Best Cloud Hosting: TOP 5 Cloud Hosting Service Provider [2021 Updated]

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If we speak about one of the best modern date hosting services, Cloud Hosting are the one that will come into the spotlight. Yes, with the advancement in technology, Cloud hosting has been taken right to the next level. Additionally, if you are eager to purchase the best cloud hosting, this article will help you tons.

Going ahead, the expansion of cloud hosting was so strong that it has taken approx. 94% of all the enterprise level solutions. This is simply one of the best things where you can make use of the cloud product or services in daily operations.

Now, if you are someone who thinks cloud services are complex ones, you might be wrong in this case.

In reality, Cloud services are no brainer and it’s much faster and secure than most of the other services.

At the same time, Cloud level services are much more affordable than dedicated server services.

Therefore, today, I have researched pretty well and brought the best cloud hosting for my users.

Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers for 2021

Starting off with tons of online websites, most of them are of low demanding projects. They only take a few amounts of space, get steady traffic, and rarely will you see a spike in traffic with them.

On the other hand, if we think about Cloud hosting, it’s a newer technology but it doesn’t mean that those will be costly.

There are tons of the best cloud hosting companies that offer the best in all the plans. Here, you have the chance to sit back and see different plans of Cloud hosting.

Right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap the best of all Cloud Hosting service providers, one by one.

  1. HostingerBest Cloud Hosting

Speaking about one of the best cloud hosting services will bring Hostinger into the spotlight. Yes, Hostinger offers the best of all versatility in their packages and also delivers affordable pricing.

It’s a reliable platform that will allow you to focus solely on your business.

In this scenario, you will get fully managed along with powerful cloud hosting services. Plus, Hostinger does make use of all of the latest technologies that can help you in various aspects.

The platform makes use of fully managed and powerful hosting services where you will get reduced redundancy, performance, account isolation, and many more.

Plus, while the Hostinger system administers in taking care of the updates along with maintenance, you have the power to optimize things in the most perfect way.

A Take on Features

Well, the Hostinger Cloud hosting is suited majorly for business projects.

Here, you not only pay for the software but you also pay for the services. Additionally, the Hostinger Support team is brilliant enough to resolve each of your hosting issues to perfection.

In this scenario, you have the power to host up to 300 websites where you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

Here, you get a chance for free domain registration, dedicated IP address, free SSL, and even the Cloudflare integration.

With all the above features, you have the chance to easily setup the entire Hostinger Cloud hosting, without an issue.

Additionally, if we speak about the smallest of all three plans, it offers 800,000 nodes while as you go ahead in the plans, you will get a greater number of nodes.

Plus, on top of each of the things, you will get back up which is one of the most crucial things. With backup, you can easily backup each of your website data in the best possible extent.

Here, all of your data are stored in LVE containers which guarantee redundancy along with redundancy with strong account isolation.

Customer Support Section

Going ahead in the best cloud hosting, Hostinger does offer one of the best customer support to their customers. In this scenario, you will get 24×7 customer support which is a brilliant thing.

Plus, the Cloud Support team does the work of constant monitoring and even maintains purring in the best possible extent.

Further, getting access to the customer support team might be trickier for you.

In this scenario, you can contact the customer support team only via email. Yes, the company gives only one option to contact them which is a thing you got to take into consideration.

On the other hand, the company doesn’t offer any sort of phone call or live support.

All you can do is to contact them via email support and you will get answers to your hosting queries.

Money-Back Guarantee Available

Moving forward in best cloud hosting, the Hostinger company does offer 30 Days of Money Back guarantee. In this scenario, the company offers good days of the free trial period.

During the free trial period, you are free to test Hostinger services. Here, you can test the services in/out and once everything falls into place, then you can easily opt for the Hostinger Cloud hosting plans.

Final Verdict

Hence, from my end, I can say that the Hostinger plans are all one of the best ones. In this scenario, you can easily opt for different money-back guarantee plans, test the Hostinger services, and then go for the right plan.

