22 Best Survey Apps: Top Survey apps to make Money in 2020

It is 2020 and almost all of the people are finding different ways to make money online. Yes, earning money online from surveys has become the modern-day trend where I have got for you the best survey apps to make money. 

Yes, from my end, I have done a lot of research where I have got for you the best of survey apps. 

Coming down to surveys, they are one of the best ways to make some easy money. Here, you don’t need to do much where you can choose surveys, complete them, and get money deposited into your bank account.  Plus, you can also get gift cards that you can use later on Amazon stores. 

Further, you can download different surveys as soon as you get notified and complete the same. 

Hence, right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap the best survey apps for money in 2020 and beyond.


Best survey apps to make money in 2020

After a series of research, I have got for you the best survey apps that you can go through each, one by one. 

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Reviews

Thinking about one of the best surveys completing the platform will bring Survey Junkie into the limelight. Yes, the company claims that you can become an influencer, answer people’s questions about different products and brands. 

On top of that, after completing the survey, you cannot redeem your cash right away. The minimum threshold company has kept is $10 where if it reaches this threshold, then you can go ahead and complete your checkout. 

Speaking about the survey points, each survey offers 100 to 200 points where you can earn around $2 per survey. 

What’s more? A good thing about Survey Junkie is that you are eligible to earn points after every single survey. Even if you are someone who doesn’t meet the criteria, still you can simply proceed ahead and complete those surveys. 

Altogether, it’s one of the best survey apps to make money where you can use the platform and make money, the better way. 

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Review

Yet another one of the best survey apps to make money and Swagbucks will come into the spotlight. Yes, this is a company that has been known to plenty of users. Most commonly, the company operates in the form of a website, browser where they even offer an app for the same. 

Further, if you will browse the survey section of Swagbucks, you will come across different sorts of online surveys. Although, not every single survey will be of your type where you will have to test every survey. 

Now, coming at the earning with the help of Swagbucks, there are tons of opportunities that can help you earn a good amount of money. 

Those stuff can be as simple as signing up for a newsletter or fulfilling an offer. Or else, you can also play games and even watch videos with the help of Swagbucks and make some money. 

Further, as soon as you will sign up with Swagbucks, you will get a $5 bonus as long as you are capable to earn points right within your few months. 

Additionally, if you are willing to start cash out money, you can start the same as and when you reach the $3 mark. 

So far being one of the best survey apps, the company has paid around $241 million that is quite a staggering number. 

Hence, with Swagbucks, you can try your luck, use Swagbucks and earn money, the best way. 

3. i-Say

Whenever we talk about the i-Say app, speed has always been the basic key. Yes, once you will sign up for the i-Say app, you will be sent a notification where the survey options will open up. 

In terms of different surveys, they are based upon testing products where you can also stand a chance to win freebies. However, even if you download the company’s app, still you will have to use your computer or a laptop for completing surveys. 

After you have completed surveys, though the amount seems small, still you can go ahead and complete as many surveys as possible. 

In terms of sign up, it’s free where you can simply sign up, complete the surveys, and eventually make some part-time money with i-Say.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars $5 bonus

Indeed, among the best survey apps, InboxDollars is one of the most popular survey sites out there in the market. 

Currently, the company has paid around $56 million to their customer which is quite an amazing thing. 

Plus, some surveys pay an amount between $0.50 and $5.00 that depends on the overall length. 

Few surveys pay around $10 or more than that which is another good thing. 

Although the main focus of InboxDollars has been on surveys, you can make money by completing other sorts of activities too. Here, you can even watch videos or even play games to earn some money. 

The moment you have got enough points, you can then receive payments with the help of Gift cards. 

5. Pinecone research

How Pinecone research works

Well, if you are searching for simple and best survey apps to make money, Pinecone research is a good one. Though the app is a new one, they are offering people good money for completing different surveys. 

In terms of surveys with Pinecone research, some surveys can compromise of product testing where you can get some freebies. 

Further, in terms of the cashout, the company offers cashout as soon as a user reaches $1. This is pretty low than other websites which are particularly one of the main USP of Pinecone research. 

6. MyPoints

Mypoints Gift Card Rewards

Yet another app and the MyPoints survey website will come into the spotlight. Yes, this survey website comes with different sorts of features such as getting time to time cashback. Yes, with up to 40% cashback, you can earn a good amount of money with the same. 

