25 Best Apps To Sell Stuff Locally (Online)

Best app to sell stuff

It always comes to our mind – what should I do with my old stuff? Should I keep it and mess my house or do I sell stuff locally online?

It’s better to sell off your old items and make some money so that you can buy new things. Stuff in your house may have occupied space that you can free up by selling it locally.

There are several buying and selling apps that you can use and cash your old items locally. You do not need to display your stuff in the shop. Now, you can make a deal on your items in a few clicks from your phone.

What Is The Best Apps To Sell Stuff Locally?

I have listed down the 25 best apps to sell stuff locally online and there are some that you can use it to sell items to far distance.

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1. LetGo

Letgo is the app that is a little famous especially in the U.S. You just need to list your stuff using the app. 

This is a free selling app you do not need to pay any fee. Sometimes people get the offer instantly.

Select the nearby location so that anyone find it comfortable to buy it. Anyways, it not worth communicating with the people about your stuff who is 500 miles away. 5-20 miles is a good number.

2. Gazelle

Gazelle is one of the best app to sell used phones online at a good price. You can signup to this app in a few clicks and sell your phone. 

Gazelle itself buys a phone. Just list your phone in the app and answer a few questions relating to the phone. 

Once, it’s done, you will need to ship the phone to Gazelle. They will pay for the shipment. 

You do not need to wait for any buyer. Gazelle itself buy your phones. 

3. Decluttr

With the help fo Decluttr app you can sell your CD, DVD, Bluray, Games DVD in a few clicks. 

You just need to scan the barcode of the DVD or CD and see on what price Decluttr would like to pay. 

You do not need to pay for the shipping. Decluttr bears the cost of shipping. As soon as they receive your stuff, they make the payment next day itself. 

This is one of the best app to sell CD/DVD online. This is time-saving too. You do not need to negotiate with the price. Just finalize the deal with the Decluttr through it’s automated app system and sell it. 

4. Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook Marketplace has become the most popular in terms of selling old and new items locally. It’s a kind of selling and buying app especially for the people who are looking for stuff at a cheaper rate.

To start selling, simply open the Facebook app -> click on the market place -> click on sell and list your items. 

Make sure to mention the location to make a deal faster. You can chat with the buyer and negotiate is you want to. 

You can deliver the product directly through courier. Make sure to add the cost of the courier in the final price.

5. Instagram

I have seen many people promoting products on Instagram. Though it’s not easy to sell it if you are new to Instagram or you have a few followers.

You need to have a good number of followers so that you get a broad option to show your items. 

People who are having a good number of followers usually sell stuff because they have the audience to look into their posting. 

6. OfferUp

OfferUp is one of the best app for your selling your stuff especially the old one. You can like phones, Jewellery, furniture, T.V, electronic items, bed and many more. 

You can sell the end number of stuff and the good part about Offerup is, it’s completely free. 

Before you sell your stuff, make sure that you put the original picture and give an honest description. 

People who will be interested may message you in the Offerup chatbox. You do not need to share personal information. You can chat with the buyer using their chat option. 

If there is any defect, please let them know to avoid time waste. 

7. 5Miles

5Miles is the most useful app especially for the old items but in here, you can sell your services and look for the job too. The reason why 5miles is popular is because people easily sell and buy things within 5miles. It becomes easier to make a deal if they are within 5miles. 

You can also increase the radius up to 50 miles if you want a broad audience.

One should keep this app if they want to clear unwanted stuff at home. You can also go to the bidding section of 5 miles to list your item for bidding.  

8. Nearme

Nowadays Nearme app is getting popular among the people who want to sell unwanted stuff and encash it.

It’s easy to sell furniture, electronic items, real estate, cars, etc. get your stuff listed and close the deal with the buyer at an agreed price.

9. Recycler

It’s easy to sell item locally using Recycler. They connect local buyers and sellers so that they can trade easily. 

Sign up is pretty easy and posting items too. You will be asked to upload a real picture of the item and write something about it. 

If anyone likes your stuff, then you may be contacted by them. Closed the deal and sell your unwanted stuff. As simple as that. 

10. Vinted

Vinted offers to buy and sell clothing items. It’s free to list your clothing items and selling includes shipping fees. 

You will also get a chat option to communicate with buyers. This makes the deal to close quickly. And yes, though it’s free to list items on Vinted but they charge a commission on the sale. Don’t worry it’s not high. The commission is capped at $5, but if you selling cloth at a low price then the commission will be minimum. 

11. Gumtree

If you are looking for the best buy and sell apps then Gumtree is among the best one. It’s an easy platform that allow you to sell a product using your smartphone. 

You do not need to have a computer or laptop. It’s a mobile-friendly app that sell stuff without any hassle.

Gumtree is popular for used items selling. It’s especially for trading Cars, property, jobs, pets, etc.

They have an option called post where you can upload the pictures of what you are looking to sell. Signing up is pretty simple. You can use your Google or Facebook account. 

12. Teachable

Do you know there are platforms where you can sell your course online at a good price? I am talking about Teachable

Now, you do not need to struggle with finding students and give a private tuition. You can create a video course and sell it online through teachable. 

Teachable also provides an affiliate program for teachers. They can ask people to promote their course and get a commission in return directly from teachable. 

The more you promote your courses, the more you will earn. 

13. TaskRabbit

By using TaskRabbit, you can offer a handyman service like lifting furniture, sofa, etc. 

Taskrabbit helps people who can ready to do handyman tasks.

People will contact you nearby your area and pay you on helping them. You have an option to charge them as per your own rate. 

The payment comes directly from TaskRabbit. You do not need to wait for cash, the money will be deposited directly to your account. 

