Cloudways Review: Is this The Best WordPress Managed Hosting? [2020]

cloudways review

If you are someone who is constantly looking for the best of all managed WordPress hosting, you have come to the right place.

Yes, for the people who want an affordable yet high-performance hosting, Cloudways is a company that can do wonders for you. Thankfully, I have done all the research where I have got for you a complete Cloudways review.

Even currently, not many companies are present that can offer effective hosting at decent pricing. Almost each one of them boasts of the features but seeing the reality, things become a lot different.

Altogether, coming down at the Managed WordPress hosting from Cloudways, they have changed a lot of things. Using their hosting services, you can get a much faster hosting, managed, and deal with no headaches.

On top of that, the cloud hosting platform offers different sort of features that is based on solid infrastructure. If you are someone who needs a cloud hosting to scale up your existing website, Cloudways is the one that can do it for you.

Hence, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive Cloudways hosting review, right in this article.


Cloudways Review

Cloudways hosting review

Well, you must have seen many Cloudways reviews where they skip most of the essential features.

As the company is driven in Europe right on the Malta island, Cloudways was founded back in the year 2009 by Aaqib Gadit, Uzair Gadit, and Pere Hospital. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back where it has grown into a sustainable web hosting company.

Right now, the company is run by plenty of people where they have got their offices in Dubai and in Spain. Altogether, they also have 12000+ Servers and with over 8000+ users, you can be assured about this sort of hosting.

Being said that, Cloudways is an affordable hosting where you can effectively choose any of the plans from Cloudways.

Plus, coming down to the Managed WordPress hosting company offers, it’s suited to every single budget and the needs.

A Take on Cloudways Managed WordPress hosting

 Well, coming down at Cloudways, the company offers the best of all Managed WordPress hosting for the sites that want to host on WordPress platforms.

Also, unlike other hosting companies, the data in Cloudways is stored on Cloud servers. With this, you will get a much better-improved performance regardless of the data center you choose.

On top of that, the company offers a complex algorithm that effectively handles every single data. Right from copying the data to delivering each data, Cloudways hosting has always been a reliable one.

With this, rapid deployment of server resources occurs which offers much greater performance along with an improved sense of reliability.

Why you must choose Cloudways on Top of Traditional hosting?

If we talk about traditional hosting, data is stored on to traditional servers where the single backup is available. Also, with this, those servers will not be able to offer you the best of all data speed along with reliability.

Moving ahead in this Cloudways review, each of the user data with this hosting is stored right in the clouds. Yes, the data gets stored in multiple servers where each cloud server delivers maximum performance and output.

Also, since your website content is stored on multiple servers, you will have tons of backup with the same. With this, even if your website crashes, you can restore the backup from any point in time.

Additionally, as your website has got backups on different servers, you can easily migrate your website too.

What’s more? Well, the Cloudways hosting also offers better uptime where you will get good speed in every single scenario. With better uptime, your website will remain up and running for a much longer duration.

Plus, the servers offered by Cloudways can detect user locations that allow users to transmit data from one server to another.

Further, Cloudways hosting offers faster loading times when we compare it with traditional hosting. Additionally, with the help of SSD drives, you are bound to get a much faster loading performance along with security.

What about security?

What about security

Talking about security, different cloud hosting providers such as Cloudways offer a good amount of security when we compare it with other hosting companies.

Yes, the company makes use of greater and advanced security metrics where each of the data can be processed in a secure environment.

On top of that, one of the best and popular reasons to choose Cloudways hosting over other hosting is scalability.

In this Cloudways review, the servers of Cloudways hosting has always been scalable. With this, they have the capability to scale up their servers on a quick note.

With this, the company becomes ideal for a large product, one-off campaigns along with large corporations.

What about Cloudways Pricing Structure?

cloudways review

Well, the best is saved for the last where the pricing of Cloudways is one brilliant one. While there are plenty of hosting service providers that offer annual, bi-annual, or even tri-annual subscriptions, Cloudways delivers pay as you go pricing module.

With this, you only have to pay for the resource you are using which is one of the best things.

Yes, it’s a massive plus where you can use the resources and pay only for that stuff. This gradually helps to reduce the cost where you can then invest your money in other essential stuff.

Cloudways Review: Key features

Yes, Cloudways as a company has done wonders where they deliver some of the best working and world-class features.  Here, once you will choose Cloudways hosting, there is no need to worry even for a second.

As a major hosting service provider, the company effectively takes care of the backups, SSL installations, Redirects, speed, uptime, and tons of other stuff.

However, speaking about every single Cloudways server, not each of them is the same. The company delivers tons of server options whereas you can differentiate the same based on Memory, Storage, bandwidth, and even processing power.

Being said that, regardless of the Managed WordPress hosting package you choose, you will be benefited with the given below features:

1. Free Website Migrations

Free Website Migrations

Speaking about the first-ever feature from Cloudways, free website migration is a better one. Yes, there are tons of companies that offer this feature but they consume cost for the same.

On the other hand, with Cloudways, you don’t have to pay even a single penny on the same. Here, the company will perform website migration for your site, free of cost.

