Blogger vs WordPress SEO 2021: Which is Better for Blogging [Latest]

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Are you willing to start a new blog? Well if you are not sure to choose between Blogger vs WordPress for making money, you have come to the right article. From my end, I have gathered almost all of the information for you.

Without a doubt, WordPress and Blogger are two of the great CMS platforms that are running for years now. Both of them allow people to create their website freely, post content and drive quality traffic to their website.

However, if you will look at the working of each hosting, it’s quite different and the one you must take into consideration.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap a clear cut difference between Blogger vs WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress SEO: What to Look for in a Blog Platform?

Before we can go ahead with the Blogger vs WordPress for making money and gain traffic, let’s look at the things to look at before choosing a  blog platform:

  • Ease of Use

Here, you need a simple and easy to use platform that comes with quick flexibility, ease of use, simply add contents and growing audience feature.

  • Flexibility

You might need a platform that allows you to add more list of the features and even use resources as and when the blog grows.

  • Money Making Options

Moving ahead with the third criteria, if you want to make money from your blog, you got to choose different types of monetization options.

  • Support

Yes, while creating your blog or even driving traffic, you might need support for the same. Also, even if you get stuck at any point in time, you might want to get that quick help, as early as possible.

Additionally, aside from the above things, you might also look for the platform costs, design options, SEO features for traffic, and much more.

Being said that, let’s compare each of the features of Blogger vs WordPress SEO and see each of their advantages and disadvantages.

Overview: Blogger vs WordPress for Making Money

Now, as I mentioned above, Blogger vs WordPress are two of the widely used platforms all over the world.

According to research by the blog technology and their usage stats with BuiltWith, they claim that WordPress is the number one popular platform.

Also, WordPress is being used by 38% of all sites which is quite an astonishing number.

On the very same report, it shows that Blogger is the second popular platform which is used by around 1% of the total blogs in the world.

Google Trends Comparison

Blogger vs. WordPress

Also, to compare Blogger vs WordPress and see which CMS platform performs better, I took the help of Google Trends.

And quite clearly as you can see, the WordPress platform is leading the charge by a fair margin. The curve for WordPress is on the rising end while that of the Blogger is declining.

What is WordPress?

Blogger vs. WordPress

Moving ahead in Blogger vs WordPress SEO, we will first understand the basic definition of WordPress.

Well, WordPress is an open-source platform that allows to easily create a blog, website, and online store.

WordPress started back in the year 2003 and currently, the platform powers over 38% of each of the websites over the internet.

Yes, this is quite a staggering number and this number is definitely on the rising curve.

How can I download WordPress?

Yes, WordPress makes it pretty simple for the downloading process. You can instantly download the WordPress software for free and then use it on plenty of websites.

Also, for creating a blog in WordPress, you got to buy the hosting plan along with a domain name.

Once you have purchased one, almost every hosting in the current date scenario offers the one-click installation for every single software.

Yes, with the help of one-click installation, you don’t have to waste much of your time in this process.

You will get WordPress installed, within seconds and without an issue.

What is Blogger?


Blogger is a free to use blogging platform from Google. In terms of its launch, Blogger came into existence back in the year 1999 by Pyra Labs.

However, in the year 2003, it was fully acquired by the Google company.

Speaking about Blogger, it’s a free blog hosting service that helps users to create a blog without paying for anything. Also, you even get a free Blogspot subdomain along with those things.

Now, if you are using the Blogger domain, then your URL will look as follows:

However, Blogger gives you the chance to make use of your very domain name. Here, you can purchase a domain name of your choice and use the same, without an issue.

Blogger vs WordPress: Ease of Use

Indeed, in the midst to choose any of the blogging platforms, Ease of Use is something that is of the most essential necessity.

If any platform isn’t offering proper ease of use, their reputation along with the usage is bound to go down.

Blogger Ease of Use

blogger ease of use

Starting up with the Blogger Ease of Use, it’s a pretty simple blogging tool that helps in creating blogs within a few minutes. However, in this case, you will need a Google account to start off with the things.

Here, you can simply go to the Blogger website and then sign up with your Google account.

Then, you can tap on the ‘Create New Blog’ option and then choose the display name. After which, you can create the blog title, theme along with the blog address.

The moment you have done that, then your blog will be set up, without any issue.

Next up, you have the chance to configure blog settings, layout, adding posts, and much more.

Yes, the overall setup process is a much simpler one and you don’t have to do much in this case. All you can do is to follow up with the instructions and you are good to go.

