28 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money – All You Need To Know

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Do you want passive income ideas that can get you a stable six-figure earning?

It’s very important to have the passive income sources so that you can easily pay your bills, rents and other expenses without affecting your pocket.

Passive income requires an effort, to be honest. You will need to work to generate side income consistently. 

I have researched many passive income streams and finally selected best passive income ideas for you that work 100%.

Let’s start.

What Is Passive Income? Passive Income Definition?

You decided to create passive income ideas to make money while you sleep, or out for a vacation. You must be thinking about how to create a strategy that works all the time.

Passive earner makes over $1000 a week which leads to over $4000 a month. Let’s see some passive earning streams.

  • Online Referral – $60+ a day.
  • Stock Market – As per market behavior.
  • Airbnb – $40+ a day.
  • Car Rent – $300 – $400 a day.
  • Personal Blog – $50 – $100 a day or even more. 
  • Sell Ebook – Over $100 a day.
  • Silent Partner – As per the investment. 

Passive income stream is similar to recurring income where you just put your income ideas and start earning passive money.

You may be working to support your family or your lifestyle and wanted to earn extra money to have a stable life and a good financial future.

I always advise my audience to think of yourself and start working on side income.

I will be going to share with you some of my ideas that will help you to make money fast.


1. Online Referral Income

Do you want to earn $1000 or more a month from referrals?

Working for a few hours a week from your phone or computer can help you to earn referral income every day.

Many referral programs have a recurring income plan, where you will get a referral amount on referring people.

I have seen many companies run a referral program that gives a real income opportunity. There are many passive income streams. I have shared in this post, and this is one of the best.

You can sign up with below free programs and look for referral income option in the app. I have selected these companies as they are genuine and well-known. My maximum earning comes from referrals. Don’t underestimate referral income. 

2. Passive Income Investment From Stock Market

The stock market investors enjoy the passive income fruit in the form of dividends and share price increase. 

You can easily start investing money in a stock with little money. It is advisable to start with small money if you are entering in the stock market for the first time. 

Acorns helps new investors and recommend the companies that are performing good in the Stock Market. 

Investment in the stock market is one of the trending way to earn passive income, and nowadays it became easier to buy or sell the stocks in a few clicks. See Google Finance to check stock prices.

3. Paribus – Get Your Extra Money Back

What if I told you! your money will be refunded when there is a price drop while doing online shopping.

Yes, you will get the excess amount refunded if you, unfortunately, pay extra when you purchase anything online.

Paribus automatically detect the extra amount that you paid and get a refund for you.

You do not need to do anything. Paribus will do everything for you.

Yes, it’s free to join. Enjoy your refunds.

4. Airbnb – Rent Your House

Imagine the extra room in your house is generating passive income for you.

To become financially strong, you have to think of taking the opportunity from every corner, even though it’s your house.

Here you do not need to approach people for renting rooms. Airbnb is an online platform who helps peoples to see rooms and book online. This passive income idea can make you earn a good amount of money.

when you are ready to advertise, you must upload a good quality picture of your house. Read the full Airbnb review.

Click here to sign up with Airbnb for Free.

Tips: make sure your house looks good in condition. This will make a great impression on travelers and that makes them choose your house.

5. Swagbucks – Daily Referral Income

Is your monthly income not enough for you?

Do you want a Passive income idea that can help you to generate income in a few minutes?

The day when I joined Swagbucks, I came to know that they offer a referral program that pays you when you share Swagbucks with your friends

Swagbucks is basically a company who provides various online income opportunities. You can earn money by referring to Swagbucks, paid surveys, watching videos, shopping, using the web and many more.

I have not even answer a single survey, but I am still making money from Swagbucks. Yes, It’s through referrals. Read the full Swagbucks review.

6. Rent Your Car

You have a car which is not in use, why don’t you make money from it. Just rent a car. simple!

People will buy your car on rent and you will generate income from them.

You can rent a car on Getaround app and earn side income regularly.

