Bluehost India vs Hostgator: Which is the Best Hosting Provider? [2021]

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Well, the heat of choosing the best hosting service provider is on the rise and each of the hosting service providers is offering valuable services. Yes, right in this article, I have got Bluehost India vs Hostgator review.

Yes, Bluehost India vs Hostgator are the two giant companies that have been offering their hosting services. In this case, choosing the best hosting service from the two can be a daunting task.

Therefore, right now, let’s explore about hosting and the differences between Bluehost India vs Hostgator.

Bluehost India vs Hostgator

Starting off with the review, you must know some essential details about hosting. Well, with the exponential growth of hosting service providers, they have surely shaped the online world.

Currently, each of the hosting platforms is reaching its peak and they are coming with some valuable features. Right from meeting new people to expanding their hosting, every single hosting service provider is striving for a better result.

Also, from a user point of view, building a sustainable website is one of the most crucial things. With this, you can follow up with a much decent host and each of the things will be pretty fine.

What is a Web Hosting Service Provider?

Well, a web hosting service provider is a company that connects content right to the primary server. Plus, this will give your website a permanent address which enhances your visibility in the vast online world.

Additionally, you can either create own domain name and even register it with the help of a free domain.

The moment you have decided on your domain name, you got to host it in an online fashion.

Basically, the host works as the connecting link between the web page and servers. It’s a place that gives you the privilege to set a website and even conduct business on a virtual platform.

The Past & Future

Going ahead in Bluehost India vs Hostgator reviews, the web hosting companies can be understood as the data centers which manage and monitors traffic. Plus, it helps in channelizing it towards each of the websites.

With hosting, it gives privilege to individuals for accessing the World Wide Web as per their liking.

Well, Bluehost India vs Hostgator both are the companies that offer some of the best and quality hosting services.

Let’s go ahead and kickstart with the history of Bluehost India vs Hostgator.

Hostgator Overview


Bluehost India vs HostgatorBluehost India vs Hostgator

Starting off with Hostgator web hosting, the company has been there since the year 2002. Yes, since then, they have made some of the best advancements, and the company hosting services have become much better since then.

Today, Hostgator as a hosting company is recognized among the top class hosting service providers of the entire world.

Currently, Hostgator is located in Texas where the company is powering tons of websites. Whether you have the will to choose shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated, or any other hosting plan, Hostgator offers every type of hosting.

Plus, the company even guarantees 100% uptime along with different smart website building solutions. For each of the tech companies and people looking for a better hosting service provider, Hostgator is an all-rounded choice.

Also, speaking about the additional features of Hostgator, it includes 100% uptime along with different and smart site building solutions.

Additionally, the company does come up with tons of additional features such as brilliant bandwidth, free domain name, extensive database, and tons of more stuff.

It’s pretty surprising that right since the beginning, Hostgator as a web hosting company has evolved. They have made their reputation in the hosting world and are constantly being among the top contenders in website hosting.

Plus, with the use of clean and even sustainable hosting solutions such as solar and wind, Hostgator has been a better deal for people who care for the environment.

They also boast of a pretty good framework where this is one of the most profitable bets in the hosting world.

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A Glance at Perks you get with Hostgator

Going ahead in Bluehost India vs Hostgator, the company Hostgator offers some of the best and valuable perks.

Yes, the company offers some of the very best features where you can include each of the technical features too.

Right now, giving you a gist of each feature, the top class features offered by Hostgator are as follows:

First of all, the company offers one of the best and dependable uptime solutions in the online market. Here, they make use of one of the fastest servers which will help users to get their website up and running, every single time.

With the availability of a robust and practical framework of Hostgator, you don’t need any of the technical skills to use this hosting. Here, all you need is a basic knowledge of web hosting and with that, you can host your website, in the best possible way.

Moving on to the third essential feature, Hostgator offers better control to channelize your online traffic. This truly helps in increasing your earning potential to some good extent.

In terms of the last essential benefit, Hostgator offers people the ability to perform multitasking with their services. Here, users have got the power and the potential to operate different web pages at the same time.

A Take on Bluehost India Web Hosting

Bluehost India vs Hostgator

Well, going ahead in Bluehost India vs Hostgator, Bluehost has been another company that has been in limelight for quite a long time.

Yes, it’s another web host that has made millions of hosting fans all over the world. This company is known all over the place where they offer brilliant features at much affordable pricing.

In terms of the History of Bluehost, the company was started back in the year 1996. Since then, it has been growing and hosting some of the very best websites over the internet.

Further, the final version of Bluehost came in the year 2003 where Bluehost India is the company that came into existence.

