Best Virtual Assistant Jobs [2021]: TOP Virtual Assistant Jobs for Every User

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If you are someone who is wondering about one of the best virtual assistant jobs, you have come to the right place. Yes, there are tons of good virtual assistant jobs available and all you need is to be capable enough. Plus, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, my given VA jobs will be a boon to you.

Right in this post, you will learn the following things:

  • Best Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners
  • The Best Virtual Assistant Companies if you have the experience
  • How much money can you make from each company

Therefore, I have done an immense series of research and have brought you the best virtual assistant jobs.

Without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap the best virtual assistant jobs, one by one.

Best Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners & Advanced

First of all, being a virtual assistant and working from your home is always worth it if you have an interest in this job profile.

If you have the interest, you can apply for tons of companies, and based on your experience, chances are high that you can land a much amazing job.

To be specific, given below are some really good virtual assistance jobs for beginners.

Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners:

  • Viva Virtual Assistants: $15 per Hour
  • 99 Dollar Social: $12 per hour
  • 24/7 VA: $10 to $20 per hour
  • Vicky Virtual: $10 per hour
  • Vasumo: $8 per hour
  • Fancy Hands: $3 to $7 per hour
  • Fiverr: You can earn unlimited money
  • Upwork: Unlimited Money Earning

Now, given below are some of those VA companies that hire people having a good amount of experience.

Virtual Assistance Companies that Hire People with more amount of Experience:

  • Boldy: $20 for an hour to begin with
  • 33Vincent: $20 an hour
  • Belay: $18 an Hour on Average
  • Virtalent: $14.50 an hour
  • Time etc: $11 to $16 an hour

Therefore, right now, all you can do is to go ahead and unwrap the best virtual assistant jobs.

Best virtual assistant Jobs for Beginners

Best Virtual Assistant Jobs

24/7 Virtual Assistant

Pay: $10 to $12 for each hour

Yes, starting with the basics for people who are new to the virtual assistant industry, opting for work at 24/7 must be your first choice. This company is well-known to hire people with different amounts of work experience.

Therefore, even if you are a beginner, you can still opt for work at 24/7 and you will learn each of the things, slowly with time.

Plus, if you are thinking about the pay, it also shuffles on the basis of your experience.

If you are a beginner you can expect a moderate level of pay while if you are advanced, pay will be much higher for you.

Final Impressions

In order to work for this company, there is no need to have tons of experience. However, you must have basic transcription skills along with PowerPoint, marketing, and research skills.

Almost 85 to 90 percent of the time, clients are looking for Virtual Assistants who can work on a part time basis.

For example, as a VA, you can be told to perform the given below tasks:

  • Filing and Sorting
  • Collating & Photocopying
  • Keeping records of important transactions and work
  • Running Errands
  • Typing Correspondence
  • Typing & Word Processing
  • Scheduling of Appointments

Hence, as a VA you will be told to perform the above tasks and you must be prepared to perform each of those, with no issues.

99 Dollar Social

Pay: $12 for each hour

Yes, moving ahead in the best virtual assistant jobs, 99 Dollar Social is another one of the better VA companies. Here, you will get a flat pay rate for each month and as and when you gain experience, your salary will definitely increase.

In other words, the more number of accounts you have chances are high that you can make some brilliant amount of money.

Hence, even here too, most of the things will depend upon your level of experience. If you have a good experience, your pay is bound to get high.

On the other hand, with low experience, you can start off your VA journey as a beginner and gain some experience.

Final Impressions

The company has been eagerly looking for Virtual Assistants who have got a good experience in short social media posts.

Also, you will be told to write articles for clients and yes you don’t always need copywriting experience.

However, you must always have a speaking and writing experience if you are someone who wants to be considered for this position.

Additionally, due to the constant growth, you may be told to assign new accounts on daily basis.

