Best Part Time Paying Jobs: TOP 21 Good Money Jobs [2021 Updated]

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Indeed, in a world where the inflation rate is on the rising curve, people are looking for the best part time paying jobs. Also, modern date people demands are also increasing and every other person wants good fortunes for themselves.

Now, even for college students, they also want to earn some good side income apart from their regular jobs. Every single time, a teenager goes into the college system, different things come to their mind.

They want to enjoy but only a few students are those who are serious about the best part time paying jobs.

Even more, for the people who are at the house, they can even grab some of the very best part time paying jobs.

Hence, at this stage, all you can do is to go ahead and discover the brilliant and better part time paying jobs.

Best Part time Paying Jobs

Uncovering some brilliant part time paying jobs, let’s move forward and discover each of those jobs.

  1. E-commerce Fulfillment Associate at BeautylishBest Part Time Paying Jobs

Starting with the first-ever best part time paying jobs, eCommerce fulfilment associate is a brilliant one. Yes, it’s one of the biggest companies in San Francisco which are on a mission for connecting the beauty lovers of the world.

Yes, the company has been constantly working to find different products and promoting them to inspire stories behind the same.

Hence, from your end, you can work with them and make some good amount of money from this part time job.

  1. Boutique Sales Associate

Best Part Time Paying Jobs

Yes, if you are someone who is interested in Boutique jobs, becoming a Boutique Sales Associate is a good thing. Yes, in this scenario, there are some jobs that may require experience but in this one, there are companies looking for someone who has got the right personality and one who is friendly in nature.

Here, you can expect to work in weekends, afternoons without much of the burden in your brains. Plus, you will also save tons of money on clothing, accessories as most of the boutiques offer discounts to their employees.

Therefore, in this scenario, whether you are an experienced person or not, you can be the Boutique Sales Associate and work in the best possible way.

  1. Offer Customer Service in a Bookshop

Believe it or not, if you are thinking that paper books are dead, you have been highly mistaken. They are not dead as new and new local booksellers are opening their stores either online or even offline.

Especially, in towns where colleges are more, you can find more and more bookseller opening their store and selling different type of books.

As a person who will offer customer service, you can help students choose their kind of books. In this case, you can take suggestions from them and based on that, you can sell books, to your advantage.

Further, to take things even further, you can even offer online customer service support related to different books.

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  1. Photographer

Best Part Time Paying Jobs

Indeed, for every other person who is interested in photography, this can be one of the best part time paying jobs.

The modern date photographers are being paid more than usual and each of them are earning good.

Now, for someone who is beginner in photography, there are ample of learning sources available over the internet.

With this, you can learn photography and practical implementation is also a necessity.

Altogether, if you can practice photography after learning, then you can learn the true basics.

Also, another better way to learn photography is that you can invite your friends for photography shoots.

Day in day out, you can learn the skills of photography and once you have learned each of those, then you can go ahead and take snaps, as per your liking.

  1. Become a Tutor

. Become a Tutor

Another best part time paying jobs is becoming a tutor for students. Yes, to become a tutor, you will have to become an expert or even a master at something.

In this scenario, you can work on your skills and become a master in atleast one subject. Once you have done that, then you can easily start your very own online classes.

Yes, in online world, you can leverage your teachings and reach out to larger number of students.

Although, at the start, you may face some sort of issues. But, as and when you will go ahead in this case, pay will increase for you.

The moment you become an increased tutor, you can start charging higher fees for your work.

  1. Freelance Writing


If you are someone who has got a keen interest towards writing, you can become a freelance writer. Yes, in this scenario, before you can start off with freelance writing, you got to read as many blogs as possible.

As and when you will read blogs, you will get a much fair understanding about writing. Further, once you have understood the concept of freelance writing, you can start writing for clients, free of cost.

Yes, in this case, you will get hands-on experience and this will give you an edge over the competition. Here, you can make your stunning portfolio and once you have done that, then you can charge clients your amount of money.

It all depends upon your ability and the experience and if you can pull of things, you can make substantial money even while working for part time.

Beginning a freelance writing Agency

Now, if you are someone who wants to take things on the next level, you can start your very own freelance writing agency. Yes, with the agency concept, you have the chance to attract bigger and better clients.

With this, you can even develop your own team of writers and head them towards goal achieving.

Altogether, things take time and you will not achieve success in the writing industry in one day.

On top of that, if you are searching for online platforms, Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer are some good ones.

With such platforms, you can search for your work as a freelance writer. Yes, you can bid for the work and if you have got the talent and flair, you can land up good freelance writing jobs.

  1. Become a Sales Associate

Moving ahead in the best part time paying jobs, the modern world is all about marketing. If a person knows marketing, he is the king and this thing has been proven time after time.

Therefore, if you are interested in marketing and sales, you can become a sales associate. Although some people might think that becoming a sales associate isn’t that profitable, that is not the case.

