Bluehost vs WordPress: Which One is The Best? [2021 Updated]

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Speaking about the battle of the giants, Bluehost vs WordPress has to be on the cards. Indeed, both the companies offer WordPress services and each of them has got their very own set of features.

Alongside, both of them use the cPanel but when it comes to functionality along with the features, each of them are quite different. Hence, to make the right choice from each of them, you will have to understand their core differences.

Plus, if you are a beginner who is willing to build their first blog, this article is the right one for you. Both of the web services are designed to offer ease of use and are perfect for newbies, freelancers, and small businesses.

Being said that, is the best suited for bloggers who are willing to grow online.

On the other hand, Bluehost is a much more versatile service that delivers a different type of hosting.

Altogether, to compare Bluehost and, I have tested and researched each host on an extensive basis.

Here, I have covered almost every scenario such as customer support, performance, security, and many more.

By the end of this comparison, you will come to know which company is the right one for you.

So, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete and detailed comparison, right in this article.

Bluehost vs WordPress: Performance

Talking about the very first point, visitors love websites offering faster performance. Indeed, no one likes to wait for hours when it comes to loading speeds.

If your website is offering greater loading speeds, you will retain tons of visitors. Plus, if your website is well optimized, it can actually help you get higher rankings than the competition.

Therefore, it becomes a lot essential to choose a web hosting provider that offers exceptional performance in every case.

Whether you are willing to create a business presentation, personal blog, or even an online store, a good hosting service can ease off your work.

Going ahead, to compare Bluehost and WordPress, I signed up with both the services. This will give you complete hands-on with both of them.

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Full Page Loading Time

Bluehost vs wordpress

Out of every single performance indicators available, full page loading time is one essential one. Yes, going ahead in the Bluehost vs WordPress review, it’s essential to find the full page loading time of each host.

I performed tests on both the hosting services and I came to know that Bluehost was a little faster than

Yes, it took lesser time to load for the websites and this will give Bluehost an edge over

Even if the difference comes out to be pretty small, these things can have an impact in the overall site performance.

For example, Google claims that websites that load slower than the 2 seconds mark will lose visitors. In this case, Bluehost wins the race by a comfortable margin whereas will have to do some work in this case.

Time to First Byte (TTFB)

Bluehost vs wordpress

Secondly, before the Bluehost vs WordPress review, I went ahead and tested the Time to First Byte of both hostings.

This test is done to determine whether the server is performing well or not. Also, this thing is important for SEO where websites with lower TTFB rank much higher in the overall Google Rankings.

So, how did the two hosts went in testing? Well, the results are displayed as follows:

After testing, Bluehost achieved a good score of 99 which meant that the servers where performing pretty well.

Also, Bluehost servers took little time to respond that improved the overall website loading speeds.

On the other hand, testing, I got a score of 77. Yes, the servers took much longer to respond and were not properly optimized too.

What you can think of the above servers? Well, TTFB is one of the most key factors that help in determining server power.

After testing, you can see that Bluehost is a far better choice when it comes to the testing of TTFB.

Load Impact Testing

Bluehost vs wordpress

Analyzing the two previous tests, you can see that Bluehost wins the show by a comfortable margin.

Right now in this test, we will measure the load impact and see which of the hosting companies win the test.

The thing is that, once you will publish your website, you can expect visitors to come to your website.

Especially, if you are thinking about how well the website will perform with tons of visitors, the load impact testing is a valuable thing in this case.

As you can visualize from the graph, Bluehost maintains a good full page loading time with just 3.71 seconds. This hosting service provider maintained 200 visitors at a time without any sorts of issues.

While on the other hand, if you can see, you will notice that it lags behind 4.12 seconds.

With the above comparison, you can analyze that Bluehost can handle a much greater amount of traffic when we compare it with

Plus, Bluehost is a much-optimized type of hosting company that offers optimized hosting along with performance improvement features.

Therefore, in the loading impact test, Bluehost does a far better job than in this scenario.

Bluehost vs WordPress: Uptime

Going ahead in the Bluehost vs WordPress review, the uptime plays a much vital role in this scenario.

Both Bluehost along with WordPress promises to offer good uptime but there has to be a clear winner in every single scenario.

Here, I ran my own Uptime test to determine which of those offers a good uptime than other companies.

Being said that, you will see that there are some differences between both the hosts. Well, both the companies offered decent uptime of and around 99.99%.

With this, each of them offers good uptime where you can choose any of them based on the uptime performance.

However, any of them doesn’t offer 100% uptime in any case. Therefore, if you are looking for a 100% Uptime Company, then you will probably have to look for other hosting service providers.

Bluehost vs WordPress: Which company performs better?

Comparing each of the above tests, it’s no sort of a doubt that Bluehost performs better in this case.

