Bluehost vs Dreamhost: The Battle of The Best, Features [2020 Updated]

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In an internet-based world where tons of hosting companies are present, choosing a good one becomes quite a steep task. Yes, the process is a tedious one and you got to understand the things required to purchase web hosting. For this, I have picked up the two most quality web hosting in the name of Bluehost vs Dreamhost. Hence, right in this article, we will unwrap a detailed review of Bluehost vs Dreamhost.

Well, we all know the struggle to choose the best of all hosting service providers. Out of all the options, only a few are available that offer quality hosting services. Taking Dreamhost for instance, the company has crossed the mark of hosting around 2 million websites. This is definitely a staggering number and every day, that number is on the rising curve.

On the other hand, Bluehost doesn’t lag behind and they are the ones who have exceeded 2 million websites. Of course, both the hosting companies are the best ones and things can’t get crazier than this.

Hence, right now, let us go ahead and unwrap a complete comparison between Bluehost vs Dreamhost.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost: Overview

Beginning with the basics, we will first start with an overview of both hosting services.


bluehost vs dreamhost

Bluehost is one of those oldest hosting companies that offer different hosting solutions to every possible internet user. Yes, right from dedicated hosting to shared, VPS, and even WordPress ones, the company has excelled in offering each of the quality hosting services.

On top of that, above everything, they even offer tons of WordPress features that are especially recommended by WordPress.

Plus, plenty of users have recommended Bluehost for different in-house hosting solutions for leveraging different data centres. This is one of the most fantastic moves from a company like Bluehost.

And, the company even offers daily backups so that you don’t lose any sorts of website data.

They offer powerful backups and the data centres used with Bluehost are, of course, one of the strongest ones.


bluehost vs dreamhost

Going ahead in the battle of Bluehost vs Dreamhost, Dreamhost is another type of managed hosting service provider. Aside from dedicated hosting, they even offer shared, VPS, cloud, and even WordPress hosting.

Some notable features that make Dreamhost better hosting service is the use of SSD, automatic WordPress updates, unlimited bandwidth, and many more.

Also, like Bluehost, Dreamhost even offers backups that you can possibly do and back up each of your data, in the best possible way.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost: Usability


bluehost vs dreamhost

Starting with the Bluehost usability, the very first thing you will notice here is that their sign up process comes with a free domain name. With this, there is no need to pay anything for the domain name and if you have your own site, you can move to the Bluehost servers, without an issue.

Also, to make usability a lot simpler, the company has deployed its very own team of experts that can do the migration for you.

On the other hand, even if you are not planning to migrate, Bluehost offers another plan where you can make your website from scratch. Yes, this is another fantastic thing and you can simply make use of your creativity and design your very own website.

The company delivers the powerful Weebly website builder that helps you in building the website from scratch. It’s simple, customizable and doesn’t require any sorts of coding knowledge.

Just a couple of drag/drops and you will be done making your website.

Now, to make usability a lot simpler, the company even offers a unique CPanel. With the help of Cpanel, you can manage every sort of thing on your website right from that itself.

This reduces any sort of confusion where Cpanel is the go-to-thing in case of managing your website.


bluehost vs dreamhost

Going ahead in the Bluehost vs Dreamhost review, Dreamhost isn’t far behind in the usability section. Indeed, the signing up process of Dreamhost comes with a free domain name for one year which is a better thing.

But, the offer isn’t inclusive to every single user and you will get the free domain only if you subscribe to Happy Hosting, DreamPress plans, or the Unlimited Shared plan.

Also, the model of migration alike Bluehost is free with Dreamhost. However, you will have to do the process manually with the tools provided by Dreamhost.

On the other hand, if you want the company to do the migration, you got to pay $99 and the migration will be done within 48 hours.

Also, the company even offers a pre-built website builder. It is known as Remixer and making a website with it is extremely straightforward. Here, you can easily make use of the builder and customize and publish content in a better way.

Further, the company even offers massive 70 pre-defined templates that come with free images, videos, Google Analytics integration, and many more.

In terms of the Cpanel, Dreamhost has built their very own CPanel. Yes, the Cpanel offered by Dreamhost comes with customizable features that you can use and make your website, much better.

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Verdict: Best Usability

Well, picking up the winner among Bluehost vs Dreamhost was indeed a steep task.

But, there are some instances where I found Bluehost to be on top of Dreamhost. Whether it was free migration or even having a neat and clean CPanel, Bluehost wins the race by a much far margin.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost: Performance & Uptime

Done with the usability section, now we will go ahead and take a look at the performance along with the uptime section.

Bluehost uptime

Bluehost uptime

Well, all over the world, Bluehost as a web hosting service is known to offer 99.99% uptime, every single time. This is one of the biggest achievements from Bluehost where you will get better uptime in every single scenario.

