Bluehost VPS: Discover Features, Benefits & More [2021 Updated]

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If you are someone who owns plenty of websites and you are searching for one of the best VPS hosting, Bluehost Vps is a good choice. Indeed, Bluehost as a company has done wonders in every possible hosting department.

Right from offering good VPS hosting to amazing customer support, Bluehost has offered some of the best services. Also, if you are someone who needs to make their WordPress websites load faster, Bluehost VPS is hosting to look for.

Well, I know in a world of different hosting services, it’s really hard to choose good web hosting. On the other hand, shared hosting are good for websites having less traffic. Therefore, if you have tons of website traffic, it’s better to choose VPS hosting.

Therefore, right in this article, I will take you through an entire Bluehost VPS hosting.

Bluehost VPS: What is VPS Hosting?

Bluehost Vps

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server where you will get a dedicated server to maintain your website data along with the files.

With VPS hosting, your website is bound to load faster even if thousands of people are visiting your website.

Why you must use VPS Hosting for your WordPress website?

Well, the answer is really simple. If you are someone who is looking for a website that can offer extreme performance to enhance site speed, VPS hosting is one of the best choices.

Also, if you want good power to run websites even if thousand of visitors are visiting, then VPS hosting is a good choice.

Further, VPS hosting allows you to offer performance without the need of extra performance plugins.

This can save you some good money you spend on the speed plugins. Right now that you know the importance of VPS, let’s go ahead and unwrap a detailed Bluehost VPS review.

Bluehost VPS Review: Detailed Review

Speaking about the Bluehost VPS hosting, they offer almost everything you can ask for. Right from reliability, good performance, scalability to almost everything, Bluehost VPS hosting does it all.

Further, even if you are in need of a faster VPS hosting, Bluehost can offer you the same, without an issue.

Now, let’s go ahead and unwrap the top five reasons to choose Bluehost VPS hosting.

5 Reasons to Choose Bluehost VPS Hosting

Are you looking for the reasons that can compel you to choose Bluehost VPS hosting? Well, I have done an extensive series of research and have got you the top 5 reasons.

1. Brilliant Website Performance

Bluehost Vps

Speaking about the very first reason to choose the VPS hosting from Bluehost, good website performance is a good one. Yes, the company has always looked after their website performance and have offered good performance to every single website.

Comparing the VPS hosting with shared in terms of speed, Bluehost VPS offers next level speed.

In shared hosting, the resources are used by other websites as well. This puts load on the resources which results in slow website speeds.

On the other hand, with VPS, you get your separate RAM along with CPU. With this, you will get the top class performance in every possible scenario.

Even with the basic VPS hosting plan, you will get 2GB dedicated RAM. This is amazing as with such RAM, you can get some brilliant performance.

On top of that, you can control the CPU performance as per your liking. This will help you to not fall short of any performance metrics.

Here, all the resources are yours and you are the master to use each of the resources. With this, you can easily take control on all the resources and then go ahead and up rank your website performance.

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2.Instant Provisioning

Going ahead in the Bluehost VPS review, instant provisioning is another essential reason to opt VPS from Bluehost.

With instant provisioning, you can raise the bar of websites to another level.

Plus, you can easily set up and run websites on the Bluehost VPS server within seconds. This is one of the best things done by the company as it reduces the tremendous load from user’s minds.

Well, comparing Bluehost VPS to other options, different VPS options take hours to activate. Considering this thing, VPS from Bluehost does offer faster and effortless hosting activation.

The company has designed its servers to offer instant activation in every possible scenario.

With this, the moment you have purchased their VPS hosting, you can use their servers at the very moment.

Yes, there is no sort of waiting game where you pay for their hosting and you get the same, with no sort of issues.

Not only that, but the company also offers complete data management access. Here, you can easily manage, edit, organize, and organize files directly from the Bluehost server. Therefore, if you are someone who is eager to manage databases, Bluehost VPS is an excellent option for you to go for.

3. 24×7 in-house VPS team access

Yes, another major point to choose Bluehost VPS is its 24×7 in-house VPS team access. The company’s VPS shared hosting runs on the latest cloud technology that gives website super-fast speeds.

