Bluehost WooCommerce Review: One of the Best eCommerce Platform?

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Speaking about one of the best companies in hosting will bring Bluehost into the spotlight. Indeed, the company has been standing for years and has offered some quality services to each of the users. Well, Bluehost WooCommerce is another essential aspect of Bluehost.

With Bluehost Woocommerce, the people who are willing to start off their eCommerce journey can do the same without an issue.

Yes, the eCommerce business is booming and you can catch hold of this trend if you can choose eCommerce as your go-to thing.

Additionally, if you are someone who has got a WordPress site, you can opt for Bluehost WooCommerce and everything will go fine.

Therefore, right now, let’s go ahead unwrap Bluehost WooCommerce, right in this article.

A Take on Bluehost WooCommerce

First of all, going for Bluehost has got tons of reasons that you got to take into consideration. The company has been the industry leader for more than decades now and they have partnered with WooCommerce too.

This thing will shape the entire eCommerce solution and will empower people to opt for eCommerce as their business.

Also, the company offers tons of features and businesses that can help them achieve a good level of success.

Even more, Bluehost has partnered with WooCommerce that is another great thing. With this, you can easily move forward and build your eCommerce store to perfection.

Now, the good thing about Bluehost WooCommerce is that it is made for people of a different experience. Even if you are a newbie, you can still use WooCommerce and you will not feel like you don’t understand anything.

Also, for the developers, you will get a chance to edit the interface and make your website looking far more stunning.

Here, you are free to edit most of the codes and make a website, as per your needs. There is very few restrictions on code where you can go into the CSS file and see which coding can make your website look better.

After which, you can perform the necessary changes and make your website, a lot better than usual.

Now, let’s go ahead and unwrap some of the best features of Bluehost WooCommerce.

Online Store Builder

Online Store Builder

Well, currently, around 40% of the online stores are built on WooCommerce that is quite an achievement. This is pretty good as Bluehost WooCommerce offers page optimization that includes changes in size, color, and other things.

Additionally, users can also choose the size of different products and even change the images as per their liking.

Further, WooCommerce is compatible with tons of extensions such as MailChimp, UPS, USPS, Amazon Web Services, Square, and many more.

Also, in order to accept credit cards and PayPal, users are able to set up their payment methods such as PayPal, Direct bank transfer, and even cash on delivery.

Plus, the system even offers support to more than 100 payment gateways. Here, you can make use of Stripe, PayFast, Amazon payments, and tons of other payment methods.

Of course, all of the above payment gateways are proven to be security proof and you can choose any of them, without an issue.

Also, if you encounter any sort of issue, you can instantly contact their customer support and you will get answers to their questions.

Further, with Bluehost WooCommerce, you will be pretty much impressed by the pricing that is kept as low as possible.


Bluehost WooCommerce

Moving ahead in the customization section of Bluehost WooCommerce, this has never been the issue with WooCommerce. Here, you can select from a range of thousands of templates. Yes, among tons of templates, there will be some that you will love to the core.

The company ensures that every individual gets to choose their wishful template and then you can apply the same.

Plus, almost all of the modern date templates are coded keeping responsive design in mind. This means that you can automatically conform to all of the sizes and the website will look great on computers, tablets, and phones.

The moment you install one template, you can customize the same and make the design as per your liking.

Create different menus, change the color scheme, add a logo, manage different sliders, and do different sorts of things.

Indeed, you can have control and customize things as per your taste. There are no restrictions and you can design your website, the way you want.

Additionally, WooCommerce offers access to a different library of WordPress plugins that includes SEO tools, spam filters, contact forms, social media integrations, and many more.

Now, most of the plugins are available free for downloading and you get 50,000 templates to choose from.

For the people who want to customize things as per hosting preferences, you may face some issues on the development end. In this case, if you are someone who has got some sense of coding skills, you can make use of the same and do changes to the pages.

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Payment Processing

Well, PayPal is the better payment gateway option when it comes to WooCommerce. Almost every other person makes use of PayPal since it’s easy, fast, and does the job without an issue.

Also, the users can use PayPal to accept payments in all cards form. Whether it’s a credit or even debit card, people can use any card to do payments via PayPal.

Further, the company does not offer any sort of setup cost or even monthly fees. In this case, customers also get the option of One Touch checkout which is quite handy in such a scenario.

With the help of this option, customers don’t have to waste plenty of time and they can complete the checkout, as soon as possible.

Plus, coming down to the shipping process, it is an easier one with WooCommerce & Bluehost. Here, you can choose from among a range of options such as flat-rate, local delivery, international, and many more.

