Best Cheap Web Hosting: Discover the Top 4 Affordable Hosting [2020]

Best Cheap Web Hosting

If you are someone who is in need of the best cheap web hosting service provider, I have researched for you. Indeed, in a world of tough times where businesses are collapsing on an offline scale, each one of us wants to take their business online. In such a case, cheap web hosting can serve as a boon for such people who can start their online business.

Plus, in this article, you will know the top and best cheap web hosting available right now in the internet market. Also, there are plenty of hosts that deliver quality hosting at a much lesser price.

Given below, we will dive into the best cheap web hosting and you will get to know each hosting feature.

Without wasting any further time, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the hosting, one by one.


Best Cheap Web hosting: What to look in a cheap host?

Surfing for quality and cheap web hosting service provider is definitely a steep task. Yes, many people might think that they got to break the bank if they want to opt for one of the best hosting service providers.

But, not every cheap host will offer you the best of all services and this is one thing that you must take into consideration.

Some will offer you good performance will others can deliver some amazing security for your websites.

Cheap Web Hosting list Price Now Regular Price
Bluehost Price Right now $3.95/month Regular price $7.99/month
HostGator Price Right now $2.75/month Regular price ~$4.5/month
Hostinger Price Right now $0.99/month Regular price ~$9.99/month
iPage Price Right now $1.99/month Regular price ~$7.99/month

There is a whole pyramid of different things that you must consider before choosing a quality web hosting service provider.

Most often, if you are someone who is looking for the best cheap web hosting, chances are that you won’t get dedicated or even VPS Servers.

Yes, these sorts of hosting are expensive ones where the lower cost hosting can be a good one for you.

On top of that, regardless of different hosting needs, given below are some necessary features your hosting service must have:

  • They must allow installing WordPress along with other blogging platforms by the one-click installation.
  • Starter plan should come with a free domain name
  • Every single website plan must come up with different email accounts
  • Plans are equipped with the necessary security features that can keep your website secure.
  • Plus, the hosting service provider must offer good bandwidth along with storage to support smaller websites.

Is cheap web hosting the best one for you?

Well, for the people who are just starting their very own blog, opting for a cheap hosting is one better option. Here, you don’t have to spend much money, and even shared hosting can do the job for you.

Such plans come with a low cost every month where you will get every single basic feature to support your website.

Now, coming to the best cheap web hosting, they can come in different styles. But, speaking about the most common one, Shared Hosting is a gem of a choice.

Yes, using shared hosting, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on hosting.  In this type of hosting, hundreds of users use resources from the same server. With this, the overall cost of this hosting becomes less.

Plus, shared hosting offers almost all of the features that you will get from premium ones. With this, if you are a blogger who is looking for the best cheap web hosting, Shared hosting is the one you must have your eyes on.

Also, for each year plan, you will get major discounts on shared hosting. This will save some good amount of money on each shared hosting package.

The reason why you must go for Shared Hosting

Well, there are tons of reasons that can compel you to go for shared hosting. Out of which, the best reasons are as follows:

  • Starting with the basics, the cost of shared hosting has always been on the lower side. Here, you can choose any shared hosting plan, and yet the cost will be pretty much low. Also, if you can go for the yearly plan, the cost can be reduced to much lower extents.
  • The shared hosting plan will come with every single thing you need from a hosting service provider. With this, you can use those things and start growing your websites.
  • Shared hosting plans are exclusively built for beginners who are eager to start their website. Yes, you will get the necessary tools that you can use and start using shared hosting.
  • Server resources given by Shared Hosting are more than enough to support every single small to medium scale website.

Best Cheap Web Hosting 2020

Currently, there are tons of companies that offer the Best Cheap Web Hosting. Let’s go ahead and unwrap some brilliant ones, one by one.

1. Bluehost

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Talking about one of the most popular hosting service providers will bring Bluehost into the spotlight.

Currently, they are powering around 2 million websites that are quite a staggering number. Other than delivering hosting for bigger scale websites, they even deliver cheap hosting packages.

Yes, Bluehost comes with the industry-leading uptime where your website will not face any sort of downtime issue. Plus, you will get one the fastest loading time even if you are on shared hosting.

Beyond the performance levels, the company even offers an exclusive 24×7 Customer support. Yes, the customer support from Bluehost has always been extraordinary where they offer an answer to each of the queries.

Also, the company comes up with their shared hosting plan that comes at a much affordable price. With this, they offer automatic WordPress installation and you can install WordPress with just a click of a button.

