Best Dedicated Server Hosting: TOP Hosting Companies, Features [2021]

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Among the top class hosting that we talk about all day, dedicated server hosting is surely one of the top class ones. Yes, if you are someone who is running websites that receives traffic in millions, it is recommended that you choose dedicated server hosting. Also, to make things simpler for you, I have got the best dedicated Server Hosting, for my readers.

Indeed, choosing the best of all hosting service providers is one of the most crucial steps. Especially, when you are choosing a bigger hosting, you got to be extra careful in choosing the best of all hosting service providers.

Also, currently, there are tons of hosting options available and you might get confused with such a wide array of options.

Plus, you must know that the Dedicated Server plans are not created on an equal basis. Each of the websites has got their specific needs and based on those needs, you got to select your very own dedicated server plan.

On top of that, the best dedicated server plan for one website might not be a better option for you.

Here, this guide will help you to choose the best dedicated Server hosting, without any issues.

Also, if we speak about the truth, there are tons of dedicated server hosting plans available. Therefore, I have jotted down some of the very best plans for you.

Without wasting any time, let’s unwrap each of the plans, one by one.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Now, that you have a much better idea about dedicated server hosting, let’s dive into the article and uncover each of those hosting, one by one.


Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Speaking about one of the best dedicated Server hostings will bring Bluehost into the spotlight.

Yes, Bluehost as a company has offered some of the very best hosting plans to each of the users. Right from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, the company is well-known to offer each of the plans.

Also, their dedicated hosting is good enough to power all of the high scale websites, without an issue.

Here, the company offers Dedicated hosting in three plans as follows:

  • Standard Plan
  • Enhanced Plan
  • Premium Plan

Now, to choose among the three plans, the standard plan is good enough for people who are just starting off with dedicated hosting. Plus, you can even go for the Enhanced plan while the Premium plan is for people with tons of website traffic above millions.

Additionally, speaking about the features of Bluehost Dedicated hosting, each plans offers an SSL certificate. With the help of an SSL Certificate, you can be sure that your data will be secured along with the website.

Plus, you will get a padlock with an SSL certificate that can help boost your SEO rankings.

Bluehost also offers free domain names for one year that is another better thing. This can help you save some money and use the same on other stuff.

More About Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Additionally, for the users who are more advanced and want to make custom installations, Bluehost offers them custom installations of the server. Also, Bluehost will give you complete root access as well.

In terms of customer support, the company is known to offer 24×7 customer support in every scenario.

Here, you will get complete customer support in terms of the phone calls, email or even live chat support.

With this, even if you are having any query, you can call their customer support and they will resolve the issue, within minutes.

Bluehost also offers the best of all 30 days money-back guarantee too. Therefore, in this case, you are free to test and try Bluehost services. Test everything about dedicated hosting and see if that’s a possible fit for you.

If things go well, you can then go ahead and use Bluehost dedicated hosting, the better way.


Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Among the second one of the best dedicated server hosting, Inmotion is a brilliant choice. Yes, Inmotion as a hosting service provider is also running for years and has offered some of quality hosting services.

The company delivers solid dedicated server hosting services and is also driven by great customer service support.

In fact, they are the leaders when it comes to offering brilliant customer and technical service support.

While some people might not count this as an essential point, customer service support is one of the most crucial things.

Why? Customer service support is like a live-saving option for a website. You never want that your website will go down and you don’t know what to do. In such cases, the customer service support comes to the rescue and the executives guide people for their websites.

More About Inmotion Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Additionally, Inmotion customer support team is available with the help live chat, phone or even email chat.

Plus, it doesn’t take a long time to connect with the agent and they will eagerly help you in resolving the issue.

Further, speaking about the uptime and loading speeds, both of them have been world-class with Inmotion. The company makes use of one of the fastest servers that are actually fast and offer brilliant uptime along with speed.

Plus, the company’s customer support team is available through live chat, email, and even phone call support.

Here, it will not take you much time to connect with customer support as the process is relentlessly fast.

Additionally, in terms of the pricing for a dedicated server with Inmotion, pricing has been on the greater end too. They are not bad either and you can avail the servers at decent pricing.

Overall, Inmotion offers some of the very best dedicated server plans. Here, it all depends on your personal liking for which server plan you are willing to go for.

Once you have opted for the same, then you can begin with the free trial period of Inmotion.

Yes, in the free trial period, you are free to test and try Inmotion services. Once you are done with the same, then you are free to go ahead and opt for their dedicated hosting services.

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Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Moving ahead in the best dedicated server hosting, Hostgator is yet another brilliant company that delivers the best of all hosting services. Yes, this is also one of the oldest hosting companies that is in the hosting business since the year 2002.