If you do not have time to drive a car. You can earn money in this way as well.

if you want yourself to drive a car then, you can join Lyft or Uber and start making money by driving your own car. It is an online cab service who will offer your business by providing the people who are looking for travel.

They charge a small commission and bring the customer to your cab.

7.  Create a Blog – Make Money Online

You may have read stories or blog posts on the internet. Do you know the blog writer is as simple as a person like us who are making thousands of dollars from blogging?

They just write a simple article/post for their blog and make a good amount of money.

You can start your own blog which costs you very little, but earning can be in millions.

Writing a blog is not a one day job. Yes, it’s easy but, it requires an extra effort. Many bloggers are making money from own blog, only because of their extra effort and simplicity/honesty while they write a blog post.

Do you know a blogger earns more money than a YouTuber as having the same number of visitors?

Suppose, you have written five blogs, then this five blogs will become a source of passive income for you, even though you are not active on your blog for weeks, your five blogs keep generating passive income for you.

Start your own blog


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8. Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to earn regular passive income from affiliate marketing by working 1-2 hours a day?

The reason why bloggers prefer affiliate marketing is because they can promote high paying affiliate products or services and get a huge commission like $100 or more per sale.

If you make 3 high paying affiliate sales a day, then you can easily earn more than $300 a day.

Tip: Always promote a product/service that adds value to your visitors. Get discounts from affiliate companies and make your visitors happy. This is what I do for my audiences. 

As soon as your audience clicks on the affiliate link and make a purchase, you will earn a good commission.

To save your time, you can sign up with below affiliate companies/affiliate networks where you will get the hundreds of affiliate links on a single platform.

These are the well-known affiliate marketing websites that will make your work easier and save time.

9. Write an ebook & Sell Online

Using your spare time to write something that you really like can help you to generate recurring income for life.

People do generate money by just selling ebooks on their blog or Amazon or other ebook selling websites. Don’t worry! It’s very easy to sell ebooks online. First, get your ebook ready.

Publishing the eBook online becomes the most effective and popular way of creating passive income business. To write an eBook, you are required to put some extra effort, but it’s only for one time.

The most successful ways of selling eBook online are YouTube, blogs Facebook page, amazon and Kindle.

Tips: You must read a few eBooks and learn from them, how they write the eBook and what techniques they are implementing.

10. Earn From Google AdSense (Ads)

Traffic in your blogs also helps you to earn money from AdSense. Google AdSense is a platform that gives the opportunity to place google ads on your blog page and have a passive income stream.

So, the question is, how to place google ads on your blog page?

I would say first you have at least 20 to 25 blog post of at least 500 words and then create an AdSense account. Make sure you publish good quality content.

Once you get the approval from Google, you can start using google ads on your blog page.

Keep in mind that you are not disturbing your audience by placing too many ads.

There are two ways to earn money from AdSense. Every 1000 page views will lead you to earn money and clicks on display ads by the visitors.

Tips: you must have pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, about us/you, and contact. This will help you to get the AdSense approval easily.

Create a sitemap for your blog, so that Google will find your blog page easily.

If you do not have 20-25 post, don’t worry! you can still earn from affiliate marketing by the time you reach 25 blog post, you can apply for Google AdSense. Does it make sense? Of course.

If your website is more of affiliate marketing, then try to use less number of google ads.

Ads divert the reader’s mind hence; it will affect your affiliate marketing business.

If your blog/website has a fewer affiliate link, you should use Google ads more to generate more income from Google AdSense.

11. Dividend Income (Recommendable)

If you can invest a small amount of money regularly on dividend-paying stocks, then you can start receiving a good income from a dividend passive income

You do not need to do anything. The company where you invest will message you when they share a dividend.

You can Join Acorns where you will get a recommendation on where to invest. You can even start with $5 investment. 

A reputed company that pays a dividend to its shareholders consistently, because of their good performance. 

