Bluehost Alternatives: TOP 5 Bluehost Alternatives, Affordable [2020]

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For every single person looking for the best of all Bluehost alternatives, this article will help you tons. Yes, out of every single hosting available right now, there are some quality ones which are the best Bluehost alternatives for 2020 and beyond.

Without a doubt, Bluehost is a hosting service that has offered quality services to each of the users. Right from offering the starter shared hosting right to the dedicated and VPS ones, Bluehost has truly excelled in their hosting services.

Indeed, Bluehost as a company is a good hosting service provider but when it comes to other hosting services, tons of options are there to choose from.

Hence, I have done all the hard work and with this, let us go ahead and unwrap some of the best Bluehost alternatives, right in this article.

Top Bluehost alternatives for 2020 & Beyond

1. Siteground

bluehost alternatives

Well, speaking about the top-class Bluehost alternative will bring Siteground into the limelight. This is a hosting company that has been around for years and has offered quality-driven services.

Starting with the basics of Siteground, the company offers a good CPanel from where you can manage everything of your account. On top of that, the company comes up with better customer support.

With this, regardless of your queries, you can ask questions to the Siteground customer support and get your queries resolved the faster way.

Also, whenever it has come to the performance section, Siteground performance has been on the top class end. Their quality servers are known to deliver high speeds and with this, you will not face issues in overall page loading.

On the other hand, the company even makes use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) by Cloudflare. With a CDN, your site is bound to get faster loading times along with 99.99% uptime.

Yet another good feature about Siteground is that it makes use of good tools such as the super cacher and the NGINX server technology.

You can make use of the above tools to optimize the speed of your website and make it open on a relentless scale.

Features of Siteground

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Good and affordable subscription plans
  • Automatic Free Database backup
  • Free Website Migration
  • Easy to use interface
  • Faster loading speed with cacher
  • Effective Customer Support

Which Siteground hosting plan is the best for you?

Well, Siteground as a major hosting company offers different types of plans to choose from. Among such plans, the StartUp, GrowBig, and the GoGeek plans are good ones.

Now, if you are someone who has just started their website, you must simply go for the Startup plan. Yes, with the help of a Startup plan, you will get the best of all features and can launch your website most simply.

On top of that, if you are someone who gets more than 25K visits each month, then I would recommend you to opt for the GrowBig plan.

Lastly, for websites that will receive or are already receiving high traffic, they can easily go for the GrowBig plan.

Why you must keep an eye on Siteground?

Among almost all of the hosting services available out there in the market, Siteground is a reliable one from them.

Hence, if you are searching for one spot hosting solutions, Siteground is a hosting service that is best for you. Their plans come with every possible hosting feature and with 24×7 customer service support, things can’t get better than this.

2. A2 Hosting

bluehost alternatives

Right after Siteground, if there is any other hosting service that can match the quality of a good host, A2 Hosting is a quality one.

Yes, A2 hosting is another one of the best Bluehost alternatives that come with good plans and amazing features.

With each of the A2 hosting plans, you will get quality hosting and tons of features that will make your website experience, a lot easier.

Speaking about some highlighted features of A2 hosting, the company makes use of SSD. With this, your website contents will load at a faster pace and you will not face any sorts of issues.

Plus, the company offers free migration for each of your websites. This is one of the best things from this company as many other companies charge for this feature.

What’s more? A2 hosting even has got the full price refund policy which is another good thing.

Altogether, with A2 hosting, you will get the cheapest of all plans and can enjoy tons of features. Among such features, the prominent ones include cPanel, Free website migration, good uptime, unlimited storage, and many more.

Also, if you will choose the higher priced packages, you will get an Unlimited database, free Cloudflare, and many more.

In terms of the company customer service support, it has been in the top class end. Yes, regardless of your query, you can ask them the questions and get answers, at a faster scale.

Features of A2 Hosting

  • Unlimited Bandwidth along with Space
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free SSL
  • Multiple Server Locations
  • Faster 24×7 Customer service support
  • A2 optimized services
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Money-back guarantee

Which A2 hosting plan will be the best for you?

If you are someone who has just started their blogging journey, you can easily go for the Startup plan. Yes, with the marvelous Startup plan, you can launch your website within hours. Here, you will get every possible thing from the A2 hosting company, and with the one-click installation; you can launch your website, in the fastest way.

On the other hand, if you are someone who needs a better hosting plan for high traffic, you can go for the Turbo boost or even the Turbo Max plan.

Plus, for a person who knows how to manage servers, then can simply go for different dedicated hosting plans.

In this scenario, you will get the best of all speed, performance and pages will load at a much faster scale.

Why you must keep an eye on A2 hosting plans?

Among the top class hosting services available, A2 hosting is the one that has got their names on it, every single time. Yes, the company is well-known to deliver quality services and that is what they are doing for years.