As of now, the cheapest shared hosting plan from Bluehost starts from $3.95 per month. Indeed, this is cheaper pricing where you can opt for their package and install WordPress on the same.

However, if you want this plan at $3.95 per month, you got to purchase the 36 months plan. With this, you can be sure that hosting will run for a period of 3 years.

What’s more? The best cheap web hosting plan from Bluehost also comes with a free SSL Certificate, support for 5 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and massive 50 GB Disk space.


  • With Bluehost cheap web hosting, the website will load a lot faster, and rarely you can find websites in offline condition.
  • You will get a free domain name whenever you will purchase the hosting plan of Bluehost. With this, you can effectively choose from different domains, choose a good one, and make a website on the same.
  • Also, you will get access to tons of features where those features include SSL Certificate, security features, unmetered bandwidth, and many more.
  • On an official basis, Bluehost is recommended by WordPress which is another USP. With this, you can be sure that the hosting will be a much better one and you won’t have to face any issues with hosting service providers.
  • The CPanel offered by Bluehost is one of the easiest and simple ones to use. Yes, it’s a perfect one for beginners where you will find no sorts of issues in using the Cpanel.


  • Speaking about the renewal rate, it jumps up to a slight extent after your first hosting plan gets over.
  • Site Migrations are not a part of the Bluehost shared hosting package. Therefore, you got to pay extra if you want to migrate your website to other hosting providers

2. Hostgator

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Well, speaking about the best cheap web hosting, Hostgator is another service provider that has never let users down. They are running for 20 years and within that span, the company has offered the best of all hosting to every user.

Right from their cheap shared hosting plan to dedicated ones, Hostgator delivers good hosting packages.

Currently, there are tons of people who trust Hostgator and their packages.

Even the basic Shared Hosting plan from Hostgator offers unlimited storage along with bandwidth. Plus, you will get a free domain name for the first year, automated backups, SSL Certificates, and many more things.

For instance, you can get their cheapest Shared plan at a lower price from where you can go ahead and start your blogging journey.


  • Brilliant Uptime

The very first pros from Hostgator will bring good uptime into the spotlight. Yes, they have always offered brilliant uptime to each of their users. Whether you are on a shared package or other ones, you will get amazing uptime with Hostgator.

  • Good Access to knowledge Base

Other than that you will get much better access to the knowledge database. Plus, with the help of their support team, there is no need to worry even for a second. In case of any issue, the support team responds on an instant basis.

  • 45 Days Money back guarantee

In terms of the best of all Hostgator benefits, the company’s 45 days money-back guarantee is one better one. Yes, this gives users plenty of time to test Hostgator services. After all the testing, if you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the plans. On the other hand, if you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund between the 45 days.

  • Free Website Migrations

Well, not many hosting providers deliver free migrations and Hostgator isn’t one of them. As a company, they offer free website migrations for each of their users. With this, you can easily migrate your website within days. All you need here is to contact their customer support and they will do the best things for you.

  • User-Friendly hosting

Coming down at the last benefit of Hostgator, they are user-friendly. Yes, right from their hosting to their support staff, you will love their hosting to the core.

Additionally, they have made WordPress installation simpler where you can perform the same by just a click of a button. Also, they even bundle a good website builder that you can use and build your site from scratch.


  • Hostgator isn’t the fastest web hosting and with this, speed can be a slight issue for some users.
  • The monthly hosting price will increase once you are done with your first month’s contract.
  • Some other features such as Gmail, backups, and other integrations can cost extra.

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3. Hostinger

Best Cheap Web Hosting

One of the best cheap web hosting service providers will effectively bring Hostinger in front of people. A lot of hosting service providers are available currently but not all of them offer good hosting at cheap rates.

Thankfully, Hostinger is a company whose Shared hosting plans are class and at another level. Personally, I have been a fan of Hostinger where they have delivered world-class hosting and along with great customer support, they are simply best in class.

Coming down at the Shared Hosting plan offered by Hostinger, it is one better one. Here, you will get good storage space, unlimited bandwidth along with 24sx7 customer service support.

Plus, even in a shared hosting plan, you can find different levels and the pricing of each level is far more affordable.

Quite effectively, you can choose any of the plans from Hostinger, pay for the package, and enjoy the best of all hosting.


  • Good performance

Even after offering hosting at a lesser price, the performance of Hostinger has never gone off-color. Even in 2020, their servers are good where you will get brilliant performance and uptime from Hostinger.

Also, in terms of site loading speed, you will face no sort of issue that is another USP of Hostinger.

  • Cheaper Hosting Rates

Comparing Hostinger by different hosting service providers, they are known to offer the best class rates. All thank goes to their services where even at lesser rates, they are offering world-class performances.

