Bluehost Website Builder: Discover about Website Builder [2021 Updated]

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In a world of automation and with an ability to build a website without coding, every single company is developing programs to make life easier. Yes, with Bluehost the scene is the same where the company offers website builder. Taking this thing a step ahead, I have got you an exclusive Bluehost website builder article just for you.

Going ahead, we all know that modern date drag and drop website builders are becoming extremely popular. Here, there is no need to code even a single line and all you can do is to perform drag-drop and build a website with the same.

Therefore, to understand website builder related to Bluehost, let’s go ahead and unwrap the Bluehost website builder.

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Bluehost Website Builder: Definition

Putting into the quite simpler definition, a Website builder is often used to create websites without the need for manual coding or even editing.

Yes, website builders are built in the form of software that is intended to be built to serve people who don’t know to code.

With Website builders, all you need is to use the drag-drop functionality and build a website, as and when you like.

Weebly Website builder from Bluehost


One of the best things Bluehost offers in website building is the Weebly website builder. Yes, Weebly is one of the most famous website builders that you can use without thinking to code for even a second.

Currently, Weebly is offering the Basic along with the Pro plan where you can go ahead and select any of the plans.

Now, the Basic edition is free to use for every single Bluehost account holders. It supports all the 6 pages and even offers video support for Adobe Flash and YouTube.

Additionally, it even renders maintenance to the forums, blogs, search engine optimization, RSS feed, and more.

Further, if you are someone who needs the additional functioning of Weebly, you can anytime switch to the Pro plan.

Offering by Weebly Site Builder

Well, Weebly offers some of the best things out of which, quality ones are as follows:

  • Hundreds of Pre-made templates for different sort of customizations.
  • Tons of Layout modules such as video, images text as different add ons.
  • Integrated image editor, tracking tools, and blog support.
  • Different tools that make website creation simpler.

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WordPress Website Builder Features

Going ahead in Bluehost website builder, WordPress website builder from Bluehost even delivers tons of valuable features.

Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the most used platforms over the internet and offers website builders too.

It helps you to create a professional-looking website in minutes. Here, you can easily create any type of website from scratch right from a single-page website to multiple pages.

Additionally, WordPress even allows users to customize the website the way they want. It also comes with different themes that can be used on divergent niches and categories.

Plus, it comes with different sorts of plugins that can help you to create a website in a more profound manner.

It comes with a different type of themes where you can almost any theme you want. Further, you can choose between the premium and free themes.

Whichever theme you like, you can choose that theme and build your website from scratch.

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Reasons you must use Bluehost WordPress to build Website

Bluehost WordPress

Given below are some of the best reasons that can help you understand why you must make use of the Bluehost WordPress website builder.

  • It’s Pretty Simple to use

Yes, one of the strongest reasons to use the WordPress website builder is simple to use the thing. There are different people who prefer to use the WordPress website builder as it comes with a user-friendly interface.

In this scenario, you can easily add photos, videos, and tons of different things to your website. By adding such things, you can easily customize your website to the fullest potential

  • It’s up to date and established

WordPress is the top-class platform available online that offers an updated thing. In this scenario, the developers of WordPress constantly develop their platform and offer regular updates.

This gives WordPress the option to grow and offer more sets of functionality that can help users to use it to create websites in a profound manner.

  • You can choose from a thousand of themes

Yes, with WordPress you have the chance to choose from thousands of themes. In this scenario, the WordPress community is growing and each of the developers are making tons of themes.

Each of the themes is better than another that is offering people the chance to choose a good one.

With WordPress themes, you can customize things as per your needs.

  • SEO-friendly website support

Each of the WordPress websites is made considering SEO in mind on the first place. With this, you can tap a wider audience and even enhance your website visibility with WordPress SEO.

  • It comes with a Content Management System

Going ahead in features of WordPress, their website builder is one of the prominent ones. Yes, with that the company also offers a unique content management system, you can easily manage everything right within the CMS.

With this, you get a greater chance to customize your website and build it according to your likes.

Hence, with the Content Management System, you can be free from any stress and use it to access different things, in a much better way.

Steps to Access Site Builder on your Bluehost Account

 Now, speaking about any Website Builder, Weebly and WordPress are two quality ones. In this Bluehost Website builder, if you are eager to access the website builder, you can follow the given below instructions.

  1. Log in to the Bluehost account and then you will be directed to the control panel.
  2. Right from the website section, you can easily go ahead and install WordPress. Then, you can easily make use of Weebly and choose your preferred website builder.
  3. Choose the domain name and prefer to use the website and start building, the better way.

A Take on Bluehost Website builder for Business

Going ahead in the Bluehost website builder for Business, I have used the shared hosting plan for the same. Well, I wanted to know each of the basic functions you are eager to get.