Plus, you can also claim a benefit of $10 where you can get a stunning bonus and then continue to complete different surveys. 

Hence, with MyPoints, you can easily go ahead, complete surveys, and win cash with one of the best survey apps out there in the market. 

7. QuickThoughts

QuickThoughts may be a slightly smaller app than some others on this list, but that doesn’t mean you ought to dismiss it. 

It’s a solid app that permits you to finish up to 5 surveys each day, plus some location-dependent activities you’ll make money from.

However, you can’t earn money instantly; you’ll get to build up a balance of $10 first, which may then be redeemed for either Amazon or iTunes gift cards.

8. Google Opinion Rewards

Did you recognize that Google has its very own survey app, called Google Opinion Rewards? There are two ways to earn points: through surveys and audience measurement.

The audience measurement aspect involves earning rewards for sharing your TV usage, something that not many other sites offer. 

You’ll get to connect a couple of products with your television to form this possible, but they’re all provided by Google.

You can receive rewards within the sort of either Google Play credit or PayPal balance for surveys, and gift cards for the audience measurement.

9. Vindale Research

Vindale Research may be a survey site focused on marketing research for brands. It’s ultimately a shopping companion you’ll install on your browser.
You’ll earn by browsing the online and by answering questions.

Plus, as you search, you’ll be updated on the simplest coupons and discounts available online.
As well as receiving money-saving coupons, you’ll earn real cash for some time. 

The simplest part is that you simply can receive the rewards almost instantly; you’ll withdraw your ‘piggybank’ whenever you wish, and they’ll appear within your PayPal account immediately.

Altogether, with immediate withdrawal, this makes Vindale Research one of the best survey apps for 2020 and beyond.

10. Survey Voices

Survey Voices may be a place to earn money by taking surveys and even simply going about your day and letting the app collect data. 

You’ll earn gift cards and can also enter different competitions for earning some good amount of money.
Plus, there’s also the likelihood to earn more by referring your friends.

You won’t get a moment bonus once they check-in, but you’ll get a percentage of their earnings where you can then get different gift cards along with cash to your account.

11. Zap Surveys

Zap boasts instant payouts and daily surveys, plus a guaranteed $6.25 for the primary questionnaire you complete. That’s certainly something worth writing home about.

Once you get beyond that first survey, you would possibly find the payouts to be variable and confusing.

Plus, there are different ways through which you can get paid. Starting from a couple of cents right up to 3 digit dollar numbers, you can earn much more than usual. 

However, the best-paying surveys are hard to qualify for as they tend to possess extremely specific eligibility requirements.

Even better, whenever a survey is completed, Zap donates to child starvation charities. 

The sole downside is that the minimum threshold to cash-out is $25 where it will take some time to cash out that money into your bank account.

12. iPoll

Most iPoll surveys are centered on the places you go and therefore the services you’ll use. 

Some tasks involve visiting shops, taking pictures, and testing products – all of them are referred to as ‘missions.’

It’s possible to withdraw your money once you get to $25, and this shouldn’t take too long ago many users making $50 or more a month. 

You can redeem your points for PayPal, gift cards, or airline credits making it one of the best survey apps out there in the market. 

13. Toluna

Toluna is another survey app-based around the theme of brands; they boast you’ll use the surveys as an opportunity to let your opinion be known and influence companies.

There’s the prospect to participate in daily lotteries through the app, too.Plus, this allows every user to win 1,000,000 points (around $300). You can receive your balance as a PayPal transfer or a present card. 

Take care to not leave your points where you can ask for time to time pay-outs and receive cash for the same.  

14. YouGov

It can get slightly tiresome to be completing many surveys centered on marketing research for brands and corporations. 

So YouGov offers a fresh approach – most of its surveys are on more topical issues, like politics. There are still some questions on brands or television habits, though.

What’s more? The major drawback of YouGov is that it’s a high threshold for withdrawing your points ($50) and doesn’t release surveys as often as other sites too.

You’re unlikely to urge sent quite a couple of every week, which suggests it’d take six months or longer to give out money. 

Of course, with such an extended withdrawal process, points don’t expire which is a good thing with YouGov. 

