Best Weekend Jobs for Extra Money: TOP 14 Jobs to Make Cash [2021]

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We are living and will live in a world of covid where people are searching for the best weekend jobs. Yes, tons of people lost their jobs and there are people who are looking for some extra money.

Additionally, a large population is into job culture and are searching for some extra ways to make money online. Different weekend jobs are available that can let you make some extra money.

For persons who are into their regular 9 to 5 jobs, you are limited with the amount of money you are making from a job. Here, you will only be paid for your work in terms of salary.

However, if we speak about the weekend job, it will help you make money in your free time.

Or else, if you are staying at home with your kids on weekends, you can opt for the best weekend jobs for extra money.

Plus, there some more reasons for which you got to make that extra money. In this case, you got to realize your goals and then work accordingly for them.

Therefore, if you are someone who is looking to make some extra money, I have got some of the best weekend jobs for you.

Best Weekend Jobs: What are the Jobs I can do in the Weekend?

Well, there are different sorts of weekend jobs you can opt for if you are having free time. Here, you can choose different freelancing options such as writing, website designing, and even jobs that can help you pay that extra money.

Right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap the best weekend jobs for extra cash.

1. Become a Freelance Writer

Best Weekend Jobs

Indeed, speaking about one of the best weekend jobs will bring freelance writing into the spotlight. Yes, this industry is growing at a rapid pace and every other industry and website are searching for freelance writers.

In such a scenario, if you are passionate about writing, then you can start reading as many blogs as possible.

Yes, once you will start reading those blogs, you will then get a much clearer idea of writing. Plus, before you can start writing, you will have to choose your niche on first and foremost.

The moment you have chosen your niche, then you can start working for clients, free of cost. Now, this thing will truly give you confidence and help build a portfolio.

After which, you can gradually go ahead and look for work on online platforms.

Among the most popular online platforms, some of the best ones are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

Therefore, in this case, you got to make your portfolio and once you have made the same, then you are free to choose the jobs that you feel you can complete.

On top of that, if you have the will to become a true freelance writer, things will not happen overnight.

Here, you will to spend a good amount of time learning writing skills. Also, learning Grammar is another important aspect that you got to take into consideration.

Once everything fits in, then you can start writing and with time, you will definitely go ahead in your career.

2. Start Website Designing

Best Weekend Jobs

This is 2021 and we are living in a complete digital-oriented world. In the modern data world, almost every offline business wants to take their store online.

Here, if you are someone who is interested in website designing, this can be an opportunity for you to shine.

In this case, you can first go on the internet and you will find tons of different website designing tutorials.

Initially, you can keep your focus on the learning and you can learn different aspects of website designing.

After which, once you learn how to design a website, then you can start approaching different clients.

Now, in this scenario, there are tons of online freelance websites that can offer you, clients.

For example, you can opt for Upwork and there you can bid on different projects. Yes, the competition is lesser there and if you have the right type of skills, you will get the work, without a hint of doubt.

Plus, maintaining and working on your portfolio is another essential thing. If you have a decent portfolio, chances are pretty high that you will land website designing work.

Additionally, taking these things a step further, you can even go ahead and launch your own website.

This thing will help you to establish your own brand. After which, it will take time but if you are offering value in your work, you will start getting clients.

3. Walk Dogs or perform Pet Sitting

Best Weekend Jobs

The modern date people are all busy and especially in the United States, taking care of dogs have become hectic work.

In such cases, people are looking for someone who can take care of their dogs and perform dog sitting, in a better way.

Therefore, if you live in a house that is decent big enough, you can perform a dog sitting in your weekends. Yes, you don’t have to spend much where all you need is to deal with dog owners and take care of their dogs.

Also, if you are eager to spend time with the animals, this can be the right time for you.

Now, in terms of the money, you can make, roughly you can make $25 for an hour to take care of the dogs.

Yes, this is one of the best weekend jobs and a service that you can offer to almost every single person.

Additionally, if you can look after multiple dogs at the same time, chances are pretty high that you can make some handsome amount of money.

Now, this is a type of work solely dedicated for people who are animal lovers. If you are the one, the way of pet sitting is all open for you.

Here, you can simply perform pet sitting and see to it that each of the things is doing fine. After which, you can perform the same and earn a good amount of money.

4. Take Online Surveys

Best Weekend Jobs

Another brilliant and best weekend jobs will bring completing online surveys for you. Yes, this is yet another brilliant side hustle work that can get you to earn decent money in your weekends.

And yes, you will not earn a massive amount of money by completing the online surveys but you will earn some extra cash.

Personally, I have earned $50 to $100 per day but you will have to input your time if you are serious to earn from the same.

In this scenario, there are tons of companies who are in need of market research and want to find out different things. Here, they would like to find out what people think about their products.

With this, they perform market research, conduct surveys and the companies pay for honest opinions.

Also, if you want to increase your chances of earning through online surveys, I would recommend you to sign up for as many online survey companies as possible.

