Bluehost for Blogging: The Better Hosting Solution [2021 Updated]

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Well, for each of those people who is eager to start blogging, Bluehost for Blogging is one of the best options. If you will look around yourself, you will find tons of bloggers that are making a good amount of money.

Yes, either running different websites or blogging on micro-niches, there are endless possibilities for you to start blogging and achieve success in this field.

From my end, I have been a full-time blogger for years and I am enjoying this carrier to the core. There are no limitations on the money you can earn and you can eventually go ahead and make a hefty amount of money.

For example, Blogging has helped me to:

  • Connect with people from all over the world and share my thoughts along with opinions
  • Having a very flexible schedule so that I can travel and work anytime and anywhere in the world.

Now, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the things about Bluehost for blogging.

Bluehost for Blogging: Why not to go for Free Hosting?

Before we can start with the actual part of Bluehost for blogging, you must know why free web hosting isn’t worth enough.

Well, if you are on a free blogging platform, you may not take blogging as seriously as you like. In this scenario, you may or may not continue with blogging as things are running on a freeway.

Secondly, with free blogging, you will not have full control over your website. With the free blogging platform, you can face unwanted ads on the website. Also, you may not be able to monetize your blog with different affiliate programs.

With this, you are leaving chunks of money on the table where if you can choose paid blogging hosting, things can be quite different for you.

Hence, I have got you some of the best steps that you can follow and host your website, the best ever way.

Bluehost for blogging: Steps to Follow

Bluehost for Blogging

Step 1: Choose your Hosting

Well, if you have just started your blogging journey, I would recommend you Bluehost for blogging.

Given below are some of the best reasons that will compel you to choose Bluehost as your hosting platform:

Millions of People use Bluehost

Yes, out of every single web hosting provider, Bluehost is the one that has made its name in the hosting industry. Currently, over 2 million people use Bluehost and had no sorts of complain in the past.

Plus, Bluehost is recommended by WordPress and is respected by some of the best bloggers online.

With this, you will get the best service along with features by Bluehost at very much affordable pricing.

One-Click Installer

The second most important thing by Bluehost is the One-Click Installer. Altogether, with the One-Click installer, you don’t have to wait for hours to install different apps. The One-Click installer makes things a lot different where you can simply tap on install and apps will be easily installed.

Your site will be hosted on a premium host

Going ahead in Bluehost for Blogging, you have the chance to host your website on a premium host. With this, you will get access to tons of features that are all useful.

You get a free Domain Name

Indeed, whenever you are buying a new hosting service provider, having a good domain name is one of the best necessities. On top of that, if you can get a free domain, things can get much better for you.

With this, Bluehost offers a free domain name for a massive one year. With this, you don’t have to spend any of the money for buying a new domain.

Additionally, you must make sure that your domain name is easy to remember and doesn’t contain words that can cause ambiguity.

Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited Data Transfer

Well, in a world of cybercrimes, having a free SSL certificate is one of the necessities. With an SSL certificate, you can easily secure your website from most of intruders and malware attacks.

Also, since the past couple of years, Google has been taking security on a careful note. Therefore, if you will have that SSL certificate, you may have a chance to go slightly up the ladder of Google rankings.

24×7 Customer Support

Additionally to different Bluehost features, the company even offers amazing customer support. With this, you can easily make use of the phone call, email, or even live chat support.

In this scenario, each support system is brilliant and in Bluehost for Blogging, you will not face any sorts of customer support issues.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Now, Bluehost as a good hosting company also offers 30 days money-back guarantee. With this, you can test Bluehost services for a period of 30 days. In this case, you can check almost everything about Bluehost and if you are happy with their services, you can keep them.

On the other hand, if you are unhappy with Bluehost services, you can simply go ahead and ask for a refund, with no questions asked.

Affordable Plans

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Yes, for any of the users, getting affordable plans have become one of the key things. In this scenario, you can choose Bluehost plans and get affordable hosting, every single time.

