Bluehost India vs Which is a Better One? [2021 Updated]

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Well, I hope you are enjoying each of my hosting reviews as those reviews requires some level of dedication and research to write. Coming back to this review, I have got you a complete Bluehost India vs review.

It’s no secret that the hosting industry is on another level of competition and each provider is trying to make their services better.

Currently, Bluehost has been the true name for people who are willing to kickstart their blogging journey. Yes, the company is offering some of the best plans that you can use and start blogging.

Now, one thing you must note is that Bluehost offers an Indian version along with the Global version.

Therefore, in this article, we will differentiate between Bluehost India vs to exactly know the true differences.

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the differences, one by one.

Bluehost India vs

Speaking about one of the most trusted hosting services will bring Bluehost into the spotlight. Yes, it has become a preferred choice for bloggers all over the world where the company is offering good services, every single year.

Plus, the company offers ample of features along with an add-one that comes with all the hosting packages of Bluehost.

With Bluehost, even if you buy the starter pack, you will still get access to tons of features from the company.

Yes, it’s one of the top class hosting service providers that you can trust, without an issue.

So, let’s begin with the overview of Bluehost India vs

General Overview of Bluehost India vs

Bluehost India vs

Bluehost is a company owned by the EIG group which is the Endurance International group. Here, the company runs other hosting companies, such as Arvixe, Hostgator, JustHost, ResellerClub, and iPage.

Now, in terms of the foundation, the company Bluehost was founded back in the year 1996 by Matt Heaton. He was the CEO of Bluehost from the year 1996-2011. After that, the EIG group acquired Bluehost after much of the controversies.

Also, you must note that is the global version of Bluehost that delivers hosting services to more than 2 million websites of the world.

With this, you will always see Bluehost ranking among the top class hosting companies.

From my end, I also started my Blog with Bluehost and was pretty much impressed with their services.

Yes, I used the VPS hosting and Bluehost offered world-class services, every single time.

On the other hand, Bluehost even offers a shared hosting package that is a perfect one for newbie bloggers. Yes, the company has maintained a consistency level for years to come.

Additionally, the company boasts of running the best and world-class servers that will not possess any issue in any case.

Now, the Indian Based Endurance International Group (EIG) owns Bluehost India. Bluehost India is the dedicated version of Bluehost for the Indian users but comes with the divergent domain extension.

With this, Indian users have the chance to choose between the global version and the Indian version.

Also, the hosting and domain packages are sold right on Bluehost India through the Reseller Club which was acquired in 2014.

What led to the differentiation between Bluehost India vs

Well, the global version of Bluehost makes use of international payment method of credit cards and PayPal.

This was a true problem for Website professionals and Indian bloggers who didn’t have any way to purchase Bluehost hosting.

However, if we speak about the dashboard of the global version and the Indian version, both of them come with the same dashboard.

Yes, developers are same for both of them which is another better thing.

Also, users have the option to switch between the Indian version and the global version as per their liking.

This also makes the management functionality of Bluehost India to be much simpler.

Also, having a good knowledge of Bluehost India vs, we can now easily dive into the battle and discover some more list of features.

Let’s start off with the part of the service and then go ahead with other parameters.

Bluehost India vs Services

Beginning with, the company offers good services for different sorts of customers ranging from individuals to small budget users.

Plus, hosting services even offers Shared Web Hosting, Domain names, VPS Hosting, Optimized hosting, dedicated hosting & Pro web hosting.

Yes, each of the above hostings are on the affordable end where you can choose any of the hostings, without an issue.

On the other hand, Bluehost India offers the best and world-class servers that come with different hosting solutions.


Coming out towards the verdict section in Bluehost India vs battle, gets an edge over the Bluehost India Services.

Still, Bluehost India does offer some of the best services which are good enough for every Indian blogger.

Bluehost India vs Hosting Plans

Bluehost India vs delivers three shared hosting plans which are Basic, Plus, and Pro plans.

