Best Shared Hosting: TOP 8 Shared Hosting for Beginners [2021 Updated]

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In a world where every single person is willing to take their business over the internet, the need of the best shared hosting is on the rise.

Whether you are a blogger or a person who want to start their own website, you will have to choose one hosting service provider or another.

However, in a space where almost all of the companies are offering hosting services, choosing a good one can become a much daunting task.

Therefore, in such cases, you don’t have to worry for even a second as I have got most things covered.

Right in this article, you will know the best shared hosting that you can use and launch your website, with no sorts of stress.

Best Shared Hosting for 2021

1. Bluehost

best shared hosting

Speaking about one of the best shared hostings will bring Bluehost into the spotlight. Yes, this hosting company has been running for years and it has offered some of the best and quality hosting services.

Definitely, whether we speak about performance or even customer support, Bluehost has always offered quality services to its users.

Speaking about the plans, Bluehost offers some of the best and quality plans. Yes, in this scenario, you can effectively choose among different plans and see which plan is the best fit for you.

However, if you are a beginner, you can go with the shared hosting plan which is also good of Bluehost.

Moving ahead, Bluehost offers an amazing one-click installation on each of their apps. Therefore, if you are new and want to install WordPress, you can do the same by the one-click installation.

Additionally, even the security support from Bluehost has been on the top class end. Right from offering SSL certificates to having the latest secured servers, you can be sure that your data will be kept safe.

More of Bluehost

best shared hosting

In the customer support section, Bluehost as a web hosting company excels here too. Here, you are free to use almost every Bluehost customer support. Whether you like to use the phone call, email, or even chat support, you can use any support and you will get good customer service.

Personally, I tested the live chat support of Bluehost and got an answer to each of my queries. Yes, the support staff was polite and had good knowledge to answer my questions.

Overall, for every blogger or an experienced person, Bluehost has always been a good and familiar choice.

Therefore, you can effectively choose Bluehost hosting and then, you will get access to useful features, and then you can launch your website, with no sorts of issues.

Visit BlueHost Website

2. Dreamhost

best shared hosting

Going ahead to search for the best shared hosting, Dreamhost is the second good choice in such a scenario. They are known to offer cheap hosting that all come with all the value-added features.

Dreamhost has made shared hosting a simpler one. Yes, the company doesn’t offer a plethora of plans and they offer some plans that excel in everything.

From your end, you can browse Dreamhost shared hosting plans and see which plan suits you the best.

Then, you can analyze each shared hosting plan and choose the one that suits your needs.

Speaking about the other features of Dreamhost, the customer support of Dreamhost has always been on the better side. Yes, they offer good customer support via email, chat, or even phone call support.

The moment you purchase their services and you have any queries, you can reach out to their customer support. Here, the company’s support works for 24×7 which is a good thing.

In this scenario, you will not find any issue to ask them the questions and get an answer in the most precise way.

On the other hand, Dreamhost even offers a 100% uptime guarantee. This is something not promised from plenty of hosting providers. Yes, with Dreamhost, your site will be up and running for most of the time.

Additionally, the speeds of Dreamhost servers are on the better end. I loaded the websites running on Dreamhost. And, without a surprise, each of the sites loaded at a faster pace.

With this, I can say that the speed and the performance of Dreamhost is next level.

More with Dreamhost

best shared hosting

Well, going ahead in the Dreamhost features, the company also offers a massive 97 days money-back guarantee. This thing is indeed humongous which you will not find with other hosting companies.

Therefore, in this scenario, you have the option to test Dreamhost services for a longer period of time.

After testing, if you feel like this hosting isn’t the one for you, here you can ask for a refund. The company will not ask you any questions but the same has to be asked within a period of 97 days.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking for an affordable and better performance hosting company, Dreamhost is a brilliant choice.

The company clicks almost all of the boxes where you can choose from it’s shared hosting plan and select a better one, with no sorts of issues.

Visit DreamHost Website

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3. Hostinger

best shared hosting

For the ones who are looking for an affordable web hosting without compromising on the features, Hostinger is the number one hosting in this scenario. Here, the company offers some of the best and quality plans that you will love to the core.

Starting with the basic plan, it costs less than a dollar. This is extremely unbelievable as the company delivers plans with most of the features.

As we move ahead to find the best shared hosting, Hostinger offers its own customized cPanel.

Even with their own cPanel, you will find tons of features a lot of handy. Here, you will not face any sorts of complications in any case.

Another best part with Hostinger is that the company offers good pricing in every scenario. Whether you want to choose their shared hosting or other ones, you will get affordable rates in every scenario.

On the other hand, the company doesn’t compromise on the speed scenario in any case. Yes, in this case, you will get far better speed and even the uptime of Hostinger is a lot better.