WordPress Ease of Use

Blogger vs. WordPress SEO

In Blogger vs WordPress SEO, WordPress even offers one of the best ease of use. If you are thinking setting up a WordPress blog is hard, you might be wrong in this case.

Setting up a WordPress blog is pretty simple as almost all of the hosting service providers are offering 1-click installation.

Yes, you can simply opt for the one-click installation and you are good to go.

After you are done with the setup process, then you can go ahead and choose a good WordPress theme.

Now, browsing among different themes, you can see that there are tons of themes available on WordPress.

From there, you can choose almost any of the themes that you think will be a better fit.

After you have installed a theme, then you can go ahead with the other WordPress plugins.

Yes, there are ample of plugins available and you have the chance to install any of them.

Now, while you are into your first blog post, you will see that it’s very simple to add text contents, images, and videos.

Plus, you even have the option to choose between a block editor and the classic editor.

On the other hand, while the setup process of Blogger is easier, WordPress offers tons of customizable options that you will love to the core.

Winner: WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress: Ownership

On the other hand, ownership of the blog is another crucial thing when choosing a CMS platform.

If you are someone who has complete ownership, you have the freedom to do almost any of the things. This includes monetizing, shutting down your blog, and different types of such things.

Who owns Blog on Blogger?

Well, Blogger is a free blogging service offered by Google. It’s free, reliable, and comes with decent features that can help people create a blog of their choice.

However, the same isn’t owned by you.

Google has got the power and it runs the service. With this, Google has got the authority to shut down bloggers at any point in time.

Also, without any sort of warning, your account might get suspended too.

Even if you did everything right, still there are chances that Google might shut down your blog.

Who owns a Blog on WordPress?

In the case of WordPress, you have more control over your blog compared to Blogger. Yes, here you are the deciding factor and your blog will not shut down without any prior warning.

Further, you are not to almost any of the web host for your blog. Even if you don’t like the previous host, you can easily move on to a new host, without issues.

Also, while using WordPress, you own each of your website data and WordPress doesn’t have the power to misuse your data.

Winner: WordPress

Flexibility and Control: Blogger vs WordPress SEO

Yes, moving ahead in the battle of Blogger vs WordPress for making money, control and flexibility are two of the most important aspects.

If any CMS platform isn’t offering flexibility and control, things can get detrimental for them.

Almost every single user demands control along with flexibility from any platform.

Blogger Control and Flexibility

blogger flexibility

Starting up with the control and flexibility of Blogger, the platform is made to offer simplicity to each of the users. Yes, with this, you must know that the things you do on Blogspot are very much limited.

Also, they have set up a built-in gadgets feature just like the advertising one. Here, you will find ad networks, contact forms, and much more.

But, the gadgets come with limited functionality and no sort of alternatives are available to them.

Each of the things you need will be offered by Google.

On top of that, if you are browsing the advanced level options, you can explore things such as eCommerce and other sorts of features.

Flexibility & Control with WordPress

WordPress flexibility

Going ahead in the control and flexibility of WordPress, you must first know that WordPress is an open-source platform. Yes, in this case, you have the freedom to add almost everything such as plugins, themes, and another sort of third-party integrations.

Plus, you can browse across different third party plugins where you can get the free along with the paid plugins.

For example, you can use different plugins to:

  • Add an online store to your website
  • Create Portfolio
  • Make the popup feature capture visitor’s email addresses
  • Use Social Sharing Buttons
  • And Much more….

Additionally, if you will visit the plugins page of WordPress, you will find tons of plugins right there.

On the other hand, if you are someone who has got the coding skills, then you can easily create a custom plugin and use the same on your blog.

Hence, if you will compare the flexibility and control of Blogger vs WordPress, the WordPress platform is a hands-down winner in this case.

Winner: WordPress

Design and Appearance Options

Yes, speaking about one of the most essential aspects of a blog will bring the design and appearance into the spotlight.

If a blog is visually attractive, it has the power to bring tons of visitors and keeping them hooked up.

Each of the blogs got to develop good first impressions and if this is not the case, then the blog will suffer to some good extent.

Also, the design of the blogs got to be much easier and the navigation process must also be smooth.

Blog Design Options in Blogger

Blogger vs. WordPress SEO

In Blogger vs WordPress Design options, Blogger offers a fairly limited set of design options. Here, you get to choose from a limited amount of templates and each of the templates is a basic one.

