Can You Make Money On Instagram? All You Need To Know

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Instagram has set up its own stage in the social network industry. It has over a billion users all around the world. 

This platform has also created an opportunity for people to make money. So, “can you make money on Instagram?”

The answer is yes, anyone can make money by applying strategies which I am going to share with you in this article. 

Many Instagrammers actively participating in Instagram and promote themselves or their startup to create an opportunity to make money fast.

All you need to do is post consistently and gain followers and views organically or by inviting people through different sources. 

You must be thinking of how many followers do you really need to make money on Instagram. Though followers are important, it also depends upon how you monetize your Instagram account. If you monetize your account properly then you can start making money with 10k followers. 

In this article, you will learn “how to make money on Instagram” and the important steps that every Instagram user should follow in terms of making money in the future. 

Can You Make Money On Instagram?

You can make money on Instagram through marketing by applying various strategies such as Instagram sponsored posts, IGTV, Stories, Promotions, Sharing website links in the bio, Advertise on Instagram and marketing products or services through uploading videos.  

Methods that bring earning through Instagram. 

Sponsorships – $500 – $1000 per sponsorships

Promote Your Startup – $100 a day or above

Affiliate Marketing – $80 a day

Sell Your Own Services – Over $200 a day

Brand Promotion – $600 – $1200 per brand.

On average, with having a good number of followers, you can make $120 a day.

$120 a day X 7 = $840 a week. 

Let’s check in-depth about how anyone can make money and what strategies are more useful to achieve success on Instagram. 

  • Get Paid For Instagram Post Through Sponsorship

 Sponsorship is one of the most powerful techniques that can bring income to your pocket. To get sponsorships, you need to gain popularity on Instagram with huge followers. 

What niche you are targeting is also important. You need to select the niche that suit your profile. This will bring serious customers to sponsors. 

Normally sponsors pay on the basis of the number of followers you have in your Instagram account. 

Mostly, companies approach Instagram influencers to promote their product but if you have not been approached by the companies for sponsorships then you can directly email them and show them how you can help them to grow their business. 

To be honest, you must have a huge fan base that follows you. This will help you to get Instagram sponsorships in a quick time. 

You must have seen many celebrity sharing products in the post. That mostly is sponsored. They get paid to use such products and upload it on Instagram.  

  • Promote Your Startup Business

If you have your own business online or offline then you can promote it on Instagram by posting. Yes, it takes effort but once you start getting followers, you will see customers approaching you through direct messages or your website. 

If you have your own website or blog, then you can mention the link in your bio. When people will search your profile, they will see your website and may click on it to see your products or services. 

Many Instagram users make a video and upload it on Instagram. People watch it and contact them if they find it beneficial.

You need to maintain consistency. Keep posting your videos and images with the relevant hashtags. Once Instagram finds you actively posting videos, images or stories, their algorithm may bring your post forward in the suggestions or searches.  

This eventually brings organic traffic and followers to your account. You can use to create and edit awesome images for your post. Just mention about your business product or services and start sharing it. 

  • Make Money From Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

Many bloggers and website owners are making money from affiliate marketing. It’s best to promote your affiliate product or service and direct them to get the link in the bio.

People who are interested may click on the link and make a purchase. You will receive a commission of each product you sell through your affiliate link. 

You can send Instagram traffic to your blog page or YouTube channel. People will see the review of a product and make a purchase if they find it useful. 

I have seen many YouTubers and bloggers who use Instagram perfectly and strategically. They basically create an Image and mention the product and its benefits. In the description, they ask you to check the bio and find link so that viewers can reach to their YouTube channel and blog page where they have reviewed the product specifically. 

This is the most useful technique that you can apply and become a successful affiliate marketer on Instagram.  

Affiliate marketing is all about generating sales and sign-ups. The more people join through your unique link, the more money you will make. 

  • Sell Your Own Services

If you want to promote your own services online then Instagram can be the best source for getting customers. 

You need to have a good number of followers to influence people to buy your services. This is how many entrepreneurs making money through Instagram. 

Uploading videos on a regular basis can boost the number of customers for your business. I have seen businesses that have achieved success using this strategy. 

Using relevant hashtags is very important. Limit the hashtags to 28 max otherwise, Instagram algorithms may find you spamming. 

If you do not have time to spend on Instagram then you can hire someone who can work for you because it takes time in the initial stage.

  • Start Dropshipping Business

You can create your own online shopping website or store from Shopify and list products. 

There are people who use drop shipping techniques where you list other products without keeping the inventory. 

You just need to list the products and tag a price with a good description. Once anyone buys it, the company directly ships the product to the customer. You do not need to block your money in buying and selling it. This saves time and money. 

Once you set up your online store, you can run advertisements on Instagram and Facebook combined. This is what many drop shippers are doing in the market. They basically list a product on their store and start showing ads on social sites to generate. 

Make sure that you get a good profit margin after ad expenses. In the initial stage of advertisement, Instagram may take time to understand the customers. This is to find you better results by targeting the right customers. 

Anyways, Instagram has become one of the likable platform to promote products, especially for drop shippers. 

How To Make Money On Instagram With ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate networks where people earn commission on making sales through their affiliate link. 

To make money on Instagram with ClickBank, you need to first sign up with ClickBank. Once your account gets approved, you can start promoting the ClickBank products on Instagram through posting images, videos, and IGTV.

Having a good number for followers and a good looking bio and description can showcase your account professional.

Use high-quality images about the product and mention some text about the product with a good caption that can bring sales. You have to play it strategically. 

Make sure that you promote the product which is related to your niche otherwise people may not take interest and eventually you will lose authority over your followers. 