  1. Hostgator

Best Cloud Hosting

Moving ahead towards the next set of hosting services, Hostgator is the one that offers one of the best cloud hostings.

In this scenario, Hostgator is one of those few companies that has been established for years now and have offered some of the brilliant plans.

Here, the company is one of the largest providers of cloud hosting, and even in Google search, their company tops the charts.

The same thing goes for each of the plans offered by Hostgator hosting.

Indeed, the company hosts more than 8 million domains that are a brilliant thing. Plus, they account for 1% of traffic from the world that is tremendous too.

Further, speaking about the pricing section of Hostgator, the company offers some of the brilliant plans.

Here, you can choose among different plans and then select the best one to host websites.


Coming down towards the features of Hostgator hosting, they offer three different types of cloud hosting plans.

Yes, the smallest plan of this hosting company is the Hatchling cloud which offers only 2GB of Memory.

This plan is a good one for people who are new to try cloud hosting. Also, if your website is receiving moderate traffic, you can try the first cloud hosting plan from Hostgator.

On the other hand, if you will opt for the slightly higher cloud hosting plans, you will get free Dedicated IP address and the SSL Certificate. Plus, there are a list of some more brilliant features that you will get after purchasing the best cloud hosting from Hostgator.

Plus, even in the bandwidth and storage section, there is absolutely no sort of limit with the Hostgator hosting.

With this, you can use almost any amount of storage/ bandwidth and no questions will be asked in any case.

Even more, like other best cloud hosting companies, Hostgator also comes up with a 30 Days of free trial period. With this, you can easily test and try Hostgator services.

The moment you are satisfied with Hostgator services, then you can go ahead and opt for the company plans.

Customer Support

Browsing through the customer support of Hostgator, the company has offered decent customer support.

Although with the customer support of Hostgator, have faced some sort of issues.

First of all, the company’s email support has been on the top class end. In this scenario, you can easily opt for their email support and you will get answers within a few hours.

However, when it comes to live chat support, this is where the problems start to come.

In the live chat, representatives will hardly listen to your queries. The same thing is continued with the phone call support too.

Therefore, if you are eager to get the best out of Hostgator customer support, you can try their email support.

In this case, whichever difficulties you are facing, you can pitch your voice in front of them. And, they will respond to your query, in the best possible way.

Going ahead in the affordability section of Hostgator, Yes, the plans have been on the affordable end.

In such a scenario, you are free to test and try different plans from Hostgator. Once you are satisfied with each of the plans, then you can move forward and purchase the best of them.

Final Verdict

Overall, I can say that Hostgator is one of the oldest hosting service providers and has offered brilliant hosting services.

Therefore, from your understanding, you can choose among different Hostgator plans and see which plan is a good one for you.

Then, you can proceed ahead, choose a good plan, and host your website with cloud hosting.

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  1. Siteground

Best Cloud Hosting

Coming down at the third-best cloud hosting service providers will bring Siteground Cloud hosting into the spotlight.

Siteground as a hosting service provider has made its name in the hosting industry where they are giving tough competition to their competitors.

Well, it started with just a small background from Bulgaria and slowly, they started offering quality hosting services.

Right now, the companies sit tall, has got over 400 employees, and has got 2 million domains under its belt.

This is one of the most massive achievements you can find from a hosting service provider.

Plus, in terms of the awards, Siteground has won plenty of awards in different departments.

Currently, the company has accepted cloud hosting that has given an all-new dimension to this hosting service provider.

Siteground has also got an entire department dedicated to different innovations. Therefore, it was no sort of a surprise that they got ahead with cloud computing.


Coming down towards different features of Siteground Cloud hosting, they have setup a complete cloud hosting environment. Each of the things in this environment are optimized and you won’t face much of the issues with Siteground hosting services.

Now, moving ahead, the Stack of Siteground includes Apache/Nginx, CentOS, PHP/MySQL support, and many more.

