11 Best Apps That Pay You To Walk Every Single Step

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If there is any activity that every single human on earth does every day, it has to be walking. In different points of your life, you must have walked to longer and shorter distances. On top of that, how good it would be if someone pays you money for walking?

Well, that would be an incredible thing. Therefore, after all the research, I have brought for you some fantastic apps that pay you to talk. 

Yes, get paid to walk and make money by walking as long as you enjoy the same. Given below are some of the topmost apps that can simply make you earn money for walking. 

So, let’s not waste any time, go ahead and unwrap each of those apps, one by one. 

Top Apps that pay you to Walk

Well, although there are tons of ways through which you can make money. walking is one of the easiest ways. Almost every single person walks and if you can make money out of it, nothing can be an amazing thing than this. 

Right now, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unveil each of that money-making apps.

1. Achievement

Achievement walking app

Wondering about the first-ever app that pays you to walk will bring Achievement into the spotlight. Yes, it’s one of the most fantastic apps that can make you a good amount of money while walking. 

Therefore, if you prefer to exercise with the help of walking, the achievement is an app that can help you tons in this case. 

In the app, you can log in every single day and take account of your activities in the app. At the start, the app will reward you with 6 points where you can log in your food intake, weight schedule, sleeping schedule, and many more. 

On maximum, you can earn 80 points per day that is quite an amazing number. 

Now, for every single 10,000 points, you will be paid around $10. Right after you have got the amount, then you can either donate it or use it in your daily stuff. 

All in all, you can earn $30 max per year with the help of an exercise rewards system. 

Well, in the app setting process, it’s easy to set up and then start earning money in the long run. 

2. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Walgreens Balance Reward

Yet another app that pays you to walk ad Walgreens balance rewards will come into the spotlight. As and when you walk, the app will reward you with different points. 

Now, each of the points can be used with redemption dollars that you can redeem in the Walgreens app. 

Whenever you will shop at Walgreens, it is one of the best ways to make you money while walking. 

If you are a beginner, you can simply start off with the signing process. The moment you have an account, then you can link the app with your fitness tracker. 

For every mile you walk, you will get 20 Balance reward points. More to it, the balance rewards points is 1000 per month. Now, along with earning points while walking, you can earn the same by logging your blood and weight too. 

Altogether, you can make money by walking with Walgreens most easily and comfortably.

3. StepBet

If you believe in yourself and if you can walk some great distance, StepBet is an app that can offer you some good money. 

Right in the app, you can set fitness goals where if t you can meet your goals, then you can earn some good amount of money. 

Also, the app will rectify your goals based on your fitness level. For each of the weeks, you will have to meet your goals or else, you will lose the money. 

Further, you can easily link StepBet to different sorts of fitness trackers most easily and conveniently. 

On a precise basis, you will be asked to bet at $40 for your goals. Now, with the thought of losing money, plenty of people will walk where it’s one of the best apps that pay you to walk out in the market.

4. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin app that pay you for walking

Different from Cash, Sweatcoin is an app that will pay you to cash in the form of cryptocurrency. For every 2,000 steps you run, it’s converted into cryptocurrency that is also known as sweatcoins. 

Also, with the help of free membership, you can easily collect 5 sweatcoins per day. Now, this is an amazing thing where you can collect the coins based on your level of walking.

After which, you can exchange the currency with rewards or even cash. Altogether, if you are searching for the best of all apps that pay you to walk, Sweatcoin is an inevitable option. 

Altogether, the app delivers some really good cash payout options where each of the things will truly depend on your walking. Read SweatCoin review

5. Higi

Speaking about Higi, it’s more than just an app that gives money to people for walking. 

Altogether, the company has got health tracking stations right at different pharmacies all over the country. With this, each station measures the health parameters including weight, blood pressure fat, pulse, and many more things. 

After you have completed the health checks the app will reward you based on walking and doing different activities. 

Also, the app allows you to connect with different sorts of fitness trackers. This makes the app quite easy to get started whereas it offers different sorts of challenges right at the start. 

Every single day, you can earn different points and gradually move up the scale. After you have earned points, then you can redeem the same but the reward is not in cash form. It includes brilliant deals on gears and something you would to include in your fitness regime. 