Plus, you can even change the layout along with the colors of templates using the in-built tools. Still, you don’t have the option to create your own template that is a thing you must look at.

On the other hand, you can even browse through some of the non-official blogger templates. But, it is quite tough to find quality ones.

Overall, Blogger offers a smaller list of templates, limited customization options and with a lack of layout,  you might face an issue with the blog designs.

WordPress Blog design Options

WP Design options

Moving ahead towards the WordPress Blog design options, the platform offers free along with Premium themes that make it pretty simple and easy to select the perfect theme for your blog.

Plus, WordPress offers some of the very best theme options to choose from. Here, you can choose from the free along with the paid themes.

Initially, you can start off with the free theme and as and when you are making some money from the blog, then you can go ahead with the paid theme.

Regardless of your website, WordPress offers some of the best and quality themes.

In the collection, you can find more than 7,000 theme options.

Here, you can go to Appearance> themes and you can search for different themes of your choice.

In this case, you can test and try different of theme options and see which theme is the best one for your website.

Plus, almost all of the themes on WordPress offer the Drag and Drop builder. With an effective drag and drop builder, you can create stunning pages.

Also, for the people who want to sell a product or a service, you can make your own landing page too.

Further, you even have the power to create your very own customizable WordPress themes. With this, you have complete control over the appearance section of websites.

Winner: WordPress

Security: Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs. WordPress SEO

In an open case internet world, security is something that is the most demandable thing. If any platform isn’t offering good security, users will definitely repel from each of those platforms.

Also, if the platform is not secure and your site gets hijacked, you could lose an ample amount of your data within split seconds.

Security in Blogger

With the use of Blogger, you have got the added advantage of the Google secure platform. All of us know Google and with that platform, the security is bound to be top-notch.

Also, Google takes control of the backups, usage of server resources, and much more.

However, if by any means blogger goes down, your entire website will go down, at the same time. With this, you will have to wait until the server of Blogger are successfully restored by Google.

WordPress Security

WordPress on the other hand is also a quite secure platform. In this case, you are responsible for the security and even the backups for your website.

Also, the good news with WordPress security is that there are tons of plugins that can help secure your website.

The same goes with the backup section where you can make use of tons of tools. Now, in this case, you can start off with the free plugin and then choose the premium one, as per your convenience.

Winner: Tie

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Support: Blogger vs WordPress

Support is yet another critical factor that you must consider while choosing any of the platforms. Here, you can check whether you are getting reliable customer support or not.

Blogger Support

Blogger Support

With Blogger, you get limited customer support available. Here, they offer the basic documentation along with the user’s forum. Also, in terms of support, your choices are very much limited in blogger.

Here, all you can do is to tap on the Help option right in your Blogger Admin Panel. From there, you can have a look at different support tutorials and get some help from the same.

Now, one thing you must note that Blogger is a free service. And, Google cannot offer one-to-one service to each of the users.

Support on WordPress

WP Support

WordPress offers an active community support system. Yes, there are tons of question-answer forums for every single theme along with the plugin.

For example, there’s the official support forum where you can ask your questions and get answers.

On the other hand, if you are making use of the paid WordPress products, you have the chance to get a lot more and decent dedicated support from the creators.

Plus, you can even get live support from your web hosting service provider.

Asides from the same, you can even get a chance to access the online tutorials created by WordPress developers. The team of WordPress are experts in their field and they are helping thousands of WordPress users with their issues.

Even if you are using a free plugin, then also WordPress offers the option to make use of customer support and resolve your issues.

Winner: WordPress

Future: Blogger vs WordPress

Well, the future of every single blogging platform is crucial for every single user. If any blogging platform isn’t offering the right type of longevity, there is no use to select that blogging platform.

Future of Blogger

Now, if we speak about Blogger, it hasn’t got any of the major updates for quite a long time. Over the years, we have also seen Google shutting down most of its services.

Therefore, if we speak about the future of Blogger, it depends solely upon Google. And, the company has got complete right to shut down its services at any point in time.

Hence, with blogger, the future of your blog truly depends upon Google.

WordPress Future

Going ahead in Blogger vs WordPress, WordPress is open-source software. This means that the future of WordPress isn’t dependent upon any individual or a company.

Also, you must know that the WordPress platform is managed by a community of developers and users.

With this, I can say that the future of WordPress is quite bright and their level of services will continue to work, without any issues.

Winner: WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress: Portability Section

Blogger vs. WordPress for making money

Indeed, for any user, portability is another important aspect while choosing a good and better platform.