Acorns is the right platform to invest in dividend-paying stocks. This is what we called passive income investment. They also add your spare change to your investment account when you do shopping through Acorns. 

12. Make YouTube Videos and Earn

You can bring any idea and make videos to gain popularity on Youtube. You can teach anything you know for example cooking, bodybuilding, exercising, etc. This is one of the passive income Idea for recurring income.

People either watch videos or read things on google. You can easily make YouTube videos and generate a YouTube income online.

Start your own YouTube channel and create videos on anything you like.

The video should be meaningful and able to grab the audience’s attention each second. This will help you to gain subscribers quickly.

You can sign up with Google AdSense to earn money from YouTube. Google AdSense will place the advertisement on your videos.

As soon as the viewer clicks on the advertisement, you will earn money from AdSense.

How to monetize YouTube videos?

For YouTube monetization, Simply go to my channel, click on the video manager link, then click on the channel again and choose to enable monetization.

Now, YouTube will place ads on your videos and you will earn.

YouTube Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be done easily by leaving affiliate links in the YouTube video descriptions. Done!

Sell the product which is related to the video, so that you will generate leads quickly.

Tips: always add keywords and tags which is connected to your video. This will help you to reach the audience fast.

Discover your own style of presenting the video and it needs to be short and should not bore the audience.

Talk something about the product that you are marketing.

Do not say too much about the product. It will create a question in the mind of audiences and maybe they will skip the video.

13. Earn from E-commerce – Sell Online

If you have extra time at home, then why don’t you sell things online and make money the way people are making from home.

Before you start, I wanted to tell you that it requires good knowledge.

My advice for you to make an online sale with the best e-commerce websites. This will help you to sell items online fast and earn money in a short time.

Many people sell the product by doing drop shipping business and earn passive income from an e-commerce store. When the order is placed, it purchases the product from the manufacturer and shipped it directly to the customer.

Shopify is another way that helps you to sell the items online. It has the readymade template that facilitates you to build an online store.

14. Create a Coupon Website

Coupon websites make money by providing the coupon code. When you use the coupon code, the website owner makes the commission.

you can also make the same coupon website and signup with affiliate networks who provide coupons and affiliate links. 

The coupon websites attract more customers than the normal sites, this is because such websites help audiences to save their money by providing a discount promo code.

People always hunt for discounts, and they know that the discount coupon sites is the easiest way to get things discounted.

Once you start your website, get a coupon code and stick it on your website.

Coupon site attracts a huge audience and your site should be capable of handling such an audience.

15. Create a Facebook Page and Advertise your Business

I have seen many businesses getting popular on Facebook in a short period of time. People usually do some unique things and gain popularity.

Facebook gives a platform to bring your ideas in front of the audience. Now, anybody can promote their product or service through Facebook ads.

Once you created your Facebook business page, you need an audience to see and like your page, at the same time, you also need to generate sales through Facebook. To become successful you will need to learn to create Facebook ads and how others are making money successfully.

Facebook ads manager will help you to promote your business on Facebook. You can find ads manager on the Facebook pages itself.

Before doing Facebook marketing, you should know your budget. Facebook advertisement is the platform where you can advertise your business at a low cost.

You need to make sure that your Facebook marketing strategy should grab the customers. You also need to be specific in location, age, gender, days and time of promotion to gain a genuine audience.

16. Become a Silent Partner

You want to start a business, but can’t afford the time, then to become a silent partner will be the best option for you to earn passive income.

There are millions of companies who offer people to become silent partners. Many billionaires in the world invested in other’s businesses and enjoying the fruits.

You just need to invest in a good business. It may be a well-known business or some new startups.

Before becoming a silent business partner, you must do good research about a company.

The quickest and cheapest way to become a silent investor is by investing in company stock. This allows investors to invest even though you have less money.

Tip: Before investing in any company, check the reliability of the company. How much sales a company is generating from its net worth and the percentage of profits.

17. Write a Book & Publish

Do you know many people around the world loves reading books?

