Bluehost India Review: Why You Must Go for The Best Hosting?

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Whether you are someone who is new to the Digital marketing or blogging industry, you must have heard about hosting. For any person who needs to host their website, the need for a hosting service provider is a necessity. Further, to make things further, I have got you a complete Bluehost India review.

Indeed, if we speak about one of the best hosting companies, Bluehost is the true one. The hosting provider is running for years and has offered some of the best hosting services. Plus, their plans for the Indian region have been cost-effective that is another useful thing.

Here, you can easily carry out the search on Google and you will see Bluehost topping the charts.

Also, Bluehost is a good hosting service for small scale businesses and beginners.

Therefore, right in this Bluehost India review, I will tell you all the potential reasons so as to why you must go for Bluehost India.

So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic and unwrap the best of all Bluehost India review.

Bluehost India Review: A Take on Bluehost

Well, we will start off with the company information where Bluehost was founded back in the year 1996 by Matt Heaton. It was renamed Bluehost back in the year 2003 and since then, it has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular, reliable, and affordable hosting service provider.

Further, in the year 2010, Bluehost was acquired by the EIG (Endurance International Group) which is the same company that owns other hosting companies.

Now, Bluehost does offer different web hosting solutions that are catered towards designing and creating websites with ease.

Further, the company even offers one of the best uptime guarantees, CDN, add-on domains, free backups, good loading speed, and reliable security.

Finally, Bluehost has over 750 employees that is a massive number and each of the employees is working pretty hard to offer outstanding services.

Bluehost India Review: Top Reasons to Choose Bluehost

Bluehost India Review

Now, going ahead in the Bluehost India review, I have shared with you a detailed background of Bluehost hosting.

Right now, we will have a look at different reasons that can compel you to choose the Bluehost hosting service provider for the Indian region.

Starting off with the reasons, there are tons of them that can help you choose Bluehost as your primary hosting service provider.

Also, with the company’s managed hosting package, the Bluehost India hosting forms as a complete package for the people who are willing to purchase hosting.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the possible reasons to choose Bluehost India hosting.

1. Impressive Load time

Yes, for any user who wants to choose a hosting service provider, they will need quite an impressive loading time.

While you are searching for a good host, there is a Bluehost hosting service that has always offered quality speed, every single time.

Even for the users, the website loading time is crucial as it can make or break the reputation of your website.

If your website is having a good loading time, you can easily retain the users. Or else, the users will bounce back and this will affect the quality of your website.

Now, coming down towards the loading time of Bluehost, I have tested their services and Bluehost India exceeded my expectations.

Yes, the sites loaded on a faster note and I faced no issues in lagging.

Additionally, Bluehost India records one of the best speeds that you cannot find over the internet.

Plus, the company makes use of the fastest servers that help to improve the website loading times.

2. Low Pricing

Bluehost India Review

Starting off with the basics, the pricing of Bluehost India starts at Rs. 199 per month. Now, one thing you must note is that the pricing is for the shared hosting plan. Plus, at such low pricing, you will get access to almost all of the things that you need which are as follows:

  • 50 GB of SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Registration
  • And much more

Now, all of the features that you get within the basic package, are valuable ones. Yes, if you are a beginner and willing to start off your blogging journey, you can easily make use of the shared hosting Bluehost India plan and that’s it.

Then, you will get access to all of the above features at a very much cost-effective price.

Trust me, at such rates, there are very few hosting service providers who offer such essential features. And, Bluehost India is one of them which delivers all of the above features at such lucrative pricing.

3. Good Uptime Guarantee

Bluehost India Review

Indeed going ahead in Bluehost India review and the reasons to choose Bluehost, uptime is another crucial part. If a website is not having a good uptime, regardless of its list of features, everything will go down in vain.

Now, in this scenario, Bluehost India does offer a decent and pretty impressive uptime where you will get an uptime between 99.99% most of the time.

For the past 3 years, the company has maintained such uptime which is pretty impressive from the company end.

Therefore, whether you are a beginner or an expert blogger, you can trust Bluehost India uptime. Personally, I tested the uptime from Bluehost and was pretty much amazed by the results.

4. Beginners Friendly Website

Currently, users are falling short of time due to their busy schedule and all they want is a hosting provider that can offer them ease of use.

Now, compared to tons of hosting service providers, Bluehost is the one that offers simplicity in its services.

For example, you can use DigitalOcean hosting if you are a tech person. But, for every single normal user, things cannot go right for them in this case.

