Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost: The Best Hosting [2021 Updated]

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Currently, there are tons of hosting companies available over the internet. Indeed, the competition is quite steep and each of the companies are trying their very best to offer the best of all hosting services. Also, right in this article, I have got you a complete Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review.

Yes, each of the above hostings has established themselves in the hosting world where they offer some quality hosting to each of the users. Plus, selecting good hosting is a selective process and you got to be on your toes in the choosing criteria.

Right in this article, you will get an overview of three one of the best hosting service providers.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost hosting providers, one by one.

Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost Review

Starting off with the very first hosting provider, we will begin with the Bluehost hosting provider.


Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost

Going ahead in Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review, Bluehost is one of the most renowned hosting service providers. Yes, the company offers different hosting plans starting from shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, and even WordPress hosting.

On top of that, the company is well-known for their managed WordPress hosting which is even recommended by 

Also, there are tons of users who have praised Bluehost for keeping their datacenters in prime locations. Here, they make use of their very own fiber networks and along with Linux Kernal operating servers, things are getting better for Bluehost.

Plus, the company even offers regular backups for each of the users. In this case, they are offering power backups that are driven by UPS and diesel generators.

Going ahead, there are other types of functionalities that are available at other affordable prices. Right from specialized high tier counterparts to other features, Bluehost is far ahead of the competition.

Even more, the company has been offering some of the best and quality plans to each of the users. Another factor to choose Bluehost is their large storage space and bandwidths which ensures that you don’t run short of such things.


Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost

Going ahead towards the second hosting company, DreamHost is a managed hosting service provider that offers tons of hosting.

With Dreamhost, you can opt for dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and many more.

Plus, the bulk database from DreamHost is composed of millions of websites that are powered by DreamHost.

Additionally, some of the other useful features offered by Dreamhost are free SSD, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress updates, one-click WordPress installation, unlimited storage, and many more.

Being said that, the DreamHost company is eager to attract new clients and with their affiliate marketing program, you will get the best of all features.

Also, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still use DreamHost and things will get better for you.

Plus, the company also offers the amazing Dedicated and VPS hosting where you can make use of each of the hosting plans.

Also, like Bluehost, DreamHost hosting does offer regular backups along with multichannel support.


Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost

Well, going ahead in Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost, Siteground is yet another brilliant hosting company. Here, you can find almost every type of hosting service where you can get enterprise hosting, dedicated, cloud, shared, reseller, and even regular type of web hosting.

Additionally, the company also offers support to some additional applications such as Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, and WordPress.

Additionally, the company also offers regular backups which is another good thing. With such backups, you can be sure that your website data isn’t lost in any case.

Another thing that you want to notice is that the company takes each of the security parameters pretty strongly. For your website, you will get the best of all security from every angle.

Here, your website will be provided an SSL certificate that will increase security, to some good extent.

On top of that, the company makes use of the LeechProtect feature that is another useful thing.

Now, combine the above features with anti-hacking, monitoring, anti-spam apps, and hotlink protection, you will get the best security from Siteground.

Also, the company does offer the amazing 99.99% uptime in every single scenario. With such brilliant uptime, you don’t have to do much in such scenarios.

All you can do is to browse through Siteground plans and choose a better one to host your website.

A Comparison of Web Hosting Features

Usability of Bluehost

In the process to find the best among Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost, we will start off with the usability of Bluehost.

Well, the moment you will sign up with Bluehost, the very first thing you will notice is that you get a free domain name.

Now, this thing is pretty good where it can help you save some good amount of money.

Also, if you already have your website, you can move the same with the help of Bluehost, in the best possible way.

Now, one thing you must note is that free migration is available for users who know how to handle it manually. Therefore, if you are planning to do something, you got to take the help of a technical person.

Further, even if you don’t want to migrate, Bluehost offers the complete option to build your website from scratch. In this case, you can make use of the Weebly platform and design your website from scratch.

Here, you don’t need any sort of coding and you can design your website, the way you want. Choose from the variety of templates available and design websites to an absolute level of perfection.

Just a couple of drag/drops and you will be pretty fine to create your website, as per your taste.


Now, to manage each of the things and make usability simple, Bluehost does offer the amazing cPanel to fit every user’s needs. In this case, with the help of cPanel, you can easily access each of the functions and perform everything, as per your liking.

Yes, you can manage almost every single thing from the cPanel as per your liking. Here, you can even access the database functions, backups, file management, and other things.

Altogether, the cPanel from Bluehost is one of the most essential things. It makes it easier for users to access everything right from one cPanel.


The moment you will access to DreamHost the things are not different compared to Bluehost. Indeed, DreamHost also offers free domain registration for the first year that is a good thing.

Now, with DreamHost, you will only get the free domain if you subscribe to Happy Hosting, DreamPress plans or Unlimited shared hosting for one year or more.