On top of that, whether you are a newbie blogger or an experienced one, A2 hosting delivers the best quality plans for you.

Therefore, if you are someone who is facing some sort of issues with Bluehost, A2 hosting is the one to rely on.

Altogether, with good server support along with amazing customer care, it’s a thumbs up from my end to go for A2 hosting.

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3. Hostgator

bluehost alternatives

One of the most trustworthy hosting companies and a user-friendly one, Hostgator is a good hosting company.

For all those people who are looking for hosting services in the budget segment, Hostgator as a company offers each of those services.

Each of their plans is on the affordable end that gives people the confidence to choose any of the plans.

Speaking about the features of Hostgator, the company offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Yes, with such support from Hostgator, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

On top of that, even if you face downtime issues, the company will deliver a month credit back to your account. This shows the level of commitment by Hostgator where they have looked after their server to perfection.

Also, with such Bluehost alternatives, the company makes use of the latest CPanel. With this, you will find no issue in the overall organization and even in launching eCommerce stores and all.

Plus, in case of any issues to be resolved, the company comes up with 24×7 customer service support. With such sort of strong support, all you need is to tell your issues.

From the support end, each of the people is good enough to resolve your issues, in the best quality way.

Also, if you are thinking to switch from your older hosting provider to Hostgator, you can gain benefits here too.

In this scenario, the company is offering a free website migration for each of the users. This is valuable as other companies are charging hundreds of dollars for the same thing.

Further, even after switching to Hostgator, if you are not happy with their services, the company delivers a full price refund. Although, this has to be done within a period of 45 days.

What’s more with Hostgator?

Coming down towards the security section of Hostgator, the company offers Firewall along with DDoS protection systems. For added security, you can also buy the SiteLock offered by Hostgator.

Features of Hostgator

  • Latest CPanel from Backend
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited Subdomains and emails
  • Free Website transfer
  • Faster loading servers
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 45 Days Money back guarantee
  • Free Bing and Adwords Credit

Which Hostgator plan is the best suit for you?

Currently, the company is offering Hatchling, Baby along with Business Plans. If you are someone who has just paved their way into the blogging industry, you can effectively go for the Hatching plan.

Yes, this plan comes with all of the basic features you need to start your blogging journey.

On the other hand, for people who are a little more experienced and have higher traffic flow, you can simply go for business plans.

From the company end, each of the plans from Hostgator is quality packed and offers good website speed in every single scenario.

Why you must keep an eye on Hostgator?

Surfing through each of the Bluehost alternatives, Hostgator is a company that has excelled in the affordability section. There are tons of hosting companies available but not all of them offer good and affordable plans.

In this scenario, Hostgator as a company comes right on top as they have mastered the art of offering quality-driven plans at a good price.

Hence, you can feel assured that you will get affordable plans with better hosting services.

4. NameCheap

bluehost alternatives

Yet another Bluehost alternatives and NameCheap is the name that will pop up. Yes, it’s an affordable hosting service that you can recognize right by its name.

Now, if you are searching for reliable hosting with every single feature at an affordable price, you need to look nowhere.

In this scenario, you are getting value for money as each of the plans of NameCheap delivers good features.

Speaking about the list of features, the company is well-known to offer good features to each of the users. Yes, they make use of the latest caching technology that does make the server much efficient.

Plus, the visitors are able to enjoy good loading times and with this, you can retain your users for a longer period of time.

On top of that, the company claims to offer 99.83% of uptime guarantee. With such an uptime guarantee, you will not face any server issues in plenty of cases.

Plus, the company has been offering free SSL on each of the plans. Here, you will get max security and with this, your website will be kept secured in every scenario.

Speaking about the customer service support from NameCheap, it has been on the high-class end. The company offers 24×7 customer service support and in this support, Live chat support is available too.

With this, you are bound to get quality support and ask any questions you want. Once you have asked the questions, the company support staff are skillful enough to resolve your issues to perfection.

Personally, I tested the customer support of NameCheap and I was amazed by their response. Yes, I got a response from them within minutes and the support staff looked pretty much promising and skilled.

Coming down towards website migration, I faced no issue in the overall site migration. Here, all you need is to contact the technical support team and they will do the migration of websites within one day.

Features of NameCheap

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Site Migration
  • SSL Certificate Free of Cost
  • Free Backups
  • Uptime Guarantee 99.83%
  • 30 Days Money Back guarantee
  • Good CPanel

Which NameCheap hosting plan is a good one for you?

Going ahead in the Bluehost alternatives, NameCheap offers different types of hosting plans. Yes, right from choosing the Stellar plan along with Stellar Plus and Business, you can easily choose any of the NameCheap plans.

However, in this scenario, if you are just looking to start off in the blogging industry, you can choose the Stellar plan of NameCheap.