Therefore, let’s check on WordPress and Blogger and see each of their portability flexibility.

Blogger Blog Portability

Quite simply, if you are moving your blogger website to a new CMS platform, this can be a complicated task. Yes, there are greater chances that you might lose upon your SEO, followers, and subscribers while moving your website.

On the other hand, even though bloggers allow users to export their websites the process is a bit complicated and no guarantee is assured.

WordPress Portability

Using WordPress, you have the power and the choice to move your website anywhere you want. Yes, you can easily move your website from an old host to a new host within a matter of minutes.

Plus, WordPress offers tons of plugins that can help you in the overall portability criteria.

Winner: WordPress

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Pricing: Blogger vs WordPress

None of the users would like to spend a huge amount of money on their blogs. With this, they are obsessed to the free stuff and that is what Blogger and WordPress offer.

Overall, from your end, it’s much essential to think about the blogging platform you are willing to opt for to make money in the long term.

Blogger: Cost of Making

Beginning with Blogger, it’s a completely free blogging service platform. Yes., it delivers free blog hosting along with the free Blogspot domain that you can use for a lifetime.

Plus, each of the Blogger themes and other options are available for free of cost.

Though, there are some of the other third-party apps and themes for which you will have to pay money for.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a custom domain, then this thing will cost you a bit extra too.

Ultimately, while the Blogger platform is completely free, it does lack some of the most essential features

WordPress Cost of Making

Now, as you know that the WordPress platform is completely free but you got to buy a domain name and hosting in this case.

You can choose Bluehost as your hosting Service provider where the cost is definitely affordable.

Once you set up your blog, then the other cost will depend upon the themes and plugins you are using.

If you are using the free themes/ plugins, then the cost will not be much. But, if you want to use premium ones, then the cost and pricing is bound to go up.

Winner: Tie

FAQ: Blogger vs WordPress for Making Money

Blogger vs WordPress FAQ

Q1. Is Blogger better than WordPress?

If you creating a blog just for a hobby and you don’t have money, then Blogger is better than WordPress. However, if you are someone who takes blogging seriously and you want to make a career out of it, then WordPress is the true platform you must go for.

Q2. What is the core difference between WordPress and Blogger?

Blogger is a simple to use service which enables you to create a blog and publish the same without many efforts. On the other hand, WordPress is a dedicated and full-fledged service that allows users to build their websites, their way.

Q3. Is WordPress Free for Blogging?

Yes, WordPress is a completely free CMS platform and is a self-hosted one too. Therefore, for using WordPress, you don’t have to spend even a single penny. Plus, you also get the option to use different website builders, themes, and plugins on WordPress, without issue.

Q4. Is Blogger better than WordPress, for SEO?

Well, the answer to this is a bit complex. As we all know SEO takes time and it really doesn’t depend upon the platforms you are using. But, yes, with WordPress, you will get an edge in SEO as it offers ample of plugins to choose from. By choosing the right type of plugins, you can take your website SEO to some good extent.

Q5. Can we Use WordPress in Blogger?

There is no such option to use WordPress in Blogger as both are independent platforms. However, you can use each of them individually depending upon your level of preference.

Q6. Is WordPress good for Blogging?

Yes, WordPress is a full-fledged platform and is one of the best choices for people who want to start off their blogging carrier.

Here, you can control almost every single aspect of your website. You can make use of different themes and plugins to see which of them can be an asset to your website.

Wrapping Things Up: Blogger vs WordPress

On a clear note, Blogger vs. WordPress both are one of the best platforms that are widely used all around the world. Each of them comes with its own set of Pros and Cons that you must take into consideration.

Now, if you are someone who just wants to make their own blog for a hobby and share their stories, then Blogger is a good choice for them.

On the other hand, if you want to pursue blogging as a Career or you are serious about blogging, then you can choose WordPress.

Without a doubt, WordPress offers some of the best and world-class features that make it stand out from Blogger.

With WordPress, you can choose among different themes and see which theme is a better one for you. Plus, it even offers the use of different types of plugins that you can effectively use to your advantage.

Also, with WordPress, starting up your very own eCommerce store is just a walk in the park. Here, you can make use of the WooCommerce plugin and integrate all of the eCommerce functionalities at one place.

Hence, right now, you must have got a fairly clear cut comparison on Blogger vs WordPress for making money and driving traffic.

I hope that you understood the detailed comparison and in case of any doubts, you can write down in the comments section. And, I will be more than happy to help you out, without an issue.

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