Currently, the version that you are seeing today is the latest one that comes with all of the latest features.

Plus, Bluehost India does offer CPU throttling which reduces the RAM usage along with hosting of CPU and speed.

Right in the year 2011, the Bluehost company was taken up by the Endurance company. This helped increase the credibility along with power in the market.

Additionally, speaking about the latest version of the Bluehost WebHost, this includes the top-notch services like VPS along with dedicated server.

Plus, Bluehost as a good hosting server has got their servers in tons of the world regions. Specifically, they have their servers in USA and expand the same in India and other countries.

Also, Bluehost is the WordPress recommended service where you are free to easily opt for Bluehost, without any sort of issue and confusion.

Know the Perks you get with Bluehost India

Well, in Bluehost India vs Hostgator review, Bluehost does offer a variety of perks. That you can avail and host your website.

Here, the company is well-known to offer all-round services and is ideally suited for professional and inexperienced users.

However, there are some of the best and unique perks that make the company well apart from its competitors.

Given below are some of the most brilliant perks given by the Bluehost India Company:

First of all, Bluehost India offers unmatched security where it comes with features such as CloudFlare that is more suitable for websites that requires SSL encryption against the DDoS attacks

Secondly, the company is known for its excellent customer support which can help customers resolve their technical issues. Regardless of the technical issue, you are facing, the company is well-known to resolve each of the issues, to perfection.

Also, Bluehost does guarantee brilliant 99.99% uptime. With such uptime, you can be sure that your website is up and running, in most of cases.

In terms of the user-friendly nature, Bluehost India offers a friendly control panel which is specifically made as per the industry standard. With this, you can be free to use almost any feature of Bluehost India hosting.

Now, the Bluehost India hosting is especially recommended by WordPress. With this, you are sure that your hosting service provider is a genuine and trusted source.

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Bluehost India vs Hostgator: Comparing the Key Features

Going ahead in Bluehost India vs Hostgator features, each of the company offers some of the best and brilliant set of features.

Also, each of the web hosting companies has got their own feature list where each of them will be better and lower in this scenario.

Therefore, right now, we will be comparing Bluehost India vs Hostgator hosting companies. Here, we will be comparing the features of each company and then will see which company is the one that has got the best and quality set of features.

Before we compare, you must note that each of the comparisons is done based on true research. With this, all you can do is to follow up with the article and explore each feature, one by one.

Performance and Reliability

Bluehost India vs Hostgator

Moving forward in Bluehost India vs Hostgator review, the performance and reliability section are two core factors.

First, of talking about the Bluehost India performance and reliability, the company has truly lived up to the expectations.

In this scenario, the company delivers by far smooth and easy performance in every single sector. Here, if you are willing to start your own website, you are free to make use of Bluehost India.

Especially, if you are from the Indian region, you will get the best possible performance from this company.

Even in terms of the reliability section, the reliability of Bluehost Host India has been released to some of the best possible extents.

In this scenario, the company makes use of the stable and fastest servers in this scenario. Plus, they also offer different security layers along with tons of backup facilities.

With this, you will get faster performance and with improved reliability, you don’t have to look any further than Bluehost India.

Hostgator Performance & Reliability

Bluehost India vs Hostgator

Moving ahead in Hostgator Performance and Reliability section, this company also offers quality performance and reliability.

Well, Hostgator is located on Dual Xenon servers located in Dallas. These servers are pretty good and they are bound to offer the best of all performances, without an issue.

On the other hand, Hostgator offers users the benefit of round clock data backup which prevents the overall risk of information loss.

Yes, with this, you can get full Hostgator reliability support which is another better thing.

Therefore, in the Bluehost India vs Hostgator battle of Performance and reliability, each of the companies shares the same amount of weight.

With this, you can be sure that you can choose any of them and each of them will offer excellent performance and reliability.

Speed & Efficiency

Going ahead in Bluehost India vs Hostgator section, speed and efficiency are two good parameters.

Indeed, the server downtime is one of those things that is the most critical in hosting. Here, if your hosting service provider is not offering a brilliant hosting efficiency, then there are chances you may lose on a massive amount of traffic.

Further, in terms of speed, it will be greatly affected if the hosting servers are not fast. Therefore, in this scenario, you can simply opt for the Bluehost India servers as they are faster than before.

Every single year, the company revamps its servers and with this, you will get the best of all server performance.

Also, this is one of the most essential features which is a good one for marketers and entrepreneurs.

This can give them the innovation to monetize web pages online.

Now, coming down towards the uptime of Bluehost India vs Hostgator, the uptime of both companies have been on the brilliant end.