Fancy Hands

Pay: $3 to $7 per hour

Well, with Fancy Hands, the pay rate will vary gradually on the amount of work you will do. For example, if you are someone who can do multiple tasks, your pay is bound to increase. Here, there are people in the company who are performing multiple tasks.

While there are some who are doing single work and are being paid accordingly.

Also, how much you make an hour even depends upon how quickly you finish the task.

There are tons of simple tasks which you can complete and make good money from the same. Likewise, you can complete those tasks and then move ahead towards more tasks.

Further, if the tasks are in-depth, they can pay you a bit more than usual.

If you are willing to know the payment cycle, payments go out every single week. Hence, at least in the payments section, you don’t have to think much.

Final Impressions

Well, almost all of the VA tasks offered by Fancy Hands are short and simple. Plus, you don’t require any prior VA experience in order to perform any sort of work.

Also, if you want to make this an interesting job, you can define your very own working hours. This will give you true freedom and you can complete work, a better way.

Given below are the type of work available as VA in Fancy Hands:

  • Making different Phone Calls on behalf of people
  • Scheduling of different appointments for doctors businessman and more
  • Tracking down the best price
  • Finding Hotels that are meeting certain criteria
  • Data Entry

Also, another thing you must note is that there are tons of work that you can do and follow up. There are people who are making some brilliant amount of money from VA jobs and you can do the same too.

Further on the other hand, there are people who are working around 24 hours in a day. With this, they will make some brilliant amount of money within a short span of time.

Additionally, if you are willing to do this job, you must have an audio headset that must have a microphone with it.

Once you have that, then you are free and clear to perform VA jobs, without an issue.

VaVa Virtual Assistants

Pay: $15 for each hour

Going ahead in the best virtual assistant jobs, there are tons of different VA jobs that you can use to your advantage.

Indeed, VaVa is one of those companies that can offer bigger pricing to each of the people. In this case, the monthly rate ranges between $200 to $1500 which will depend upon your work and experience.

For instance, if you are someone who is offering brilliant level of work, your pay is bound to increase, without an issue.

Final Impressions

Well, the company offers part-time and contract-based jobs for people who have got at least 1+ years of experience. Plus, if you are from the USA, this is one of the better things for you as the company largely hires US residents.

Further, if you are someone who has got experience in different online communities, this can be a plus point for you.

Here, you can make use of technologies such as Google Suite, Slack, Basecamp, and Microsoft.

Well, given below are some of the VA tasks you can be asked to perform at VaVa:

  • Management of different calendars & setting appointments with clients and other people
  • Providing consistent and correct communication with the client
  • Execution of tasks in a timely manner
  • Creation of Documents as per the client requirements
  • Communicating with the Project manager whenever the need comes
  • Making use of stellar grammar and other organization in emails, documents, and more
  • Learning client preferences and providing each of them with the work catered to preferences.

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Pay: $8 to $16 for each hour

Now, first of all, Vasumo as a company doesn’t disclose the amount of money the company pays to their virtual assistants.

But, as per recent data and inquiry, you can assume that people get around $8 to $16 per hour as their salary.

Additionally, if you are someone who is working with multiple clients, that amount of money can gradually bump up, without an issue.

Therefore, in this case, it depends on the number of clients you are working with. If you are working with more number of clients, then you are bound to get much higher pays.

Final Impressions

As a part of the Vasumo VA Team, you can even get a chance to work on different tasks. Here, you can work on tasks including cold calling, scheduling meetings, the setting of appointments, crafting business cards, and much more.

Further, depending upon yourself and your skills, you can even have the opportunity for working on podcasts, designing of websites, advanced level marketing and even creating social media posts.

Additionally, you can even have the opportunity to take an active part in 3 months of advanced along with paid certification and training.

Also, if you will explore the Vasumo website, you will see that the site doesn’t talk much about the number of hours to work for each week. Nor, there is an adequate amount of information available online for this case.