Here, all you need is to offer them your website credentials. Thereafter, the company will take a few days for the entire website migration.

Once migration is done, then you can easily go ahead and use your website on new servers.

Well, the process is much simpler where all you can do is to focus on your website and migration will be done by the company.

2. Fast Server Speeds

Cloudways review

Cloudways as a hosting service company makes use of CDN to offer faster speeds to each of client websites. Yes, with faster server speeds, the website will load fast that can enable people to stick to the user’s website.

Plus, with the use of CDN, your website will not face any sort of downtime issues. In the current date scenario, Cloudflare has become one of the best-used platforms where Cloudways uses the same mechanism.

The results are clear to you where you will get good uptime and better loading speeds.

3. Auto Healing

Moving ahead in this Cloudways review, with Cloudways managed WordPress hosting, you don’t have to worry for anything.

Additionally, the company makes use of the Auto-healing feature where they automatically search and resolves any sort of issues.

This effectively reduces the risk for your website crashing where it will remain up and running. Also, Cloudways time to time performs auto-healing which gradually helps to resolve tons of issues.

4. FireWall

Cloudways review

Well, in an open world of internet most of the websites are being attacked by hackers. There are tons of cyber-attacks being carried out where websites can be targeted by hackers and data can be stolen.

On top of that, Cloudways as a hosting company has always able to repent the attacks from their servers. Yes, they make use of a potential firewall which helps to protect the company servers against different sorts of attacks.

Plus, for your WordPress sites, you can simply make use of their Firewall where maximum protection can be obtained.

5. Let’s Encrypt SSL


Well, from the company end to help improve website security, they offer an exclusive SSL for the same. Yes, you can effectively add an SSL certificate to your blog where it will make your site, a lot secure.

Also, with an SSL Certificate, you can encrypt your website security and can deflect any sort of malware along with viruses.

6. Two Factor Authentication

Going ahead in this Cloudways review, two-factor authentication is another essential factor you must opt for. From the company end, they deploy the two-factor authentication where it forms an additional layer of security.

With this, it will protect your website against every sort of malicious attack along with viruses. After this, your website will be kept in a lot more secure position where data will be kept secured.

8. One-Click Plugin and App Install

One-Click Plugin and App Install

Nothing can be worse in a digital world than spending hours downloading and install different apps and plugins.

Well, Cloudways as a company has done better where they have offered One-Click App along with Plugin installation.

Here, you don’t have to spend hours for the app installation where you can simply click and the app will be installed, very moment.

This gradually will save a lot of your time where you can easily install different apps and plugins just with one click.

8. One-Click Setup

One-Click Setup

Going ahead in this Cloudways review, a One-Click setup is something you don’t want to miss out on. With One-Click setups, not only you can install different apps, plugins but you can also set up an all-new WordPress site with the help of One-Click Setup.

Here, you can use the One-Click setup to effectively install the website right on the Cloudways server.

Well, the entire setup is just one click away which can effectively install WordPress application on the server.

9. Cloning and Staging

Cloning and Staging

Moving forward with Cloudways Staging, you can pre-test any sort of changes right before you implement it in the actual website.

This type of thing becomes handy for people who want to experiment on their website time after time.

With Staging, you can effectively make sure that the things are looking perfect before you can implement it on your website.

Similarly, you can even clone your website and make different copies for the same. This becomes quite handy in the case of backups where you can switch back your site, servers along with showcasing your site to different clients.

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10. Advanced Caching

Advanced Caching

Speaking about the Cloudways infrastructure, it comes with 5 different types of providers in the form of Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Vultr, and even Google Cloud. Well, each of these cloud servers offers SSD that delivers high performance for every single user website.

On top of that, the company makes use of different caching mechanisms that effectively maximize server optimization.

Out of which, one primary caching plugin from the company is Breeze. This plugin gradually supports Cloudways CDN where it helps to improve the overall performance of the website

Plus, the plugin along with CDN helps to leverage the images, apply lazy load times, and gradually increase the speed of the websites.

11. Vertical Scaling

Moving ahead with the vertical scaling section, if your website is growing and you find a need to upgrade your server, Vertical Scaling from Cloudways can be a lot helpful. At times, you can also find the need to upgrade your servers and in this case, Vertical scaling is the sole key.

Here, you can find Vertical scaling right under the “Server Management” Tab. With Vertical Scaling, you can effectively increase or even decrease server resources as per your needs.

All you need is to perform a few clicks after which you can do the same, without an issue.

12. Good Customer Support

Customer Support

In this Cloudways review, if you look from a customer’s point of view, good customer support has formed the basis of the success of any company.

Of course, none of the users want to be waited for hours to let their queries resolved. Each one of them wants better customer support and that is what Cloudways offers.

With Cloudways, the company delivers 24×7 Customer service support. Yes, you can use Cloudways to send along with receive data where you will not face any sort of issue.

Plus, right from email, phone support to live chat support, you will get every possible support from the company.

What’s more? Even if you don’t want to contact their customer service support, the company offers a pool of knowledge base for users. Here, you can easily read about your website issues and try to fix those on your own.