Additionally, I decided to make use of Pingdom and tested the uptime along with the performance of Bluehost.

After deep monitoring of Bluehost for a period of 30 days, the system brought me an uptime of close to 99%.

This is quite impressive from a massive company like Bluehost where they have lived up to user expectations.

Hence, I can say that Bluehost does their very best to keep the website up/running all round the clock.

Apart from that, I even tested the performance of Bluehost and got results for the same. In the performance section, I got the page load time of 644ms.

That’s not bad but not impressive too but can load the website at a pretty much faster rate. On the other hand, the company doesn’t allow users to choose their very own data centers.

Yes, they choose data centers on their own and you got to settle with the same.

A Take on Bluehost CDN

Speaking about yet another powerful feature of Bluehost will bring the CDN into the spotlight. Yes, the company offers Cloudflare CDN for free of cost that helps to load the website in a lot faster way.

Cloudflare is one of the major CDN services that has got a network of massive 165 data centers. They have got their servers in pretty much every single location from where you will get faster website loading speeds.

Hence, from your side, if you want a faster load time, you can activate the CDN right from your Bluehost settings.


Well, when it comes to uptime with Dreamhost, the company seems to be more confident than Bluehost. They claim that they deliver 100% uptime and are willing to compensate for any of the downtimes that occur.

Plus, each downtime will result in an additional day free hosting. This is one good thing done by the company but of course, comes with different sorts of terms and conditions.

Also, I tested the uptime from Dreamhost for a period of 30 days and came up with a clearer conclusion. In this scenario, the company offered an uptime of 99.92 percent of uptime.

This is particularly not bad from Dreamhost as the company looks after giving good uptime to each of their websites.

Keeping everything into consideration, with the above results, you can be sure that your website will not face any sorts of downtime issues. Even if the issue comes, it will be minute and will get resolved within hours.

Performance section

Quite interestingly, I even tested the performance of Dreamhost and was amazed by seeing the results.

In this case, I got the uptime of 328ms and with this, I can clearly say that Dreamhost servers are faster than Bluehost.

Also, another surprising thing Dreamhost is that the company runs only two data centers in two locations.

Plus, the company even relies on DELL servers that are effectively built on solid-state drives.

What about the CDN?

Coming down at the CDN from Dreamhost, it has always been above par. Here, the company makes use of its very own CDN service that it launched in the year 2014.

However, that plan didn’t work out and they had to scrap their own CDN service. Right now, the company has partnered with Cloudflare and are offering quality services.

With this, you will get better loading speeds and will not face such issues, in any scenario.

Verdict: Best Performance, Uptime

Beginning with Bluehost, it guaranteed uptime of 99.99% while Dreamhost claims to offer an uptime of nearly 100%.

With this, after our testing of the speed, uptime, and even performance, Dreamhost the job in the best possible way.

They are one of the best services when it comes to performance and has proved the same, time after time.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost: Customer Service Support

Bluehost Customer Support


Beginning with Bluehost Customer Support, the company makes use of a multi-channel system to deliver effective customer support.

Yes, they come up with a phone call, email, and even an email chat support that delivers support for 24x7x365.

In this scenario, every single time you have one query, you have the freedom to choose any of the customer support options.

Either you want to go for the phone support or the live chat, you are free to choose any option, without issue.

Also, as per the company, they have got experienced people in their customer care department. With this, you can fire your queries and expect the support team to resolve that issue, as early as possible.

Further, from my personal experience, I can say that the support team of Bluehost is pretty much knowledgeable.

However, there can be some technical issues are will be solved by their technical support team. Of course, this process will take some time but the company is known to resolve issues within hours.

Plus, with Bluehost, you get absolutely free consultations in every single plan. This is one of the most essential points in Bluehost vs Dreamhost at least in the customer support section.

Additionally, they even offer support when it comes to traffic generations, website performance, blogs, and tons of such things.

What’s more?

Bluehost as a company even offers an active forum where you can interact with other users. In this case, you can ask your questions inside the forum and get real answers from different users.

Altogether, with each of the above customer support features being on point, Bluehost as a company has excelled in this scenario, to the fullest extent.

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Coming down to Dreamhost customer support, they offer a similar type of customer support alike Bluehost.

They effectively combine knowledge along with email, live chat, and phone support to deliver effective customer care services, every single time.

However, despite offering an extensive knowledge base of articles, tips, and many more things, Dreamhost isn’t able to manage the extensive knowledgebase offered by Bluehost.

On top of that, the live chat support offered by Dreamhost is delivered between the time of 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM PST. Hence, if you are someone who lives in another country, you may face issues with the live chat support of Dreamhost.

Also, I have tested the live chat feature of Dreamhost and saw that the customers have to wait for minutes to get their turn. Frankly speaking, this is particularly frustrating for most of the users as they have got other work to do.

