Best Web Hosting for Beginners: TOP 8 Brilliant Web Hosting [2021]

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Well, we live in a digital space and the need to find the best web hosting for beginners is a never-ending one. Yes, in a world where tons of companies are offering web hosting for different people, I have got the best ones for you.


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      iPage Provides Cheap Web Hosting With Superb A+ rating Service. 

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      GreenGeeks - A Web Hosting That Faster, Eco-Friendly & Secure

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      HostArmada - Everything You Need In One Web Hosting

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      Hostpapa - Smart Web Hosting For Small Business.

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      In this case, if you are new to the internet industry and you are keen to start your own blog or even a website, I have done an immense series of research and have got the best web hosting for beginners.

      Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go into the topic and uncover some good web hosting companies for beginners.

      Best Web Hosting for Beginners

      1. Bluehost

      best web hosting for beginners

      Speaking about the very first good hosting for beginners will bring Bluehost into the spotlight. Yes, it has been among the most popular choices and even today, Bluehost as a company has done wonders.

      The company has been around for years and has been offering quality hosting to each of the users.

      Starting with the hosting packages of Bluehost, they have always offered quality hosing services. Yes, each of the packages from Bluehost delivers good pricing and comes with tons of value-added stuff.

      On the other hand, even customer support from Bluehost has been above par. In this section, the company offers different sorts of customer support ranging from calling, email to live chat support.

      I personally tested the live chat support of Bluehost and was amazed by their support system. Indeed, everything in the live chat support worked fine and I was connected with the support representative.

      Plus, the person was skilled enough and listened to y queries without an issue.

      Additionally, Bluehost as a company even offers different features that make this hosting a good one.

      For example, the company has got its very own SEO tool that helps people to track keywords and include the good ones.

      Also, the platform even offers different keyword optimization techniques that can further strengthen the website SEO.

      More with Bluehost

      Going ahead in the best web hosting for beginners, Bluehost even delivers the 1-Click Installation. Ultimately with One-Click Installation, you can easily install WordPress along with other platforms.

      With this, you can save tons of your time and can install different applications with just one click.

      In terms of the speed of Bluehost servers, well, it has been on the top class end. Each website powered by Bluehost loads fast and I personally faced none of the issues.

      Even in the security section, Bluehost makes use of secure servers and every sort of security protocol is followed.

      Hence, if you are looking for an all-rounder web hosting company, Bluehost is the perfect one for beginners.

      Visit BlueHost Website

      2. Dreamhost

      best web hosting for beginners

      Going ahead to search for the best web hosting for beginners, Dreamhost is another popular one. Yes, with Dreamhost, you will get the most affordable plans and you have the option to choose any of the plans.

      Also, one thing you must note is that the company doesn’t make use of a CPanel. Instead, the company offers custom made cPanel that can help you in managing websites, in a better way.

      Plenty of the customers love Dreamhost CPanel as they find it a lot more graphic initiative. Also, migrating to Dreamhost is a lot easier as the company offers a plugin for the same. Yes, the company has come up with a free plugin that can move your entire WordPress website to Dreamhost.

      Additionally, the plans of Dreamhost are on the affordable end. Here, you have the freedom to choose from any plans including VPS and Cloud hosting.

      Even more, the company’s VPS plan begins at a decent price.

      Also, Dreamhost is one of those few companies that’s recommended by WordPress. Therefore, you can be a lot more confident while choosing Dreamhost plans.

      Now, moving forward in the customer support section, the company has excelled in this scenario too. Here, they offer every sort of customer support ranging from phone, email to live chat support.

      Therefore, even if you find any issues with hosting or website, their customer support is always there for help.

      You can contact their customer support, resolve your issues, and use this web hosting, with no problems.

      More with Dreamhost

      Going ahead in the best web hosting for beginners, Dreamhost security measures are on the strict side. Yes, each of their websites offers SSL that can keep your website data secured.

      Also, each of the website servers is kept in a secured environment and you will not face any sorts of data leak issues.

      Plus, to expand their fan base and the popularity of hosting, Dreamhost offers 97 days free trial. This is surely massive as you can easily test the hosting for such a period. After this, you can decide whether you want to keep this hosting or not.

      If the answer is no, then you can ask for a refund from the company. And, without an issue, you will get the entire refund money with no questions asked.

      Therefore, among the best web hosting for beginners, Dreamhost as a company is a perfect choice. You can try their hosting and I am sure you will love it, to the core.

      Visit DreamHost Website

      3. Hostgator

      best web hosting for beginners

      Yet another affordable web hosting and Hostgator is the company that comes into the spotlight. This hosting offers tons of the best valuable features and with good pricing; this becomes a good hosting for each of those beginners.

