How to Choose Perfect Niche for your Blog? (TOP WAYS) [2021 Updated]

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Starting up with the basics, in order to choose a perfect niche for your blog isn’t a cakewalk. There is a number of the process involved in the same and after that, a perfect and good niche is guaranteed.

Therefore, if you are someone who is eager to select a good niche, this article is a valuable one for you. Right in this article, you will get to know different ways that you can choose and eventually go on building a perfect niche blog.

So, without wasting any sort of further time, let’s go ahead and unwrap the step-by-step way to select a better niche for your blog.

The Process to Choose a Perfect Niche for your Blog

Choose Perfect Niche for your Blog

There are bloggers who know their niche while there are some who take time in choosing those. Also, there are people who have got the passion and the ambition to start a blog on the basis of passion with existing business ventures.

Additionally, there are other branded bloggers who don’t have a clue on choosing that perfect niche.

Hence, given below is a detailed list of processes that you can follow in selecting a good niche.

So, let’s begin.

  1. Write down the things you are interested in

What are things you love to do or talk about? Yes, in such a scenario, you can jot down these things as it will give you a more level of clarity.

Additionally, you will have to think about each of the possibilities at this stage and see whether those things will work out or not.

It’s absolutely fine if some of your niche ideas will work better from others. Also, you must know that none of the ideas are bad. All the things depend upon your interest whether you are interested in that particular niche or not.

For example, there can be instances when your listing can look like this:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Camping
  • Golf
  • Traveling
  • Small Businesses
  • Quentin

The moment you have made your list, then you will have much better clarity on the niche you are eager to choose. Plus, you can even choose among different ideas and see which those ideas that work the best for you are.

Plus, there can be instances when a particular blog has got the true potential. With this, you can certainly pay more attention to those blogs as those are the ones that can earn good revenue for you.

  1. Think about different Blogs, Magazines, and the books you read

Going ahead to choose a perfect niche for your blog, you will have to think and analyze different blogs. There might be some blogs that you love to the core and here, you can analyse those blogs.

Additionally, there are chances where you can have a wide range of interests you might be interested in. In such a scenario, your focus might be reading, personality development, and many more.

Plus, you will have to perform brainstorming in such a case where you might get some sort of recommendations.

On top of that, you can even write down on different topics along with better blog headlines. Here, you can choose among different blogs, magazines and see which is that blogging theme that suits you the very best.

After a perfect series of brainstorming, you will get the true idea of choosing a niche and then go ahead with that one.

  1. List out your Past Hobbies, Experiences, and Jobs

Choose Perfect Niche for your Blog

What are different jobs that you have done during the Pandemic? In such a scenario, you can write each of the things down. Plus, you can jot down on the hobbies and see which are those hobbies that can be a true masterpiece for you.

Indeed, even from hobbies, you can create your very blog in the best possible way. In such a scenario, you can write down each of the things where you can even add sports as and when you want.

Also, while you don’t want to start your blog at the earliest, you can find out different elements that makes a blog successful.

Yes, you can either choose a broader niche or you can narrow down a niche, as per your liking.

For example, if you are a designer in an ad agency or you are good at sketching, these can be some wonderful ideas to start off your blog.

Additionally, even if you have done some blogging jobs in the past, you can easily try and pull down different insights.

With this, you will have a fair idea to choose a better blogging niche and then earn money, the best ever way.

  1. List out Significant things you have achieved

There are tons of significant blogs that teach people to do some extraordinary thing.

Right from teaching the art of life to teaching digital photography to other things, there are a number of things you can do.

Additionally, there are significant things or even accomplishments that you have  that can be as follows:

  • Lost weight and maintained similar weight
  • Got rid of debt
  • Run a Marathon
  • Remain married for a period of 30 years

Indeed, each of the above things is achievements that most of people would love to have. Plus, you can even learn about different things related to blogging from various sources.

  1. Run Through a list of some Potential Topics

Yes, to choose a perfect niche for your blog, you got to run through different topics that can be a better one for you.

For instance, if you are willing or have the will to find some real good potential topics, given below are some quality ones as follows:

  • Personal Finances

Here, you can run across different sub-topics such as debt, increased income, reducing down the expenses, or even investing

  • Health and Wellness

This thing covers huge loss of areas such as weight loss, health problems, mental health, and other alternative therapies.

