Bluehost vs Inmotion: Which Hosting is the Best for YOU? [2020 Updated]

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In a world full of companies that are offering the best of all hosting plans, choosing a good hosting company from the same is a steep task.

Yes, you may find some of the best deals over the internet. But, not each of those plans is a good one. Hence, if you are someone who wants to purchase good hosting with features, this Bluehost vs Inmotion review will help you tons.

Both the web hosting comes with their own USP and after the review, we will come up with a clear winner. Right in the review, we will cover almost every single important thing related to both the hosting.

Hence, right now, let’s not waste any time, go ahead and unwrap an exclusive Bluehost vs Inmotion review.

Bluehost vs Inmotion Hosting Review

Starting with the basics, let’s start off with the overview of both hosting companies and analyze which one is the best of them.


Speaking about one of the best and leading hosting companies will bring Bluehost into the spotlight. Yes, they are one good hosting service provider that has got a massive user base.

Whether you are looking for shared hosting or even dedicated ones, Bluehost as a company offers all those at a decent cost.

On a consistent basis, the company has thrived hard to deliver excellence in every single department. Even in its customer service support, the company offers good customer support to each of the users.

With this, you are proven to get overall support from Bluehost. From your side, you can go ahead, see their plans, and choose a good one after this article.


Yet another leading hosting service provider and Inmotion is the one that is a good one. Yes, the best thing about Inmotion is that they deliver excellent features along with brilliant customer service support.

In this scenario, regardless of your queries along with the issues, you can easily go ahead and ask your questions. From their end, the company is good enough to resolve those issues, the better way.

Plus, the company even offers a massive 90 Days Money-back guarantee. Hence, you can opt for their plans, try the same, and even if you don’t like their plans, you can simply ask for a refund within 90 days.

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Bluehost vs Inmotion: Speed & Uptime

For any user, the website speed and uptime are two of the most essential things. Yes, without a good speed and uptime, you won’t be able to rank your website on the top pages of Google.

Being said that, both the companies offer decent uptime along with speed. Even more, Page Speed matters a lot and even milliseconds can make a difference. If your website page takes tons of time to load, you are doing something wrong.

This will make your users go away and with this, you can potentially lose your Google Rankings.

On the other hand, for people who don’t know the meaning of Uptime, let me explain to you in simpler terms.

Uptime is the amount of time speed remains up and running without any sorts of issue. If a website has got more downtime than the uptime that means the web hosting provider isn’t the right one for you.

Now, in order to check the uptime of both Inmotion along with Bluehost, I checked it for both the companies. Yes, I signed up for both the hosting service providers and tested the uptime of both hosting service providers.


Bluehost vs Inmotion

Starting with the basics, I tested the load impact along with the speed of Bluehost. For testing, I used Pingdom tools and the result which I got is displayed below.

Well, the result given below is amazing where it took only 982ms for the site to load. This sort of result is faster than 94% faster. This is amazing as you will get a much faster loading time than most of the other sites.


On the other hand, as and when we tested Inmotion hosting, it took 1.24s for the website to fully load. This is, of course, faster than 90% of the websites which is good too.

Yes, Inmotion even does its job in this scenario but falls short of Bluehost web hosting service provider.

Moving ahead, I even tested the load impact of both Inmotion along with Bluehost. Well, speaking about the results in this Bluehost vs Inmotion, each result is given as follows:

Bluehost Load Impact

Bluehost vs Inmotion

Beginning with the Bluehost load impact, the Bluehost graph didn’t saw any downtime even with massive traffic. Even with 100 visitors, the website performed to the best limit and that shows the true quality of the web hosting service provider.

Inmotion Load Impact

inmotion load time

Well, a similar load test was conducted with Inmotion too and the results I saw were not up to the mark. Until 25 visitors, the servers performed well. But, as soon as the users limit went past 25 users, issues came along the way.

The performance of servers wasn’t stable and the website faced some series of downtimes.

Hence, in the load impact battle of Bluehost vs Inmotion, Bluehost wins the deal far more comfortably.

Winner: Bluehost

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 Bluehost vs Inmotion: Ease of Use

For every single user, ease of use stands as one of the most important things. Almost every user wants a website and an interface that is easy to use. With this, every feature must be accessible and in doing so, users must not face any sort of confusion.

In this Bluehost vs Inmotion review, let’s start with the Bluehost ease of use and see if it performs up to the mark or not.

Bluehost Ease of Use

bluehost ease of use

Beginning with the ease of use for Bluehost, it has been one of the simplest ones. While using the WordPress website or even the Cpanel, it has always been above par. In this scenario, you also get a free domain name along with an SSL certificate.

Plus, you also get a beginner’s guide that you can use and launch your WordPress website most simply.