Currently, there are tons of people who are working as sales associate part time and are making good amount of revenue.

Here, you can gather a list of shops or even companies you would love to work with. Also, you can generate sales for them and in return you can qualify for better commissions.

Yes, becoming a sales associate, things will start off slowly but and when you will gain the true experience, you can perform sales, to perfection.

  1. Become a Bartender

Become a Bartender

Indeed, for the people who wants to work in a bar, becoming a bartender can be another best part time paying jobs.

In this scenario, you can simply go ahead and apply for different bartender jobs available across our town.

Yes., before that, you will need to learn some skills where you can then get a job and take your skills to next level.

In a bartender job, you will not have any sort of pressure and the environment is a clean one in this case.

Further, you got to work at night as bars are open mostly at night. With this, you can even get higher pays, and altogether, working as a bartender can be a much better thing for you.

All you need is a good amount of experience and once you have that, then you can work as a bartender and earn a decent amount of money.

  1. Work as a Food Truck Staff

Indeed, if you are searching for low-skill and among the best part time paying jobs, working as a food truck staff is a better option.

In this case, you got to first decide where you live and where the trend of food truck is more. Right for those locations, you can apply for the jobs.

Further, you can even take the chance to work for such businesses as those are the ones that are the future.

Also, getting job as a staff at food truck isn’t that difficult as competition is far less in this case. Further, you will also gain some sort of customer service experience and can travel different parts of the city.

In terms of the pay, at start, you will get basic pay and all will depend on the type of work and your experience.

Once you start gaining enough experience, then you have the power to go ahead and ask for higher pays.

Adding more to it, once you have understood the entire working of a food truck, you can even start your own.

Yes, there is an investment but if you can bring in investors, things can get far better for you.

All you need here is patience and you must always focus on offering good work.

Once you do that, the management will recognize you and your salary bar will increase, without any stress.

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  1. Cashier


For the people who are searching for sitting jobs, they can work as a cashier and earn decent amount of money. Yes, in this scenario, all you need is to be good in calculations.

Once you are good in that thing, then you don’t have to worry about anything. You can look and search for the cashier jobs available online.

Then, depending on the location, you will get a job if there’s a vacancy. Now, apart from those full-time cashier jobs, you can even work as a part time cashier.

Also, in some scenarios, there can be times when you might have to prepare food. Therefore, you will have to take almost every other thing into consideration before you can start off as a cashier.

  1. Become Ads Expert

Facebook Ads

 We are living in the digital world and people are looking for ways to promote their products online. Yes, there are tons of companies who are willing to expand their business and are searching for people who can bring that business to them.

In this scenario, the need for ads expert becomes a necessity and if you can offer businesses for companies and clients, they will be ready to pay you the money.

In this scenario, there are different ad platforms such as Facebook Ads and even Google Ads. Now, you have the choice to either become an expert in one of the ad platforms or in both.

Personally, I would suggest you to become an ad expert in any one of the platforms. The moment you become an ad expert, then you can first start working for the clients free of cost.

This will help you get your portfolio built after which you can simply start producing ads.

Now, one thing you must be sure is that you must know how to run ads and bring sales. If you are a beginner, you can browse YouTube and you will find some of the best ad offering tutorials.

After which, you can easily understand and study the basics. Then, you can go ahead and work on your practical ad skills.

See, if you can bring sales and traffic for your clients, they will be ready to offer you some good amount of money.

Also, as and when you will go ahead, you will find tons of clients that are willing to pay more.

With time, you will gain the experience and you can make tons of money even while being an ad expert in part-time.

  1. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Yes, for the people who are interested in the online world, you can become a social media manager in this scenario.

Here, you will have to first learn the basics of being a social media manager. You can either make use of YouTube to watch such videos or else, you can take paid courses for the same. Start learning to manage Facebook, Instagram and you will understand the work of a social media manager.

Becoming a manager, you will be responsible for posting content on social media as per the given time. Yes, you can’t be late because that’s your job and you got to keep posting contents, at regular intervals.

At the start, you may have to work for free but you don’t have to be afraid. Things take time and if you can continue to the journey of becoming a social media manager, things can get better for you with time.

Further, you can even go ahead and start your very own social media agency. This is a thing that you can manage in part time where you can attract clients as per your liking.

Once you have done that, then you can begin getting clients for your social media management work.

  1. Become a Graphics Designer

Graphic Designer

For people who are indulged into creativity, you can easily go ahead and choose graphic designing as your best part time paying jobs.

Yes, graphic designing as a career is growing because tons of companies are coming into existence.

Especially, the brands want graphic designers to make their logo, and apart from this, graphic designing is one of the vast fields.

Additionally, at the start, even if you don’t know graphic designing tools but you have creativity, you don’t have to worry.

Over the internet, you will find tons of tools tutorials that you can follow and learn using of such tools.

On top of that, once you have learned using the tools, you can offer clients your work.