Here, you can start off with Shared hosting as a beginner. After which, once traffic will increase, then you can go for higher-order plans.

Additionally, as and when you will move up the ladder of plans, you will get better deals. Also, if you will choose the yearly or two to three-year plans, massive discounts are waiting for you.

Now, that you have come across different Bluehost features, you must have known that it’s one of the better hosting companies.

Then, let’s go ahead with the next set of steps that is required in buying the package.

Step 2: Buying Hosting Package

Now, this step is one of the most crucial ones where you got to follow things in a considerate way.

For buying Bluehost packages, you can simply tap on the Green Icon that is present on their home page.

Thereafter, a new window will open where you will have to choose among the three plans.

After you have done that, you can then choose your own domain name and make sure that the domain name is easy to remember.

Now, once you are taken to the next page, you will have the chance to choose the number of months.

For instance, Bluehost offers 12, 24, and 36 months period in which you can choose any of them.

After this, you will be taken to the payment page where you can type your account and payment information.

In this section, you can even choose if you want any sort of extra features or not. These sorts of extra features include domain privacy, site backup, and many more of such things.

From my perspective, you must skip that and go straight to the payment option.

Quite keenly, you must enter your payment information and once you have done that, then you can proceed ahead. Then, you can simply click on the Submit.

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Step 3: Set up a WordPress Blog with the help of One-Click Installer

Bluehost for Blogging

Now, that you have easily purchased your domain name along with the hosting package, you must have got access to the cPanel.

Here, with the help of cPanel, you can do tons of things on your blog. You can see it as a control panel from where you can do almost all of the operations.

As and when you will log in to the control panel, you will see the message that you can now have WordPress installed.

Further, you must note that the above thing will come to you free of cost. Yes, there will be no sort of cost associated with the installation of WordPress.

Still not understood? Let’s you through some of the finest steps:

Install WordPress on Bluehost

Firstly, you will have to find the blue Install WordPress icon on your cPanel and then click on it. This is the one-click installer that will help you install WordPress on Bluehost.

On the very next page, you can simply fill out different options but you got to make sure that you set a strong password along with a good admin name. this will help your website to be much secure against every sort of attack.

More to it, you can save your username and password in the note just to be extra sure about the same.

After this, you can simply tap on the Install button. Then, your WordPress will be installed on your website, without an issue.

Then, you will get the Website address and then you can easily add your username and the password. If that is correct, you will then be taken to the WordPress dashboard.

Now, that you have chosen Bluehost for Blogging and installed WordPress, there are many more steps that you must take into consideration.

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9 Important steps to take in Bluehost for Blogging

To continue with the post of Bluehost for Blogging, given below are nine important steps you got to take to run a successful blog.

  1. Choosing a good Theme for your Website

Bluehost for Blogging

Speaking about one of the most important things will bring choosing a good theme in the spotlight. Yes, without a good theme, you will not compel the visitors to come and stay on your blog.

Now, if you are a newbie blogger, you can start off with free themes and see which one of those is a good one. Here, you can initially try and test different themes as per your convenience. See which theme will support your blog and does it have the necessary features.

Now, to find themes on WordPress, the process is a much more simpler one.

In this case, you can go into your WordPress dashboard, see the Appearance tab, and then tap on Add New.

You will then be presented with plenty of themes to choose from. Take some time here and choose the theme that will match up with your blog.

Once you have chosen that theme, then you can set up your blog around that theme.

On the other hand, if you have some budget, you can gradually opt for the paid themes. In this scenario, you may find some of the best-paid themes. Here, paid themes will give you additional features that is an added bonus too.

  1. Install a few Plugins that can help you in Blogging

Secondly, right after themes, Plugins are the thing that is useful too. With plugins, you can amplify the look, speed, and tons of things about your website.

Now, in order to find a plugin, you will first have to go into the WordPress dashboard. Then, you can click on Plugins right on the left column of your website. After this, you can tap on the Add new and install plugins from there.

Also, in the featured tab, you will see a list of plugins that are performing quite well. This will give you a clear idea on which plugin will perform better than the rest.