Users also have the option to create their shipping zones and also set prices, as per their needs.

Further, it’s much easier to set up the tax preference. Here, if a store is legally required for charging a 9.75% sales tax to different buyers in California, users can set up the tax system, as per their needs.

SEO Tools


Indeed, for any of the websites to rank, doing SEO plays quite a vital role. If you are not doing proper SEO of your website, there is no chance that your website will go up the ladders of rankings.

Coming down to the SEO tools offered by Bluehost WooCommerce, the options are plenty to choose from.

First of all, Bluehost along with WordPress are two good options for SEO. The company Bluehost offers 99.99% uptime that is pretty good in every single aspect.

Also, they even secure websites with SSL which you can use and secure all your websites to perfection.

Coming down to plugins, Bluehost WordPress offers some of the best plugins that you can use to rank your website.

In this case, you can make use of different SEO plugins that can make your website rank a little better.

Out of which, the most popular plugin is the Yoast SEO. Yes, with Yoast SEO, you can easily analyze every possible aspect of the On-Page SEO.

The moment you see a green dot, you can say that the SEO of your page or other post is good to go.

Also, Yoast SEO offers detailed page analytics and even gives the chance to write the meta descriptions too.

Likewise, if you will surf, you can find tons of tools that can help you to perform SEO in the best possible way.

Initially, you can find issues to look for the best SEO tool but as and when you will dig in, you will choose the best one, without an issue.

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Customer Support Service

Bluehost WooCommerce

Speaking about customer support services, Bluehost Woocommerce comes with 24×7 customer service support. Yes, with such sort of support, you don’t have to look elsewhere to resolve your issues.

In this case, Bluehost has always offered customer support of true quality. Here, the company delivers live chat, phone calls, and even email customer support.

With all the three customer support things in place, you don’t have to wait for even a second.

Plus, with the 24×7 customer support availability, you can easily access customer support, at any point in time.

Personally, I tested the live chat support from Bluehost and was quite impressed by their services. In this case, I was able to connect with the live chat support in minutes time.

From there, I talked with the agent and he was indeed knowledgeable. From the perspective of my question, he was able to give answers to the best possible perspective.

Therefore, from my observation, I can say that the customer support of Bluehost WooCommerce is on the top class end.

Likewise, the other two support channels from Bluehost are pretty decent, fast and you will not face any of the issues with those ones too.

However, one thing you must know is that 24×7 customer support is limited to just technical queries.

Other sorts of issues such as billing questions, administrative inquiries are handled by other staff.

Therefore, from your end too, you can keenly go ahead and test the Bluehost WooCommerce customer support.

Even if you have any queries, you can just pitch to their customer support and the company will offer you outstanding support, without an issue.

Easy to Use Interface

Now, coming down to the easy to use interface of Bluehost WooCommerce, it has been on the better end for me.

Unlike other platforms that offer complicated interfaces, you can implement WordPress on Bluehost and make things, a lot simpler and easier.

Here, you have the power and the option to choose anything in the most simplified way. You don’t have to panic or stress to find different functions with Bluehost WooCommerce.

In this case, everything is present right on the front end which gives you the option to perform any sort of operation.

Additionally, even in page designing, you don’t have to panic even for a second. The company does offer easy web page designing features that you can use and design pages to perfection.

With vast options of templates available, you will not face any of the issues. Here, you can choose the templates you love the most.

Then, as per your liking, you can do the customizations which you feel will be the best one as per your liking.

Therefore, with such ease of use from Bluehost WooCommerce, I guess you should not face any of the issues.

Ultimately, you can choose any of the templates or any function and you will be able to use any of them, with ease and comfort.

Conclusion: Bluehost WooCommerce

Coming at the concluding phase of the article, the entire Bluehost WooCommerce review is right in this article.

Indeed, for the people who have a dream to set up their eCommerce store, Bluehost WooCommerce can be one of the best options for them.

Here, you will get tons of customization options that you can use to your advantage.

On top of that, even in the customer support section, Bluehost has done an incredible job. With Bluehost, you will get an outstanding level of customer support.

In such a case, whether you are choosing phone call support or live chat, you will get stunning support from every possible angle.

Also, in terms of pricing, Bluehost has kept pricing to the least possible extent. With this, you don’t have to pay much in the case of Bluehost plans.

All you need is to choose the plans that you find the most comfortable.

Then, you can go ahead and set up your Bluehost Woocommerce WordPress website.

Coming down towards the plugin section, you can find some of the very best Bluehost WooCommerce Plugins for your use.

Here, initially, you may face issues browsing among different plugins. But, as and when you understand things, it will get smoother, in any case.

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