But, the company tells its clients to assign one VA to each of their work. This makes each of the work to be done in a lot more streamlined fashion.

Further, you can also find a big client base which means that ample of work can be made available for every Virtual Assistant.

Vicky Virtual

Pay: $10 for each hour

Now, among the best virtual assistant jobs, the main skill you must have in order to work for Vicky Virtual is the ability to handle phone calls.

This job role is known as a Virtual Receptionist where you got to be pleasant and helpful to resolve people queries.

Additionally, as per Vicky Virtual, the company is growing at a rapid pace and has different small business owners who need people for answering phone calls.

If you are someone who decides to join their team, you will handle phone calls on the first and foremost place. Here, you will also need a computer along with a headset with a microphone to perform this job.


Pay: $5 or even more for each task

Indeed, among the top-class freelance websites offering work, Fiverr is the one that is rated much higher.

In this case, you will have to make your own profile on Fiverr and have to create gigs. Yes, you will have to make sure that your Gig is an interesting one and people must click on that gig.

Plus, even though there are VA who charge $5 for each work, it all depends upon your personal preferences and liking.

From your end, if you want you can keep pricing much higher but you must have that level of experience.

Here, you will have to title your gig profile as “I will be your VA for an Hour for $5.00. Further, instead of waiting for work, you can submit proposals to different VA jobs that have already been posted.

Additionally, the Fiverr website offers tons of flexibility in such job profile roles. Here, you have complete power to choose the work you are capable of doing.

Also, you can even increase and at the same time decrease the gig pricing as per your liking and preferences.


Pay: $25 per hour as the average rate

Yes, other than Fiverr offering the best virtual assistant jobs, Upwork is another website that is going neck to neck.

This platform has been online for years and offers tons of jobs for beginners to advanced level people.

Yes, like Fiverr, Upwork even offers unlimited earning potential because you can get paid, to the highest extent.

Also, speaking about the average rates, you will get $25 for each hour with Upwork that is a better thing.

Final Impressions

Speaking about the overall impressions from Upwork, the company offers ample of opportunities to grow as a virtual assistant.

In this case, you have the chance to bid on projects you feel you can complete. Then, it will depend upon the clients who will segregate people on the basis of experience and skills.

On Fiverr, there is a lot of competition but on Upwork, you will see that the competition is a lot less.

Therefore, here all will depend upon your skills and experience. If you are a Virtual assistant who has got the best skills, clients will hire you and offer generous rates.

Now, going ahead to find the best virtual assistant jobs, given below are quality Virtual Assistant for the Pros.

Best Virtual Assistant Jobs for Pros

Well, given below are some of the best and quality Virtual Assistant jobs for people who are experienced in this field.

33 Vincent

Pay: Possibly $20 for each hour

Now, like other websites 33 Vincent doesn’t disclose the amount of money they pay to their Virtual assistants.

However, on the basis of research done on this company, the company pays around $20 per hour which is quite a good thing.

Here, if you want to get selected as a VA for 33 Vincent, you will have to be a pro. The company does offer good pay but they want work that is done to a level of perfection.

Final Impressions

Moving ahead towards the final impressions, this company is a USA based one that offers remote freelance VA jobs.

In this case, some of the duties you got to perform as a VA are as follows:

  • Email Management
  • Travel Planning
  • CRM Report
  • Project and Email Management
  • Process Management
  • Calendar Management

Additionally, in order to become one of their virtual assistants, you must have a bachelor’s degree along with 5+ years of experience.

Also, you must have impeccable communication skills customer service skills, time management, and planning skills.

On top of that, you must be flexible and have the ability to work in faced track environments while managing different workstreams.

Now, another thing you must note is that this job is a flexible one and have the flexibility to work, based on your convenience.

Also, if you are familiar with those tools, you are a lot closer to get that job.

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Pay: $14 to $18 for an hour on the basis of Research

Well, speaking about Belay company, they largely hire independent contractors who are already executive assistants, web specialists, bookkeepers, and other people who are skilled in such professions.