      Starting off with the pricing of the packages for Hostgator, the company offers some of the most affordable packages. Yes, whether you are eager to access the shared hosting or other higher ones, Hostgator offers world-class hosting, in every scenario.

      Additionally, the customer support from Hostgator has been on the top class end too. In this scenario, you can opt for their hosting and get good customer support in every scenario. I personally tested the customer support of Hostgator and everything went above par.

      Yes, right from the live chat support to phone and email support, each support from Hostgator was top notch.

      Further, the speed and the performance of Hostgator were beyond par too. Here, I got constant good speed from Hostgator and found no issue in any case.

      Plus, to get better speeds, you must have a faster speed net connection. The moment you have that, then you can use Hostgator and host your website, without an issue.

      Also, for people who are willing to test the services before purchasing, Hostinger offers 45 days free trial. With the free trial of 45 days, there is no need to worry for even a second. In this case, you can try Hostgator services and once you are fully tried it, then you can think of purchasing or not.

      Even if you don’t love Hostgator services, you can easily ask for a refund where no questions will be asked.

      Visit HostGator Website

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      4. Hostinger


      If you are in search for the best web hosting for beginners and an affordable one, Hostinger is an ultimate choice.

      Yes, I have tried and tested the plans of Hostinger and each of the plans was on the affordable end.

      For example, right from the one month plan to the 4 years plan, you will see the price drop in every single plan.

      Even after the promotional offer ends, you will see a drop in the overall pricing.

      The best part with Hostinger is that it doesn’t feel like a cheap web hosting. Yes, every plan from Hostinger is a good one and you will get tons of value-added features with each plan.

      Right from the list of hosting features to overall UI, Hostinger has been a brilliant web hosting.

      Plus, in terms of the cPanel, the company doesn’t make use of the traditional cPanel. In this case, the company makes use of its own cPanel that is one of the best.

      With their cPanel, you will find things in the easiest way and can access them too.

      Coming down to the uptime along with speed, each of the things has been top class. In this scenario, you will get constant good uptime and the site will load at a faster pace.

      In terms of the overall customer support from Hostinger, it has been brilliant too. Here, either you are trying to live chat support to email and phone call, each support has been far better.

      Therefore, if you are someone who wants to have a cheaper web hosting with tons of features, you can rely on Hostinger.

      Personally, I host some of my websites on Hostinger and got no sorts of issues in any case. Hence, you can simply go ahead and try Hostinger’s plans. If you find everything worthy, you can continue with this hosting and host your website, in the best possible fashion.

      Visit Hostinger Website

      5. A2 Hosting


      If there is one company who has got the reputation of one of the fastest hosting, it has to be A2 hosting. At each of the hosting tier, A2 hosting offers quality hosting that excels in the performance section too.

      In terms of the hosting plans, A2 hosting offers different sorts of plans. Here, you can access the shared hosting plan along with VPS, Dedicated, and tons of other plans.

      Additionally, A2 Hosting also offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. With such a good guarantee, you can be sure that your website is loaded faster and has got a brilliant uptime guarantee. In this scenario, you will find the company’s servers up and running for most of the time.

      Further, I also love the company’s free website migrations that is important for each website user. Here, you don’t have to pay even a single penny and the entire website migrations will be done, the simplest way.

      Plus, the free site migration is available in each of the hosting packages. If you have set your website on a bad host, this is one of the best things for you.

      On top of that, the company does come up with a 1-click installation. In this scenario, you can opt for the 1-click installation on different online platforms. Such platforms include CMS, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and many more.

      However, you must keep in mind that the lowest tier plan offers only one website.

      Even in the customer support section, the support from A2 hosting has been on the top class end. Here, you can contact live chat support, phone, or even emails and get good support, every single time.

      Lastly, for people who are looking for premium web hosting, A2 hosting is a great one.

      Visit A2Hosting Website

      6. GreenGeeks


      If you truly care about nature, you can easily opt for the GreenGeeks website hosting. The company is doing business for more than a decade and has powered millions of websites.

      Going ahead, the company offers the best of all eco-friendly solutions that make this hosting, a brilliant option.

      If you can buy their plan, you will get tons of features you need for building and launching the website.

      Plus, to make things easier, the company delivers a 1-Click installation. In the one-click installation, you can install things in one click.

      Here, you can install right from WordPress to other platforms and the same will be installed, within seconds.

      Additionally, GreenGeeks even offer daily website backups along with website security backups. In this scenario, you can freely go ahead and complete each of the backups, with no issue.

      Also, in the security section, you can keep your data safe and secure with GreenGeeks. This company delivers exactly the same. Even more, the company makes use of the latest PHP versions CDN and with SSD, you will not have an issue in the security section.