With this, you can load websites as early as possible but you must have a good speed net connection for this.

More of Hostinger


Going ahead to search for the best shared hosting, customer support has been one of the fastest ones. In this scenario, the company offers email along with the phone call support. Both the support are brilliant and I faced absolutely no issue in these scenarios.

Additionally, the company does offer a 1-click installation for almost every other app. With the one-click installation, you don’t need to panic and spend hours while installing the app.

Here, all you need is to tap on the app and installation will be done within seconds. These things make it quite easier for the new beginners who are eager to launch their website.

Plus, the company offers some of the best security in terms of SSL, good secure servers, and many more.

You can even take security a step ahead by purchasing their added security features.

Overall, if you are eager to get an affordable host not comprising on the essential shared hosting features, Hostinger is the company to look out for.

Visit Hostinger Website

4. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting

A2 Hosting is yet another top-class hosting company that offers world-class hosting services. They offer one of the fastest shared hosting services that are available over the internet today.

Coming down at the shared plans of A2 hosting, each plan offers affordability. Yes, the plans come with basic and advanced level features that you can use to your advantage.

Starting up, you can go ahead with the lowest priced plan as a beginner. Using that plan, you can use that to host one website.

Plus, the speed and performance of A2 hosting have been above par too. In this scenario, you will get good loading speeds. Here, I tested the speed of A2 hosting and was pretty much amazed by the results.

In this scenario, you must have a good speed net connection in order to see the pages load faster.

Further, the customer support of A2 hosting has been on the better end. Right from Chat, email to phone support, A2 hosting has mastered this thing.

In this scenario, each support system from A2 hosting is above par. Plus, each of the staff support is polite and have adequate knowledge.

Hence, as soon as you will ask the query, the company executives are good enough to respond to it, in a better way.

More with A2 Hosting

Uptime and Speed

Moving ahead to find the best shared hosting, they also offer free website migrations. This is something that is the need of every single user. Yes, if users are not happy with other people’s services, they can easily migrate to A2 hosting without any cost.

With this, you can save tons of your money and invest that money into essential work.

Plus, the company also offers some brilliant days of the free trial period. With this, you are free to test A2 hosting in and out.

Once you are fully convinced, then you can go ahead and buy the A2 hosting services.

Overall, if you are looking for performance clubbed with good pricing, A2 hosting is a brilliant choice.

Hence, you can easily go ahead, browse different plans, and use A2 hosting to launch your website, the better way.

Visit A2Hosting Website

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5. InMotion

Inmotion Ease of Use

For the people who are in need of brilliant customer support, InMotion is one of the bestshared hosting in this case.

In terms of the rates of InMotion hosting, it comes right between Dreamhost and Siteground hosting. Well, this is pretty good as the plans offered by InMotion hosting are on the decent end.

Here, you can easily browse different shared hosting plans of InMotion hosting. Quite keenly, you can look at each plan features and choose the one, you find the most valuable.

Additionally, each shared hosting plan comes with a free domain, security, and marketing tools. This makes it good for beginners to purchase InMotion hosting and launch their website without stress.

Further, speaking about the most highlighted feature of InMotion hosting, customer support is far better.

Yes, personally I have tested the customer support of InMotion and have found it to be pretty impressive. In this scenario, you can opt for the phone call, chat, or even email support and you will love each of those.

Indeed, the support of InMotion runs 24×7 and with this, you can contact their support, at any hour of the day.

I have compared the customer support of InMotion with other hosting providers. In this case, I have found the support of this web hosting to be a brilliant one.

More with InMotion

inmotion speed

Plus, the company’s speed and the performance have always been on the quite better end. The company makes use of almost all of the latest servers where speed is not compromised in any case.

Here, you will get a constant 99.99% uptime guarantee. With such a good uptime, you can be sure that your site will be up and running, for most of the time.

In terms of the credits, Shared hosting plans of InMotion comes with $150 credits. Yes, these credits are the most useful for every person who wants to start their new website. With this, you can gain some of the best exposure and build your website, the best way.

Finally, for the people who are willing to opt for a hosting company that offers brilliant customer support and good hosting, InMotion is the number one choice for you.

Visit Inmotion Website

6. Hostgator


For every beginner searching for an affordable and the best shared hosting at a good price, Hostgator is a gem choice.

This is another one of the most affordable hosting services that are cost-effective and offers the performance of the top class.

Speaking about the plans of Hostgator, each plan comes up with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, bandwidth, free SSL Certificate, and even a free domain.

Plus, the cost of each plan offered by Hostgator is on the least end. With this, you will get all the essential features you need in launching your website.