Regardless of any plan you choose from Hostinger, you will get better rates and then you can effectively go ahead and purchase those packages.

  • Free Website Migrations

Yes, this is an issue that many users have faced over time and have paid money for website migrations.

Thankfully, with Hostinger, there is no need to spend even a single penny on website migrations. Here, every single time you want to migrate your website, you can contact their customer service support.

After this, they will ask you for the credentials and the moment you give them the same, they will migrate the website for you within days.

  • Every Basic server is optimized

Coming down at the optimization part from the Hostinger server, each of their servers is optimized to perfection. With this, you will get the highest level of performance where speed loading times will be of utmost fast from Hostinger.

  • Higher plans at cheap price

Now, yet another benefit of choosing Hostinger is that even the company’s higher-priced plans are available at a much low-cost price.

This is certainly good for people who are looking for a top-class hosting in a shared one. Plus, the advanced level hosting from Hostinger comes with good security features. Altogether, you will get value for money with Hostinger’s higher-order plans.

  • 30-Days Money-back Guarantee

Coming down at the money-back guarantee from Hostinger, the 30-Days money-back guarantee is one better one. Yes, with the company’s money-back guarantee, you can be sure that this hosting is the one for you.

In this scenario, you can test Hostinger’s hosting and once you are done with the testing, then you can easily go ahead and purchase Hostinger plans.


  • Alike other hosting services, monthly hosting pricing will increase once your initial term is completed.
  • The cheapest shared hosting plan from Hostinger only supports one single domain.
  • No sort of SSH Server Access is given from Hostinger End

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4. iPage

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Since the year 1995, iPage as a company has been in business and has offered numerous hosting benefits to its customers. Yes, with iPage, they have offered some best cheap web hosting plans to compel users for using their services.

Coming down at the basic plan from iPage, it’s the shared starter plan that is flexible and delivers every sort of features you want from a hosting company.

Exploring different features of iPage delivers unlimited domain names, email addresses, and tons of more value-added features.

Also, the hosting plans from iPage are specially made for beginners that are eager to start their blogging journey. Each of their shared hosting plans comes with the best and world-class features.

Plus, they even offer Website builder where with one-click installation, you can install WordPress on an instant note.

What’s more? iPage even delivers security tools that can keep your website pretty safe from malware and viruses.

Now, let’s go ahead and unwrap different Pros of iPage.


  • Host Unlimited Websites

Well, if you can go for the iPage shared hosting plan, you will get a chance to host multiple websites using iPage. Yes, this you can do on a single account that is another valuable thing. With this, you can save tons of money and even host your website in a lot better way.

  • Free Domain available

For the very first year when you will purchase iPage hosting, you will get a domain name free for one year. Here, you can save your money on the domain and you will also get other sorts of valuable features.

However, after the first year is over, then you got to pay for the domain starting from next year.

  • User-friendly interface

Coming down to the onboarding process, sign up is one of the simplest ones you can find from any hosting service provider. Here, you can sign up within minutes after which, you can go ahead and explore the user interface.

Even in the Cpanel, everything is distributed at a better scale where you can find every single feature, without an issue

Also, you will find a graphical built user interface from iPage and you will learn everything, at a faster pace.

  • Massive Discounts for 1st Year

If you are a new customer for an iPage, the company will offer you world-class discounts. Yes, for every single hosting, you will get discounts even if it’s the best cheap web hosting from iPage.

Here, you can save a good amount of money from the iPage and use that money in other important things.


  • The moment you will renew your plans with iPage, price is bound to increase like other hosting service providers.
  • A website builder that comes with iPage supports websites that have got only 6 pages.
  • The company doesn’t really offer free website migration where you got to pay extra for each migration.
  • Datacentres offered by iPage are limited straight to the US servers.
  • iPage as a company lacks in customer support when I compared the same other hosts. Yes, it’s slight slow where you got to wait for hours before you can get an answer.

Final Word of Mouth: Best cheap web hosting

The best cheap web hosting services are present right in front of you. Yes, from my end, I have tried my best to deliver quality hosting services at a better price.

Well, each of the hosting services given above comes with its own set of USP. In this scenario, you can compare different services and see which ones are the ones that can suit your needs.

Hence, at this stage, you can easily explore each hosting service and see which one suits you the best. See their pricing, features, security, and most importantly, customer service support.

After you have effectively found out the best cheap web hosting, your way is much clearer now.

You can simply go ahead, buy that hosting package, host your website, and effectively drive traffic, the best ever way.   

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