Going ahead in the website migration section, the transferring is only free if you are eager to migrate your website manually. Yes, if you are someone who doesn’t know about migration, you can pay $99 for migration.

Also, moving ahead in Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost, the company also offers a good website builder. In this case, you can make use of the website builder and build a website to perfection.

Even in this case, you don’t have to perform any level of coding. Here, all you need is to make use of the drag and drop builder.

Rest all the things will fall into place, without an issue.

Being said that, if you are thinking to find the key difference between Dreamhost vs Bluehost, it’s in the cPanel.

Instead of going with the traditional cPanel, Dreamhost makes use of their very own control panel.

Although, this seems like a refreshed idea but it will take you more learning curves to learn the entire cPanel.

Apart from giving features to install WordPress with one-click, you can manage your entire account with a few clicks.

Here, you can easily perform the backup as per your liking with the help of the control panel offered by Dreamhost.



Moving forward in Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review, the usability of Siteground is one of the easiest ones you can find. Yes, with Siteground, each of the things become simpler than before.

For people who have just started their hosting journey, they are eligible for a free domain along with the hosting.

Even in the website migration, you don’t have to spend even a single penny on website migration.

With this, you just have to drop a ticket and the company is capable of migrating the entire website, free of cost.

Now, coming down to setting up the website with Siteground, the same is done with the Weebly builder. Here, you can make use of the drag & drop function to build the website, the way you like.

With the site builder, you can easily build your website within hours. Indeed, here, there is no sort of coding required

All you can do is to make use of the drag & drop builder and everything will fall into place.

Now, like Bluehost, Siteground makes use of similar cPanel and also grants permissions to a different array of features.

Here, you can use the cPanel to perform staging, Joomla, super caching, and even WordPress auto-updates.

Plus, the company also offers Cloudflare CDN, one-click installation of hosting different applications, and many more.

As per the 2020 update, Siteground makes use of their very own cPanel. However, the company gives the privilege to choose from the traditional cPanel to their custom ones.

Verdict: Best Usability

While both Siteground and Bluehost offer the use of the same cPanel, DreamHost makes use of a unique approach where they implement a custom-made cPanel. Also, Siteground does offer their custom cPanel that you can use as per your liking.

Being said that, the process of setting your website is easier on Bluehost and even on Siteground. Therefore, from the usability section, I can say that Siteground and Bluehost both the companies that are good in the usability scenario.

Therefore, if you are choosing any service on the basis of usability, Siteground along with Bluehost are the two good ones.

You can effortlessly look at every service plan and see which plan is the best suit for you. Then, you can go ahead, choose a plan, and host your website, without an issue.

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Performance and Uptime

performance uptime

Going ahead in Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review, the performance and Uptime are two essential criteria you got to take into consideration.

In this case, we will begin with Bluehost where the company is known to offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. This is a claim which Bluehost has offered, every single time.

Personally, I have tested the uptime of Bluehost and got no issues with the uptime in any case. Here, every website was working properly without offering any sort of downtime.

In reality, I can say that Bluehost offers pretty solid features in every case. Here, the company delivers 24×7 uptime which is an amazing thing.

Therefore, in this scenario, you can trust website hosting on Bluehost where you can trust their uptime, every single time.

Also, apart from that, I was also curious to see the website performance hosted on Bluehost. With this, I levied some tests and was amazed to see the performance of websites.

Each of the websites was loading pretty quickly where Bluehost makes use of a CDN. Here, with the help of CDN, you can easily make your website load, in the fastest way.

Also, the Bluehost servers are pretty fast to respond and you will not face any of the issues in this case too.

With this, from my end, I can say that the performance and uptime of Bluehost is on the top class end. Here, you will not face any issue and the websites will load, the fastest way.


Going ahead in Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review, DreamHost uptime, and the performance has been on the top end. Here, the company claims to offer 100% uptime. Also, even in case of downtime, the company says to compensate the same which is another thing.

Here, each hour of downtime translates to a day of free web hosting on the current plan.

Fair enough, this thing is an expression of the true confidence that the DreamHost company is carrying.

Also, I examined the uptime of DreamHost and it came out to be 99.92%. With such an uptime, I can say that the DreamHost uptime is pretty much on the better end.

Further, keeping all things into consideration, I can say that with DreamHost, you will not face any of downtime or interruptions. In case you face one, the company will compensate that which is another good thing.

Now, moving ahead towards the performance section of DreamHost, I have tested the same and got some proven results.

Here, I got blazing-fast speeds that is comparable to Bluehost.

Further, another better thing about DreamHost is that the company runs data centers in two locations.

With this, you will get far better performance and each of the websites will load, a lot faster.

Plus, DreamHost also relies on the DELL servers that are all built on SSD.