For example, there are certain plugins that have been performing exceptionally well in every aspect.

Those five plugins are as follows:

  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Wordfence Security
  • WP Forms Lite
  • Easy Social Share Buttons
  1. Experiment from your end

Moving ahead in Bluehost for Blogging, experimenting is something you got to do in blogging. Indeed, the more you will experiment, the greater are the chances that you will understand the working of different things.

Try a different set of colors and designs

Indeed, testing different colors and designs is the basic step in experimenting. Here, you can match the theme according to your blog and see if things are working correctly or not.

Once you have chosen a colour combination and it’s working correctly, then you can stick with that combination, with no sorts of issues.

Add a good Logo on top of your Website

Well, if you will browse online, you will find tons of logo makers online. From there, you can easily design your own logo. In this case, you must see different logo websites as not each of them offers free logo making.

In this case, if you have a budget, you can go for the paid logo making website. Or else, even the free one is good to go, without an issue.

  1. Create your very first content

Now, that you are done and dusted with the initial setup, you can then go ahead with the creation of your very first content.

In this scenario, there is a handful of guidelines that you got to follow to create your very first content.

In this case, you can follow the below points for effective and interactive content creation:

Focus on Creating Value

This is one of those things that you got to take seriously. Every single time, you must focus on giving value to your visitors so that they can keep coming to your website.

Here, you must focus the contents on your niche and make sure that you are giving high-level value to each of your visitors.

Create contents around a topic your audience is interested in

In this case, you must focus on creating content around topics that can lure your audiences to keep coming back.

Search over the internet and see which topics in your niche are the most trending. Also, you can make use of paid keyword research tools that can offer you a much better idea of the topics.

Proofread post before posting

One of the key aspects of blogging is proofreading. Without proofreading, if you will publish your posts, chances are high it will contain different grammatical errors.

Therefore, in this case, you can make use of Grammarly which is a paid tool. With Grammarly, you can proofread your entire document and remove almost all of the errors.

  1. Start planning in Advance

So you’ve found a glance for your website. Improved safety. Joined a social media website. And create your first piece of content and a Start Here page.

What now?

I would suggest planning for the longer term. Not only for tomorrow or next week. except for the subsequent month or two.

I’ve found in my very own life that once I had an idea then:

I did a far better and more consistent job. This led to more readers quicker than before.

Plus, if you would like to form your website into something popular or into a neighborhood of a web business then you can’t just work on your website or post new content whenever you are feeling inspired once for a long time.

I didn’t need to scramble for brand spanking new ideas or content to post. This made things more fun and fewer stressful.

So I might suggest making a rough plan for the subsequent month or maybe even the subsequent 3 months.

Find ideas for what you would like to make content about. Study other websites and articles about building a far better website and plan for what you would like to implement from that on to your blog.

Then you’ll in fact revise and course-correct as you go. But to possess a primary rough plan helps to both recover results and have less stress in your life.

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Final Word of Mouth: Bluehost for Blogging

Summing up the entire article, the entire Bluehost for Blogging article is in front of you. Well, whenever we speak about blogging, it may sound like a complicated process but things are not the same in this scenario.

Here, if you can understand blogging to the core, you can easily go ahead and start blogging, the best ever way.

On top of that, you will have to take each of the above points into deep consideration. Initially, you can choose Bluehost for blogging and go ahead with the free themes.

Free themes will help you save money and once you have got some money flowing in, you can go ahead with the paid themes.

Additionally, you must know that blogging takes time and you got to do tons of things for making a blog successful.

Here, you will have to keep writing and publishing quality content if you have the urge to grow in blogging.

Then, you can simply advertise your blog with the help of different ad networks. Further, you can even start off with affiliate programs, sell products on your blog, and make commissions from the same.

All in all, Bluehost for Blogging is a good combination of every online aspect. Right now, all you can do is to CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the Bluehost home page.

From there, you can select good plans, host your website, and then start making money from your very own blog.

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