Additionally, if you will purchase the business plan of Hostgator, you will get a free dedicated IP, SEO Tools, and a good SSL certificate.

Further, the company does offer a stupendous 24×7 customer service support. Yes, having good customer support is a necessity where you will have queries now or later.

Plus, each of the customer support systems works perfectly fine. On top of that, to help even further, they even offer 500 video tutorials along with 700 helping articles.

Therefore, in case you are stuck in any issue, you will have two options. Firstly, you can contact customer support and let them resolve issues.

Or else, you can read different tutorials, watch videos and get your issue resolved, the better way.

More with Hostgator

Going ahead in the search of the best shared hosting, Hostgator offers brilliant performance along with uptime.

In this scenario, you will get constantly good uptime and even the website speed loading is quite better. I found the speed to be quite good and the website loaded faster every single time.

Hence, in speed and performance, you will find no issue with Hostgator in any case.

Overall, this is one of those good hosting services which offers a package of good pricing along with value-added features.

You can simply browse different packages of Hostgator and see which one is a good fit for you. Then, you can use that package and launch your website, in the best ever way.

Visit Hostgator Website

7. Siteground

Siteground hosting

Speaking about top quality and the best shared hosting, Siteground is a company you must always look for.

Yes, over the years, Siteground has offered some of the best shared hostings and you can use it to your advantage too.

Siteground plan comes with almost every sort of feature you will love in any hosting company. Yes, the company covers every single essential feature along with the advanced ones.

Starting up, you can choose their entry-level plan and then upgrade to a plan you find the most comfortable.

Even more, the speed and the performance of Siteground has been above par too. In this scenario, the site speed offered by Siteground is on the far better end. Yes, the websites will load fast and you will find no issue in this case.

Additionally, the company’s uptime has also been on the good end. In this case, you will get constant 99.99% uptime which is another better thing.

Yes, with such good performance, you will not face any sorts of performance-related issues.

More with Siteground

A Take on User Experience

Going forward in the best shared hosting, they also offer super caching, advanced support, client management services, and many more features.

Even in the customer support section, Siteground does a fairly decent job. Here, the company offers every sort of customer support. Right from choosing the phone call support, email or even chat, you can choose any support, with no issues.

Hence, you can easily choose the support you like and the company will offer brilliant support, every time.

Hence, with Siteground, you can start off with the basic shared hosting if you are a beginner. Yes, in the basic shared hosting, you can access tons of features and even purchase additional services.

It all depends upon your choices and options you wish to go for in a hosting company.

Visit Siteground Website

8. iPage


For people who are searching for the best shared hosting in a cheap price, iPage is one of the better options.

This hosting company has been running since years and have offered quality hosting plans for every user. The web hosting provider delivers multiple options in the shared hosting section.

Each of the plans are written in a straightforward manner and you will not find any issue to choose any plans.

Moving ahead in the list of features, every iPage shared hosting plan comes with basic to advanced level of features.

With such things, you will not face any sorts of issue when you will buy iPage hosting.

Plus, the company even offers unlimited disk space along with unlimited domains. With this, you can be stress-free to host unlimited websites without worrying about the storage.

Additionally, the company even offers free SSL certificate that can help protect your website. With the availability of free domain for the first year, you will not spend any extra on the domain.

More with iPage

uptime ipage

Well, even the customer support of iPage has been on the commendable end. Each of the customer support offered by iPage works effectively where you can use every single support to your advantage.

Here, if you are having any issue with the hosting, you can contact their customer support, as early as possible.

From their end, the company will try their best to resolve issues, on the quickest note.

Even in the speed and performance section, iPage as a hosting company has done a decent job.

Yes, their servers are pretty fast and you will not face any sorts of loading time in this scenario.

Plus, you will get a constant uptime which will make your website to sustain for longer hours.

Overall, iPage is one of the best web hosting for people who are searching for affordable hosting services.

Therefore, if you are starting off with a tight budget, you can use iPage hosting to your advantage.

Keenly, you can browse the company plans, choose a better one and host your website, without many issues.

Visit Ipage Website

Wrapping Things Up

We have come to the ending phase of the article and by now, you must have got the best shared hosting. Indeed, each of the hosting given above have got their own set of USP. In this scenario, you will have to analyse each hosting company.

Additionally, almost every hosting company comes with some free days of the trial period. From your end, you can effectively test and try a different company.

See which features they are offering and then you can decide on the hosting.

Also, among the top best shared hosting, customer support has been on the world-class end. In this scenario, you will not face any sorts of hosting issues.

Therefore, it all depends on your decision to select hosting as per your needs. Once you have done that, then the road is clearer for you.

After which, you can host your website, write articles, start an agency, and make revenue, the best ever way.

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