On top of that, you can gradually use Higi where it’s one of the most brilliant apps that pay you to walk.

6. Charity Miles

Well, if you are eager to find apps that pay you to walk where you can donate that money, Charity Miles is the perfect app for the same. Although you don’t earn direct cash with the app, you can support the cause by walking and making money through the app. 

Yes, the app offers you a great way to make money by not disrupting your budget at any cost. 

Specifically, the app is designed for every single person who likes to donate money by walking. Also, it makes use of motion and GPS sensors that track your daily activity. After this, you will be rewarded after performing activities such as walking, cycling doing a workout, and many more. 

For every person who likes to get rewarded, you can open the app and track your workout.

Altogether, the app is working to donate to over 40 causes which is quite an amazing thing. Hence, you can simply use the app, walk some distances, earn rewards and the app will directly donate money to the needy causes.

7. MapMyFitness

Well, the MapMyfitness offers different sorts of apps such as MapMyWalk, MapMy Run where each app rewards you for the efforts. Indeed, among different apps that pay you to walk, MapMyfitness is one of the simplest and easy to use ones. 

Starting with basics, the app offers different challenges that you can complete and avail fun prizes. However, the reward is not directly convertible to cash where you will get different opportunities for the same. 

To be precise, tons of prices are related to under armor products. Well, this is one of the most fantastic things where you can walk and earn some of the best rewards. 

Plus, the app offers you to connect with your type of fitness tracker. Yes, the connecting process is a lot easy one where you can then track your workout. 

Although the app isn’t offering direct cash, you can still use the app to earn some of the best and cool prizes.

8. FitFetti

FitFetti is one of the best social fitness apps that delivers rewards for walking and doing fitness activities. 

All in all, the app rewards whenever you meet certain fitness goals by offering discounts and free products. 

On the other hand, the Fitfetti partners with different companies where they offer rewards in the form of products. 

Every meet you are able to meet your goals, you can eventually unlock more sponsorships for getting free stuff. 

Currently, the app is available for iOS users whereas Apple watch is the thing that will accompany it quite easily. 

Hence, with the help of FitFetti app, you can perform walking and earn amazing prizes in the long run.

9. Fitpotato

If you are looking for one of the most exclusive walking apps that pay you to walk, Fitpotato is one better one. Yes, it’s one of the best apps that offer weekly prizes to every single person who completes the record of the walking session.

Whenever you have completed weekly challenges, the winners effectively share their prize money. Also, you can even use the app for running your dog and earn rewards based on the same too. 

However, if you are an Android person, the app isn’t available for you right now. Therefore, for iOS users, you can effectively install the app, perform walking, and earn some handsome amount of money, without an issue.

10. WinWalk

For the fitness freaks who are looking for a free pedometer, you can easily opt for the WinWalk app. Yes, the app delivers people with reward points for the amount of distance they walk. 

Precisely, for every 100 steps, you will get reward points that is quite an amazing thing. After this, you can use those coins to avail the free e-gift cards from the world’s most popular online stores. 

Well, among these stores, you can claim the rewards from Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. 

However, one thing you must note is that there is a 10,000 step limit per day which you got to take into consideration. 

11. Lifecoin

If you are searching for one of the best free apps that pay you to walk, Lifecoin is one amazing one. Yes, each time you walk or run, the app rewards you where you get lifecoins for each activity. 

Thereafter, you can simply make use of your coin to purchase free e-cards to different stores such as Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, and much more. 

Plus, the good news with Lifecoin is that it’s available both for Android ad iOS. Hence, for both the users, you don’t have to worry even for a second where you can use your device fitness trackers with the Lifecoin app. 

Conclusion: Best Apps that Pay you to Walk

Finally, we have come to the concluding phase of the article where hope you have got the best apps that pay you to walk. 

Indeed, there are some good apps available out there in the market where you can also analyze on the same. 

Now, the moment you get the best of all apps, then you connect it with your fitness tracker. 

Eventually, walking is one of the best activities where you can earn some good amount of money and rewards with the above apps. 

Hence, if you ever think to make money by walking,  you can make use of the above apps, without an issue. 

Thereafter, you can use those apps, make money from walking, and live a fit and active life. 

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