With this, you can simply take your time and complete as many surveys as possible.

Further, another thing you must note is that each of the companies has got its very own payment scenario.

Hence, before you can choose any survey completion company, you got to look after their payment options.

Once you get satisfied, then you can go ahead, complete valuable surveys, and make money for yourself in weekends.

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5. Sell the items in your home


Although this may sound as an odd idea for you but people are selling their used home items and making decent money on weekends.

Yes, in our homes, there are tons of items that are of no use and if you can sell those, things can get better for you.

The very first benefit of this is that your home won’t look cluttered and you can then arrange each of the things as per your liking.

I am pretty sure that every single house has got stuff that they would love to sell. In this scenario, you can have clothing, cell phones, or even laptops that you are willing to sell.

In this case, once you have decided on the items you like to sell, then you can make a listing of each of the items.

After which, you can search for different websites that pay money for selling items online.

Out of which, some good websites are as follows:

  • Thrift Stores

Starting with the basics, Thrift Stores is the number one website that pays for consignment with cash on the spot.

With this, if you can take your stuff to the Thrift store, this can be one of the better things you can do to clean off your house.

They are able to pay with cash on the spot and you can sell them any of your home items.

  • eBay

Yes, eBay has been one of the most famous websites for selling and has been the marketplace that can make a good amount of money.

On eBay, you can reach to a larger number of audiences and can sell almost anything that you want.

In this scenario, you can sell electronics, clothing, collectibles, and tons of such things.

  • Craigslist

This is one of those better free websites that give money for selling items here. But, you got to look for scams and once you feel that selling is right, then you can sell your items on Craigslist.

  • Facebook

Yes, Facebook has become one of the biggest market places and there are specific groups on Facebook. Here, the groups are dedicated to selling and buying of different items.

Hence, from your end, you can simply join those groups and opt for selling on Facebook. Once you are done with that, then you can start reaching out to people in groups and sell items to them, the best ever way.

6. Become an Amazon Seller

selling on Amazon

Yes, there are millions of people who are selling on Amazon and you can be the next one. Amazon is one of the biggest companies of the world and you can easily use this company to your advantage.

For instance, Amazon has got many people who sell items from their homes and earn money on weekends.

Therefore, you can also register yourself as an Amazon Seller and start selling home items on this website.

Yes, at the start, you may not get enough sales but once you will gain experience, then you will see money coming in for you.

7. Become a BookKeeper

To elaborate on the definition of a bookkeeper, they are the type of persons who tracks different finances of a business. Yes, you are eligible to fix your working hours and keep them flexible based on your very own terms.

Also, you can even choose to work on weekends for your clients as per your recommendations and expectations.

This is one of the greatest and best Weekend jobs as you don’t have to do much of the work.

All you need is some sort of managing experience and financial literacy. Once you have that, then you are free to ahead and apply for such companies.

Yes, companies are plenty of online who are willing to hire a bookkeeper. Once you fit into their role, you can then make a good amount of money in weekends, the best ever way.

8. Work as a BabySitter

Parents are the world for children but in today’s scenario, parents have become a lot busier. Yes, it’s busy world and everyone is inclined towards earning and making money for themselves.

In such a scenario, if you can offer to babysit, this can be one of the best Weekend jobs for you.

Yes, there are plenty of parents in the USA who are eagerly looking for baby sitters. They are willing to give an ample amount of money if the babysitter is capable for handling their baby.

Therefore, in such cases, you can come into the picture and offer your babysitting services.

At the start, you can keep the charges low just to make you client base. Once you have got the experience, then you can simply go ahead and make an ample amount of money in weekends just from babysitting.

9. Graphic Designer

Graphic Design Jobs

For the people who are inclined towards creativity, becoming a graphic designer can be one of the best Weekend jobs.

If you are someone who wants to make logos or other such things for brands and big companies, then Graphic Designing can be the better option for you.

Now, to get started with Graphic Designing, you will have to learn from the online tutorials and videos. Internet is a major market place and there you can find tons of videos related to graphic designing.

Additionally, it will take time for you to learn Graphic designing. And, in the meantime, you can start offering your services to clients free of cost.

As and when you will build your portfolio, then you can go ahead and offer your services to the clients for money.

At the start, you will have to keep your pricing lower than the competitors if you want to attract clients.

After which, as and when you build your client base, then you can charge higher to your clients.

Plus, you can even go ahead and launch your very own graphic designing website. With this, you are free to promote your graphic designing services on the website.

Yes, things will take time but as and when you will climb up the ladder, you can earn the brilliant amount of money, without an issue.

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10. Teaching English Online


Yes, if you are someone who is fluent in English, you can expand your career and make money during the weekends. This is another best Weekend jobs for people who are eager to make people learn English online.

We are living in a world of Covid and in such a scenario, people are eager to learn from online platforms.