Additionally, Siteground is one of the most scalable companies you can ever find till date. The employees of Siteground are working day/night to offer quality services and that is where Siteground thrives.

Here, you have the power to add more storage, tweak RAM, and CPU as per your likings. Yes, there is no need of anything when you have got Siteground Cloud hosting to your rescue.

The company does bring the unique auto-scale function to the rescue. With the help of auto-scale functionality, you can scale the cloud hosting resources, as per your needs.

On top of that, you will also get freebies with every single plan of Siteground Cloud hosting.

In terms of the freebies, you will get CDN, a free SSL Certificate, a dedicated IP Address along with a private DNS.

If you  will go ahead and buy each of these freebies separately, they can consume tons of your money.

Therefore, with Siteground, you are getting each of the freebies, without cost.

Money-back Guarantee

Going ahead in best cloud hosting, Siteground does come up with an amazing money-back guarantee. In this scenario, the company offers some brilliant days of the free money-back guarantee.

Yes, this is not something new as you can find other companies offering money-back guarantees.

In this case, you have the chance to test and try Siteground Cloud Hosting.

Once you are done with the testing, then you can go ahead and opt for their Cloud Hosting Services.

Customer Support

Indeed, speaking about one of the most important aspects, customer support from Siteground has been on the top class end.

Alike taking care of their hosting plans, the company has taken true care of their customer support too.

In this scenario, Siteground offers almost every sort of customer support. Here, you can choose the phone call, email, or even live chat customer support, without an issue.

Personally, I tested the Cloud Hosting customer support of Siteground and was amazed by their response.

I tested the live chat support and Siteground was on mark in this case. Here, the support executive responded to my queries, the best possible way.

With this, I faced absolutely no issues and he resolved my queries, the best ever way.

Final Verdict

Well, whether it is to offer immense scalability, customer support or even the Pricing, Siteground stands out, from the rest-hosting services.

With this, from your end too, you can test and try different plans of Siteground.

Once you feel that a current plan of Siteground is a good one, then you can opt for that plan, the better way.

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  1. Liquid Web

liquid web review

Speaking about the foundation of Liquid Web company, it was founded back in the year 1998. Yes, it’s one of the oldest hosting companies and they offer some quality and the best Cloud Hosting solutions.

Plus, the company secured a solid position right in the business cloud hosting. Right now, they are proudly offering cloud-based hosting services where they are hosting more than 30,000 customers in over 130+ countries.

Additionally, the company has got some of the best and positive customer support reviews. With this, you can say that the company is at a decent place and offering quality hosting solutions.


Going ahead in the list of cloud hosting features offered by Liquid Web, there are some decent ones.

First of all, the company offers brilliant hosting servers that are updated and offer constant service, every single time.

Plus, with each of the servers, the security is taken seriously. Here, they offer free SSL certificate in each of their plans. With this, you can be sure that your website has got a padlock and it can offer good security, in every single parameter.

Additionally, the company does offer CDN, DDoS protection, firewall, and tons of other security features.

With this, in terms of the security section, you don’t have to worry even for a second. The company offers top-notch security that you will love to the core.

Going ahead, in terms of the resource selection, Liquid Web opens up a wide array of options available.

In this scenario, you can get anything between 2 GB to 8 GB RAM options and even 40 GB to 200 GB of SSD storage.

Further, in terms of the monthly bandwidth cap, it maximizes to 10 TB that is another brilliant thing.

Therefore, in terms of the performance section, you will not face any of the issues with Liquid Web hosting.

Money-Back Guarantee

Extending the features of Liquid Web, this best Cloud Hosting offers money-back guarantee. This is an essential feature for each of those people who want to test and try hosting services.

In this scenario, you are free to test Liquid Web services. Here, purchase their Cloud Hosting and test every possible thing about Liquid Web.

The moment you are done with testing, then you can go ahead and see whether you want to purchase their plans or not.