Further, one of the other important functions of the Website builder is that you can easily list down unlimited items right into your online store.

Here, there is no restriction to choose a specific plan and you can go even with the shared hosting plan.

Also, you must note that you can easily upload any number of files without an issue. The storage option is endless on almost each of the plans that is a good thing.

Additionally, Bluehost Website builder for business offers almost all types of SEO tools for the editing of metadata.

And, if you are thinking for a sole eCommerce platform, you can buy specific eCommerce plans.

On the other hand, Bluehost even offers you the freedom to choose an external service for the website.

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Bluehost Website builder Performance

Bluehost Website builder

Since Bluehost is first and foremost a hosting service provider, it should have stable servers and therefore the technical side of their products should be spotless. Lets put my theory to practice.

I tested a page made with Bluehost Builder using GTMetrix. The result was a 96% PageSpeed score and an 83% YSlow score, which together indicate excellent site loading speeds

The YSlow score was impacted most notably by but optimal browser caching. However, you’ll change the caching settings within the Bluehost cPanel if you would like even faster website speeds.

After these great results from the builder’s platform itself, next up were the servers and their performance.

load impact

A LoadImpact test on an equivalent website demonstrated that Bluehost Builder websites are highly responsive because of the number of user requests increases. The servers never showed any signs of stress.

Websites built with Bluehost Builder perform extremely well in tests for page loading and server reaction time. Sites loaded quickly, even when the number of requests to Bluehost’s servers was scaled up. the sole flaw was subpar browser caching, but this had only a minor effect on website loading.

As a comparison I still wanted to see if an internet site made using WordPress would get up to at least one made with Bluehost Builder.

We can see that the WordPress website passed the test with nearly flying colors, a bit like the one made with Bluehost Builder.

Both server stability and website optimization are stable and fast with Bluehost Builder, which promises a bright future for the platform.

Overall, Bluehost’s test results are admirable. I should note that the builder’s performance may change counting on whether you build your site with Bluehost Builder, WordPress, or another CMS.

However, I might expect the steadiness and responsiveness of Bluehost’s servers to stay consistent across the board.

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A Take on Bluehost Builder templates

Bluehost Builder templates

Going ahead in the Bluehost website builder, the company offers tons of templates to choose from.

Yes, here, you stand a chance to choose among different types of templates. All you need to is to provide your information and what exactly your site is about.

Then, the algorithm will do it’s work and will make templates available for you. Hence, from your end, all you need is to choose the templates as per your preferences. In this scenario, you can either choose templates that are vibrant or the ones that are looking classy.

In this case, you will have to choose templates depending upon your type of website. Here, you cannot randomly go and select any templates.

Coming right at the end of Bluehost website builder templates, each template offered by the company are responsive ones. However, the company has to add some more templates right in their lineup.

From a customer perspective, I would like the company to add some more templates that can help make template selection a lot vast.

Still, all depends on Bluehost and if their developers are willing to develop templates, they can do the same, with no issue, whatsoever.

Is Bluehost builder easy to use?

Well, whether it’s any sort of website builder, the Bluehost website builder must be easy to use. It’s the very thing from Bluehost company as they got to offer builders that are quite easier to use.

Now, in the Bluehost website builder, it has been pretty much on the simpler side. In this case, you can easily access every function of the Bluehost website builder.

Then, you can go ahead and follow up with simple steps of naming the site, choosing a cover photo, logo, colors, and font.

In terms of the last step, you can easily choose the navigation style and fill up the page with content.

Yes, in the entire setup process, you can easily browse different templates and choose a desired one.

Then, I went ahead and watched a short tutorial that explained the basics of Bluehost builder.

Going ahead, I then tested the website editing which was quite a decent experience. It was easy to understand the process and I got a track of each of the on-page elements.

Also, in the entire development process, I faced no sort of lag and filled the content where I faced no sort of lag.

Each of the pages I made, there was no sort of issues that I faced. Yes, the overall website building experience with Bluehost was above par.

More with Bluehost site builder

The homepage of the website builder dashboard is specially designed to help you out with the website setting up and running things as fast as possible.

Also, the even offer a complete to-do checklist that helps cover almost each of the things you need for improving your website SEO.

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Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost Website Builder

Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, the entire Bluehost website builder review is in front of you.

Without any doubt, Bluehost as a web hosting company is working hard to offer quality website builders in every case. Also, their developers are skillful enough and are busy developing builder to an absolute level of perfection.

Additionally, the Bluehost site builder comes with tons of customization options that you can use to your advantage.

In such a scenario, all you can do is to go ahead and start using the Bluehost website builder. Here, you will have to learn the different functioning of the platform and see how you can use the site builder to your advantage.

Further, right now, you can simply learn every single thing about the Bluehost website builder.

Once you have learned it, then you can make your dream website, to an absolute level of perfection.

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