15. Panel Station

Panel Station is one of the apps that gives the smallest amount of surveys – often; there is just a few every week. 

But don’t dismiss it completely where you will require a minimum amount for cash out to your bank account. 

Some surveys will offer you 5,000 points, and you’ll redeem rewards once you reach 3,000 points.There also are sweepstakes, and monthly prize draws, although you’ll need to hand over a number of your points to enter.

16. Harris Poll

When it involves online polls, Harris Poll is one of the first sites offering this service to tons of internet users. 

Many the surveys relate to politics and global issues, and that they are often featured within news outlets, so you can easily go ahead and choose which type of surveys you want to complete.

It’s not available for Apple users – currently, there’s only an Android app. Nonetheless, if you’ve got an iPhone, you’ll still provide it a pass using the web site on your computer instead.Harris points are often redeemed for gift cards instead of cash making it one of the brilliant and best survey apps.

17. Jobs2Shop

There are a couple of alternative ways to earn points on Jobs2Shop: taking surveys, completing offers, mystery shopping, and games. 

You’ll also get a $5 bonus whenever you refer a lover and save further money through cashback credit – plus there’s a $5 bonus only for signing up.

Further, mystery shopping involves going into a store with an inventory of tasks to finish then reporting on your experience to assist the shop to improve its service. 

Because this is often harder and sophisticated than a typical survey, there’s the prospect to earn extra money – and it also can be quite fun.As with many similar sites, the withdrawal threshold is $25 making it one of the best survey apps for money. 

18. Grab Points

There are four ways to grab your points on Grab Points: watching TV, completing surveys, completing offers, and downloading apps.

Further points are often earned by referring your friends – this might be up to 250 points (or $0.25) but varies counting on the country they’re from.

You can then receive your points within the sort of a PayPal transfer or a present card. The minimum withdrawal limit for PayPal is $3 which makes it one of the best survey apps to make money.

19. Mindswarms

If you’re prepared to require a survey within the sort of a video to form some extra money, then Mindswarms might be right up your street.
Mindswams believe that video recordings capture more authentic opinions than survey answers. 

If you’ve ever ticked random boxes on a poll for the sake of finishing it as soon as possible (because, let’s face it, who hasn’t), then you’ll probably see why.

Don’t worry; the videos you’ll need to make aren’t too long where you can watch different videos in a day. . 

Plus, watching videos, you’ll receive $10 to $50 and have it deposited straight to your PayPal account.

20. OnePoll

OnePoll emphasizes their surveys being ‘interesting’ and included as a part of the news. 

If you’re curious about current affairs and politics, then it might be an honest choice for you. You’ll also earn $5 only for signing up which is one of the best things from this website.

Plus, you will be paid through PayPal where having a PayPal account is one necessary thing in this scenario. 

However, the bad news is you’ll get to earn $50 before you can request for payout. This makes OnePoll one among the toughest apps actually to form money from.

21. Crowdology

Crowdology is known for working with big brands and tv shows, so if you’re curious about answering questions associated with these topics, then it might be the one for you.

It has a reasonably good reputation – the surveys aren’t the highest-earning (you’ll generally make around $0.50), but they’re quick (many only pause minutes). 

Plus, the minimum amount to withdraw your points may be a relatively amount of $8, and you’ll receive your earnings through PayPal.

Altogether, with faster pay-outs and surveys being completed in a matter of minutes, Crowdology is simply one of the best survey apps available on the internet. 

22. Survey Savvy

Last but not least, Survey Savvy features a wide selection of survey topics, from politics to consumer products. 

This is one of the best survey apps that offer money on completing surveys on politics and different consumer-related products. 

Lastly, most of the surveys are about ten minutes, where you can eventually take your time and complete each of those surveys, your way. 

Summing Up

Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, I hope you have got the best survey apps to make money in 2020 and beyond. 

Well, almost each of the above survey apps is great where they have got their own set of plus points and negative ones. 

While some survey apps offer faster payouts, they don’t offer much higher pay. On the other hand, some survey apps offer good pay but at distinct payout model. 

Therefore, it all depends on your level of intelligence where you can simply analyze each of the above survey apps. 

After this, you can choose the best survey apps, complete surveys, do other activities, and earn some good amount of money, thereafter.  

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