Speaking about the customer support of Liquid Web, the company has always focused on their customer support section. The customer support team of Liquid Web is named as “Heroic Support” where the employees of Liquid Web has worked day in day out.

Hands down, the assistants of Liquid Web have offered the best of all customer support from every angle.

Plus, I tested the live chat support of Liquid Web and was amazed by the results. Here, I was connected to the live chat support instantly where he resolved my issue, as early as possible.

Final Verdict

Coming at the ending phase of the article, I can say that Liquid Web is one of the top class Cloud Hosting companies.

Here, the company has got the ability to offer affordable plans keeping customer support on top priority.

Additionally, chances are rare that you can face any of the issues with their customer support and services.

Therefore, from your end, you can test and try Liquid Web services. The moment you are clear enough, then you can opt for their services, without a hint of doubt.

  1. 1&1 Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Hosting

If you are thinking to choose a German Hosting service provider, 1&1 has got the ability to offer brilliant Cloud services.

Since the year 1988, 1&1 hosting company has been offering their services to all over the world. Yes, it has been a long time but the company has constantly upgraded itself, for better hosting performance.

Plus, the company has got some of the very best datacenters in and around all over the world. With this, you can be sure that you will get quality, in every possible angle.

With an employee base of around 7000 people, you can say that each of them are contributing towards the success of this company.


Looking ahead in the list of features of 1&1 Hosting, the company offers four cloud deals. Yes, you are free to choose among any of the plans and see which plan is a good one.

For the starters and for people who get low to moderate traffic, you can opt for the starter plan of this company.

Here, you will get almost all of the necessary features that can help you host, a lot better way.

Especially, if you are on a tight budget, you can purchase 1&1 Cloud hosting starter plan and things will go fine.

Moving ahead and if you have got a good budget, you can then go ahead and explore other plans of 1&1 hosting company.

In this scenario, you will get more RAM, Storage and with good CPU performance, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Plus, comparing each of the plans offered by 1&1 hosting, each of the plans offer the same toolkit.

With this, you can find uniformity with 1&1 hosting which can give you more power to expand your cloud hosting and website performance.


Going ahead in the customer support section of 1&1 hosting, the hosting company has always offered some of the best customer support.

In this scenario, the company knows the magic to establish relationships with the customers in a better way.

Additionally, you can go ahead and activate the personal assistant option at any point in time.

With this, you will not find an issue to connect with the customer care support of 1&1 hosting company.

Plus, they offer almost every sort of communication channel for their users. With such communication channel, you can easily connect using any channel with the company’s customer support.

Money Back Guarantee

Despite offering decently affordable and quality customer support, 1&1 hosting also offers some of the best and brilliant money-back guarantees.

Yes, this thing is a boon for people who like to try the hosting services before they can choose the same.

With 1&1 hosting, you have the power and the option to test and try different services.

Once you have done the same, then you will get a clearer idea so as to which of the hosting services are a better one for you.

Final Verdict

Well, the 1&1 hosting checkmarks in almost every single parameter to perfection. Yes, the company has got some quality servers, affordable plans, and combining the same with brilliant customer support, 1&1 hosting shines in almost every single parameter.

Therefore, from your end, you can browse different 1&1 Cloud hosting plans. See which plan is a better one, choose that plan, and host your website, to the best possible extent.

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Wrapping Up: Best Cloud Hosting

After a series of a long article on best Cloud Hosting, the brilliant ones are right in front of you. Indeed, the above hosting services have been picked after a series of immense research.

Here, different cloud hosting service providers have got their own set of features, pricing, and almost everything.

Therefore, in the midst of such things, it will depend upon you to choose your best Cloud hosting services.

In this case, you will have to sit back and look at your requirements at the first place. See which are those hosting service providers that are offering the best of services and the ones that can easily fit in your budget.

After which, you have all the power and the option to go ahead and choose your recommended hosting provider.

Then, you can host websites, attract traffic, and make a good amount of money, from each of the same.

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