At the start, you can simply go ahead and brush up on your English skills. Then, to attract your first few clients, you have to offer your services, free of cost.

Yes, this is absolutely crucial if you are eager to build your client base to the next level.

After which, you can start charging money from your clients. Setting up the charges has to be done as per your preferences in money.

Further, you can even join other online platforms and you can teach people on that platform. As and when you will gain experience in teaching, you will learn the detailed aspects of such things.

On the other hand, to teach English online, you don’t have to be an English teacher. In this case, you can simply be a person who is fluent in English.

Then, you can eagerly go ahead and start teaching English to students and adults online.

As and when you will start teaching English on Weekends, you will see that revenue will grow. All you need is to offer impeccable English speaking.

Once you offer that, you will see that you are attracting clients on a much constant basis.

11. Becoming a Bartender for weekends

Yes, if you are someone who is searching for the best Weekend jobs with fewer skills, becoming a bartender can be a great thing. Even bartenders are earning decent money and if you are working for Weekends, then also you can grab some extra cash for your expenses.

Also, if you are someone who has bartending experience, then you can be able to make some good money from this profession. Here, you can opt for a job at any bar, restaurant, and hope that you get a good job.

Initially, even if you don’t have the experience, you can work as a bartender at weekends.

After which, you can gain experience and then your salary is bound to increase.

12. Get Paid for Moving Furniture

Yes, moving ahead in best Weekend jobs, you can even earn money on weekends by moving furniture.

In this scenario, the moving task is something people don’t enjoy and are ready to people who can move furniture for them. With this, there’s an open chance where you don’t need any sort of skills.

On average when it comes to hourly pay, people who move furniture make $50 on average.

This is something good where you can move furniture in weekends and make a decent amount of money.

Also, there are people who might need someone who can move furniture for them at the last moment.

Hence, if you can resolve such issues or even build your very own team, you can earn decent money from this position.

Now, if you are someone who has got bigger ambitions, you can even make your own team or create your website.

With this, you can attract most of the potential clients and as soon as the Word of Mouth will spread, you will make a decent amount of money.

13. Start Blogging


Yes, if you are thinking about one of the most productive and better work from home jobs in weekends, you can start blogging, without an issue.

In this scenario, even if you don’t know to blog, you can start by learning the basics of this industry.

Here, you will have to first buy your very own domain and hosting. Make sure that you keep the domain name as simple as possible.

On the other hand, in hosting, I would like to recommend you Siteground or even A2 Hosting is a better choice.

Both the companies offer brilliant hosting and you can use any of them to host your website.

In terms of the CMS you want to use, I would recommend you to go with WordPress. Yes, WordPress has always been the go-to platform and you can easily opt for WordPress and learn the basics of the same.

Also, for blogging, you will have to first find your interest. Here, you can figure out which are those fields where you have an interest and you can write blogs.

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Once you find that, then you are free to kickstart and move on to your blogging journey.

Plus, there are tons of tools available online that can help you perform blogging in a better way.

This is a type of work you can easily perform on your weekends without any sort of extra issue and burden.

Plus, at the start, you will face difficulties and you may also feel like giving up. But, as and when you will learn the basics, you can then move on to the advanced level of blogging.

After which, even while working on Weekends, you can make a substantial amount of money, without issues.

14. Become an Online tutor


Among the world-class and best Weekend jobs, becoming an online tutor is a gem of choice. Yes, if you are good at teaching a particular subject, you can become an online tutor for the weekends.

In this case, there are tons of websites that offer jobs for the online tutors. With this, you can opt for those websites and enroll your name into each one of them.

After which, you can teach to thousands of students right from your home using your laptop. Now, in this case, one thing you must note is that you must have a good speed net connection.

The moment you have a good speed net, you can easily apply for such job roles.

Also, one thing that’s surprising here is that you don’t need any sort of certificate to show yourself as a tutor.

All you require is impeccable knowledge that you can even offer tutoring to students.

In terms of the pay, tutors on average earn around $4 for each question. Going ahead on the hourly format, tutors earn $12 to $20 for each hour. Yes, you can even apply on Course Hero as tutors there earn $300 every week.

Well, that’s a lot of money and even if you can teach on weekends, still you can earn a decent amount of money.

Final Word of Mouth: Best Weekend jobs

The best Weekend jobs are all here and if you can focus on at least one of them, you will make your weekends productive.

There are lots of people who are wasting their weekends on tons of things and if you can channel your energy on skills, you can make substantial money from the same.

Now, among the above top class skills, you can spend at least 1 day or even 2 of your weekends learning those.

In this scenario, you will definitely learn the above work if you are determined for them.

Even more, if you are someone who doesn’t want to learn skills, you are free to opt for the above nonessential skills work.

Among those, you can work as a bartender or even lift furniture to earn that extra cash.

Hence, at this stage, it depends upon your level of understanding and preferences. Then, you can choose any of the skills, learn the same, and make money from the above best Weekend jobs.

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