And, because of such things, Belay as a company has got a pretty much strict hiring process. Here, the process consists of an interview through different skills, assessment, and you can expect the interview to take at least a week time.

On top of that, Belay tells that you can work for a minimum of 10 hours a week or even 40+ hours each week.

With this, you are typically on phone calls for the clients and perform work as per client requirements.

Also, if you are working in an office-type environment, it can hamper your overall work to some good extent.

Hence, with Belay, you will have to be extra careful in this case and must be able to work smartly as a Virtual Assistant.


Pay: Starts from $20 for an Hour

If you are thinking to join a well-known company as a Virtual Assistant, Boldly is one of the true choices.

Yes, it’s a respected company that has been offering tons of job opportunities to different virtual assistants.

Here, the company hires Executive Assistants, Project Managers, Marketing along with social media specialists, and every other such position.

Also, the company requires a candidate with experience of at least 7 years. Therefore, if you are one of that person who have got such experience, you don’t have to do much in that case.

Each of the job positions offered by Boldly is W2 level jobs. In fact, the company has been an active recruiter and has been hiring people from across the United States.

Benefits offered by Boldly

  • Flexible Hours
  • 100% Remote work
  • Paid holidays & Vacations
  • Paid parental leave

Also, another thing you must know that Boldly. Hires people from only 23 states. Therefore, before you can apply for a job at Boldly, you can have a look at their website to get state insights.


Pay: $14.50 for an Hour

Well, Virtalent is UK based company where I had to do a bit of calculation to know the actual amount of money the company pays.

Therefore, after evaluating, I came up with the given below details:

  • Most of the VA companies pay assistants a percentage of what they charge the clients
  • Virtalent charges 23000 UK Pounds for each hour
  • This converts to around 29 US Dollars

Further, if we take a look at the VA company Pricing, schedule, and rates, we can figure out that the pay rate is around 51% of what clients are charged.

Hence, charging here is based on the amount of percentage you are getting from client work. Suppose, you are skilled enough, then chances are high that you will get better pay rates.

For beginners, the company doesn’t offer any sort of work and in this case, you can work with other companies, gain a good amount of experience, and then work with Virtalent.

Overall, this company offers good work for people who are more a lot experienced in this field. With this, even $14.50 an hour at the start isn’t bad. Slowly with time and confidence, you will climb the ladder and gain experience.

Final Impression

In terms of the final impressions related to this company, they serve entrepreneurs and smaller businesses with Virtual assistants. Also, they have got tons of stack experience which is a plus point in this case.

Also, with Virtalent, you will need a good amount of experience. On an accurate basis, you will need an experience of at least 8 years if you are thinking to apply for a virtual assistant job.

Further, Virtalent as a company is flexible which allows every single Virtual Assistant to work as per their needs.

It even offers the right work culture to every single employee that is another better thing.

Virtual Assistant Skills

Yes, if you want to become a successful virtual assistant, there are tons of skills you might need.

For the people who are just starting out as a Virtual Assistant, you can work on the given below qualities.

Qualities you must have to become a Virtual Assistant

  • You have the ability to prioritize
  • You can multitask as per your liking
  • Also, you must be organized in your work
  • Communication level must be top class as a Virtual Assistant
  • You must develop some sort of sales skills
  • You must be able to resolve problems and issues
  • Plus, you must be reliable and dependable
  • Skills you need for becoming a Virtual Assistant

Yes, moving ahead, given below are different skills you need for becoming a Virtual Assistant:

  • Image Editing & Consulting
  • Knowledge of Social Media
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting experience
  • Knowledge of Computers
  • Customer Service Support
  • Fast Typing
  • Creation of Content

On top of that, going ahead in the best virtual assistant jobs, there are other things you must know in order to become a virtual assistant.