Also, the company has got its partnership with CDN where you can use Cloudflare services to enhance your load time.


Siteground Uptime

Moving quite ahead in Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review, the uptime of Siteground is said to be 99.99%. Yes, this is quite an impressive uptime where the site is kept up and loading in almost all of the cases.

Also, I performed a 30 days analysis of Siteground where I got 99.99% uptime. This is good where you won’t have to face any issues with the same.

Additionally, even in the performance section, Siteground has offered good performance with the help of their servers.

Also, you have the power to choose the server location with Siteground. In this case, it’s better to choose the US-based servers as those servers perform to the best possible extent.

Plus, the company makes use of the Cloudflare CDN that makes website loading a lot faster.

Verdict: Best Performance

Bluehost guarantees one of the best performances and even their uptime has been 99.99%. However, Dreamhost quotes of offering 100% uptime whereas Siteground isn’t left far behind in this race of performance and uptime.

Additionally, each of the hosting companies offers a free trial period. With the free trial, you can test and try their services.

Now, the only thing where Bluehost beats is the number of data center locations. In this case, the company offers six server locations whereas Siteground offers five and DreamHost offers two.

Being said that, the company offers Cloudflare CDN where they deliver some of the best performance in each of their plans.

Customer Service & Support

Well, in this Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review, the customer service support stands as one of the most essential factors.

We will start off with Bluehost and then go ahead with other hosting services.


Bluehost Customer Support

Bluehost makes use of multichannel customer support. In this case, the company offers one of the best support in each of the channels.

Here, you can opt for live chat support, phone call, and even email support.

Plus, the company offers 24×7 customer support which is another better thing.

In such a scenario, you are free to take their customer support help and then the company will resolve your issues, to perfection.

Additionally, I tested the customer support of Bluehost and was quite impressed with the customer support. Here, the company delivered good live chat support.

The moment I was taken into the system of Bluehost support, the executive contacted me on the first place.

Then, with live chat, he asked my queries and was able to resolve almost all of them to perfection.

Hence, with the customer support of Bluehost, I faced almost no sorts of issues.


Going ahead in Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review, the customer support of DreamHost combines almost every channel. Here, the company combines knowledge support along with live chat and even phone call support.

But, you don’t need to make any mistake where with the knowledge support of DreamHost, you will find answers to almost all of the questions.

On the other hand, Live chat support from Dreamhost is available between 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM. Therefore, in this case, you got to contact the customer support of DreamHost within that timing.

Additionally, speaking about telephone support from Dreamhost, the company doesn’t offer a direct contact number. Here, it comes out to be a form of assistance that is available whenever you need tech support.

And, it comes at an extra cost where you got to pay additional money for the company’s phone support.


Well, Siteground is the service that is capable of challenging the customer support of Bluehost.

Here, the support structure is similar to Bluehost where you will get access to almost all of the support channels.

In this scenario, you will get 24×7 customer service support that is another valuable thing.

Plus, I tested the phone call support from Siteground and was amazed with the company’s performance. Here, the executive was polite and was quite knowledgeable to resolve my issues, to the best extent.

Verdict: Best Customer Support

In the Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost review, the customer support of each of the hosting companies has been on the better end.

Here, although DreamHost tries to compete with the two giants, it falls short by a fair margin.

Also, it charges money for the phone call support which is surely not acceptable.

On the other hand, if we compare the customer support of Siteground and Bluehost, both of them go hand in hand.

They resemble each other in this scenario and I can say that both the companies offer the best of all customer support.

Hence, if you are choosing a hosting service on the basis of customer support, you can either go with Siteground or even Bluehost can do the job for you.

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Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost

Well, we are here at the concluding phase of the article, and the complete Bluehost vs Siteground vs Dreamhost comparison is in front of you.

Indeed, each of the hosting services are reputable in their own forms and if you want to choose the best out of them, I have got a clear cut answer for you.

Starting off with the usability section, Dreamhost goes slightly ahead of the two hosting companies.

But, as and when we speak about the performance, Bluehost and Siteground beat DreamHost by a good margin.

In this case, Bluehost does deliver the best of all uptime and with a brilliant performance, it is a company that is worth every penny.

On the other hand, even Siteground offers outstanding performance as the company makes use of all of the fastest servers.

Plus, in the last section too, Bluehost and Siteground beat Bluehost by a much fair margin. Here, both the companies offer outstanding customer support which is a valuable thing.

Hence, if you are thinking to choose any of the companies, you can go for Bluehost and Siteground.

Both the hosting companies are brilliant and they come up with some of the very best customer support.

Hence, right now, all you can do is to browse different plans and see which of the plan can be the best suited for you.

Then, you can choose that plan, launch your website, and make tons of revenue from the traffic you will get.

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