14. Rover

If you are a pet lover then, this app is for you. Rover connects pet owner to the one who can take care of their pets. 

The pet service includes house sitting with pet, walking, daycare, drop-in, and boarding. You are allowed to set your own rates. Make sure to check the commission and based on that, set the rate. 

15. Airbnb

Do you want to rent your spare room online? Airbnb is a popular website where you can list your room for rent. 

Once you list the room, Airbnb will show your listed room on their website. You can earn extra money if you provide extra services like wifi, food etc.

Invest a few dollars in decoration and show a clean room so that people select your room. Doing business with Airbnb may help you to create your own room renting business. 

There is a huge room in generating an income with Airbnb. Just try to provide amenities that people would love to see.

16. Ebay

Who doesn’t know eBay? I have seen many people don’t take advantage of selling stuff on eBay. 

Whether you want to sell new items or used items, Ebay is set for all types of products. Selling things on eBay is very simple. Just register on eBay, listing your stuff and start selling it online. 

You can sell various items like clothes, furniture, shoes, phones, games, cars, etc. It’s also easy to show your listing only to your nearby audiences. 

You will find many options to sell stuff locally when you use eBay. But it’s not compulsory to sell locally, you can expand the range to get a broad audience.  

17. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the popular freelancing app especially for the ones who are ready to provide skills related tasks like writing, online marketing, proofreading, graphic designing, translation, website creation and may more. 

It’s easy to get register with Fiverr. Simply sign up and create your own profile and mention what are the freelancing task you can perform. 

Set your own rates for your service but keep in mind that Fiverr takes a commission for each sale. It’s fair because Fiverr is also trying to get you the customers.

Always provide the best service so that people would rate you 5-star service. This will also get you to boost in the Fiverr ranking. Hence, you will start receiving customers on a regular basis. 

You can start your own business by hiring a few people and provide service to the high number of customers.  

18. Freelancer

Get freelancing tasks sitting at from Freelancer app and start selling your services online. You can make money easily without a boss. You will be your own boss of your work. 

This is similar to Fiverr where you set a price for your task and get paid as soon as you deliver the service completely.

You earned money directly deposited into your bank account. My advice to you is, make a strong profile like what top seller has. Do some research in a freelancing app and then create your freelancing service profile. 

Get Trained To Become a Freelancer

19. Dealo

Dealo is the another popular buying and selling app. You can use it in your iPhone and start listing your item in a few minutes. 

If anyone wanted to buy your stuff, then they can contact you via phone, email or chat. They have a userfriendly feature so that anyone who wants to sell stuff from the app can easily complete the listing and check the response. 

20. Etsy

Etsy let you sell stuff like clothes, shoes, household items, phones and many more. If you are selling a used item then mention in the description and heading. 

It’s easy to sell it using etsy and you can also offer direct shipping option so that people would find it easy to buy from you. 

Etsy is mainly for new stuff. If you want to start a new online selling business then etsy will be a good option for you to get started. 

Make sure that you list the product when it’s ready. And remove the listing once your items sold out. 

21. Craiglist

Craiglist app has helped many people for buying and selling stuff in the fingertips. When I used Craiglist, I find it easy to navigate and posting is even simple. 

You can share your phone number or email address and chat with the buyer. There is a good chance that your items get sold on Craiglist. 

The buyer may contact you. Let them know about your stuff and keep things transparent so that they definitely buy when you both decide to meet up.

22. Carousell

It’s one of the best app to sell used items using your phone. They have their own app and allow people to sell their stuff in few clicks.

You can choose to use their own chat option to communicate with buyers. Many sellers doesn’t want to disclose their contact number hence, using app chatbox is for them. 

23. Amazon

Amazon is the market place where you will be allowed to sell many types of items from your phone. 

Just download the Amazon seller app, register yourself as a seller and complete the Amazon eligibility requirement. You are ready to go. 

This is a platform where anyone can sell stuff in bulk and start own business. There are businesses who are making huge profits but you need to learn how it works. 

If you have a good source of buying things at a cheaper rate then you can sell it on Amazon with a good margin. 

It’s a perfect business opportunity in this online business. You need to learn how things that work on Amazon so that you stand out as a winner. 

24. Shopify

Shopify is one of the best app to sell stuff locally as well as internationally. There are people who open a Shopify store and list the product. 

You can join Aliexpress and list their items on your Shopify website using your phone and start selling other’s product without having storage. 

As soon as someone buys something from your store, the product directly get delivered from Aliexpress to the actual buyer. 

This is what the Dropshipping business is.

You just see your sale and profit on each product you sell. There are many items listed in Aliexpress, you need to promote which fits your store. 

This is what many youngsters are working from home and earning a good amount of money. 

25. WordPress Store

The alternative to Shopify is WordPress store. This is another way of creating your own store at a cheaper price. 

Just buy the hosting & domain and install WordPress. There are various free themes available in WordPress that will give a professional look to your website. 

Here you do not need to buy plugins or themes. It’s easy to get on WordPress for free. 

You must learn how to run Facebook ads so that people visit your store and buy things. This is the most popular way of selling stuff online. Every business requires customers and social sites are one of the great sources of traffic for running online store business.


Nowadays, selling things online is pretty simple. You do not need to visit shops to sell old stuff. Just having an app can do your selling work. 

My advice to you is, though we have many useful apps that sell stuff locally and beyond your location but if you are just selling used limited items that make sure you communicate with the app chatbox and it’s better not to share your contact information to the unknown person. Just for safety. 

The most popular app is Letgo, Offerup, and 5miles if you want to get a buyer quickly. Sometimes it may take time to get you stuff to get sold. 

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