Therefore, with Bluehost India, the company takes simplicity straight to the next level. First of all, you will find that the interface from Bluehost is quite easy to navigate.

Here, you will find every single feature/function and you can access those features, as per your needs.

On the other hand, the Bluehost control panel is easy to use too. Here also, you will not face much of the difficulties where you are free to access and try each of the features.

Plus, the features are not only made for beginners as even the advanced level people can make use of those features.

Also, if you are new to the blogging industry, you can easily go ahead and install WordPress within minutes. Yes, the company makes the entire process streamlined and you can use the one-click installation for installing WordPress.

Likewise, you can install almost all of the other software and apps with the help of one-click installation.

5. Easy Website Builder Available

Indeed, tons of people over the internet don’t know to code and that is where Bluehost India shines in this case. Here, the company offers you a unique drag & drop website builder that you can use and create your website from scratch.

In this scenario, even if you don’t know coding, you can still build your website, as per your likes and convenience.

Plus, to add in such things, you have the chance to choose among different templates. The company offers templates to choose from and you can select any of them based on your liking.

Therefore, with the amazing website builder, you don’t have to do much. All you can do is simply use the drag & drop builder and create your website from scratch.

6. Scalability and Flexibility

Bluehost India Review

Well, Bluehost India is one of the best hosting service providers that offer the best of all scalability and flexibility. Here, even if you are using the current plan of Bluehost and want to upgrade that plan to a new one, the company offers you the same, without an issue.

Therefore, with this, whenever you get stuck in any plan, you don’t have to do much. All you can do is to upgrade to a newer Bluehost hosting plan and that’s it.

Effortlessly, you can move to a higher hosting plan which can help you to maintain those traffic.

Plus, Bluehost India hosting team is available 24×7 to help you in every single moment. In this scenario, all you can do is to request the team and they perform a plan update for you, within hours.

Additionally, you also have the option and the chance to monitor your servers along with the custom dashboards.

7. 3rd Party Integrations

Moving ahead in Bluehost India review, the inclusion of 3rd Party integrations is another important aspect. In this scenario, you have the chance to access different sort of 3rd party applications right from the Bluehost dashboard.

For instance, you have the power to install your best-loved content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and even WooCommerce right from your cPanel

Plus, you can even have access to the Content Delivery Network that can help you to reduce the load on servers and even boost the loading speed.

With such integrations, I am sure that you will not face much of the 3rd party integration issues in any case.

8. Good Customer Support


Speaking about one of the most essential features will bring good customer support into the spotlight. Yes, if any hosting service provider is not offering brilliant customer support, then their reputation will go off, every single year.

Coming down towards the Bluehost Customer Support, the support from this company has been truly outstanding.

First of all, Bluehost offers customer support for 24×7 which is an impressive thing. On top of that, they offer almost every type of customer support ranging from live chat, a phone call to email support.

With such massive options available, you will never fall short of contacting the customer support of Bluehost India in any case.

Additionally, the customer support executives of Bluehost India are all well-trained. They are able to resolve user queries as I have personally tested their customer support.

In this scenario, I tested the live chat support of Bluehost India and was quite amazed by the results.

Here, as soon as I opted for live chat support, I was taken straight to the chat page. From there, an executive connected with me and I explained to him about my issues.

After which, I got the proven answers and I was ultimately satisfied with their customer support.

Additionally, you can even go ahead and test other customer support services of Bluehost. And, from my experience, you will get world-class support, without an issue.

Huge Library Available

Giving more with customer service support, they also offer a huge library of the knowledge base. Therefore, if you are someone who wants’s to resolve the issues on your own, you can simply visit the knowledge base of Bluehost India.

From there, you can find answers to almost all of the issues you are finding in your hosting. Then, you can resolve those issues to an absolute level of perfection.

Or else, you also have the option to go back to the customer support service, at any point in time.

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9. Bluehost Backups

Automatic WordPress Site Backups

Coming down to the website backup section, every single user needs some of the best back-ups for their website. Yes, the website data is very critical and if a website hosting is not capable of providing the best of all backup, things can go wrong for them in every case.

Therefore, when it comes down to a Bluehost hosting service provider, the company offers automatic backups. With such a strong backup support system, you don’t have to do much in this scenario.

Here, you can enjoy daily backups from Bluehost if you will take their slightly high priced plans. Yes, choosing the higher-priced plan will offer you more features compared to the lower plans.

However, even if you don’t want to use the Bluehost backup option, you still have the chance to make use of 3rd party applications.