Also, the good thing here is that the company does offer a brilliant support team that knows to resolve every other VPS issue.

From your end, you are free to call the support staff at any point in time. Yes, they are available all round the clock where you can call them and fix your queries.

I personally have tested the VPS support from this hosting company and I was impressed with their customer support.

Yes, the staff was quick, professional, and resolved my issue within minutes.

4. Good Security

Unlimited Data Transfer

Another important aspect of Bluehost VPS is the offering of good security. Yes, security has become a necessity in today’s online world. Plenty of cybercrimes are going every single day and with this, the need of security is the basic necessity.

If you will opt for the Bluehost VPS, you don’t have to share your Operating System OS with any other user. This thing takes security to a whole new level where your data will be kept private and secure.

Above everything, the VPS hosting from Bluehost offers you flexible access control. Here, you can create passwords easily and even grant access to different aspects of VPS hosting.

Putting it simply, you can issue the one-time password for different people that will use the VPS server.

This gives you complete control over your VPS server and you can then keep it secure from other attacks.

Overall, comparing the VPS of Bluehost to other companies, Bluehost has an edge over each of them. Yes, the company has excelled in security over a couple of years and they are striving hard to do so without an issue.

5. Root Access

One of the very best advantages of using VPS from Bluehost is the root access usage. Yes, the company gives complete Root access to users which is a thing not offered by plenty of hosting companies.

For different advanced users, the company offers an enhanced cpanel from where you can easily access the CentOS which gives complete control to your hosting server.

What exactly is Root Access?

Root access basically means that you will get complete admin powers to access and modify different servers. Also, using the root access, you can access any of the files and edit those files as per your wish.

With this, you can easily make use of the root access and install different programs as per your convenience.

However, though the root feature will appear to be a good one, you got to have knowledge in using the same.

You cannot really use the root access feature and do any sort of changes in the root folder. Therefore, before you are accessing the root feature, you will have to gain knowledge in that domain.

Once you have complete knowledge, then you can easily go ahead and make changes for the betterment of your overall website.

Well, for nonpro users, you can damage the overall VPS configuration of your website. This can incur huge overall loss too.

Therefore, using the Bluehost VPS root access is for people who have technical knowledge on the same.

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4 Things to Consider before you Choose VPS Hosting

Well, before you can choose VPS hosting from any hosting provider, you got to know the possible things to consider.

Given below are some of the top class things to consider before you can opt for VPS hosting.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Before choosing any VPS hosting, you must see if the company is offering a money-back guarantee or not. Indeed, this is one of the most crucial points and you need some sort of security in terms of the money-back guarantee.

Now, in this case, different hosting companies offer different sort of money-back guarantees. Therefore, from your end, you must always check for a money-back guarantee on a first and foremost basis.

If it’s there, it’s well and good where you can go ahead and test that company’s VPS hosting. However, if a money-back guarantee is not there, then you got to look for other hosting options.

Control Panel

Bluehost CP

Now, if you are someone who is looking to manage your website on an easier scale, having a control panel is the basic necessity. Yes, with a Control panel, you can easily manage each of your domains, emails, see site stats and do much more things.

Overall, the control panel makes things a lot more convenient and helps users to access things in the best manner.

Therefore, you must make sure that the hosting service provider is offering a control panel. If they are not offering, you can look for other hosting options in this case.

Level of Security

Indeed, in an online world that is full of data loss and leaks, having VPS hosting offering good security has become a necessity.

Currently, each of the hosting companies are working on their security that can offer improved and secure access to users.

Plus, you must look for VPS hosting provider that can offer security against those malware and virus attacks.

Therefore, make sure to have a hosting service provider that can offer you all the basic and advanced level security features.

Once you feel that a hosting service provider is offering almost every possible feature, then you can go ahead and choose that hosting provider, with no sort of issues.

Customer Support

Bluehost vps

Last but not the least, having good customer support is one of those things needed by users. Of course, users don’t want to choose a VPS hosting that comes with poor customer support.