Writing a book is one of the best source of passive income. It’s a one-time effort but the earning is a lifetime.

Writing a book requires a little extra effort than writing an eBook. But once your book is published, you won’t imagine how much you will earn.

Many famous authors still making passive income and became a billionaire by publishing a book on Amazon.

Yes, it takes a little more time, because your content needs to be very specific and eye-catchy while you write a book.

If you plan writing a certain amount of words every day then, believe me, it will become a lot easier for you to write your first book.

You can sell your book to a publisher and gain royalties on each sale. The more your book get sold, the more you will earn. It can be for months or for years.

To earn extra income, you need to be focused on marking your book. It’s just a marketing, nothing else because you already have a readymade product in the form of a book.

Printing book wouldn’t take much time, so don’t worry.

You can list your book on many famous online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Tip: Always make your content interesting, so that the reader would complete reading the book and appreciate it online.

The audience will read the appreciation and buy the book. This will eventually boost sales.

More Resources:

18. Create a Price Comparison Website

You just create a simple website and do some comparison on any product/services. On the same comparison web page, mention the affiliate link of both the products or services.

People will click on the link that redirects them to the actual website where a product is available. The website can be Amazon, eBay, affiliate network, etc.

The buyer will purchase the item through your unique referral link and you earn a commission. The commission is decided by the company. You may ask for more commission in the future when you make a good affiliate sale on a regular basis.

19. Buy a Website

To grow your passive income, you much check how to buy an existing website. A readymade website with traffic and an option to make money will boost your passive income for sure.

The website owner usually sell their blog for many reasons, maybe they don’t have the time or they want to make money.

The owner may be earning from different ways through that website. It may be an eBook, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, selling its own product, partnership, etc.

Godaddy is the website where you can buy an existing blog as per your budget range and start making passive income from buying websites.

You can have an agreement with a blog seller for taking over all its business associated with the website.

You should keep in mind that the blog must have a good number of organic traffic and an opportunity to grow Income by introducing new marketing strategies.

20. Sell Photos Online

If you are good at taking pictures, then you should sell photos online. A good photograph will help you to earn money regularly and even make you financially strong.

Shutterstock is the website where you can sell your photos online at a fixed price or get paid by royalties for each download. The more people will download, the more you will get paid. Of course even while you are sleeping too.

You can earn money when you are out for a holiday. You just need to take eye-catching pictures and send it to Shutterstock for approval.

This is one of the cheapest way of earning passive income online by selling photos.

21. Read Well Known Money Making Books

Your life will become much simpler when you start reading books on money-making or a book that evolve your thought process.

* Rich Dad Poor Dad. Written by Robert T. Kiyoski
* The Millionaire Fastlane (crack the code of wealth and live rich for a lifetime). Written by MJ DeMarco.

It’s a must-read book for you and your family. These books will give you an idea on how to make passive income and will also teach you how to manage your money smartly.

22. Buy and Sell Domain

You can buy a domain name that has a strong keyword. This is one of the most popular way to earn money online.

You just need to invest a small amount of money to buy a domain name and sell it with for 100’s or 1000’s of dollars.

You can buy a domain from Namecheap at a very cheap price starting from $1 and list your domain in the auction to sell it.

The best way to sell a domain name is through auction. Godaddy is the place where you can sell or list your domain name in the auction.

To buy a domain at a very low price, I would advise you to buy it from namecheap. It will also become easier for you in buying and selling domain names.

You can also sell domain name from your own blog or website.

23. Earn from Mobile App

Think about creating a mobile app that will make people’s life more easier. There are millions of people who use smartphones every day. Come up with a good idea and create an app.

If your app is really helpful to the people then, believe me, people will run through your app.

Nowadays, it becomes a lot easier to create an app. You just need to visit the app maker website or give the task to a mobile app developer.

You can earn through advertisement, sponsorship, subscriptions, affiliate marketing, selling your service for a certain amount of money and many more ways.

You may get offers from many companies to sell your mobile app.

