honest note, as far as I have tested A2 hostinghosting services, I have got amazing speed along with performance.

Therefore, from my end, it’s a thumbs up for A2 hosting hosting services as they deliver quality that has been proven from time to time.

Check A2Hosting Plans

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Final Word of Mouth: Compare Web Hosting 2020 & Beyond

Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, you must have got a comparison along with features of every single hosting service provider. Yes, every hosting service provider has got its own USP.

Right from offering brilliant hosting services to enhanced customer service support, each of the web hosting providers mentioned above is quality ones.

Still, if you will ask my opinion about the three best of all hosting providers from above, they are as follows.

Comparison Winners:

  • Siteground
  • Bluehost
  • A2 Hosting

Yes, the top three hosting services are present right above you. These hosting services excel in almost every single parameter.

Hence, from your end, you have got quite a good choice of different hosting service providers you can easily choose.

Therefore, all depends on your decision and the choices you take to choose a better hosting company.

Without a doubt, go ahead, choose the best of all hosting companies from above, host your website, and generate traffic along with revenue, altogether.

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