Still, coming down at the live chat, it has impressed me to tons of extents. In this scenario, I tested the company’s live chat many a times and every time, they responded, pretty well.

Yes, the support is pretty quick where you don’t need to do much with them. All you need is to connect with their customer support and they will resolve the things for you.

In this scenario, before you can actually chat with their customer support, the bot will automatically ask you for the possible issues.

If the bot is unable to resolve the issues, then it will pass the same to a customer support executive.

Altogether, the process with Cloudways is fast where you will not face many sorts of issues. All you need is to contact them and they are quick enough to resolve each of your queries, the better way.

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What are the other things you can access from Cloudways Cpanel?

Well right in the Cloudways control panel, you can find tons of things you can access. In this scenario, you can go into the Server Management tab and find the following things:

  • Security

In addition to the Firewall and SSL Certificates, the company offers yet another security tab. This eventually shows that the company cares for its users where it allows you to keep data of white List IP Addresses.

Using those IP Addresses, you can access the server and perform changes as per your convenience.

  • Monitoring

Going ahead in this Cloudways review, Monitoring is yet another feature you will love from Cloudways. With Monitoring, the company will look after your server from time to time. Here, it will see that everything is working fine or not where they also help in removing any sort of malware and viruses.

Plus, you can effectively monitor 15 things including the disk space, traffic, idle CPU, and many more things.

  • BackupsBackups

For any website whether it’s a new one or an established website, Backups have become one of the most essential things. Yes, every single user needs a constant backup for their website and that is what Cloudways delivers.

Here, the company offers automatic backups where you can back up every single day or after several day gaps.

On top of that, Cloudways offers you the option to perform manual backup for your websites. With this, all you need is to just tap on the backup button.

After this, the process of backup will start and you will be informed once the backup is done.

  • Crash Protection

Nothing can be worse for a website user who has to deal with the crashing of their websites. This is a heartbreaking situation where every single thing for your website can come to an end.

Thankfully, Cloudways offers an exclusive Crash Protection where they offer the Vertical Scaling feature. With this feature, you have the chance to adjust Cloud resources as per your convenience.

With this, you will never ever feel short of options where everything will be in your hands. Along with that, your website will not face any issues with website crashes where even if that happens, the company has got another backup for you.

Can Cloudways handle e-Commerce?


In this Cloudways review, this is a question tons of people might want to ask. Well, Cloudways offers a different range of e-Commerce options where each option is designed to make your selling as easy as possible.

Currently, this hosting platform is hosting more than 10,000+ e-Commerce stores. This is quite a big number where they are offering different features along with hosting.

For instance, if you are hosting an e-commerce website with Cloudways, you will get far better reliability support. Also, your pages will load in a much faster way where customers will find no issue to purchase from your website.

What’s the Uptime of Cloudways?

What’s the Uptime of Cloudways

Coming down right at the section of Cloudways Uptime, I tested the same plenty of times. Well, as you know, the company has partnered with some of the biggest cloud-based platforms.

Including all those things, the uptime from Cloudways has always been above par. Every single time I tested the company’s uptime, it came out to be above 99%.

This is quite a staggering number where if you have a solid uptime, your website will not face many issues.

Plus, you will get far better loading time where your users will enjoy being on your website surfing for different kinds of stuff.

Altogether, the company’s uptime has been always above par where they make use of the best and world-class data centers.

A Take on Load Times of Cloudways

Speaking about any website that is available over the internet, the speed load time is one of the most crucial factors. If a website has got better speed load time, tons of benefits will come their way.

Well, in the case of Cloudways, each WordPress website hosted with Cloudways delivers around 50% faster speed load time than other companies.

This is absolutely amazing where you can easily host a multiple of your websites on the Cloudways server.

Plus, different types of technologies that Cloudways uses are as follows:

  • Varnish
  • Memcached
  • Apache
  • Ngnix

Well, if the same isn’t enough, some more technologies which Cloudways uses is as follows:

  • MySQL
  • Redis

Altogether, with the use of the above technologies, your website is bound to load at a pretty much faster scale.

Along with that, there are other strong features from the company that makes Cloudways, one of the best hosting platforms.

Additionally, if I wanted to put everything in simpler words, I can say that Cloudways hosting is really fast. Here, you won’t face much speed issues and combined with features, it’s performance has gone to exponential heights.

Conclusion: Cloudways Review

Coming at the concluding phase of the Cloudways review, the entire detailed review of this hosting company is right in front of you.

Yes, Cloudways is packed with some of the best features where you will not feel short of anything.

Right from secured servers, hosting speed, security, uptime to almost the next-level customer service support, you will not feel short of anything.

Hence, at this stage, the entire Cloudways review is right in front of you where all you need is one thing.

Easily analyze the entire hosting plans and see which one is the best fit for you.

Additionally, if you are eager to look for the plans and see which one is the best fit for you, I have done the work for you.  Simply, you can TAP HERE and you go straight to the company’s plans page.

From there, you can easily look after the plans, choose a good one, and host your website in the best and marvelous way.


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