Where To Cash Check With Low Or Without Fees [13 Brilliant Ways]

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Everyone likes the moment when we receive a check and we have plans to use it. Everybody loves check the most important is to cash it. 

Everyone wants to cash checks for free. Who likes to cut their pocket paying extra charges to get cash?

There are various methods you can use to get your check cashed in quick time and save money without any time consumption. 

You do not need to wait long to cash a check and nowadays it’s pretty easy to do it because of many companies, institutions, and even stores giving facilities to cash a check. 

You need to know how they work before you go to them or apply from your phone or computer. 

I would say the best way of cashing a check is going to the bank and deposit it or take a picture and apply it online. 

The banks have made many things easy for their customers to do the task from your fingertips. 

I know who doesn’t have a bank account can struggle for this, but there are many other ways to get cash. 

See the list of check cashing points and choose whichever is comfortable for you. 

Cash A Check Near Me

When you have a check you must be finding options to cash it, but before you go ahead you should know which method is can be the cheaper option for you. 

I have made a list where you can go through and find it your nearby area. There are many ways you can do it online by taking a picture and upload it if you do not want to go out otherwise there are many stores you can visit to where you can cash a check in quick time. 

You do have an option to visit a bank. This is what I am going to share with you in this article so that you have an idea which is the cheaper and time-saving method to cash a check.

Where Can You Cash Checks?

Cashing a check is possible, but yes there is little extra procedure you need to follow to get money quickly. 

I know that not having a bank account is a kind of challenge, especially who those who get checks every month, but you do not need to worry on that because I am going to share with you the other methods that you can use and have your check cash in lesser time. 

Just go through the list and have an idea so that you find what is comfortable and nearest for you. 

1. Instant Cash At Walmart

So, how to cash a check at Walmart?

Walmart is one of the well-known supermarket where you can cash a check. Their branches are available in almost most of the places, especially in the United States. 

Yes, there are charges that cut the actual amount of your check but it’s not high. They charge around $4 for under $1000 check and $8 for over $1000 amount. 

The price changes as per the changes in policy, but they don’t do heavy changes. 

My advice to you is to cash a check at Walmart cashing point and ask for the price to cash a check and then decide whether you want to go ahead or not. If you find it heavy then you have many other options to move. 

Walmart accepts:

  • Insurance settlement.
  • Checks.
  • Retirement Disimbersement.
  • Money Order.
  • Tax check.
  • Retirement check
  • Government Check

They don’t accept personal checks.

2. Retail Or Grocery Stores

There are many retail stores that provides cashing check option at a cheaper rate. Many store even do it for $1. 

Not all retail store does that. You need to speak with the store manager or worker out there. 

You may think it’s easy, but it’s not that way. They may not accept your check if they think it’s spammy. 

If you have a good repo with them and you are a regular customer then there is a higher chance that they accept you check regularly. 

The charge could be around $3 for a check-up to $2000. If the check amount is high then the price may go up a little higher.

List of stores that you can visit:

  • Kmart
  • Safeway
  • Albertson’s
  • Winn Dixie
  • Shop & Shop

3. Visit The Nearest Bank

You can cash a check by visiting your local bank branch. If your bank account and check bank is the same then you may get instant withdrawal with no charges. Bank may ask you for your identification card and your bank details for the verification. Don’t forget to carry such. 

If you are not in a hurry with the money then it better to drop the check and let the money transferred to your bank account. 

If in case you do not have the same bank account that is appeared in the check then you can still visit the bank that is listed on the check and speak with the bank representative. 

There are higher chances that they cash the check without a fee. There is less possibility that they chare you a fee to encash. But the fee would not be much compared to the stores.

I would still advise you that you must ask them about the charges and then decide which option is cheaper for you. 

4. Region Bank (No bank account required)

Region Bank offers cash cashing services even though you don’t have a bank account with them. 

They are located at many locations in the United States. They do charge for cashing from 1% to 5% depending upon their policy. 

Region bank also provides discounts. You can ask them about the fee when you visit their store and don’t forget to ask about discounts so that some amount of fee gets compensated. 

5. 7Eleven Prepaid Card

If you have a 7Eleven then awesome, you now can deposit a check or take a picture and upload it using their app. 

7Eleven offers prepaid card services and you have many options to use it like shopping, paying bills and many more. 

It takes 48 hours to get cash transferred to your reloadable prepaid card. Once money get deposited you can then use the balance for your shopping. 

It’s one of the highly known especially for the one who wants to use check for cash and doesn’t want to use the bank. 

7Eleven has many Vcom checks where you can cash a check. You will see the automated touch screen Kiosk where you can find various options to use your money like paying bills and handle other financial transactions. 

6. Use Your Phone App

You can deposit money through a mobile app. It’s very simple. Simply create an account with Ingo App and download their app. 

One your account got created you just need to take picture of your check and upload it to the Ingo

You can transfer the check amount directly to your bank account. They have a standard fee of 2% for government and payroll checks. For other checks, the fee may go up to 5% with a minimum $5 fee per check. 

If in case you do not have the bank account then you can use the Paypal account which is highly known as an alternative to the bank. 

Paypal also offers debit card facilities that you can apply online. As simple as that. 

You can withdraw cash from the Paypal debit card from the Atm. There are many ways to do things you just need to find which one is better and cheaper for you. 

If you do not want to visit retail stores or Walmart then take a picture of your check and upload it from the app can be the best option for you. Thought it may get costlier for you but if you do not have time or want to save gas then this option can work out for you. 

The question of where to cash a check? It is now easy in this digital world. You will find various options to get your work done. 