This is massive where the company has sustained its hosting since that year and has offered quality hosting services.

Further, the company even offers one of the most exceptional uptime where your website will be up and running, most of the time.

Being said that, coming down towards the plans of dedicated hosting, Hostgator offers some quality plans.

In this scenario, you can take a different type of plans into consideration where the different plans offered are as follows:

  • Value Server
  • Power Server
  • Enterprise Server

Exploring each of the above plans, they offer true value to people who are in need of dedicated server hosting.

Every plan comes with basic along with advanced level features. And, you are free to make use of every single feature, as per your liking.

More About Hostgator Dedicated Server Hosting


In this scenario, If you are someone who is looking for an affordable hosting service provider, Hostgator dedicated hosting is the true choice.

Each of the dedicated server hosting plans from Hostgator comes with good RAM, Storage, and unmetered bandwidth.

Also, you will get the free SSL that can help you protect the website against all sorts of attacks.

Plus, the company’s customer service support has also been on the higher side. With higher customer support, you are free to ask your queries and get answers, as per your liking.

Altogether, Hostgator offers a perfect balance of some really good customer support along with decent pricing.

More to it, the company even offers some brilliant days of the free trial period. Here, you are free to test and try Hostgator free trial period.

After testing, then you can decide whether you like to opt for Hostgator dedicated hosting or not.

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A2 Hosting

a2 host

Among the top hosting leaders, A2 hosting has jotted down their names years ago. Yes, A2 hosting service provider is the one of the brilliant one that offers one of the best dedicated server hosting plans.

Here, if you are someone who is looking for faster speeds, you don’t have to look any more further than A2 Hosting.

Browsing through the features of A2 hosting, the company offers brilliant performance and combined that with hardware, A2 hosting works perfectly fine.

Here, the company has got a wide range of dedicated hosting options to suit individual needs. For instance, whether you like a medium power server to a high power one, A2 hosting delivers some of the very best plans.

The company offers four types of dedicated server plans that suits the need of every individual. Plus, the company offers fully unmanaged hosting along with a managed one.

More About A2 Dedicated Server Hosting

Uptime and Speed

Going ahead in the rates section, the company offers brilliant rates as per user convenience.

With this, you are bound to get a much higher Uptime and speeds that is truly unbeatable

A2 hosting looks after their servers on an extensive rate and they offer some of the world-class servers to the users.

With this, you don’t have to do much where you can simply opt for the servers and host your website.

Additionally, the company also offers the amazing 30 days of Money Back Guarantee. With such a Money Back guarantee, you can be stress-free with A2 hosting.

Here, you are free from your end to test and try A2 hosting. Once you are done with the testing, then you can go ahead and opt for the company’s paid option.

Overall, if we speak about the A2 hosting service provider, the company offers some of the very best plans.

With this, you are free to choose the plan as per your convenience.

Then, you can host your website and load up traffic in millions, without stress on the server.

Liquid Web

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Moving ahead in the best dedicated server hosting, Liquid Web is a hosting service that is loved by internet users. Yes, I know that this isn’t a popular web hosting but it offers some brilliant plans with good uptime and speed.

In terms of servers, performance, and customer support, Liquid Web has attained the highest ranks in the hosting industry.

Coming down towards the pricing of Liquid Web, the company offers some brilliant pricing in every case.

Here, you can choose among different plans and you will get good features, every single time.

Additionally, the plans come in three variants and you are free to choose any of the plans as per your convenience.

In Liquid Web hosting, the three plans you will get are as follows:

  • Intel Xeon 1230 v6
  • The Intel Xeon Silver 4108
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6130

Now, among each of the plans, there isn’t much upgrade in terms of the storage or even bandwith.

But, when it comes to Cores, the company upgrades the core with every plan.

More About Liquid Web Dedicated Server Hosting

Liquid Web uptime

With more cores, you will get much powerful performance for your website.

Additionally, if you will choose the Gold Server, you can use it for the databases, larger SaaS companies along with virtualization of websites.

On the other hand, if you are thinking to use Liquid Web for Dedicated hosting, I would suggest you to take full advantage of their bundle pricing.

With Bundle pricing, you will get good upgrades without spending much more money. Also, in this best dedicated server hosting, trhe packs come with several add-ons which other companies will charge money for.

Also, speaking about additional features, each Liquid Web Dedicated server comes with the following features:

Also, another amazing benefit of : Liquid web hosting is that they offer good transparency to the users. Plus, the plans are associated by month to month format that is another better thing.