There is less competition in earning through the app, but eventually, your idea will win the game and create a passive income for you.

Once you create your app, the next step will be marketing. You need to promote your app to reach the audience and make them aware of your app.

24. Create Online Courses

Nowadays people prefer to take online courses, instead of attending classes. This is because they can do their online course in their spare time, most probably at night.

The whole ideas is, you need to create an online course for passive income and sell it to as many people as you can.

Teachable is the best online course platform where you can upload the course video and set price level you want to sell your video. This is one of the simple and effective way of making passive income.

If you are a salaried person, still you can earn extra money, just take 2 – 3 hours from your daily routine. It is manageable!

The more videos you make on Teachable, the more you will earn.

Tip: create a video on the topic you are passionate about. This is because you already know many things on that topic.

It will also make you learn more things so that you could sell more online courses.

Use a good quality camera and mike before you start making online courses. This looks professional and hence, people will show interest in your teaching.

25. Outsource business

The right time to outsource the business is when you want to grow more, or your current business is consuming your time.

Many businessmen use this strategy that enables them to focus on new business and its growth.

You can outsource your business to other business who is specialized in managing outsourcing business. The other option is to hire a freelancer.

Outsourcing will help you to reduce the expenses & employee costs and turn your active business into passive. But anyway, you have to be vigilant enough to see that your business functioning smoothly.

26. Advertise on Car

You must have seen an advertisement in a car, buses, rental cars, etc., they all are paid ads. You can also earn money by placing ads on your car.

Just contact Carvertise, an advertisement company who will give you a banner to stick on your car and will pay you as per their terms and conditions.

You can see the opportunity to earn everywhere, you just need to think about how you can make money from the resource you have. It can be anything. Just think!

27. Earn from Vending Machine

You know the automatic machine that looks like a video game usually in the shopping mall or theatre. You insert the money & select the thing you want to buy and magic happens.

A Vending machine is an automatic machine shop. It handles more customers than a normal shop without any man interference.

Think you are sleeping and your vending machine is working 24 hours a day nonstop.

Tip: Search for the populated location where you can find a good number of customers for your Vending machine business.

28. Start Your Own ATM Business

You have a space on the roadside where the crowd passes. This is also the opportunity to earn money.

Contact the bank who doesn’t have its ATM machine near your location. The bank will give you a fixed amount of money or a commission on the per transaction.

You may earn a huge amount of money if you are offering a place who has a good population around.

Is Passive Income Legit?

Yes, if you visit a genuine source. There are many websites that claim fake passive income guarantees.

You must have visited many websites who guarantee real passive income who usually shows huge amount of check and cash. Be smart and do not become their target.

Passive Income Is Not Suitable For:

If you are a hard-working person, but you are giving your extra time to your job, then passive income is not recommendable for you. 

You may be earning extra money from your job, but what when you don’t work extra hours. “No extra Income.”

Is Passive Income Right for the College Students?

Yes, of course! Students can create their own fortune at an early age. This may give them a chance to start their own business before they complete their studies.

There are many options for online jobs for college students are available that can be done easily as part-time.

What You Should do Before you Start Working on Generating Passive Income?

You should think about your qualities, capabilities, and interest you have in the area where you can perform best. The area can be a lifestyle, sports, marketing, finance, business, etc.

Once you decide the area you are going to play with, the next step will be selecting the platform or channel where you do the part-time business. The platform can be online or offline.

Residual Income.

Passive and residual income is one and the same, as both give the idea of generating business strategy and eventually gives you money even after your job is done. You can also call this a home business or a side Income business.

Below, you will see the money-making ideas where you will find various options to make passive income.

In Conclusion

Passive income in our life is very important. You can choose the best passive income ideas that I have shared with you. select the one that fits best for you and start taking action. 

Passive income is something that brings extra money to our pocket and supports us financially especially in hard times. 

Yes, it requires a little effort in the initial stage, but in the future, we become financially stronger and this is what we all want to see ourselves in our life. 

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