7. Ask Your Company For Payroll Debit Card

There are many companies who issue direct deposit payroll debit card. In this case, your payroll gets directly transferred to your payroll debit card. 

You do not need to open a bank account or take a check from your boss. It’s an automated process. 

You will get all the details of your transaction from Atm or Online. This is one of the best options for the one who does not have a bank account. No need to run for a check to cash it. You have this option as well. Just speak with your HR or manager or your consultancy. 

8. Visit Your Credit Union

If you do not have your Credit Union account the go and get it. It most useful account to maintain your cash. 

You can visit their brand to cash the check. Credit union charges lower fee in doing many types of transactions. 

The minimum balance is also very low like $5. In most cases they are even cheaper than the bank.

Many banks charge a fixed fee or ask you to maintain a minimum balance to keep your account live.  

If your bank is charging you to cash a check then you must see the cheaper option to save your money. Credit Union is one of the option if you do not want to get into unnecessary fees.

9. Use Gas Station Stores

The gas station used to be the best option to redeem check, but nowadays they stop accepting a check in many stations due to fraudulent activity. 

You can still ask gas station store whether they accept checks or is there any other alternative available.

Gas Stations are now started keeping Kiosk where you can do a transaction from the touch screen. For example 7Eleven. 

There are some stations you can that provide facility of TravelCenters of America and Pilot Flying J.

You may not find those stations easily but you can Google it to check if there is any possibility to access these centers.

10. Prepaid Debit Card Options

Many banks and the financial institution offers reloadable debit cards where you and cash your check and get money in your debit card. 

Companies like Bluebird by American Express and Netspend allow people to deposit a check. 

They may charge you a fee for depositing a check. Check online about the charges so that you have a calculation on whether to go for it or not. 

Nowadays prepaid debit card is becoming favorable for the one who does not have a bank account. 

There are benefits and charges but anyways banks also charge for keeping your account live or make you maintain minimum balance. 

If you do not want to get into minimum balance charges then go for prepaid debit card. It may be cheaper option for you.

There are stores Walmart, Walgreen and many more who keeps reloadable debit cards.

You can speak with the manager and have advice about which one is perfect for you. 

11. Consider Payday Lending Stores

I won’t advise you to go to the payday lending store as they charge higher fee. If in case you do not have any option then you can try Payday. 

Make sure you aware about their fees before taking a decision. It’s better if you do some research On Google and see the rates of your nearby lending stores. 

The rates can be 5% of your total check amount or can be higer. So, it’s better if you calculate the fee and then go ahead if they are charging you less. 

12. Use Your Check At PLS Stores

PLS allows people to cash a personal check, payroll and government check. Yes, there is a fee to cash the check as per the amount you are withdrawing. 

The fee varies per amount on the check so, it’s better to speak with their representatives.

PLS stores is located in many parts of the United States such as California, Ohio, NewYork, Texas and many more. 

13. Endorsed A Check To Responsible

You can endorsed a check to your relatives and ask them a favor to encash the check.

Simply mention the name in the section called pay to the order and sign it. 

Your relative then can deposit a check and give you back as soon as the amount get credited. 

You need to have a trustworthy person to do this favor. It can be your relative or friend. 

Things To Remember

You need to have a clear idea of which is the cheaper option to cash a check. Do not get into heavy fee in rush. 

Carry an identification card that is accepted everywhere. 

Depositing or presenting a check directly to the bank can avoid charges. It’s a free method to get cash. 

If you visit stores or deposit a check through online non-banking institution then you will be charged a certain fee. So, it’s highly advisable to check rates for cashing a check. 

Cash A Check Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

There are some frequently asked questions that I would suggest you to go through it to have some better understanding. 

Where Can I Cash A Check For Free Of Cost?

The best method to cash a check for free is by visiting bank or credit union. 

visit the bank mention on the check and cash out instantly. You need to carry your ID card like Driving license or state I.D card. Carry the I.D card that is highly considered in every place. 

If you want your payroll check to be cashed then you can ask your company whether they provide payroll debit card.

You do not need to have a bank account if you have a payroll debit card. You can do shopping, withdrew money and do financial payment using the card. 

Many institutions does offer a free cashing option but make sure you read their terms and conditions related to charges. 

How To Cash A Check At Walmart?

To cash a check a Walmart is pretty easy. Just present the check at the check-cashing counter with your identification card. 

You will need to pay small fees to get cash. You do not need to do any kind of registration procedure. Walmart have made the system very simple.

Can I Cash A Check Online Without Bank Account?

Yes, you can. You can register with Ingo and have a PayPal account connected with Ingo. 

Apply for a Paypal prepaid debit card. Now Upload a check on Ingo account to deposit. As soon as the check gets cleared you get options to transfer. You can then transfer the money to your Paypal account.


There are many options available to cash a check but you need to keep in your mind that which option is best for you. 

If you do not have a bank account or do not want to get into bank account charges then you can go for Credit Union Account. The minimum balance to maintain the account is very to like $5. 

If you want to encash a check then simply visit the bank of the check with valid identification proof. 

The whole idea is, you should not spend extra for your check. There are options available to cash a check for free. 

If you still wanted to use other options then you can go through my list again and choose the one that you are comfortable with. 

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  1. Thanks for informing me that I should check the rates of nearby commercial check cashing services before cashing a check there since the rates can be 5% of the total amount of my check or higher. I just received a bonus from my boss through a check, and since I don’t have a checking account, I’m planning to cash it out through a check cashing store. I’ll follow your tip and compare the rates of various shops and calculate their fees.


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