Now, the Basic plan as the name suggests is one of the cheapest plans from the two plans. This plan offers almost all of the basic level features that you need for hosting of your website.

Also, if you are someone who is planning to host one website, Bluehost Basic plan is a brilliant option for you.

On the other hand, the Plus and Pro plan deliver an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, network bandwidth, storage space, and many more.

Also, the Pro Plan delivers the high-performance quality of servers that has the potential to host an unlimited number of websites.

With the Pro plan, you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth space or even the speed. Here, you will get the top class speed and with unlimited bandwidth, you don’t have to think even for a second.

Additionally, the Plus and Pro plan come with SSL Certificate. With SSL, you will get the padlock which can help you secure the website against attacks. Plus, this can give you an edge over your competitors.

Bluehost India Plans

Well, coming down to Bluehost India, they also offer some of the best plans for shared hosting. Here, you can choose any plan as per your liking where the pricing has always been on the affordable end.

In this scenario, you can choose between three Shared hosting plans. These include Linux, WordPress, and Windows plans.

Also, the plans come in three packages namely Standard, Business, and Pro Hosting packages.

In the Linux plan, the Standard package offers a single domain with unlimited data transfer, disk space, and email accounts.

More to it, if you will look at the business package, all the performance and qualities are up to the mark.

On top of that, the Pro Package allows users to host an unlimited number of domains. Another thing you must note is that you will get the same qualities in the WordPress Hosting India package.

Plus, the Windows web hosting plan comes with three packages that are Standard, Pro, and Business plans.

Here, every single package comes with unlimited data transfer, email accounts, and disk storage.

On the other hand, the Standard Package has got the ability to host one domain whereas the Business Package takes this hosting game to another level. With the Pro package, you have got the chance to host 10 domains that is one of the best things.

Bluehost India vs Pricing

Bluehost India vs

Coming down towards the pricing section between the battle of Bluehost India vs, the pricing is a little bit on the expensive side when we compare it with the Bluehost India.

Also, the pricing of the plans depends upon your choice or the preferences of the plans you are choosing.

Therefore, in this scenario, for the level of quality and performance, you are free to choose those plans that you find the best fit.

On the other hand, Bluehost India Windows Shared hosting plan does start at just Rs. 289 for each month for the standard package.

Plus, the Business package is available for a price of Rs. 329 per month. Also, you can go ahead and choose the Pro package at the price of Rs. 469 for each month. At this pricing, you will get access to almost all of the basic and the next level features of Bluehost India.

Hence, it all comes down to your level of understanding and the plans you are willing to choose. Once you have decided on the plans, then you can go ahead, choose those, and host the website, the better way.


In the battle of Bluehost India vs in the pricing section, Bluehost India beats at least when it comes to the affordability section. However, offers some of the best support, reliability, and every other thing you need for your website.

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Bluehost India vs Dashboard

Bluehost India vs

Well, the dashboard of is a little more user friendly and finer. With this, you will not find any issue to select any option, feature, and perform your work. Also, this makes it quite easier for you to navigate through the contents and do your work.

On the other hand, the dashboard of Bluehost India is cool but not as much easy as

Though, both the dashboard share some sense of match but Bluehost India does come up with a graphic initiative interface.


Both the dashboards of Bluehost India and provide the same approach. Therefore, despite offering a slight difference, you will not face any of the issues in using any dashboard.

Uptime Guarantee

performance uptime

Well, still in the battle of Bluehost India vs let’s discuss the uptime of and Bluehost India.

Both of them offer a decent and good uptime of 99.99%. Yes, this is one of the best things from the company where you will get constant uptime regardless of the host you choose.

From my end, I also tested the uptime of both and was impressed with the uptime. Here, both of them offered brilliant uptime where you don’t have to do much.

Here, you can simply opt for the plans/pricing from Bluehost and you are bound to get quality uptime, every single time.