Not only did the Bluehost website performed better, the page loaded much faster with Bluehost. Additionally, even the TTFB of Bluehost took much lesser time that helps improve the overall performance.

Throughout the overall testing, I got a much better uptime in this scenario. Plus, while Bluehost offered me complete freedom to customize the website, didn’t offer me the configuration to uninstall the new ones.

If makes use of useless plugins that slow down the website, there is nothing you can do about this thing.

On the other hand with Bluehost, you can configure installation as per your liking. This gives you the privilege to install only those plugins that enhances the performance of the website.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Going ahead in the Bluehost vs WordPress review, ease of use plays a much vital role in this scenario.

Indeed, everyone’s time is useful and if you are spending ample of time understanding the functionality of the website, this thing can prove harmful to you.

In this case, even building of website and managing accounts must be a by par easy process.

A good hosting service provider comes with a clean initiative dashboard where you can see all of the options.

As in the case of Bluehost vs WordPress, only one of the two hosting service provider offers a clean initiative interface.

Speaking about, it’s an initiative interface where CMS comes automatically installed.

Additionally, you can easily log in to your account and start building a website from scratch. On top of that, you can encounter some sort of issues where you can face issues with the building of your website.

Well, the website builder interface offers limited functionality and very little customization options. s is automatically configured to work with WordPress. In this case, CMS is installed so that you can log in and start building the website.

More with Ease of Use

Ease of Use Bluehost

On the other hand, speaking about Bluehost, it doesn’t come up with any sort of such issues. The dashboard is clean and you will not find any of such issues in this case. With just a few clicks, you can easily build a website from scratch.

Here, if you have decided that you are willing to work with WordPress, it takes a few clicks to get WordPress installed.

You can log in and if you are willing to install any CMS like Drupal, Joomla or Magento, you can do the same, without an issue.

Once you have set up everything, Bluehost offers you the privilege to build up a checklist and then start off website designing.

In this scenario, you can choose among different themes, customize the design, take care of SEO, and many more.

If you are a newbie, you will have to try new things and see which thing fits the best for you.

With Bluehost, you can in fact have the freedom to use different plugins as you like. Quickly, you can install different plugins and see which of those plugins work the best for you.

Bluehost vs WordPress: Features

Well, I have deeply analyzed the features of Bluehost and WordPress. And, after analyzing each of them, I have come up with some of the top class features.

  • Cloudflare CDN

Both the hosting service providers make use of a CDN also known as Content delivery network. With the help of a CDN, you can boost up the performance of your website to some good extent.

Using the cached feature, you can store your website at once and for visitors, pages will be available, at a faster pace.

Whenever any user will click on your site, they will get a cached version of the page. Also, the Cloudflare CDN is integrated right into the dashboard. With this, you can easily turn it on and set up your account.

However, with, you might not get as smooth performance as you will get with Bluehost.

  • Manage multiple accounts from the same Dashboard

If you are someone who has got multiple high traffic websites, you might need different accounts to support those websites. This is the case with but the company doesn’t give the privilege to manage all accounts from the same dashboard.

Instead, you will have to log in to each of the accounts on a separate basis. With this, whenever you find a need to make changes, you will have to log in to each account separately.

However, when it comes to managing accounts with Bluehost, the process is a simpler one. Once you will log in to the Bluehost master account, you can easily manage each of the accounts at one go.

  • Experts can help designing websites for you

Bluehost offers you the true advantage to hire an expert and design the website for you. Yes, with the help of website designing experts, you don’t have to look anywhere else in designing your website.

However, one thing you must note is that it’s an expensive service and if the additional cost makes sense to you, then you can hire a website designer to design websites for you.

  • Monetization Tools

Speaking about, the company focuses on simplicity which is a pretty good thing.

For example, each of the plans come with subscriber-only pages and accept easy payments for the readers.

With Bluehost, you will have to install different plugins to design pages and more. It’s not impossible but with Bluehost, you will have to figure out the technical details before you can actually do the work.

  • Social Media Integrations

Another better thing about is that whenever you are building your website, you can add social media feeds with just a few steps.

In this scenario, you don’t have to find the plugins, install, or even configure the plugins on your own.

Everything you need is set up and all you need is to link social media accounts on your own.

Additionally, with the Premium Business along with the eCommerce plans, you will get all of those tools you need to schedule social media posts.

Also, if you are someone who owns a blog, social media integrations make it simpler to promote new posts.

On the other hand, Bluehost offers you full freedom of the CMS that you use. Here, you can figure out your own way to customize the themes, plugins, and include the ones you find useful.

Bluehost might take a pinch longer to set up your blog along with themes and plugins. But, it opens up the doors of endless opportunities you can do on your website.

In this case, you can customize almost every sort of thing the way you want.