  • Parenting

It includes parenting at different levels such as babies, school kids, toddlers, adult kids along with different parenting methods.

  • Self-Improvement

This thing could be targeted at divergent age groups such as mid-life professionals, college groups, students, and other people possessing different styles.

  • Building Websites

This thing can include your technical skills in writing about the topics on building a website from scratch, best website builders, and many more.

Now, while it cannot ideal for picking a blog niche, you can still brainstorm different ideas. Here, you can choose among the topics that come first in your brain. Then, you can eventually make your way into more micro-niche topics.

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Key Questions to Answer When Picking Blog Niche


By now, you must have got at least a couple of niche ideas that can be beneficial for you. Even more, I have jotted down a few questions that can help you test out and different ideas.

Here, you can answer the given below questions and then you can easily evaluate the potential of a particular niche.

Q1. Are you interested Enough in this Blog Niche?

Yes, this is the very first question that straight away should come into your mind. Here, it’s tempting to choose a niche blog idea that you think is a lucrative and revenue-making one.

In this scenario, the problem with this approach is that if you find competition in any of those niche, then you may lose interest over time.

Further, you can even hire authors who can eventually write your blog content, the better way.

Now, you don’t have to pick a niche just because you like those. In this case, you must understand and see if there is any money-making potential in the same or not.

If the answer is Yes, then you can go ahead and show your interest in that blog niche.

Choose a Niche you are Genuinely Interested In

While you can think that your personal level of interest is unimportant, it’s crucial to compare tons of other factors. Yes, this thing is first on the list for which you got to take into consideration.

If you are not interested in a niche, then there is no point to try and build a blog around that. Plus, you will not have the enthusiasm to carry it for years to come.

Q2. Do you have enough knowledge on the Blog Niche

Moving ahead in choosing a perfect niche for your blog, there are a number of things you got to take into consideration.

Here, if you are eager to build a successful blog, you got to be able to write different posts that readers will find helpful.

On the other hand, if you are someone who doesn’t have to spend your hours in researching on every single line of your blog posts, then you can hire content writers to write different content.

Plus, you got to choose a topic on which you know least the basics. Once you know the basics, then you can expand your knowledge and go into more depth.

On the other hand, from a reader’s perspective, they can expect from you to have at least some sort of degree or even experience.

Yes, everyone likes to listen from experts and if you are an expert in a particular field, then you can make a reader base and even revenue from the same.

More on Blog Niche Knowledge

Also, there are tons of different blog niches where you will not need any sort of formal qualifications.

Plus, the readers will also be happy to learn about weight loss on a budget. The same type of thing goes with blogging tips that people would love to hear.

In such cases, people won’t want you to be experts or even professionals, financial experts, personal trainers.

Now, if you are someone who is starting a blog that covers legal matters, then the readers must expect you to be trained as a lawyer or accountant.

Only then, there are chances that you will have the true knowledge to blog about that topic and make readers compel, with the same.

Q3. Is there any sort of Paying Audience for your Niche?

Yes, to choose a perfect niche for your blog, identifying the earning potential is also something, you got to take into consideration.

Aside from blogging, there should be a potential of earning that can help you make revenue.

Therefore, if you have got a niche you are interested in, then you are free to blog on the same. In these cases, you can even have a look at the revenue earning potential of that particular niche.

On the other hand, for a blog niche to work and make money, you first need to have a good amount of audience base. With this, you can promote products in your blog article that can help you make substantial revenue from the same.

Once you have built trust with your audiences, then you can easily sell them your products or even the courses.

Altogether, to sell off anything to your audiences, you got to first build a better and an effective reader base.

Once the trust between you and your readers is established, then you can easily promote products, services and make a decent amount of money.

Q4. How are most of the people searching for a Particular Niche?

Now, if you are someone who hasn’t come up with plenty of keywords, then you will have to perform potential keyword research.

In this scenario, you can make use of popular keyword research tools such as AHREF and SEMRUSH.

Yes, you can choose any of the above tools for keyword research as each of the tools are quality one.

You can simply search for the particular keyword and you will get tons of suggestions regarding the same

After which, you can easily see the keyword difficulty and the ones that are bringing the traffic. Thereafter, choose the proper keyword and write an article to drive a good amount of traffic.

What is the Safe Number of Monthly Searches you need from a Keyword?

Well, roughly, you need a keyword to have at least 1,000 monthly searches if you are willing to get any amount of traffic from them.