Right within the plan, you will get a chance to host three domains that is another valuable thing.

Also, if you are someone who has got a blog having good traffic, then you can go for the Stellar Plus or even the Stellar Business plan.

Altogether, each of the plans from NameCheap is good enough and you can easily go ahead and choose any of the plans, as per your convenience.

Why you must keep an eye on NameCheap?

There is only one reason for you to go for NameCheap and that’s affordability. Yes, each of the plans offered by NameCheap is affordable and comes with tons of valuable features.

Also, they even deliver an easy to use CPanel that you can use and easily manage your website to perfection.

Hence, for every single person who has got a budget-oriented approach and wants a good hosting, NameCheap is the ultimate choice for them.

Also, if you are a new user and want to give a try on different hosting services, NameCheap is the one you must look at without an issue.

Last but not least, NameCheap even delivers free website migration to every single website of the user.

Altogether, combining features and affordable pricing, NameCheap is the best of all hosting providers available right now.

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5. Inmotion

bluehost alternatives

Speaking about yet another Bluehost alternative, Inmotion is a US-based hosting company. Like other hosting companies, Inmotion hosting plans have been feature-rich and have offered quality services to each of the online users.

Going through the top class features of Inmotion, the company is well-known to offer 99.97% uptime to each of the user websites.

This is quite good as with much better uptime, your website performance will not be hampered in any scenario.

Additionally, the company even offers SSD that takes the performance of each website right to the next level. With the use of SSD, the uptime and download speed will be greater and the website will load at faster speeds.

We all know the importance of speed in the online world and if your website is not offering good loading times, this can hamper the entire user experience of your website.

Plus, coming down to offering an impeccable customer service support, Inmotion has excelled in this case too. Yes, the company has offered good customer support to almost every single user.

Right from phone call support to email and live chat, every single option is open to each of the users.

From the user’s point of view, all you need is to ask your questions and that’s it. The support staff of Inmotion is skillful enough to resolve your issues in the best possible way.

Also, another quality thing about Inmotion hosting is that they have got their servers spread in different locations. With such regional access, you are bound to get quality server speeds regardless of your location.

In terms of security, the company has invested in some of the top class firewall and DDoS systems. With such systems into place, hackers will not stand a chance to penetrate into the systems of Inmotion.

Features of Inmotion

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate available
  • Free Domain for a lifetime
  • Daily Backups available
  • Innovative speed technologies
  • Good Customer Care Support
  • Brilliant Technical Support
  • 90-Days Money Back guarantee

Which plan of Inmotion will be the best for you?

Well, starting with the basics, you can browse Launch, Power, and the Pro plans of Inmotion. Each of the plans of this hosting company are power-packed with tons of features.

Especially, if you are a beginner and looking to launch your very first website, the Launch plan is a good one. With the help of this plan, you can easily launch two of your websites in the most comfortable way.

Further, if you are someone who has got good traffic on your older blog and willing to migrate to Inmotion, then you can effectively go ahead with the Power and Pro Plans.

Right in the Power plan, you have the chance to host six websites without any sorts of issues. On the Pro plan, you get the privilege to host unlimited websites of your choice.

Hence, while picking the best Inmotion plan for yourself, you can simply analyze each of the plans.

Thereafter, you can simply go ahead, choose the better plan, and host websites, the best ever way.

Why you must look for Inmotion hosting?

Inmotion hosting is among the top Bluehost alternatives that will deliver performance along with affordability.

Here, the company offers a wide range of plans where you can effectively go ahead and choose any of the plans, without an issue.

It even offers the true combination of pricing and innovation making this hosting, the best of all.

Altogether, with thousands of web hosting available over the internet, Inmotion is one of those that strive hard to deliver affordability and good speed.

Hence, you can simply compare the plans along with the pricing of Inmotion, choose a better one, and host your website to perfection. 

Conclusion: Best Bluehost Alternatives

I hope you have got a complete view of each of the Bluehost alternatives available right now.

Indeed each of the above Bluehost alternatives is quality one and they deliver amazing web hosting services along with extraordinary features.

Also, each of their customer support has been on point which is the necessity in today’s world. Currently, people are searching for a web hosting service that can offer quality customer support.

In this scenario, each of the above hosting companies has definitely excelled in this case.

Hence, from your end, your work has become much simpler than usual. Here, all you can do is to effectively analyze each of the hosting companies.

Quite keenly, you can look at the pricing of each hosting service and compare the plans of each of them.

From my perspective, I would suggest Siteground to each of my readers. Yes, this hosting service is a quality one that offers features and plans that are suitable for every single person.

To ease off your work, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the Siteground page.

From there, you can choose their hosting and host your website in the best possible way.

Still, each hosting services mentioned above are good enough and you can choose any of them, in the most comfortable and stress-free way.

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