Also, with a far better hosting structure and speed-boosting mechanisms, it can handle even large traffic, without any issues.

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Customer Support

cust bluehost

Going ahead in the Bluehost vs WordPress review, customer support is the thing you must look in every case.

Here, every single user wants a hosting provider that comes up with impeccable customer support.

In this scenario, if the hosting provider has got impeccable customer support, their team can resolve each of the issues, a lot better way.

If you are a starter, there is a big difference in the customer support of Bluehost and

Here, with Bluehost, you will get 24×7 customer service support. In this case, you will get live chat, phone, and even ticket support to perfection.

Regardless of the amount you are spending on hosting, the agent will always be there for you in every case.

With the help of an agent, you can easily find out answers to different questions in a lot better way.

On the other hand, if you are thinking to choose higher-priced Bluehost plans, then you can get advanced level customer support. In this scenario, you will get the Bluehost Bluesky support team that offers specialized assistance related to WordPress issues.

Here, whether you have issues with WordPress plugins or even website, the team will resolve issues for you.

This is certainly a massive plus from Bluehost when we compare this hosting with other hosting providers.

 From my end, I tested the three channels of Bluehost to see the performance of each customer support service channel.

After my testing, I can say that I am pretty much satisfied with the support of Bluehost.

They have got a team of absolute experts who have answers to almost every single question.

Either with the help of phone calls or even live chat support, I got true customer support, in every case.

Customer Support of WordPress

cust wp

On the other hand, with WordPress, I got an entirely different experience. I can say that in terms of customer support, doesn’t offer good support. Yes, it has been the history and the company will have to try their best to enhance customer support.

For example, if you are on the free plan, you will not get access to the live chat or even the email support.

However, if you will choose the Personal or even the Premium plans, then you get the option to contact their customer support.

But, there is a big drawback in this case where you got to take the expensive package to avail their customer support.

On the other hand, both Bluehost and WordPress offer their very own knowledge base. With such a knowledgebase, you can read the articles, watch videos, and resolve issues on your own.


Security is another top concerning thing that is going on in the current internet industry. There have been plenty of cybercrimes and in the midst of such things, hosting service providers have to keep the security top class.

In this case, takes care of the security all on its own. The security tech team helps protect the security of websites and keeps it protected from all the attackers and intruders.

Plus, the company delivers a different set of pre-installed plugins that you can use with your account.

Out of which, Akismet is one of the best security plugins offers. With Akismet, you can block all the spam comments, accounts, and make your website much secure.

Additionally, the hosting provider even offers backups for accounts on regular basis. In this case, if something happens to your account, you can contact the customer support and get issues resolved, in a faster way.

Security and Backup with Bluehost

Moving ahead with the Bluehost Security and Backup section, backup of Bluehost has been on the decent end.

Each of the backups are created in a staged manner but doesn’t guarantee backups. Also, the company claims that they are responsible for any sorts of data loss in this case.

In this case, if you are willing to have complete Bluehost backup, you can go for the higher-priced plans.

With a higher-priced plan, you can get automated backups with greater security features.

In this case, you will get the Codeguard Basic that can help you to enhance security to some good extents.

However, whether you are going with the Bluehost plans or plans, you will get an SSL certificate installed.

With this, you will get a padlock for your site that will increase Google rankings in some cases.

Especially, the SSL certificates help to protect the website from hackers.


In this Bluehost vs WordPress review, might have better security and backups. But, when it comes to scalability, it’s Bluehost as a company that truly shines.

Here, there are plenty of reasons that prove Bluehost is far ahead of in the scalability section.

Plus, if you are looking for enterprise-level grade solutions, Bluehost has got you covered from every single angle.

On the other hand, if we speak about, the company is only offering shared hosting solutions.

With this, there is very little chance of scalability where the company has not expanded its hosting.

Here, you can only choose the Shared Hosting solutions from where the pricing is on the higher side.

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Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost vs WordPress

The complete Bluehost vs WordPress review is right in front of you. Yes, both the hosting service providers are good. But, when it comes to the best in class, Bluehost is the number one choice.

As a web hosting service provider, Bluehost delivers different sorts of plans that are good for beginners and advanced level bloggers.

Additionally, Bluehost even offers good performance that can help you load the website a lot better. Plus, the company offers a different sort of customizations on websites.

In this case, you can test different plugins, themes, and use the best of them on your website.

Now, on the other hand, even is good in terms of security, backups. But, they only offer shared hosting services.

In this scenario, if you are thinking about my opinion, I would recommend Bluehost Hosting.

To make things easier, I have got you a simple link that will take you to the Bluehost page. You can CLICK HERE and browse different plans of Bluehost.

Then, you can go ahead, choose a better plan, host a website, and drive traffic along with revenue, in the long term future.

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