In this case, those tools are as follows:

Tools you must know being a Virtual Assistant

Yes, for every single Virtual Assistant out there, tons of tools are available that they can use.

Giving you a listing of each tool, here are some of the top class tools which every VA will require:

  • Invoice Software: Freshbooks & Wave
  • Graphic Designing Software: Canva and Pic Monkey
  • Stock photo Platforms: Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels
  • Project Management Tools: Aasana Trello
  • Client Management Tools: Stack
  • Cloud Storage: Sync, Dropbox
  • Meeting & Appointment: Calendly

FAQ: Best Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners 

Q1. How much money can you make being a Virtual Assistant?

Well, for the people who are opting for different virtual assistant jobs, you must note that thing will depend upon your level of experience and skills. If you are a beginner, you will definately not make more money than a person who is experienced. 

Still, if we speak about the average pay of a virtual assistant in the USA, it ranges from $8 to $40. On average, the pay ranged at $16.50 for an hour which is a thing you must take into consideration. 

Hence, it completely depends upon you in which way you are willing to upgrade your skills as a virtual assistant.  Better updates means you can grab more amount of money as a Virtual Assistant. 

Q2. How can I become a Virtual Assistant?

Yes., if you are interested to become a virtual assistant, you can follow the given below steps to get started:

  • Create your very own menu of sources
  • Develop a good list of potential clients
  • Create a Business Plan
  • Determine the Business Structure
  • Decide Business Name
  • Get the needful licenses and permits
  • Develop a Marketing Plan
  • Execute each of those plans

Yes, if you can follow each of the above rules and plans, you can easily become a virtual assistant, the easiest way. 

Q3. What is the Average Demand for Virtual Assistants?

Coming down towards the average demand for Virtual Assistants, average salary of virtual assistants in the USA is around $4000. Now, this is just the number and this number will increase in the nearby future. As and when the growing demand of Virtual Assistants will increase, you will see a bump up in the salary percentage of Virtual Assistants. 

Q4. Are Virtual Assistants in High Demand?

Yes, the demand for Virtual Assistants are already high as lots of people are opting for their services. Whether you are looking for VA in Businesses or any other work, the demand is definitely on the rise. 

By using a Virtual Assistant for their job, business owners only have to pay them hourly. This helps them save tons of money which they can invest on other useful stuff. 

Q5. What are the Skills I Need to Become a Virtual Assistant?

To become a Virtual Assistant, you need the given below Skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Cloud-Based Knowledge
  • Take leadership skill
  • Organization Skills
  • Time Management Skills

if you can work on each of the above skills, chances are pretty high that you can become a better Virtual Assistant, within a shorter span of time. 

Q6. Can You Make a Living as a Virtual Assistant?

Yes, of course, being a Virtual Assistant is not a smaller job profile. Currently, there are plenty of Virtual Assistants you are making a living with this job. This job profile gives the flexibility to work for different companies in a much better way. 

With this, you can grab higher pays too that can help you live in the best possible way. 

Wrapping Up: Best Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you are someone who needs to get the best virtual assistant jobs for beginners and advanced, this article is surely the one for you.

Yes, from my end, I have tried my best to cover almost every topic and have brought the bet of jobs and companies.

Additionally, if you are someone who is a beginner, you can find ample of sources available online. From those sources, you can study work as a virtual assistant and become ready to perform work.

Here, you can easily learn and practice the different tools you need as a virtual assistant. Indeed, things take time and it won’t happen in one day.

If you are determined enough, you will learn those tools and apply your Virtual Assistant skills for any company.

On the other hand, for the people who are experienced, you can apply for the above companies. Yes, you can search for the companies that hire experienced people.

After which, if you have the talent and the skills, you can end up with a pretty much higher paying job.

Therefore, in this case, you can easily go ahead and look at each of the above best virtual assistant jobs.

Then, choose a better job, get brilliant pays, and make good money in the present and for the future.

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