In terms of the Bluehost plans, each plan comes with a Cpanel which you can use and manage each of your hosting accounts. Also, you must know that the Cpanel of Bluehost is a traditional one.

With this, you will find no issue to find different features and access each of them.

Altogether, the web hosting developers have worked pretty hard to ensure that you get quality ease of use along with good features.

Inmotion Ease of Use

Inmotion Ease of Use

Coming down towards Inmotion hosting, the company offers good Cpanel account for each of their users. Also, just like Bluehost, Inmotion even offers a One-Click installation that makes the entire process simpler.

Here, you can use the One-Click installation for WordPress, Joomla, and even Drupal.

However, when we go into the depths of ease of use, Inmotion seems to fall apart. After signing up, Bluehost offers an exclusive guide while Inmotion doesn’t deliver the same.

Hence, in terms of the winner in ease of use, Bluehost wins the battle by a much farther margin.

Winner: Bluehost

Bluehost vs Inmotion: Customer Support

Speaking about one of the most essential part in web hosting services, Customer support is the one that comes into the limelight. Yes, before a user buys web hosting services, each of the users wants effective customer support.

With good customer support, you will be able to contact the web hosting provider and resolve each of your issues. Plus, tons of companies boast of good customer support. But, not each of them offers brilliant ones.

Bluehost Support


Starting with the Bluehost customer support, the company has mastered to deliver 24/7/365 days of customer service support. This is absolutely amazing for every single person who wants to get their issues resolved in the best possible way.

On the other hand, speaking about the company’s live chat feature, it has always been on the better end. In this case, you can simply contact the live chat agent and it will be available as soon as possible.

Thereafter, you can ask your queries and the experts are good enough to answer each of your questions.

On the other hand, in the phone support, the company’s agents are available to pick up almost any type of call. In this case, you can simply contact their support, ask questions, get answers, and implement the same.

Last but not least, email support from Bluehost has been on a good end too. In this scenario, you can email them about your issues and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Also, each of the persons sitting in the customer support department of Bluehost is knowledgeable. Yes, the company chooses the person based on knowledge grounds where you get a chance to talk only with the experts.

On the other hand, as soon as you will purchase Bluehost plans, you will get a quick guide to launch your first website.

This is absolutely handy for the people who are eager to start their first website on different platforms.

Inmotion Customer Support

Inmotion Customer Support

On the other hand, Inmotion also offers customer support all round the clock. Whether we speak about the email, phone, or even live chat support, each of the support from the company has been valuable.

In this scenario, you get a US-based customer care support from the company. Additionally, to take the customer support thing to the next level, Inmotion even delivers exclusive Skype care support.

Now, this is something interesting that takes Inmotion customer support to a new level. Plus, the company is well-known to publish regular notes, documentation, and videos in their knowledge base.

Hence, if you are someone who doesn’t feel confident in overall customer support, you can still access the knowledge pool. From there, you can read, watch and resolve the issues, your way.

Now, in terms of the live chat support from Inmotion, it has been commendable. I tested the chat support numerous times and get proven results. As soon as you will opt for the customer support, the live agent will come up within minutes.

Well, the same scenario goes for the email along with phone call support where you will get exclusive support to resolve every query.

In terms of the winner, as Inmotion delivers the exclusive Skype feature, it takes the customer support to some good extents. With Skype, you can communicate with the support staff in a lot more effective way.

However, Bluehost doesn’t lack far behind and comes with every single basic to advanced level customer support feature.

Winner: Inmotion

Bluehost vs Inmotion: Pricing

Simplifying pricing in the simplest ways, Inmotion pricing is a little more expensive than Bluehost.

Yes, Bluehost, on the other hand, offers slightly less expensive plans and comes with some of the best value-added features.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking for a budget-oriented hosting that delivers the essential features, Bluehost is a better one.

Speaking about the winner in Bluehost vs Inmotion pricing, Bluehost is simply a clear winner. Their plan are on the least expensive side but still offers decent features.

Also, the plans of Bluehost come with additional website starting guide. This can be a valuable add on which you can use, learn, and start your website, the best ever way.

Winner: Bluehost

Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost vs Inmotion

We have come to the concluding phase of the article and the entire Bluehost vs Inmotion review is in front of you. Yes, each of the website hosting service provider is a good one and you are getting something from both of them.

However, if you are looking for a clear winner, Bluehost wins the deal by a much better margin. They offer good speed, uptime, pricing and with effective customer support, Bluehost wins the deal by a far better margin.

On the other hand, with Inmotion Company, they deliver amazing customer support but lack in other useful parameters.

Also, if you are interested in buying Bluehost plans, I have made things simpler for you. In this case, you can easily CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the Bluehost page.

From there, you can analyze different plans of Bluehost and choose a better one for your website.

Thereafter, you can effectively host your website, write posts, attract traffic, and take your website to exponential heights of glory.


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