On top of that, even the rates will not increase after renewal that is a thing that can save you some good amount of money.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best dedicated server hosting with good customer support, pricing, and decent speeds, Liquid web is the ultimate choice.

Here, you are free to browse each of the plans offered by Liquid Web, choose a good one, and host your website, without issues.



Additional to the quality and reliability of websites, Siteground is yet another quality and one of the best dedicated server hosting providers.

In this case, the company is well-known for its shared hosting services and even in the cloud hosting, Siteground isn’t left far behind.

Here, right from offering decent Dedicated hosting to giving one of the best customer support, this company has made its truest name in the hosting industry.

Plus, speaking about the Siteground Hosting company, the company does deliver one of the easiest customer support in any case.

Here, if you are having even the slightest of issues, you are free to reach out to Siteground customer support.

After which, it’s the company’s duty to resolve those issues in an instant way.

Now, coming down towards the dedicated server plans of Siteground, the company offers three type of plans given as follows:

  • Entry Server
  • Power Server
  • Super Power Server

Additionally, each of the dedicated hosting plans from Siteground come with fully managed services. Here, they set up the server, keep the software up to date, and perform monitoring 24×7.

Plus, the company does offer instant help along with support, without any sort of issues.

More About Siteground Dedicated Server Hosting

Siteground Uptime

Now, speaking about the pricing of Entry-Level Server, the pricing isn’t on the cheap end. Though, the company offers a good amount of RAM along with the speed that can help your website in tons of ways.

On the other hand, in terms of storage, it’s a bit on the lower side where you can go ahead with the higher-order plans from Siteground.

Further, with the Super Power Server plan priced at more than the double monthly rate, it’s obvious that most of the sites will need less than that storage.

Additionally, if you are someone who likes to test hosting before purchase, Siteground does offer their valuable free trial period.

During the free trial period, you are free to test and try Siteground Dedicated hosting services. Once you are done with the same, then you will get a fair idea of whether their services are worth for you or not.

If the answer is yes, then you can simply go ahead and opt for their services, without any sort of issue.

Plus, as I said, the customer service support of Siteground is on the higher end. With this, you can test and try Siteground services, to the best possible extent.

Overall, Siteground Dedicated server hosting is pretty good where you can simply opt for their dedicated hosting services.

With each hosting, you will get advanced level support, speed, uptime and you can easily host your website.

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Media Temple may be a very unique offering on this list. As such, they’re not getting to be for everybody.

In fact, their dedicated plan starts at $2,000 per month. They’re also made specifically for enterprise-level hosting.

So albeit your small business website generates plenty of monthly traffic, you ought to look elsewhere for a fanatical server if you’re not at an enterprise level.

Media Temple offers both managed hosting and self-managed hosting plans. With a whopping 128 GB of RAM, you’ll be ready to run complex tasks on your site. Dynamic content,CMS, and high volumes of traffic won’t slow you down.

These dedicated server plans are best for enterprises that plan on reselling. You’ll have enough power and control to rent space your clients on one server.

More About MediTemple Dedicated Server Hosting


If you would like to save lots of some money, Media Temple offers discounted rates for long-term contracts.

Annual plans start at $20,000, which is actually two months free compared to the month-to-month rate. Two-year contracts and three-year contracts are priced at $38,000 and $54,000, respectively.

Again, these dedicated servers aren’t for everybody. except for those of you who have agencies and decide to resell your server space, this may be your most suitable option.

Wrapping Things Up: Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Well, coming right at the concluding phase of the article, the best Dedicated Server hosting are all in front of you.

Each of the above hosting companies has got its own set of USP and you can opt for any of them.

Speaking about the top class hosting service providers like Bluehost, Siterground or even Bluehost, each of them offers quality hosting services.

Yes, their level of performance is pretty amazing and you will get constant uptime with each of the hosting service providers.

Additionally, even in the customer support section, almost all of the above hosting service providers offer brilliant customer support.

Whether you like to contact them via email, phone call, or even live chat support, you will get each of the support, without an issue.

Therefore, even if you are someone who is facing some sort of issue, you are free to contact customer service support. Then, each of the support systems will resolve your issues, to the best possible extent.

Plus, aside from customer support, the uptime of every single customer support has been on the better end too.

Here, each hosting service provider delivers one of the best uptime. With such a brilliant uptime guarantee, you will not fall short of site downtime, in the majority of the cases.

Additionally, right now, I know you are eager to choose among the best dedicated server hosting.

In this scenario, all you can do is to browse across different plans and see which plan is a good one.

Once you have determined on the plans, then you have the free will to opt for their free trial.

After the free trial, then you are free to simply go ahead, choose any of the best dedicated server hostings and take your website to new heights.

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