With good customer support, users can easily ask their queries and can get solutions on the same.

Also, you must make sure that the hosting provider has got almost every sort of communication medium. Right from calling to ticketing and live chat support, the hosting providers must have every possible support to the rescue.

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Bluehost VPS List of Features for WordPress users

Bluehost as a VPS hosting company also offers tons of value added features. Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of those features, one by one.

  • Can handle up to 100 million visits each month
  • You will get 30 GB of Storage
  • Backup of 30 GB
  • 2 GB RAM available in the basic plan
  • You can easily manage 5 websites
  • Money-back guarantee available
  • 24×7 customer service support
  • Improved cPanel to manage websites
  • SiteLock CDN to increase the website loading times

PROS of Bluehost VPS

  • Free domain name offered on each of the plans
  • Free SSL certificate so that you can keep your website much secured
  • Pricing and the plans of Bluehost VPS are on the affordable end
  • The plans offer SSD storage that enhances the website performance along with page loading times
  • 1 TB bandwidth is available with the basic VPS hosting plan
  • 24×7 in-house good customer support

CONS of Bluehost

The CodeGuard Basic is an add-on from Bluehost for which you will have to pay extra money. With this feature, you can easily backup your files and save it in a secure folder.

How reliable is the Bluehost VPS hosting?

Well, Bluehost as a hosting company has been in the hosting business for quite some time now. They started hosting services in the year 1996 and right now, the company is powering millions of websites all over the world.

The Bluehost VPS comes with fully managed services. With this, you don’t have to manage the configurations at the server-side on your behalf. Even if you are someone who is non-techy, you still don’t have to fret even for a second.

Plus, Bluehost takes care of the client-side configuration that eventually makes the website load faster.

Also, Bluehost makes websites secure and much easier to maintain. Here, the company offers different servers that can help you to deliver faster loading and transfer speeds.

Further, Bluehost offers cloud technology which comes with automated migration. With this, you can easily upgrade your existing accounts and make it much more feature-rich.

Now, with the use of VPS servers, you can grab some of the most essential benefits. Out of which, the best ones are as follows:

  • Full root access
  • Good Performance
  • Improved Security
  • Flexible mechanism
  • Full Guaranteed Resources
  • No extra maintenance
  • The unlimited offering of Domain hosting
  • Server Monitoring

A Take on Technical Support of Bluehost VPS Hosting

The team of Bluehost in terms of VPS hosting is a highly experienced team. Yes, each of their customer support is friendly and when it comes to their technical support, it’s on the stronger side too.

If your website faces any sorts of technical issue, the support team are ready to resolve your issue in quick time.

Plus, the company does offer amazing 24×7 customer service support. With this, you can easily contact their live chat, phone call or even ticketing support.

Few More Features of Bluehost VPS

Browsing through the list of features, given below are some more value-added features offered by Bluehost VPS:

The Bluehost VPS is specially built on cloud-based technology that offers good hosting features to Bluehost.

Bluehost even offers root access that can offer you enhanced cPanel functionalities.

The company makes use of a KVM hypervisor that offers guaranteed resource usage. Also, it even offers an amazing 100% uptime where even if your website gets 1000 visitors, the site will still run smoothly.

Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost VPS Review

Wrapping up the entire article, we have come to the concluding phase. Yes, the Bluehost VPS hosting is a good option for people who are eager to manage their hosting and even want to withstand thousands of visitors.

Additionally, Bluehost VPS hosting comes with tons of value-added features. Right from offering good security to customer support and unique root access, you cannot ask for more from this hosting company.

On top of that, even in terms of pricing, Bluehost offers affordable pricing for each of their hosting plans.

With this, you can easily choose any of the Bluehost VPS hosting plans. Of course, before choosing any of the plans, you got to see which plan suits you the best.

In this scenario, you will require a bit of research so that you can easily choose the best VPS plans.

More to it, for makings things simpler, you can simply CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the pricing page.

From there, you can easily compare different plans and see which one is a good one for you.

All in all, you can easily choose any of the plans, choose a good one, and host your website in the best possible way.

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