Still, if you can make use of the Bluehost backups, things can get much better for you in most of cases.

10. Good Level of Security options


Moving ahead in Bluehost India review, security is something that can’t be compromised in the online world. We see tons of frauds being done on an online basis and the web hosting service providers need to take security seriously.

Therefore, with Bluehost India, the company offers every set of security parameters to an absolute level of perfection. In this scenario, the company offers a free SSL certificate on each of their plans.

Yes, this is the absolute necessity wherewith an SSL certificate, you can be sure of your site security. Plus, SSL does help to gain a slight increase in SEO Google ranking which is a thing you must take into consideration.

Further, each of the plans from Bluehost India offers a domain privacy option that is a valuable thing. Here, with the help of this feature, you can hide your domain information. This prevents the domain hijacking attack that is another critical thing.

Plus, with the help of such security parameters, you can prevent your website from being attacked by Cybercriminals.

Additionally, you can even go ahead and pay for the SiteLock Feature. This helps to prevent your website from each of those malware attacks. Most commonly, these attacks are done on WordPress websites.

That’s not all as the company even offers the amazing CodeGuard Feature. Here, with the help of this feature, you can even perform the backup of your database. Here, your entire site data will be backed up giving you an additional layer of security.

However, even if your website gets compromised, you can make use of the above tools and get your website back on track.

Overall, with Bluehost India security, you will not face any of the issues in security. The company regularly updates their security which will give you the privilege to chose security and get immense benefits.

11. Officially Recommended by the

Indeed, in this Bluehost India review, if WordPress is recommending some hosting, there has to be something special about the same. Likewise, WordPress recommends Bluehost to its users which shows the true authenticity of this company.

WordPress is one of the most popular used CMS platforms where people use it on an extensive rate. Whether you are a newbie blogger or an experienced one, the WordPress platform is open up for almost every single people.

Therefore, with this, you can trust on Bluehost as the company has been offering some of brilliant and world-class services to each of its users.

12. Brilliant Money back guarantee

30-Days Money back guarantee

Well, there can be a few times when you might use Bluehost India services and won’t like something or other about this company.

In such cases, you can test and try different web design services and then see if they are worth it or not.

Here, Bluehost offers generous 30 days of the money-back guarantee. Yes, within the 30 days of the free trial period, you can test and try Bluehost India services.

Within 30 days, you can navigate, compare, and see if the hosting provider is good for you or not. If your answer is Yes, then you can continue with the hosting plan.

Or else, you can go ahead and look for other hosting service providers.

Now, with Bluehost, if you cancel the plan within the 30 days free trial period, you will get your refund money from Bluehost.

A Take on Additional Bluehost Hosting Features

Well, going ahead in Bluehost India review, with Bluehost hosting, you will more than for what you have paid. In this case, there are tons of brilliant Bluehost features that you must take into consideration.

Out of which, some of the top class features are as follows:

  • Ease to Use
  • Customized cPanel for easy navigation
  • Free Website Builders
  • Dozens of Website Tools and Add-ons
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 100 Plus Email Addresses
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee every single time
  • Cloudflare Integration that speeds up the website
  • Faster technology to support faster page loading times
  • Above Average Security Features

Some Features Included in the Top Tier Plans

Given below are some other best features that are included in the Top Tier Plan:

  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Domain Privacy & Protection
  • Two Antispam applications
  • Site Backup with CodeGuard basic
  • Unlimited set of email accounts

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Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost India Review

The entire Bluehost India review is here and by now, you must have understood every single detailing about this service.

Yes, Bluehost is one of the most renowned services that effectively delivers quality in every single hosting are.

First of all, the company offers different sort of plans where you can choose the plans on the basis of your liking and convenience.

Here, you can choose a shared hosting plan if you are a beginner or even a dedicated plan if you are an expert.

Additionally, in terms of the performance and uptime of Bluehost, the same has been on the high-performance end.

In this scenario, you will get the highest quality uptime and performance from Bluehost in every case. This will give you the freedom to launch more websites and associate them with Bluehost.

Also, moving ahead in the customer support section, Bluehost helps in this case too. Here, you will get the top class customer support in every single case.

Therefore, even if you are facing issues with the company’s hosting, then you can effectively go ahead and opt for their customer service.

Effectively, then they will resolve your issues, to an absolute level of perfection.

Hence, at this stage, all you can do is to browse different plans of Bluehost India and see which plan is the best for you.

To simplify the process, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the Home Page.

From there, you can choose the plans, launch your website, and make revenue in the best possible way.

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