      More with GreenGeeks

      Further, if you don’t need additional help with GreenGeeks, the customer support from this company is above par. In this scenario, you can contact customer support via phone call, email, and chat.

      Typically, the GreenGeeks customer support is quick in responding and I faced no issue in this case.

      Even in the speed and performance section, GreenGeeks has always delivered exceptional performance. Here, the websites loaded fast and I faced very little downtime.

      Overall, I have always been a fan of the GreenGeeks web hosting company. Therefore, if you are someone who cares about nature, you can easily go for the GreenGeeks hosting.

      Visit GreenGeeks Website

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      7. InMotion Hosting

      InMotion Hosting

      If you are looking to opt for the best VPS hosting for beginners, InMotion is a brilliant choice. The company has been running for several years now and have offered world-class hosting, every single time.

      The company makes use of the latest technology improvements and each of their hosting are above par. Plus, the company offers a good knowledge base for the people who are eager to gain more knowledge.

      Alongside, the company offers other hosting apart from VPS hosting. Therefore, if you are in search for the best web hosting for beginners, InMotion hosting is a brilliant one.

      Also, as and when you upgrade, you will get access to faster servers along with more value-added features.

      Speaking about the entry-level plans, the company offers good customer support on each of the plans. Yes, here, you will get 24×7 customer support via different channels such as email, chat along with phone support.

      Also, I tested the customer support of InMotion hosting and I found it to be pretty good. I tested the live chat support of InMotion and found it to be pretty amazing.

      Their support staff was pretty quick and I got no issues in any case with the company’s support system.

      Coming down to the VPS hosting plans from InMotion, they offer some really good VPS plans. In fact, the company is known for its VPS hosting so you will get the best of all flexibility.

      On top of that, they deliver good security in each of the plans. Hence, if you are looking for some premium web hosting, InMotion is the true choice.

      Visit InMotion Website

      8. Siteground

      InMotion Hosting

      If you are willing to get the best web hosting for beginners having true customer support, Siteground is a brilliant hosting company.

      Yes, currently, tons of people are opting for the Siteground hosting as it offers valuable features at a much affordable pricing.

      Well, the hosting has got a massive fan base and with thousands of positive reviews, this hosting is a top-notch one.

      Further, this hosting service provider has been recommended by WordPress. That shows the credibility and the trust you can have on Siteground hosting.

      Coming down towards the plans of Siteground, the company delivers tons of hosting plans. Well, you can start off with the shared hosting package as a beginner. Once you have become an experienced blogger, then you can choose higher hosting plans.

      Additionally, the pricing of every single Siteground hosting plan is on the good end. Yes, the company has managed to keep pricing to the lowest.

      Plus, speaking about the most stunning feature of Siteground, the company offers excellent customer support. Yes, whether we talk about the phone call support or the email and chat, each support is top class from Siteground.

      In my testing of Siteground, I got absolutely no issues in this section. Here, I got the true customer support in chat along with phone call support. The representative was skilled enough and resolved issues, to perfection.

      More on Siteground

      Additionally, if we speak about the speed and performance of Siteground, it’s been on the top class end too. Here, the website loaded pretty fast and I faced no lags whatsoever.

      Even in the case of the site’s uptime, it’s on the decent side. Yes, I got 99.99% uptime from the company that’s a pretty good thing.

      Further, the company also offers good days of a free trial. Therefore, using the free trial, you can test Siteground services. As and when you are done with the free trial, then you can make up your mind to buy the services.

      Overall, as per my testing, Siteground has done a terrific job in these scenarios. Right from offering good hosting speed to features and pricing, each of the thing is top-notch.

      Therefore, you can simply go ahead and browse different plans of the Siteground. After this, you can choose different plans and host your website, the better way.

      We are not recommending SiteGround anymore as they increased the price, Hence I recommend you to check BlueHost

      Wrapping Things Up

      The best web hosting for beginners is right in front of you. Without a doubt, each of the above hostings has got their own USP and you can choose any of them, with no issues.

      Plus, all the web hosting above delivers a brilliant set of features while you can find some hosting delivering more than others. In the speed and performance section, almost all of the above hosting offer top-notch performance.

      Additionally, when it comes down to customer support, you can rely on each one of them. They offer good customer support in every single department. Be it the phone call support, email, or even live chat, they offer brilliant support.

      Hence, right now to choose the best web hosting for beginners, you can try each of the above hostings. Yes, each hosting company offers some good days of the free trial period. With this, you can test the hosting and see whether the hosting service provider is a good fit for you or not.

      If the answer is yes, you can then go ahead and browse different plans.

      Still, from my end, I really like A2 hosting along with Siteground. These two are my favorite type of hosting and if you can buy them, you can host websites, to pretty good extents.

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