Website Building

In the quest of Bluehost India vs, website building stands to be one of the most important parameters. Yes, not every user knows how to code, and with the help of website building tools, you can create your website, your way.

Coming down to, the company offers a Weebly website builder. Yes, the website builder has been running for years and have eased off the website building process.

In this case, all you can do is to use the Weebly drag & drop builder to build websites, the way you want.

Additionally, Weebly does come up with some of the very best templates that you can use to build websites, as per your liking.

On the other hand, with Bluehost India, you will get free scripts along with the eCommerce features. With such things, you can easily set up your website without much of the hustle.

Here, you have the sole privilege to set up your website on an instance basis. Or else, you also have the option to make your website go live, in every possible scenario.

Also, you have the option to select among different themes where different sets of images are also available.

Plus, they offer a useful drag & drop builder that you can use and create beautiful websites, truly as per your liking.


Well, if we speak about the website builder comparison, Weebly offered by outshines compared to Bluehost India.

Yes, with the website builder, you will have no issue to build your website from scratch.

Still, you can use both the company’s website builder and see which one is a good one for you.

Server and Backups

Bluehost India vs servers have good optimization, which is that the reason why it’s recommended on the official resource page of WordPress. one among the advantages of selecting is that it offers daily, weekly, and monthly backup of its customer’s account.

This keeps your mind at rest knowing that when things go south, you’ll be ready to easily restore your site to an initial condition. This beats the thought of restarting your website’s content, design, and development from scratch.

With Bluehost India, you’ve got the choice of selecting a server location of India or the US. this suggests you’ll use Bluehost India and a US server with it, which makes it the highest-rated company for providing the simplest WordPress hosting in India.

Bluehost servers have the simplest hardware to protect your website data and files. This makes it possible for it to try to regular backups on its backup hard disc relieving you of the fear of losing data.


These two hosting options have excellent servers with steady backups. However, Bluehost India offers a localized server, which provides more advantage to a far off server. Therefore, this swings the pendulum in its favor.

Customer Support

Bluehost Customer Support has been a neighborhood of the market long enough to know the importance of excellent customer service.

It provides different types of efficient media to succeed in its extensive knowledgeable support personnel 24×7 via Phone, Live chat, Email, Telephone, and online forums.

Unlike other web hosting companies, also features a resolution time of 5 to thirty minutes.

To offer you an example, a client of mine once had a problem together with his website, I contacted its customer support and therefore the problem was resolved within minutes.

The Indian version of also offers the maximum amount of quality when it involves customer service.

It provides 24×7-customer support via Live Chat, Email, Phone, and ticket-based options. Its fully well trained technical support staff will resolve your queries in no time.

Although, its reaction time isn’t as consistent and fast as

Verdict: clearly wins this round. it’s far better customer support than Bluehost India.   

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Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost India vs

Wrapping up the entire article, the entire Bluehost India vs review is right here. Yes, from the above review, you can see that both Bluehost India vs are good where it all depends upon your personal set of choices and preferences.

For instance, if you live in India, you can easily go for Bluehost India. Yes, Bluehost India does offer cheaper price plans when we compare it with

Plus, here, you will get access to almost all of the basic to advanced level features. In terms of hosting, you can choose any of the plans that fit your budget and features.

On the other hand, if you reside anywhere other than India and you want to buy Bluehost hosting, is a brilliant option for you.

Yes, with you will get all the top quality features that can help you tons. Also, with the help of their specialized Weebly site builder, you don’t have to think much with Bluehost.

In this scenario, the website builder is good enough to help you make the website, without any coding.

Hence, the last decision is all yours whether you like to go with Bluehost India vs

In this scenario, you are free to choose any of the plans offered by both Bluehost companies.

Then, the company’s helpful guide is good enough to guide you throughout the process. After which, you can easily choose the plans, launch your website, and grow the same, to some good extent.

Also, you must note that it will take at least a year to attain Google’s Organic rankings.

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