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How To Make Money On Instagram As A Teenager?

Teenagers are now taking interest in Instagram and making money through various sources. 

Being a teenager you can start your own blog, YouTube channel, Join an affiliate program that allows teens to participate, manage others Instagram accounts and sell your courses.

Teens who make money were appreciated more by people. So, this could be an advantage for you to grow faster. 

I know a teen whose name is Umar Qureshi. He achieved success at the age of 15 while managing to school. I personally contacted him through Facebook and you know he is always ready to answer the questions. This is what I like about him. To appreciate his effort I bought the hosting from his affiliate link so that he would earn a commission. 

So, age doesn’t matter. All you need to do is work hard for your dream and make time to learn things that will help you to achieve success. 

Instagram can be the best platform for you to get customers for your startup. If you are new to Instagram I would recommend you create a fan base. Join other social sites and try to get followers. And when you see that you got enough followers, then start promoting your website or product/services. 

Concentrate only on one niche/topic. Learn new things and share it on your Instagram account. People will follow you who are interested in that particular niche. They can be your customer in the future. 

Instagram Earning Tricks

To earn from Instagram you must know how this platform works so that you can apply some Instagram earning tricks to grow faster. Make sure you don’t spam otherwise your post may get a shadowban. 

Below are the Instagram earning tricks. 

  • Promote your post with relevant hashtags. The simple and most useful trick to find hashtags is through the Instagram search option. Simply type related keyword in the search, you will find all the related keywords that you can use while posting images. 
  • A good call to action caption performs well especially if you are offering something through your posting. 
  • Connect with other Instagram influencers and ask them to share your profile. Help each other to get more followers. Contact those who have the same followers or little more than yours. This will give you a good chance to accept your proposal. 
  • Be active on comments and ready to answer the follower’s questions. 
  • The more you post on Instagram, the more chances for you to get organic followers. People who share over 20 interesting posts have a good chance to grow on Instagram. 
  • You will only earn money when you get a real follower, especially those who get influenced by you. 
  • Follow the account who is into your niche/topic so that you learn from them and evolve.
  • Work on personality development. If you are facing the camera then you must work your personality. This shows professionalism.   

How To Monetize Instagram Page?

Proper monetization of Instagram pages is very important especially if you are looking forward to making money in the future. 

I have already shared a lot of information in this article but there are some more techniques that I would like to share with you. 

  • Sell sponsored products through your Instagram post with the relevant hashtags and a call to action caption. 
  • Mention your website link in your bio to get traffic to your website.
  • Your bio description must provide information about you. You can share your contact details so that customers reach you directly.
  • Conduct a live webinar where you share informational content and pitch for the sale. 
  • Connect with the brands and charge them per post.
  • Create a video and share information about your product or services. You can also promote sponsored products in the video. 

How Celebrities Make Money From Instagram?

Celebrities make most of the money from sponsorships and brand promotion. Companies pay them for sharing their product in the picture. 

You must have noticed many celebrities wearing brands or using a particular product in the image or video. 

Basically they sign a contract with the brands and charge them on the basis of posts on Instagram. 

Brands pay them a good amount of money for each post, especially those brands who are highly known in the market. 

What Brand To Promote On Instagram?

Brand promotion can bring a good amount of earning consistently. There are many brand companies that may approach you once you get popular on Instagram. 

You also contact brands to show your Instagram profile. They may sign a contract with you if they find your profile fit best for their brand. 

Let’s see the brands you can promote on Instagram.


If you are into fashion, then you can promote clothes, shoes, eye goggles, bride or groom clothes, seasonal jackets, watches, bracelets and many more. 

The fashion industry is very big and also promoters pay a good amount of money for marketing. 

For Men, you can promote shaving gel, beard-related products, T-shirts, jackets, wallets, belts, etc. 

If you have over 100k or above followers with good likes and comments then, you may easily get the project from brands. 

Ecommerce Brand Promotion

Many famous eCommerce sites select people who are into fashion and sign them for the advertisement. 

You can charge them extra to promote their brands on your Instagram profile. They may check your profile and your post likes and comments and then take the decision to pay you extra. 

This is how celebrities make money. They appear in the advertisement and promote the same product on Instagram to make more money.

If you are popular enough then brand promoters would be ready to pay you a huge amount of money. This usually happens in the case of the celebrity. 

How To Get Followers On Instagram?

You may be at a stage where your account has few followers that includes your friends and families but you can get huge followers to your account if you follow the below strategies. 

One thing that you keep in mind is that Instagram also promotes posts and videos for free. You need to win the Instagram algorithm in the right way.

  • Use the maximum 28 relevant hashtags whenever you post.
  • Be active on Instagram.
  • Upload videos daily.
  • Upload images daily.
  • Post Instagram stories.
  • Use eye-catchy captions.
  • Make use of emojis.
  • Share information content that people love to like and comment.
  • Share at least over 10 – 20 posts daily.

Once you keep following these strategies, Instagram may put your posts in searches and suggestions. This allows people to check your profile and follow you. 

Be creative because people like watching new things. This also grabs the attention of audiences and the most important thing is to create your own personality in such a way that people get influenced by you. . 

In Conclusion

Nowadays the internet has opened a huge opportunity for people who want to make money or grow their business online. 

You can also make money on Instagram if you apply the right strategies and sticking to a particular niche.

Don’t just promote yourself. You must share information content through images, videos, stories, and IGTV. 

Yes, it takes time. It’s not an overnight game. You need to put effort and time consistently on a daily basis to grow faster. 

Share as many posts as you can. The more posts you will share on Instagram, the more followers you can gain. It’s also important to promote yourself on other social media so that people you get a good number of followers from multiple social sites.

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