At the start, you got to make your pricing a bit low so that clients can accept your deal. After which, as and when you have the experience, you can charge more to the clients.

Now, in terms of designing, Adobe Illustrator is one of the top class tools. With the help of this tool, you can perform graphic designing of almost anything.

Here, you can become an expert in Graphic designing and soon you can launch your own graphic designing agency.

Once you have done that, you have the chance to attract bigger clients and make money from this part time job.

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  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Yes, for people are masters in communication, they can start off their career as a virtual assistant. In this scenario, you can work as a part timer and most of the jobs as virtual assistant are available for less hours.

In such a scenario, if you don’t have impeccable speaking skills but still want to become virtual assistant, you have got the option and chance.

Here, you can work on your skills and learn different aspects of a virtual assistant.

In this scenario, you will have to manage the different tasks of a company. You will have to understand different functioning and once you have done that, then you can apply for such jobs.

Also, you must read the requirements of company on a keen basis and once you have done the same, then you are good to go.

The moment you get a job for any company, you can start working for them in a part time way.

Once you have done that and got the experience, then you are free to go ahead and look for other better companies.

  1. Become a Blogger

what is blog

Now, if you are willing to work as a part timer, you can become a blogger in any niche. Even after so many years, blogging has never got old and you can still dive into this industry and make money part time.

Here, before you can start blogging, you will have to buy a domain name and hosting. Thankfully, I have done a series of research and I can say that Siteground and A2 hosting are two of the best companies.

In this case, you are free to choose any of the hosting companies where both of them offer exclusive set of features.

At the start, you can begin using their shared hosting plan. Once you see that you are receiving good traffic, then you can opt for the higher value plans.

Additionally, in blogging, WordPress is one of the most used platforms. Hence, I would recommend you to start off with WordPress if you are willing to blog.

Going ahead, choosing your niche is among the most important aspect in blogging. If you can choose your niche, you can narrow it down to micro-niche and start writing blogs.

Yes, at the start, you will face difficulties and you will have to learn SEO and even building of backlinks.

But, things take time and if you can stick to your blogging career for years, you wikll definitely see some of the best results.

  1. Library Assistant

Library Assistant

Yes, if you are thinking about jobs that are the most convenient, you can opt for library assistant jobs.

Yes, in this scenario, you don’t have to perform much of the work and you may get a chance to grab higher pays.

Further, this is that type of a position that will give you plenty of those customer service support and even the chance to interact with college students.

Yes, the pay is good here and you don’t have to work much. All you need is to assist the students in library needs and you can then make them know about different books.

  1. Research Assistant

Best Part Time Paying Jobs

Thinking about another best part time paying jobs, you can easily work as a Research Assistant. In this scenario, if you are someone who is studying about different research, this job can be a better one for you.

In this scenario, you can start off your journey by working as a research assistant in labs. Yes, the workload is truly not much and you don’t have to care in this scenario.

All you need to do here is look for different research-oriented jobs available around you. Then, you can understand and even study their requirements for what kind of research jobs employee they are looking.

After which, you can work as a research assistant and open up your chances to earn a good amount of money.

  1. Research Study Participant

Work on the opposite side of the research by participating in paid research studies. Although this is often not a politician position, these act as paid gigs that students can devour supported their availability.

Check with your school’s Psych department to ascertain what research studies are trying to find participants. These are simple, non-committal, and versatile for your schedule.

  1. Resident Advisor within the Dorms

This isn’t a paid position, but the prospect to possess free room & board during your college years will prevent the maximum amount cash as you’d make during a traditional part-time job.

You get the prospect to closely interact, mentor, and bond with many college students a year and provide back to your university during a highly influential way.

  1. Cafeteria Worker

Working in your university’s dining areas would require little to no experience and have better pay than other restaurant jobs.

It’s going to not be the foremost glamorous work, but it’ll earn you money and free meals, saving you a big amount of food-prep time and money.

  1. Driver & Carshare

From ridesharing to carsharing to delivery drivers, there’s no shortage of options during this category. Uber and Lyft are modern-day taxi services.

Tripda is an app that permits you to supply rides to people on trips that you simply are already taking. Getaround allows you to hire out your car any day of the week.

You can also become a delivery driver for an area restaurant or find positions through Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, Sprig…the list goes on.

Wrapping Up: Best Part Time Paying Jobs

At the end of the article, the best Part time paying jobs are all here. Yes, each of the above jobs are brilliant ones and they require some set of skills or the other.

Yes, from my end, I have given ample of options to choose from. With this, you can go ahead and learn different sort of skills.

In this scenario, it may time for you to learn those skills but if you have got the dedication, you can become a master in those skills.

Additionally, you can choose any one of the above jobs and become an expert in this case. Further, as and when you feel that the part time job is doing well for you, then you can shift to a full-time job.

Indeed, developing each of the things, you will need to put your work. Once you have done that, then you will see tons of money flowing to you, within a short period of time. a

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