Coming down to the phone support, the site doesn’t deliver a direct phone number on its front page. This gradually makes it extremely difficult to track down the number of customer support.

Instead, they offer a toll-free number that will ask you a series of questions before connecting with the actual host.

Surprisingly, even the calling feature from Dreamhost comes at an additional cost. Yes, the costing is a monthly one where if you want to connect with them via phone, you got to pay additional fees for each month.

Verdict: Best Customer Support

Comparing the customer support services of both Dreamhost and Bluehost, I think, we have got a clear winner in this case. Bluehost customer support has always been on the top-notch side. Right from the phone support, to email and live chat, the agents of Bluehost are always ready to resolve issues.

On the other hand, Dreamhost has tried their best to deliver good customer support. But, have failed to deliver it by a fair margin.

The customer support from Dreamhost has been floppy and I can say that Bluehost wins this race by a comfortable margin.

All thanks goes to the dynamic framework offered by Bluehost that binds the entire customer support of this company.

Regardless of your query, you can easily contact their customer support, ask questions, and get solutions, on an immediate basis.

On top of that, their customer support works for 24/7/365 days which is another better one.

Plus, with faster live chat support, you cannot really ask for more from Bluehost,

Altogether, they deliver effective customer support that is far ahead than Dreamhost in every possible scenario.

Ease of Use

  • Control Panel

BlueHost uses cPanel, but with a modified interface, so regular cPanel users will have some adjustments to form. DreamHost’s proprietary instrument panel has the features required, but not being supported by the industry-standard cPanel could cause some user issues.

  • One-click Installer

BlueHost uses the MOJO Marketplace one-click installer for installing nearly 100 applications easily. DreamHost features a one-click installer section, though there aren’t as many options because the MOJO Marketplace has.

  • Website Navigation

Both BlueHost’s and DreamHost’s sites provide the knowledge you would like to settle on an idea.

Plus, each of the web hosting services has useful comparison charts for comparing tiers in their plans.

Both are clean and user-friendly, however, DreamHost makes it difficult to seek out some information without resorting to Google or reading through wikis.

With this, if you are someone who needs to have clear website navigation, you can easily go for the Bluehost hosting service.

Verdict: Best Ease of use

Comparing the ease of use for both web hosting service providers, Bluehost seems to be ahead of Dreamhost. Personally, I found the user interface along with the One-Click installation of Bluehost, much simpler.

Hence, if you are looking for a web hosting service provider that comes with quite a neat and clean user interface along with ease of use, Bluehost offers world-class ones, without an inch of issue.

Reasons to settle on BlueHost over DreamHost:

  • More options in shared hosting
  • Free SiteLock
  • Uses cPanel – though with a modified interface
  • More applications available for one-click installation

Though BlueHost’s managed WordPress plans are costlier than those from other hosts, the features in them make them very fashionable.

It’s indicated by the very fact that quite 1 million WordPress sites are hosted on BlueHost.

If you’re mid-sized or larger, you would possibly look to either Bluehost or DreamHost for affordable VPS or dedicated server plans, though DreamHost’s can handle larger businesses with its unlimited bandwidth.

With its one-plan shared hosting, DreamHost is attractive to those that want a vast everything site without having to decide between tiers.

However, it’s going to not be fitted to the beginner since there’s no website builder and no phone support.

Both of those hosting companies offer good prices for the number of features they supply. Each of them comes with good and affordable pricing for each of the users. In this scenario, whether you want to go for the starter services or even a costlier one, the company delivers good pricing for every user.

These are just two of the many companies that provide web hosting. If you don’t mind spending a couple of dollars more for fast load and response times and premium features, SiteGround would be worth finding out.

Yes, Siteground has also been another better hosting company that comes with tons of valuable features.

In this scenario, you can even go for Siteground if you are searching for a reliable hosting service provider.

For a number that’s a superb choice for managed WordPress, which features a money-back guarantee second to only DreamHost, you would possibly want to think about InMotion Hosting.

Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost vs Dreamhost

Spanning across the entire article, we have come to the concluding phase and the results are right in front of you. Yes, both the hosting services whether it’s Bluehost or Dreamhost are good. But, comparing both of them, Bluehost seems to be way ahead than the competition.

Whether we compare the user interface, speed, or even an extensive array of customer service support, Bluehost services, and features have been on the top-notch end.

Also, if you are someone who is a new blogger and looking for quality services, Bluehost is the company to go for. They have been in the hosting business for years and have mastered the art of offering quality services.

Hence, from your end, all you can do is to keenly analyze different plans of Bluehost. Additionally, to make your work easier, I have got a special link for you.

Simply, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the Bluehost plans and pricing. From there, you can easily choose the plans you are finding the best of them.

Thereafter, you can easily go ahead, host your website with Bluehost and reap amazing benefits from this hosting provider.

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