In this case, you are free to choose among Bluehost India vs Hostgator whichever company you like the most.

Plus, each of the companies does offer a brilliant uptime of 99.99%. With such great uptime, you don’t have to do much.

All you can do here is to simply see which hosting has got an edge in this section. Then, you can easily go ahead, choose that hosting and host your website, the better way.

Response Time & Credibility

In terms of the third criteria of comparisons, the response time and credibility are two of the most essential criteria.

In basic terms, response time refers to the overall speed at which the web host responds to a particular server.

Here, faster response time ensures much faster implementation along with greater optimization of resources.

In this scenario, both the web hosting companies offer responsive along with a robust framework. This gradually boosts up the virtual presence along with appeal on an extensive rate.

However, if you will go into deeper ends, you will understand that Hostgator as a company does a far better job in this case.

With Hostgator, you will get a much better response time and with true credibility, you will not face many of the issues.

Also, as per our recent studies, Hostgator is one of the fastest hosting service providers available in the market.

On top of that, Hostgator delivers some of the very best response time. This is one of the better hosting service providers and you can easily make use of Hostgator hosting service.

Customer Service Support & Reliability

Hostgator India Customer Support

In terms of the customer support section offered by each of the companies, both the companies shine in their respective ways.

Here, if any hosting service provider isn’t offering quality customer support, then people will repel away from those hosting service providers.

Additionally, if any hosting service provider is offering the best of all customer service support, then you don’t have to do much.

In this case, talking about Bluehost customer service Support, the company offers world-class support from every angle.

Here, you will get world class telephone, live chat, or even email support without an issue.

On top of that, you are free to make use of any customer support from Bluehost India. And still, you will get quality support, every single time.

Bluehost Customer Support

Here, the customer executive was pretty much responsive and I was able to communicate with the executive, in a better way.

Further, in terms of other support systems, each of the systems works in quite a brilliant way.

Moving ahead towards the customer support of Hostgator, this company does offer some of the very best customer support.

In this scenario, you can opt for customer support of Hostgator as the company offers almost every type of customer support.

With this, from your end, you are free to choose any support channel. Then, you can talk with them and get your issues resolved, the best ever way.

Well, in terms of the verdict related to customer support service, it has been better from both the companies.

Each company has offered good customer support and you can opt for the customer support of any of the companies.

Hence, even in the customer support section, you can choose any of the companies as per your convenience.

Money-Back Guarantee & Added Features

30-Days Money back guarantee

Bluehost and HostGator work on the cPanel framework and provide you with the 1-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS.

All the knowledge that you simply share or post online is either encrypted or is password protected to stop the danger of knowledge hacking, virus infestation, or malware attacks.

Other technical features like unlimited bandwidth, cloud storage, SSL Certificate, add-on websites, auto-backup, and cPanel interface are the common points connecting the 2 web hosts.

Moving on to the financial aspect of the hosting companies, both these web hosts require a subscription fee, the small print of which we’ll be discussing later within the article.

For now, allow us to specialize in the warranty and guarantee offered by both Bluehost and HostGator.

Both the online hosting services offer customers a money-back guarantee just in case you’re unsatisfied with their services (though we seriously doubt you will). Bluehost offers clients a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans including a pro-pack refund after the primary month.

HostGator, on the opposite hand, offers a 45-day money-back guarantee.

In this section too, there is a clear tie and you can opt for the money-back period from any of the services.

Each of the hosting services delivers quality and you don’t have to think much before opting for those services.

Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost India vs Hostgator

We are at the concluding phase of the article and Bluehost India vs Hostgator review is all here. Yes, both the companies offer an outstanding set of features where you are free to opt for any of them.

Now, starting off with the reliability section, it was ahead to head among both the companies. Still, it was Hostgator that stood out in this case.

Rest, comparing every single feature of Bluehost India vs Hostgator, each of the companies offers brilliant support in any case.

Also, the speed and performance of both the hosting companies have been pretty much above par.

In this case, if you are someone who lives outside India, I would recommend you to opt for the Hostgator company.

Here, Hostgator as a web hosting company has excelled in tons of parameters. This gives the true privilege to choose this hosting and host website, the better way.

On the other hand, for the people who live in India, choosing Bluehost India can be one of the best options.

Yes, if you live in India, Bluehost will offer you the fastest of all Indian servers.

In such a scenario, the choice depends on you whether you have to choose Bluehost India or Hostgator.

Then, once you have decided to choose any of the hosting service provider, you can look at each of their plans.

After which, you can opt for that hosting, drive traffic to your website and make revenue as per your convenience.

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