Yes, even if the search number is greater than 1000 monthly searches, then too you are pretty good to go.

Also, you must make sure that at the initial stages, the keyword difficulty is minimal for the keywords. In case if the keyword difficulty is high, then you will have to face plenty of issues in order to rank each of those keywords.

Check for different Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing

Indeed moving ahead to choose the perfect niche for your blog, you will have to check for different affiliate programs. In such a case, partnering with the right affiliate program is essential if you are willing to make a good amount of money.

Yes, if you can partner with the right affiliate program for your website, then you can make some of the best amounts of revenue.

In this case, you can try and look at different affiliate programs over the internet. One of the popular affiliate programs is Amazon Associates which you can choose and sell Amazon products.

In return for selling the products, you will get brilliant commissions from the platform.

Likewise, if you own a software product website, you can look at such programs over the internet.

Yes, there is a program for almost every single good product over the internet. All you need here is a good amount of research so that you can select a better program, promote products and make good revenue.

A Take on the Perfect Niche Ideas

Now, to choose the perfect niche for your blog there might be times when you might find yourself in a series of confusion.

There can be random thoughts in your brain related to a niche and you can get struck to search for a better one.

Additionally, there are people who are surfing the internet to find that one good niche but are finding things difficult.

  • Personal finances, even getting out of debt, or a blog on using a credit card responsibly
  • Investing, navigating the stock market, minimalism, frugal living, etc
  • Small Business marketing advice, digital advertising, tax tips, coaching, sales, etc.
  • Healthy eating along with nutrition, wellness, spirituality, yoga, and meditation
  • Recipes and other meal preparation tutorials, exploring different restaurants in your area/ city
  • Hiking, trekking, running, rock climbing, skating, biking, or even mountaineering
  • Backpacking, traveling, solo traveling, sightseeing Europe
  • Weightlifting, fitness, training for events, endurance sports
  • Photography, portrait photography, wedding photography
  • Baseball, Soccer, golfing, tennis hockey, volleyball, football, basketball
  • Parenting, solo parenting, raising children, advice for the fathers
  • Action movie reviews, TV show discussions such as Game of thrones
  • Self-improvement, productivity, book reviews, interview tips, career advice
  • Relationships, advice for marriages, science physics, astronomy, psychology, and many more

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Some Essential Things to Keep in Mind

In the process to choose the perfect niche for your blog, there are some essential things that you will have to keep in mind. Among those things, you must always make your starting point focus clear.

Yes, this is something that is often overlooked where people don’t have the true sense of clarity. Once you have the clarity, then you can possibly decide on other things related to a particular niche.

Also, in selecting a niche, you must choose a niche that has got the potential to make money.

Every blogger eventually must pick a blog niche… and it’s important to not simply pick a distinct segment randomly (or even because you think that it’s getting to cause you to tons of money).

If you would like to create a successful business and drive real traffic to your blog, you’ll need a profitable blog niche concept you’re happy to stay with for an extended time to return

Here’s your 3-step blog niche checklist to hit the bottom running with. Confirm that you:

  • Brainstorm many blog niche ideas before you get too attached to at least one. Don’t assume that you simply r the first idea is your best! There could be a far better possibility that you haven’t even thought of yet.
  • Run through the list of niche tests during this guide to forming sure your chosen blog niche is probably going to possess an honest chance of success. If you discover that it’s not getting to be an honest one for creating money from your blog, it’s time to rethink your choice of blog niche (if you propose to eventually monetize your blog).
  • Validate your blog niche before you plan to it. Come up with ideas, write guest posts, start a Facebook page and finally—publish a couple of articles on your blog to ascertain how early readers react before you go beat on investing during this particular blog niche. Don’t make the blogging mistake of investing plenty of monetary resources into your site before you’ve proven its legs.

Do this, and you’ll be setting yourself up for fulfilment right from the beginning together with your blog.

Final Word of Mouth

Yes, each of the better and good steps to choose the perfect niche for your blog is all given above.

Each of the above ways is brilliant ones and if you can follow them correctly, you are pretty close to choosing a brilliant niche.

Further, you must even look at the potential of the niche you are willing to choose. In such a scenario, you can carefully follow up with each of the above steps.

Then, you can choose the perfect niche for your blog, set up an overall blog, and make a great amount of revenue, without issues.

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